So you think it’s over, eh?

Larry Edelson

Technically, I’m at a disadvantage. I have to submit this column early on Election Day, without the benefit of knowing whether Hillary or Donald is the winner.

But am I really at a disadvantage? I don’t think so. Reason: As strange and wild as the campaign has been, it’s just a prelude of what’s coming next: A period in time that occurs repetitively roughly every 80 years where, as I said in my column last week, the piper always gets paid.

So, whether it’s Donald or Hillary, our country still has to deal with …

Nearly $20 trillion of debt, not to mention another $180 trillion of unofficial IOUs Washington owes to all sorts of programs and promises it’s made over the years.

Did you hear either candidate with a good proposal to deal with that debt? No, you didn’t. Why? Because it’s patently impossible to ever pay off those kinds of liabilities.

What about kicking the can down the road some more?

I don’t think so. As I’ve show you in previous columns, we’re at that point in the cyclical nature of history where the piper demands — and always gets paid. And that means our country … our society … our way of life will be totally upended.

That’s what Donald is about, draining the swamp in Washington. And even if he loses the election, don’t kid yourself. He’s not going away; if anything, he is symbolic of the many changes that are coming our way, good and bad. A revolution is in the air and it didn’t end yesterday.

The big macro picture will not change one iota.

Sure, there will be different winners and losers in the markets, depending upon who won yesterday …

But the big macro picture will not change one iota. In addition to the debts I just spoke of, our nation will also have to deal with …

The unstoppable rise of China as the world’s next superpower, economically and eventually militarily.

The ongoing collapse of Europe, the breakup of the European Union, and the death of the euro.

Ongoing immigration issues.

Increased domestic and international terrorism.

The very real possibility of war with Russia, scores more troops on the ground in the Middle East.

An Iran that should not be trusted.

A North Korea hell bent on a successful nuclear threat to the West.

The very real threat of war in the South China Sea between China, Japan, Vietnam, Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia.

And more, much more.

Your best bet to protect and grow your wealth? Think out of the box. Study history. Learn what markets can and can’t do — and why.

For instance, the majority of investors are still betting on a crashing dollar and the resulting hyperinflation that would occur.

But that’s dead wrong: Even considering all the problems our country has, most of the world is in worse shape than we are. So, it’s relative.

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A European, for instance, sees our U.S. dollar and wishes he/she could put every euro he or she has into the dollar. It’s a much stronger currency than the euro, which is based on flawed thinking and a system that will collapse.

A wealthy Chinese businessperson sees benefits to investing in the dollar, diversifying out of the yuan, buying U.S. real estate and businesses. Heck, for virtually the first time ever in the history of China, that’s now legally possible.

Or consider that wealthy Arab, frightened by not only ISIS, but also by low oil prices that are devastating the region’s economies. The dollar looks pretty good to them, too.

I repeat: Think out of the box. Study history. Its repetitive nature will give you the keys to unlocking ways to not only protect your wealth, but also to multiply it many times over — no matter how bad things may seem or get.

Stay safe and best wishes,


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Larry Edelson, one of the world’s foremost experts on gold and precious metals, is the editor of Real Wealth Report and Supercycle Trader. Larry has called the ups and downs in the gold market time and again. As a result, he is often called upon by the media for his investing views. Larry has been featured on Bloomberg, Reuters and CNBC as well as The New York Times and New York Sun.

Comments 28

Don Hopkins November 9, 2016

THANKS THANKS THANKS. Will be glued to your column to learn what to do

Rob Lee November 9, 2016

Japan has shown that debt to GDP is relevant. The US can inflate out debt to build a BIG military then dump it. Currency is about to go digital leaving dollars as an abstract that can be replaced by SDRs or a new currency. The question remains whether all this will be backed by gold?

George November 9, 2016

Do you have a transcript of the presentation? Thanks, George

Daniel Martinez November 9, 2016

All good points Larry you're the best

Siggy Latarski November 9, 2016

Larry I subscribe to both your services. What is your number one gold stock pick?

Marina November 11, 2016

He has a list under 'Safe Money Reports' and 'Wealth Reports'.

Steven November 9, 2016

as Siggy above. I am also a subscriber yet have no idea what stock he is talking about....can you send a flash alert please?

