The Trump Win. What to do …

If you’ve been with me for any length of time, then you know that the cycles and movements, course of history and markets — will never be denied.

That’s how I was able to predict well in advance the Trump victory, in many of my services.

But now, the question still on most investors’ minds is how will this impact your investments or change the course of history?

My answer: It will not change the course of history one iota. What will be, will be, and it’s all largely predetermined by the cyclical nature of history and mass human social behavior.

The great sovereign debt crisis will turn markets upside down and inside out.

Ditto for the markets, which are ultimate expressions of the cyclical nature of history and human interaction with investment markets, not to mention the people versus government, all over the world.

I’ve been saying since early last year that we’re headed into a great sovereign debt crisis, one that will upend many governments, set off political revolutions, turn politics and markets upside down and inside out …

And clearly, it’s all starting to happen in spades. Lastly, stay tuned … I will be ramping things up for my subscribers and members as loads of new opportunities unfold.

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Larry Edelson, one of the world’s foremost experts on gold and precious metals, is the editor of Real Wealth Report and Supercycle Trader. Larry has called the ups and downs in the gold market time and again. As a result, he is often called upon by the media for his investing views. Larry has been featured on Bloomberg, Reuters and CNBC as well as The New York Times and New York Sun.

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diane November 9, 2016

Are you talking about the +257 rally?

Snayley November 9, 2016

You did not predict Trump's victory. You said something to the effect, "It wouldn't surprise me if Trump gets elected." That's a lot different than saying, "Here's my prediction. Donald Trump will be elected the next U.S. President." You have a way with vague predictions. If you didn't say it, then don't take credit for saying it.

Carolyn November 11, 2016

Your wrong. I belong to all of Larrys services. He told us about a month ago Trump will win not might win but will win

Haamed from Iran November 14, 2016

"My Models Predict Trump Will Win the White House" Wednesday, September 28, 2016 at 7:30 am by Larry Edelson.

Ramesh Shah November 9, 2016

I still believe central banks in Europe and Japan will be able to hoodwink and arm twist insurers and banks to load up on sovereign debt even though it is not repayable. The hidden hand of faceless manipulators will get away with the biggest profits as they short the govt debts as its prices drop 30-40 % or more

Walter Sorochan November 9, 2016

Larry, Larry! Somehow you forgot, overlooked or just didn't know that this election will not change very much at this moment, because it has not changed "Shadow government." [ ] You incorrectly attribute the outcome of this election by giving readers advice on investments, as though investments will change the tune that the fiddler plays! Why don't you change your deck of cards, shuffle them and come up with a real deck of fortune cards!

Paul McNally November 11, 2016

Shadow gov't is exactly what Trump knows well. Will try to kill it. may be stronger than he knows

Michael T Surh November 9, 2016

I suppose precious metals like gold and silver will remain as a good investment. The question is how should a small investor invest in gold and silver. What would gold be in 10 to 20 years?

Rob Lee November 9, 2016

here we go!

john November 9, 2016

Larry When did you predict the Trump victory?? Dont recall remind me the words used?? John

Carolyn November 11, 2016

About a month ago Larry stated Trump will win

Bru November 9, 2016

Now, especially is Not the time to panic.

Howard November 9, 2016

Hi Larry One thing I have learnt through this is that the major print media is unreliable and irrelevant.

Hey You November 10, 2016

It's not irrelevant because it influences many people. We are all cognizant of the marches of older children in opposition to the Trump victory.

Phil November 10, 2016

I wasn't aware that you specifically predicted a Trump win!

Byron November 10, 2016

Looks like interest rate hike in December and gold/silver moving upward too?

Arlene Beard November 10, 2016

Sorry Larry: While I respect your tremendous, educated insight on our economy, gold and the markets, you were not the lone wolf who predicted Trump to win. There was a professor who had predicted the winner in the last 5 elections (this one now 6). His methodology may be different from yours but he indeed called it in September. LA Tmes called it correctly too for some time. Thank you.

UDO November 10, 2016

Arlene , Martin Armstrong predicted it but not Larry

Dan November 10, 2016

Martin did not. He thought there was no way the establishment would allow a Trump victory. He predicted Obama would claim Russia hacked the election, declare martial law, start WW3 and all sorts of other nonsense. His computer predicted Trump. Larry most definitely predicted Trump.

Mike November 10, 2016

I told some Trump bashers that if Hillary's lead was less than 5% in the polls Trump would win. My reasoning was that EVERY Trumpet would vote and Hillary's supporters well not so much. For the economy Trump will increase spending and pay for it with tax cuts. The yearly deficit now about $700 billion will go over $1 trillion and stay there until we are foreclosed on. In the mean time we will enjoy this money-drug induced high. The subsequent crash and detox will be more than painful. Oh, the debt ceiling that will return in March 2017 will be ignored, it only applies to Democratic Presidents.

Como651 November 11, 2016

Sounds pretty accurate to me but you left out the part that Trump will be deemed greatest president since Reagan for tax cutting stimulus and getting the economy kick started and inflation back again that The FED and Obama have failed at. This is Reaganomics and trickle down economic theory 101 all over again. Great for the short term but bad in the long run.

Mike November 11, 2016

Comp651, As Dick Cheney said "as Ronald Reagan proved deficits don't matter". You can take that to the bank.............if any remain solvent.

UDO November 10, 2016

Nice gold rally , eh you guys ? Lets hit 1180 first before a bounce , o.k. ?

AH November 10, 2016


Jerry November 10, 2016

Wayne Root also predicted a Trump win over a year ago.

JERRY November 10, 2016


Richard Clark November 11, 2016

All of that was yesterday,this is now,lets move on.

Jonathan Schwartz November 11, 2016

That's not exactly a gold rally.

Konstantin November 11, 2016

gold got crashed!

Mark W. November 11, 2016

Larry, What's going on with gold? We didn't see this coming.

Steven November 11, 2016

So much for the Gold Rally.

Como651 November 11, 2016

I backed up the truck too soon. Stuck with lots of gold mining stocks that are crashing and burning now. Larry better be right long term or there will be a lot of angry people on here. All the pundits said a Trump win would send gold higher and Stocks sharply lower. That didn't even last before the opening bell the morning after the election. Anyone get Larrys news letter. Did he give any warnings to sell gold investments short term or did everyone get crushed by the last two days of gold selling off?

Marina November 11, 2016

Is it a secondary low on gold? A second rally in December '16? Hope so.

Jon November 11, 2016

Was this gold drop in the neural network?

Hobbzee November 12, 2016

Hi Larry - thanks for your continued regular thought updates through turbulent times.. Now that Trump is the US President elect and has made solid noises about rebuilding infrastructure and focussing on home matters concerning (what sounds like) reigniting manufacturing and reducing imports from places like China, how should we be adjusting stock portfolios to maximise from this growth? (Assuming there will be growth that is..) if the govmnt is already broke, where will the money come from to restart this rebuilding programme.. are his pockets that deep? Always keen to hear your view, and despite some concerns here you DID call Trump for winning. I'm hoping that the US confidence will speed up our UK Brexit before Europe crashes and burns. Best wishes, Matt, in Hertfordshire UK.

Augustina Hernandez November 22, 2016

Way before the election I knew The Donald was beating Clinton, mostly because I relied on alternative media. I do believe Trump is our last best hope to take our country forward and bring King Jesus back to the spotlight He deserves. We have gone so far astray. Pray for the USA. The American people have spoken.