Stocks Have Topped — Temporarily

The U.S. equity markets, and for that matter, most equity markets around the world, have topped.

They are now in a severe bear trend, one that will look at times like the end of the world is upon us.

You will hear all the die-hard bears come out of the woods. Dow 5,000 they will scream, or even lower. Another real estate crash. Plunging asset values. An emerging market crisis. Bank failures. Systemic crashes. And more.

But mark my words, the bear market that has already started in equities is merely a temporary correction, one that will set the stage for the Dow Industrials to launch much higher, to over 31,000 in the years ahead.

The bear market that has already started is merely a temporary correction.

I have been warning that there would be a sharp, sudden pullback in the stock markets before the next real bull market begins. And yes, it took some time for it to arrive; more time than I had expected.

But it’s here. It started on the first trading day of the new year. It’s going to be ugly at times. And it’s going to end in late March/April or worst case, May — with almost everyone throwing in the towel on stocks, which of course, will be your sign to start backing up the truck, big time.

So that you know exactly what is going on and can be fully prepared for what’s coming, let me explain a few things:

First, stocks are not overvalued. Contrary to what most pundits are claiming, stocks are NOT overvalued — when measured in real terms, in what I call “honest money terms” — in terms of the price of gold.

In fact, for the Dow to catch up with the changes we have seen in the value of money (in terms of gold) over the last 15 years alone, it would have to rally to a minimum of 26,570. That alone proves that stocks are not overvalued.

Second, rising interest rates are not the problem either. I’ve explained this before and I’ll mention it again: Stocks are not falling because of Yellen’s rate hike or fears of further hikes.

In fact, throughout history, most major bull markets in equities, and commodities for that matter, occur when interest rates are rising!

The reason for that is simple: If the cost of money and credit is rising, then typically the economy is growing. And if the economy is growing, then so is the demand for money and credit, which pushes both interest rates and asset prices higher.

Third, technically and cyclically, a pullback is perfectly normal and must occur before the markets can head any higher.

For ANY market to move up into new territory, to uncharted waters, it must further gather the strength to do so. That inevitably means a pullback to gather and renew the market’s strength, so to speak, to break through to new highs.

Think of it this way: Suppose a loved one is behind a jammed door and there is a fire in the house. You pit your shoulder against the door to break it down. It creaks. You bounce off it.

You try again. It cracks a tad. So you back up, gather your strength, and them make a third final strike at the door. It busts open and you tear through to the other side, rescuing your loved one.

It’s exactly the same principle in the markets. For any market to move to a new record high and start a new bull leg higher, it must first pullback.

Sometimes, it may take a shallow pullback and only one run at the door to break through to new highs.

Sometimes it may take several pullbacks, or one long deep pullback.

Either way, the point is the same and it is how markets move.

Using another analogy, they swing from one side to the other side like a pendulum. To reach a higher high on the right side of the pendulum at some point in the future, what does that market have to do? It must reach a higher high (lower low) on the left side of the pendulum — to gather the energy to swing to a new high on the other side.

So how long might this bear market last? As noted above, timing-wise it should be over by late May, worst case.

Worst case downside I see: For the Dow Industrials, 13,938. For the S&P 500, as low as 1,353.00.

If you’re not already out of the majority of your equity holdings, as I have warned for months now — with the exception of those recommended in one of my services …

Then get out. For those you cannot exit, for whatever reason, then consider hedging with an inverse ETF on the Dow or S&P 500. There are many choices out there.

And build your firing power, your liquid cash …

So you can be ready to pounce all over stocks as soon as this temporary bear market ends. For when it ends, the Dow’s next big move will be to vault to 21,000 … then 25,000 … and then even higher.

And it will do so right along with new bull markets in commodities, some of which are already starting!

Best wishes,


P.S. We are on the cusp of the most profitable bull market of our lifetime. Stocks will be driven higher by powerful global undercurrents that Wall Street will either ignore or fail to understand. As the Dow doubles, some stocks will see explosive gains of 300%, 400%, 500% and more. Savvy investors who make the right moves will become very rich! Click here for my free report and to find out how it could make you rich beyond your dreams.