JOHN FERRELL November 9, 2016

Congratulations Larry, you nailed another one. You predicted Donald Trump would win the election several weeks ago when no one else gave him a chance. It is amazing how accurate you have been predicting the future. John

Donald Minor November 9, 2016

You have predicted a 31,000 Dow and 5,000 gold. Are both truly possible within the same time frame? How can sentiment move both to such highs at the same time?

Dave Francioli November 9, 2016

I'm a member and cannot locate larrys tecommendation on his favorite junior gold miner. Where do I find it?

$1,000 gold November 9, 2016

proving once again that if stocks go up, gold will go down.

Bill November 9, 2016

You are a harbor of knowledge and profound wisdom; a gentleman and a scholar to be sure; a voice in the wilderness expressing and revealing the golden nuggets of investment prowess. Thank you for your humility, restraint and expertise in doing what you do so well. My question is - do you still feel that Crude Oil will decline into Feb 1, 2017 settling at $26 per barrel? Thank You! .... Semper Fi, Bill Walters

Beth November 9, 2016

Sorry...I'm not an expert and I don't see anything good coming out of thiis marriage. It is doomed and cannot be saved. The handwriting is on the wall. America has been weighed in the balance and found wanting. .Trump is merely a temporary distraction for those who desperately seek a crutch.

Dan Roof November 9, 2016

I am already a member of Real Wealth Report and a member of Super Cycle Trader. How do I get a copy of your #1 gold stock to buy right now?

Ray Pettitt November 10, 2016

As subscribers do we receive the no1 Gold Stock you refer to ? Ray

Ron November 9, 2016

I keep track in a register of my own of all the statements that Larry exposes in this section. I've verified that on his column of September 28th, he declared that the winner of the presidential election would be Donald Trump. All the other analysts I've read along the last weeks and months asserted than Hillary Clinton would be the winner. So...well deserved kudos for Larry

James November 9, 2016

So is Larry still waiting for silver to fall into the mid $16 ? Or is he saying to buy right now?

Dennis November 9, 2016

Right! Think out of the box. Forget about practical atheism. Another cyclical judgment for mankind is on the horizon. Pray.

Chuck Burton November 9, 2016

I wonder how much the FBI's dropping the inquiries about Hilary's emails just a few days before the election had to do with her loss. Even if not true, that action REEKED of pressure from the Oval Office. It may have been the last straw in turning a significant number of voters against her.

miguel November 9, 2016

The gold yesterday went from 1337 to 1269.Is this the bottom, and now already goes up till 1400?

D Braatz November 10, 2016

Larry: Today 10th Nov. It May be a date when those projecting a surging Dow, and gold to get slaughtered now have the edge. D Braatz

Jonathan Schwartz November 10, 2016

What's the reason for today's steep selloff on gold / GDX ? Has anything changed?

Renee November 10, 2016

Larry, you say the U.S. dollar will not fall because other currencies and economies are worse off than ours, but isn't that because our dollar is currently the world's reserve currency? If the IMF abandons the dollar in favor of someone else's currency or a new world currency is invented, then won't will lose all our special rights and status, making everything we buy from abroad cost more?

Stewart November 12, 2016

So Larry, seems all your email solicitations and forcasts taut your accurracy to predict, SO why did you not see and warn regards yesterday's devastation of gold and silver? Specifically the gold miners and one of your silver favorites uslv.

malcolm g chapman November 12, 2016

I say the US dollar will drop $.75 cents, others well informed say $.80 cents, if so since our debt is in US dollars then our 20 trillion debt will only be worth 5 Trillion dollars and much more payable. $20,000 in US dollar stocks will only be worth $5,000.Countries like Canada that are independent from US debt yet close to the US dollar in value at this time will not be effected. The Euro will crash but the UK pound will not be as effected. For some it will be a catastrophic disaster, for others it could make gains. when the US dollar crashes I would buy US dollars with my Canadian dollars for a nice gain in US dollars, then let it ride , as once the US Dollar reaches bottom and the debt is paid off in lower US dollars, I believe the dollar will rise quickly making more gains. People will hate Trump but he is the better of the two, Obama and Hillary have no clew, your thoughts?

db November 12, 2016

"WHAT will gold do?" It would see to me that you would have to subscribe to one of their newsletters. Why give their projections away for free? My opinion is that soon it will be impossible to buy gold using fiat currency. db

James December 30, 2016

Could all this political turmoil lead to Dirty Floating, managing the nations exchange rate to achieve aims other than simply the smoothing out of short term fluctuations, for example keeping the dollar undervalued so as to stimulate exports.