Biggest loss in 26 years …

Sovereign debt markets are taking a shellacking. Per a recent Bloomberg article, global bond markets had their worst two-week period in 26-years.

Thing is, it’s just beginning. As I have told you all along, the world is facing a great sovereign debt crisis — the likes of which has not been seen since at the Great Depression.

Back then, virtually all of Europe went bankrupt. Fears of government bankruptcies swept the world, enveloping Japan, China and even the U.S. — even though we were a creditor nation back then.

But this time, it’s going to be a whole lot worse. This time, it isn’t just the countries of Europe that are bankrupt.

Uncle Sam is desperately trying to find a way to put off paying massive debts.
Uncle Sam is desperately trying to find a way to put off paying massive debts.

This time, it’s Europe, Japan and the United States — all bankrupt, all scrambling to come up with solutions to kick the can down the road some more, and all in deep doodoo.

Think President-elect Trump will make a difference and solve the problem? I don’t. Especially if he gets tough on trade, which will demolish our economy. Some think it will cause inflation and thereby erode the burden of our debts.

But that’s a joke. Even if — as some contend — the value of the U.S. dollar went to zero, you would not be able to write off through inflation or even hyperinflation the near $200 trillion Washington owes.

Moreover, trade wars are usually contractionary and deflationary.

So, get ready. The great sovereign debt crisis of the 21st century has started. It’s a financial storm that comes around roughly every 80 years.

It can wipe out anything and everything that gets in its way. To protect your family, your wealth and health — you must have a plan.

The first step in that plan is to not touch sovereign or government bonds of any kind. Or of any country.

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Larry Edelson, one of the world’s foremost experts on gold and precious metals, is the editor of Real Wealth Report and Supercycle Trader. Larry has called the ups and downs in the gold market time and again. As a result, he is often called upon by the media for his investing views. Larry has been featured on Bloomberg, Reuters and CNBC as well as The New York Times and New York Sun.

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dennis morrisseau November 23, 2016

Erase the Big Banks and the FED....and thus, all of the debt. We'll start over then, and much smarter, with TREASURY PRINTED DOLLARS.... Very carefully.. THAT'S a reason to buy and hold gold, Larry USArmy Officer [Vietnam era ] ANTI-WAR--FOR TRUMP--Lieutenant Morrisseau's Rebellion

dblu November 23, 2016

There are many ways to 'erase' something that gets in our way of having what we want. But there is no way of erasing a responsibility by doing nothing. We don't need to be smarter when we start over. We are so smart we have outsmarted all other nations and we have finally outsmarted ourselves. We need to be less greedy; more Godly. There is NO other foundation upon which to build a smarter, less greedy nation. How are you going to oversee that?! One person at a time. Each one of us must choose to be less greedy, more fair. We live like royalty in America compared to the nations we have defrauded. It's time to give them what we owe them. Slowly, painfully at first and then with a cheerful heart.

gordon November 24, 2016

A do over is no guarantee of success. We have learned nothing since 2008. I love gold as well but it is under attack. I think like the gold dump during the Chinese New Years when China's markets were all closed yesterday was another dump as the Kitco chart went straight down. Today is a holiday and the market closes early tomorrow and you could see yet another dump. Gold has a real fight on its hands it is unloved by the Fed, the government, Wall Street Bullion banks and their paper gold. Gold is a relatively small market and can be manipulated at will and has been. I find it hard to fall in love with a commodity that can be so easily pushed around. In reality gold should be at $2,000 an ounce or more. Modi is helping by his flash overnight withdrawal of big bills and throwing out rumors of closing the gold buying window in India. HSBC has joined the fight as has Citi bank in Australia and the war is just getting started a coordinated war to drive home to people that although gold is a good investment the powers that be will control how it moves. They will dangle the carrot but only so far.

Al McNal November 24, 2016

That's not going to be done thru wisdom. It will take pain before society decides to get less greedy and come when there simply is no other choice.

dennis morrisseau November 23, 2016

Yes. Default. There is no Sheriff.

dblu November 23, 2016

Yes, Dennis, there is no sheriff.....but there is God. It is a moral and legal responsibility. We owe that debt. We agreed to pay that debt. Sure the ones who loaned it to us were foolish, but we can't blame them for loaning us money. We knew what we were doing. We are not children. Now. How can we do what God would have us do? We can't pay all of the debt, but we can pay some of it.

Frank November 24, 2016

That is the definition of bankruptcy. God has nothing to do with human failure, except to teach us lessons we still haven't learned because of our endless greed.

steve November 23, 2016

so what is your explanation to do? Buy gold and silver?

UDO November 24, 2016

steve and others Who brain washed you all with gold and silver ? This is unreal - there always have been problems in the world and gold and silver is NOT a people problem solver - it's just a shine material - period . There were BIG problems from 1980 to 2000 - gold did nothing but dropped until 2000 - use your heads , people User your own brain to solve problems and believe very little you read on the internet .