Larry Edelson, one of the world’s foremost experts on gold and precious metals, is the editor of Real Wealth Report and Supercycle Trader. Larry has called the ups and downs in the gold market time and again. As a result, he is often called upon by the media for his investing views. Larry has been featured on Bloomberg, Reuters and CNBC as well as The New York Times and New York Sun.

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Siggy Latarski February 3, 2016

Larry, will you be recommending ETF's or options in the Canadian Dollar, Swiss F. & New Zeland dollar among your Super Cycle Trader recs?

Siggy Latarski February 3, 2016

Larry with the Euro in a mess, why is the Euro holding up strong?

Cynthia February 3, 2016

Larry I am enjoying your service and trying to follow along Most of my funds are in Nzd At 65 cents on the usd is it worth it to bring it over to invest Thank you Cynthia Roberts

Gordon February 3, 2016

I think Larry is a great guy and I only have a Grade 10 education but The debt burden has just reached 19 TRILLION dollars and rising with nothing being done to stop it. Businesses have to BUILD factories and HIRE people and MAKE a profit for an economy to expand. You cannot I repeat cannot have a 31,000 point market built on hot air and hot money coming into the US. If a Republican takes over the White House the state and religion will merge into a fearsome sword. By 2020 or there abouts ROBOTS will replace another 5 MILLION people. China is built on Voodoo economics. Countries are driving their currency into the ground and into minus territory. The population is increasing, wages are stagnant and falling house prices are reaching for the moon. I know Larry is a Cycle trader but I think a dark debt driven age is upon us one in which there is no cycle we can ride out on. The 4 Horsemen are here.

Geo February 3, 2016

Take a break from Fox "news" for a few days. There's a real world out there.

Will February 3, 2016

You and I appear to be in agreement Gordon. Living here in Vietnam I know that Asian money is not going to flood the US Stock Market; and having lived in other parts of the world where crisis existed at the time, I do not expect the situation elsewhere to be much different from Asia. Pools of money may pick up some business assets at bargain prices, but you won't find those listed for others to participate in. I just read that the IMF has suggested that countries need to increase tax collection to pay off their debts; and surely US brokerage accounts would be a nice way for governments to track wealth. Foreign wealth will go into hiding and avoid paper trails. It will park in hard assets like real estate and gold as people will look to protect wealth and hold onto it.

Eagle495 February 3, 2016

Gordon, For a guy with a "Grade 10 education", you certainly appear to have "figured it out" by moving to a tropical paradise where your social security and pension go as far as possible and the living is really sweet, aye?.... :)..... That said, November will set the tone for the next four years economically....... Simply put, if we get any Republican and keep that Republican Majority in Congress, things will get worse for the avrage American and for that matter, the world..... If it goes to the Liberal Progressives, things will bet better... Always has, always does...... But, hey, why do you worry? Your dollars are going farther than ever in Thailand and life is sweet...... Again, congratulations.... I'd be there also, but I still remember the crushing humidity and monsoons and I can well afford to life in the "States"..... :)

David Foster February 3, 2016

Fox news IS the real world!

Eagle495 February 3, 2016

Fox is funded by the 3%..... Is that the "real world" or is it a propaganda tool of the 3%? Ever notice that they seem to ALWAYS attack the Progressive Liberals and wonder why, when economic history tells us that the Progressive Liberals have ALWAYS brought better economic times for the 97%....

Walter February 3, 2016

"If it goes to the Liberal Progressives, things will bet better" Better like Europe? Yikes!

Malcolm J February 3, 2016

That is so wrong on so many levels.... You are in lala land if your telling us that the liberal/progressive bunch has brought better economic times. That's insanity talking. Explain the mess we are in now. Oh...let me guess....its Bush's fault?

franklin February 3, 2016

There us ni such thing as Fox News. The words "fox" and "news" don't go together. Fox opinions, yes. Fox bias, yes. Fox, distortions, yes. Fox News is an oxymoron.

Herb February 3, 2016

Gordon: If the woman says she wants to make college FREE, who is going to pay for it? The miilianuals want a free ride, including food stamps, unemployment, and all other GROWING federal programs. I lost my job and paid for TWO college educations for four years each. What does SPAM taste like? No any more, I cleaned home cutters, raked leaves, painted,, and LOOKED for a job. Initiative!!!

seattlebruce February 3, 2016

Geo: 19 Trillion and Debt to GDP have to do with Fox News....Huh?? Look at Japan and Europe and see where we're headed. If you ask me, in order to get from 13K to 25K and 31K on the Dow, we're going to need to see a pretty super charged inflationary environment. Currently, we're in quite a deflationary environment (certainly if you look at commodities.) I do think the crack up boom that Mises discussed related to the end of credit cycles and currencies will happen in the current system, and no one will be able to manipulate it away. At that time, at the bottom, and headed into the crack up boom, stocks will actually do pretty well (look at Wiemar), as will gold/silver and real estate. Until then cash is king (til they outlaw that), then gold (til they outlaw that), then who knows - guns and gardens...but you know walking through the Reset to the other side will be those with real stuff - gold, land, businesses, even stock in strong cash positive companies, bought at extreme lows (as Edelson suggests).

seattlebruce February 3, 2016

Eagle 495: "Progressive Liberals have ALWAYS brought better economic times for the 97%…." Whoa, whoa, whoa - you trust the humongous federal government to help you, and other 97%ers out? Help yourself and your family, and you'll be light years ahead. Neither US political party is to be trusted.

dave February 4, 2016

Two major factors that everyone is leaving out are that the the population is aging and thus less people buying cars, houses and stuff. Couple that with the younger generation is not saving nor spending with lower gas prices, they are paying down debts. I find it comical that all of the talking heads on the business channels seem to not discuss these major factors.

John February 5, 2016

Yup Bernie or Hilary's 37% tax rate on the "rich" making 60k a year and "free" college to entitled punks to get degrees in art history and social justice, that'll fix our economy.

D2 February 8, 2016

What planet are you talking about?

Chris February 8, 2016

Amen! IAM with you and Mises. We have had a war on poverty for 50 years which has produced only a wealth transfer to the elites. Those left with the assets may be blamed but we are the only ones that will be able to keep America going. So we must be prepared and change generational thinking. Viva Mises!

Chris February 8, 2016

Excuse me...Liberal progressives always blow out the budget and and the economy & expand through credit cycles which we are seeing come to an end again and Repubs continuously get yelled at for trying to put things back in balance. I do not want to pay 85% in taxes and have no jobs or even worse go through a currency crisis. This president doubled our debt in 7 years which as Larry has said is patently unpayable.

Amceey February 3, 2016

Good work Larry, keep it up.

$1,000 gold February 3, 2016

i agree with amceey, good work larry. keep it up. this is edelson's best article in years.

$1,000 gold February 3, 2016

glad to see the trolls are gone too.

$1,000 gold February 3, 2016

glad to see i am still around. can't get rid of me ever

$1,000 gold February 3, 2016

i'd have left a long time ago, in fact i'd have never stayed, if it weren't for you.

$1,000 gold February 3, 2016

do you want me to leave?

andrew February 3, 2016

So we are in a big correction? I don't understand. We are getting worldwide ZIRP and NIRP. The BRICs are crushed. China"s ponzeconomy has overbuilt capacity for everything on the planet and stopping. Commodities have no demand. Shipping is docked. Oil is in a glut. Nat gas is too. Gasoline is at a new low but consumers wont spend in USA. Fed bumps 1/4 point and the market is not being supported by the hot money. USD is up so it takes more foreign money to get into dollars. Sovereigns are liquidating reserves to support their lifestyles. All this is going to create a crack up boom this year? Really? Just put on a hedge till it bottoms? Then go long? The economy of the whole world has been over manipulated and forced for so long how can you make these predictions? I can see the USA as the last resort but financialization is not productivity. There are no jobs and wages to support demand and create cash flow, so its just going to be animal spirits, huh. Where is the demand going to come from? How do you get rid of all the inventory in materials? I still don't get it.

bruce February 3, 2016

i agree with Andrew, the birth rate in America is 1.7 people per 10,000 it needs to be 2.1 or better to break even, our population is shrinking and greying, china is worse 1.3 (one child policy). Look at Japan their population is declining terribly, there stock market has been in free fall since the 1990's since they went under 2.1 replacement people. who is going to buy when there are not enough people to replace the ones we have now. Germany is down to 1.2 and their idea is to let the Arabs in , not working to well for them. my take on it all, gold 950.00, Dow 11,000, silver 10.00, for the near term August 16. The congress had hearings to confiscate the 401k , imagine that, there is 21 trillion dollars in the IRA's and 401k's and they want to seize it and give you "guaranteed" social security benefits. let's see our debt is 19 trillion and they get 21 trillion, o'boy 2 trillion to give away on more social programs (Free hand outs) And they may again confiscate your gold. don't see an increase in wages or benefits until 2018 - 2019 when the real recovery starts, and then it will only be 3% per year. Also don't understand the logic or the reasoning here.

151 February 3, 2016

That's a long putt with good yield. What's the symbol?

dallari February 3, 2016

dollar reset is coming, there is no way to pay this debt ! dollar reset is only way to get a little space and that reset will be at least a 40% devaluation, and its coming soon, i hope i am this does not become the truth and actually happens but i see no actions that can be taken by the elite or than a total collapse. markets not rigged, sorry larry, i strongly disagree with you on this subject, companys being fined billions and you still say, markets are not rigged, Please ? you have to change your comments on this subject or you will lose subscribers. its apparent to most people than can read or do research.

Will February 3, 2016

Both Gordon and andrew are right in my mind. The time has come to protect wealth; and the wealthy both inside of government and outside of governments know how to hide and protect their wealth. The less wealthy are also catching on to the need to protect what they have. People will need to pay off debt and credit will dry up. It will take years to purge the system built on falsified interest rates, as I see it.

Richard Salyer February 3, 2016

I think Larry's predictions don't make sense to a lot of people (yet), because Europe's decellation and slide down the slope of Depression hasn't picked up a lot of steam (yet) (at least exhibited in Financial Instruments we invest in), but that is picking up as evidenced by Bank Stocks, that usually are the canary in the coal mine. You'll see things a whole lot differently in another Quarter out.

Eagle495 February 3, 2016

You are looking at what happens when the important regulations on banks are removed as they were in 1999..... With little regulation and little prosecution they will literally eat themselves just as they did during the run up to 1929..... Few realize how important the Glass-Steagall Act was and how destructive the removal was..... It was removed by the Conservatives at the behest of the wealthiest 3% and a Liberal Progressive President who turned his back on the average American at a moment of our greatest need.... Only ONE Presidential candidate is calling for it's reinstatement and that candidate is the ONLY one not taking contributions from the 3%... Food for thought, aye?

Eagle495 February 3, 2016

Sure there is a way to pay down the debt..... We are like any debtor.... We simply reverse all of the financially stupid things the Conservatives have done since 1981 and the debt levels will begin to go down, just as they have in the past...... All depends on whether the average American voter can finally begin to see through what the Quislings for the 3% have done and correct those moves, despite the BILLIONS being spent on Crushing Conservative Propaganda to convince the Dimwitted that the 3% have a better way.... Pay attention to what they have done, NOT what they say and it all becomes clearer... Just ask yourself, are you better off today than you were in 1981? Well, are you? Remember when there were lots of good paying Middle Class jobs? Remember the wealth you had before the Cheney/Bush Stock Market Crash and Depression? Remember how well we were doing before we spent trillions sending our best and bravest into the crap holes of Iraq and Afghanistan, all for NOTHING? Remember when you could afford to send your kids to college? Remember when there were good paying jobs if they did stay in college? And, if you don't realize it, those were the days when the Progressive Liberals were in charge and life was pretty good for the average American..... Remember?

franklin February 3, 2016

Nah, EAGLE 495, they don't remember, even if they're old enough. Most of these folks are drinking the Fox network tea.

Will February 3, 2016

Yeah Eagle495 things are a lot worse since 2008, with debt doubling since then and health costs just out of this world. The only thing cheaper is gas; surely not the price of food.

Chris February 9, 2016

They are in charge now and you are telling me this is all going to work out? You know they are lying to you. This president's highest & best job before politics was as a community organizer. You expect him to have any of the knowledge displayed on this board. Advisors like Klugman who believe we can print our way out of any and printing money creates wealth. 5% employment now means part-time jobs. The president doubled the debt to now over 105% of GDP. Rogoff & Rheinhardt produced a book that explained when that % goes over 90%, the economy doesn't grow by looking at thousands of years of economic history. We need 4-5% growth to get out of this for decades but not with these idiots in charge. I will give you one point. I was very angry when they got rid of glass-steagull and saw all of this coming which is why Repubs not conservatives need to understand that mistake!

Will February 3, 2016

Larry, I can accept if you should want to put your shoulder to the door and push it open, I can accept that there may be a few gems with big percentage gains along the way, and I can accept that that maybe capitulation may set in by mid 2016; but what I can not accept is the idea of a big bull charge skyrocketing the markets to new highs shortly thereafter based on inflows of buyers from abroad chasing US stocks ever higher. Are you basing this on cycles, or what? When I was young we had draft horses on the family ranch. The horses bridals a had blinders to prevent them from seeing anything on the side to distract them so they would just surge straight ahead until a rein was pulled to make a turn or stop. Do cycle predictions wear blinders as well?

Ted F February 3, 2016

Honestly does anyone really know what the future holds for the economy or the markets. It seems everybody is running around with predictions that contradict each other. Larry is saying the market will hit 31,000, but when? This year, next year, 2050? Eventually inflation will push it there, but there were those early last who claimed the Dow would hit 51,000 by Dec 31 2015, it didn't

Eagle495 February 3, 2016

Ted, From 1929 to 2012 this indicator based on the political party in the Presidency has made many wealthy: Average Annual Stock Market Return during Democratic Administrations 10% Average Annual Stock Market Return during Republican Administrations 0.4% Accumulated difference: 167 times more by investing in Democratic Presidencies.... That's almost 100 years of recorded history..... Is that enough of what the "future holds for the economy"? Are you also aware that BOTH Stock Market Crashes and Depressions (1929 and 2007) in the past 100 years have BOTH happened after periods of Republican Domination and during Republican Presidencies?

barry February 3, 2016

There is a lag on economic results. Quite often the effect of what one administration does is only felt in the next -- that is the norm, not the exception. So who gets credit for it is not the one responsible. Example -- Reagan got rid of the Cold war cost but it was only felt when the peace dividend manifested itself under Clinton in the 90s while he was getting BJs with Monica The subprime mess caused by Clinton/Schumer/Barney Fagg ordering banks to loan money to flakes who couldn't repay so that all idiots could "share in the American dream" took years to explode. But you are one of these simplistic thinkers who only looks at who's in the White House right art the moment

Will February 4, 2016

Amen berry. This one is going to be a doozy that will take years to be purged from the system; no matter who is in the White House or congress. Between obamacare, military spending, student loans, falsified interest rates making the rich richer and the poor poorer, robots, beurocrats, do gooders, food stamps and "free stuff", doubling of government debt, junk bonds and taxes, the next administration will inherit something it may not have expected. If a Republican administration is elected then the DNC will blame them. If a Democrat administration is elected then the DNC will blame everyone and everything but themselves. I do not like to get too political here, but the DNC line that I keep seeing is getting to be old hat worn by a blind man.

Dennis W February 6, 2016

Eagle495, I think you are giving too much credit to Democratic (actually any presidency) Administrations. Here is just a few reasons: The president doesn't hold the power of the purse, although they do lead the direction. If you wanted to link annual returns to a political party, you would have to look at who also controlled congress. To complicate things further, I also think that the two party's views and values they represent have changed over the last 100 years. You also might want to eliminate the years during and sometime following WWII. Most would agree the political party of the president was irrelevant to the larger economic impact the war had. I think the presidency is more of a reflection of how people feel. When times have been rough and then they are turning, people have jobs and etc; they feel better and are more open to social programs (and more spending) that democrats typically support. After a while, the downside of these initially good ideas are exposed, and people want more conservative representation. The pendulum swings back. Your argument is a nice one to throw out there because you can support it with numbers but when you think it through it is a little shallow. If you are looking at it as an investing trend, it might have some merit along with millions of other trends you could use to justify investing. But if it is political justification for a Democratic president, then I'm disagreeing.

Syam February 3, 2016

Here is why I disagree with the insights in this article going by the three reasons: "First, stocks are not overvalued. " I hope you applied real money (gold) rule to earning as well and not just valuations. Done so, the stocks are over valued. "Second, rising interest rates are not the problem either..... In fact, throughout history, most major bull markets in equities, and commodities for that matter, occur when interest rates are rising!" Wrong here as well; FED actions post 2008 crisis is unprecedented. Raising rates from zero interest rate that was artificially set for last 7 years, doesn't apply to free market dynamics. There is no free markets anymore. "Third, technically and cyclically, a pullback is perfectly normal and must occur before the markets can head any higher." Irrelevant. And, the pendulum analogy doesn't make sense at all; does this mean left side of pendulum is Dow 5000 or Dow 100. Who are writing these articles?

Tom February 3, 2016

I would like to buy into Larry's plan but I have my doubts. One year ago Larry came out with a three part video about the growth of China and how we needed to invest now. The China stock market was in the process of putting in a top. It has done nothing but fall since his third video and continues to drop further into the abyss. I do respect Larry putting his reputation on the line but I'm not so sure I buy into Dow 31,000.

Al February 3, 2016

Many readers express great thoughts regarding the state of the economy and indeed the stock market, however, what most readers fail to realize is that politicians (especially the "heads of state" ... i.e the US President) have little impact on the economy or the stock markets worldwide. If they could have such a great impact, China would have a better situation considering they can "control/manipulate/fudge". ... The bottom line is that we live in a global society whereby markets fluctuate without much real political influence. ... The bailout by politicians has had the most impact on our economy when one speaks of our national debt. If G.M., AIG., etc. were left to fend for themselves in Chapter 11 proceedings, we as citizens would be in a much improved position. ... Blaming or applauding politicians of either party is an exercise in futility. ... What goes up must come down and visa versa, however, either taxes need to be increased (or reformed) and spending must come down. ... The fate of our children depends on the reduction of "our" national debt as does the fate of the economy and subsequently the markets.

Craig Bradley February 3, 2016

Larry: Studies have proved any investor has an 85% chance of not timing the market. So, selling all your holdings and then buying completely back-in on que is foolish. Its also very tax inefficient for those who have long term positions. Who wants to pay taxes anyway? If you want to follow trends, then play the futures market. That is what its for. Investing is not trading in and out. Your guess is as good as anyone else's. Economist Martin Armstrong predicts a decline in economic confidence until the Presidential election. After that, somewhere around late Nov. the market will start back up again until late 2017. Then its back down again until 2020. Lets see who is closest to the mark. Taking any bets?

Eagle495 February 3, 2016

Al and Craig, My indicator went to a SELL on the 1st trading day of January..... I will be in cash and inverse until it goes to a BUY...... It went to a SELL soon after the start of the Cheney/bush Crash and to a BUY soon after Obama began the PIP Program along with the FED QE Program.. Also, when looking back over the past 100 years that indicator has spent far more time in the BUY position during Democratic Administrations and far more time in the Sell position during Republican Administrations... And yet you say that Presidents "have little impact"? And that "any investor has an 85% chance of not timing the market"? Ever consider following the markets rather than trying to guess where it is going in advance? That said, there is a long history that demonstrates that politics do have a big influence..... You can disbelieve at your own expense.....

franklin February 3, 2016

It is so that the markets rise more during Democratic presidency. It's also so that the gap between the haves and have nots widens during Republican presidencies. Trust me folks, it you are reading this Weiss stuff (other than for entertainment), you AIN"T one of the "haves." Rather than "following the markets," you could just buy and hold. No, you don't beat the markets (hardly anyone does), but you do match them, and that's pretty darned good.

Flygirl February 3, 2016

Well if you follow good market strategy you would be buying when the market is down (during Democratic Admins) and selling when markets are up (during Republican Admins)

Tricia February 3, 2016

Remember USA is the strongest nation in the world due to OUR CONSTITUTION. No other country has this document. We definitely need a re-boot to re-start our constitution though. Of all the presidential candidates running, only one memorized this document during his childhood and stands by its words. A man who understands our Bible as well. Although we separate religion & government, our founding fathers knew Christianity, the words of the Bible helped set up & bring our country together despite oppositions. For example, That's primarily why we could never have someone with Muslim principles running our country. Nor any other religion. "Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's" and "Money is the Root of all evil" especially when not used appropriately. Reading all above - Greed has taken our country over. Dump Trump & Choose Cruz.

barry February 3, 2016

"Greed" otherwise known as the profit motive is what made America. China went from being still in the Middle Ages in 1976 to 40 years of 10% per annum growth all by canning Marxist idiocy and introducing the profit motive. You watch too many Hollywood movies -- your ancestors came here for an opportunity otherwise known as the profit motive otherwise known as greed

hal bresock February 5, 2016

cruz is a polittion go trump

John February 3, 2016

The Progressive Liberals, the 3%, are in charge. Have been for a very long time. Culture, Media, politcs, judicial, ... If you could see it, you conclusions would be different.

David R February 3, 2016

Glass-Steagall was repealed in 1999 by Bill Clinton, a Liberal.

RJ February 23, 2016

Do you seriously believe that congress had nothing to do with it? The financial sector bribes both parties to get what they want. They bought congress.

TomT February 3, 2016

RE: >>You will hear all the die-hard bears come out of the woods. Dow 5,000 they will scream, or even lower. Another real estate crash. Plunging asset values. An emerging market crisis. Bank failures. Systemic crashes. And more.<< Your esteemed colleague at Weiss Research, Mike Larson, seems to be one such preacher of "doom and gloom" based on some of his most recent writings and his latest marketing campaign (via the Internet AND U.S. Mail) for his Safe Money subscription service.

ted February 3, 2016

Are you folks following Larry"s column for advise or here for the politics? My buy signal was today, when the market was down 179 points and it closed up 183. Now is the time to invest a little and take the ride up till mid April. And don"t forget to buy some energy stocks...summer is coming and oil usually goes up by then. Happy investing! p.s. sometimes you have to talk short term positions along with long ones to stay ahead or just stay even.

wamantqs February 3, 2016

Larry, I've been with you for almost 10 years now and am very in tune with your past successes; i.e., predictions. I have also been a student of Doug Casey and others; I always come back around to you as you are, to the point, much more "likable" and are correct more than most with respect to the "living" market; day to day, month to month, etc. than all the others. It's also nice to read someone who isn't a complete narcissist. But, you must admit that Doug Casey is as "International" as they come and probably understands the global markets, AS A WHOLE, better then almost anyone else in the world. So, that being the case, and his very astute prediction/success rate on major market/social events makes things very confusing when pitting the two of you against each other. I would like to hear why you think Doug Casey is completely out to lunch with his view of the coming "economic apocalypse"'; you guys are diametrically opposed in your view of what will take place over the next few years; except for the price of Gold/Silver. Lastly, how in the heck did you ever attract "Progressive Liberals" in such numbers. I will never, ever not admit that the conservatives have done many "bad" things that have financially harmed our country but there is no damage done worse to this country than the "entitlement" age born from the Progressive Liberals. I will also admit that their cover plan of "enslaving" their largest voting block was shear brilliance.

wamantqs February 3, 2016

If you guys haven't figured it out; these newsletters always have writers who predict the opposite from each other. This means that the newsletter itself ALWAYS has someone who "predicted" correctly on major events; it's part of their marketing plan. Various writers call it wrong in this case but they will have someone who does call it right; THEN, the newsletter can "claim" that "WE predicted yadda, yadda, yadda". Make sense?

Bill February 3, 2016

As Larry has laminated, we are looking a gift horse in the mouth as a once in a "lifetime" opportunity (perfect storm) confronts us in both stock equities and Gold and Silver and other commodities. Patience is a virtue. Only "fools" rush in. Greed is the natural by- product of a selfish human nature; resist it! Be humble and faithful. Now that Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.

Bill February 3, 2016

As Larry has laminated, we are looking a gift horse in the mouth as a once in a “lifetime” opportunity (perfect storm) confronts us in both stock equities and Gold and Silver and other commodities. Patience is a virtue. Only “fools” rush in. Greed is the natural by- product of a selfish human nature; resist it! Be Humble and Faithful. Know that Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.

Kenneth Harmon February 4, 2016

The key question that both Larry Edelson and Martin Armstrong seem unwilling to address is what sort of events would change their basic mutual forecasts of the DOW reaching 21,000-31,000 within the next few years. Like Larry Edelson, Martin Armstrong (based on his Socrates Computer) is talking about the most likely scenario being a slingshot move to the upside where we plummet and then move dramatically higher, although the big move up may not be for another 12 months or longer depending on the timing of scared capital flows into the U.S.. Armstrong also factors in time much more than Larry does and argues that we may only see DOW 21,000 for this cycle and depending on time. The key question is still what if anything would force them both to reconsider their core forecast here. Is there any scenario under which we do see DOW 5,000-6,000 before we see DOW 21,000 not to mention DOW 31,000?. This is especially important within the context of the War Cycle which both Larry Edelson and Martin Armstrong are forecasting could peak in intensity in 2017. Typically, War is good for the U.S. Stock Market, but during the first 3 years of WW-2 the U.S. Stock Market suffered major declines because of it.

UDO February 9, 2016

Kenneth, about Armstrong - so far he does not show or considers the DOW at 5000 but 12,000 has been mentioned . That does not mean it will stay like that . things can change . Never mind war - it won't be in North America's a bit of a hype to make you nervous .

Lairie February 4, 2016

What a depressing read. It's like the world is goinging to end for some. When it does end I will not be here just as the Bible predicts if you don't know this I pray you will read it to find out for yourself.

john t February 5, 2016

Prepare for looming bottom? Good spot close on Dec 17 2015, 1048.30, today at 11.28 am is 1155.60. Still waiting for your signal to buy?????? Guess I missed the low. Lol.

john t February 5, 2016

I mean gold spot

john t February 8, 2016

Mon Feb 8 spot gold closed at 1189.00 and still no signal to buy ???????????

UDO February 9, 2016

john t Stay calm - it's only temporary . Gold goes back under $ 1100

Geoff February 6, 2016

It will be many years before the U.S.A economy recovers from the George Bush x 2 forays into the Middle East fought with borrowed money. A great deal of pain and suffering for all concerned. Worse than Vietnam.

Realist February 6, 2016

Eagle495, you drank the cool aid..................since your progressive liberal Obama has been in office the economy is pretty terrible, real jobs have tanked, people with degrees are working at Starbucks because they can't find good paying jobs (only a few well paying jobs are out there), food prices have skyrocketed, the national debt has doubled, Obamacare was passed and with it came the highest health care premiums we have ever seen. Since July 22, 2015, the DJI has lost 2400 pts; so much for his progressive liberalism benefiting the middle class. the welfare rolls have exploded under Pres. O, The 3% you rail about have made more money since O got into office and the gap between the haves and the have nots has grown out of this world.

Frank February 6, 2016

Wow, these pissing contests about who's right are unbelievable, and nothing more. As for Larry's Dow 30,000, I heard that crap before in 2007. You can bang your head against a wall of global debt and printed money, until the trend reverses, which is now.

smo February 8, 2016

Geez Larry, Do you enjoy misleading folk? Profits are in a recession. Industrials are likewise. Commods was the first. Emerging markets, Asia and Europe all in crash mode. FED doing all it can to paint Obama's posterity, all the while losing credibility tightening into a world-wide downturn. Yep, loss of cred for pontificators as well.