Rick Hebert November 23, 2016

I would like advice on what to do to not get hurt but the coming economic storm.

George Turnbull November 23, 2016

But Larry, If u have a debt, someone else has the money u borrowed. Who has the US200trill? If it is non existant, then so is the world's debt. In 1929 we were on gold, now we are all in the cloud. So what's the worry? George

Phil November 23, 2016

Our national debt is $20 trillion, not $200 trillion. $200 trillion includes everything we have promised to people for all time, like Social Security, etc. On a personal level, I promised each of my kids $10 million dollars when I die--but there's no chance they'll get it. I also promised my credit card company, telecom, cable company, etc., that I would pay them on a monthly basis for the rest of my life. But I don't add those bills up and extend them to conclude that I have another several million in debt (not to mention the cost of cars I intend to purchase over the rest of my life). What I have in debt is what I've already incurred at this point (like my mortgage). So the picture is not so dire as painted by Larry.

Chuck8934 November 25, 2016

Uh, no, Phil. You will find a brief lesson in accrual accounting helpful in understanding the situation.

Bruce November 26, 2016

Chuck, its 20 trillion and accrual accounting is a red herring. All individuals then can accrue mortgages, college tuition, the costs of insurance,s, food, vacations..... its 20 trillion.

Dennis Nations November 23, 2016

Larry, Thanks for the heads up. I was raised being taught that if all else fails, government bonds would be a safe hedge. Of course we live in times that we thought would have never happened. I'm a retired Navy Master Chief and I was sure my service pension would allow me to live if not rich, at least comfortably. Now social security is in the toilet and the "entitled" generation is looking for more free stuff that and we don't have the money to pay for it. Not really holding out for a better future but am glad I helped to put the "drain the swamp" faction into the White House. It has to be better than the alternative. Time will tell. Thanks for the opportunity to vent. Dennis

Books November 23, 2016

So, what to do? Treasuries are failing, bank CDs pay nothing and if the bank fails the FDIC will be broke too. Stocks are volatile, bonds go down when interest rates go up, gold and silver don't pay interest and have wild swings in value. I guess it's back to the coffee can in the back yard.....Nice retirement.

jean November 25, 2016

About gold and silver don't pay interest... yes they do... you can have monthly payments by investing in gold and silver... 1 to 2% monthly (not miner stocks or exotic products... just gold and silver)... one silver underlying investment i know is paying monthly up to $0.25 for $10 invested... and it does not include capital gain which can boost even more your profit.

Ron November 28, 2016

Hi Books, Remember someone who went through the depression in the 30s.. Bob Hope gave some sage advice... He said " Buy Land.. They are not making any more of it." I wonder if that still applies now in the time of the Cloud? It must... President Obama bought two houses .. One in California and another in Hawaii... and rented a 9 bedroom house in Washington... What ever happened to his comments that we should REDUCE our Carbon Footprint or we would be responsible for the coming Global Warming? Will the CIA have to provide protection at all of these houses, even when he is not there? Hmmmmm? That means that his Carbon Footprint will be larger than that of George Bush... whom he called Unpatriotic.. and Irresponsible.

Donald Lemke November 28, 2016

What is the investment in gold that you are doing

Pierre Turin November 23, 2016

It's not only a financial but a society crisis. It will sweep away lives, souls and embarked illusions. Be ready, the time has come. PLT

Cyd Oakley November 23, 2016

There is a nasty little rumor going around that Donald T wants to put the US dollar back on the gold standard, but first the Government will once again forbid its citizens to own gold and require it all be turned in. And we will be reimbursed at todays price, or slightly less, before any announcement. Would that make any sense in regard to the Sovereign debt crisis? How much gold and at what price would it take to take out a large part of the debt? Is China secretly buying gold in anticipation of this? W

Thomas Schuckman November 23, 2016

China has and still is buying many hundreds of metric TONS of Gold ! You all should have got into "Metals" long ago, sorry. Silver is very good to invest in too. --Disabled Vietnam Vet: 68-70.

gordon November 24, 2016

Great deal trade useless paper for gold. I think the Russians did that some months back sold bonds and took the proceeds and bought gold. The powers that be will only allow gold and precious metals to reach a certain level then the big dump comes in and collapse the price. It has been repeated numerous times this year. He who makes the rules wins. Simple.

Ron November 28, 2016

Hi Thomas, Where did you hear that China was buying gold recently? I think that was true about 4 years ago... but since the slowdown, they have been selling to keep their building boom afloat... and to keep the masses from rebelling when all the construction jobs are lost... Wait until the price of Oil is cut in half again... and they are not able to sell Solar Panels.. On a brighter note, we should be able to get Corn on the Cob for a Song, when Ethanol goes the way of the DoDo. Why would a Country that is Self Sufficient in Oil have to add a harmful component to Gasoline? Remember all the trouble we had from Intake Manifold Gaskets in GM cars and others? Of Course, that was the OLD GM... The Problem is still there, but we hear less about it because GM is not as big a player anymore.

R. Killian November 23, 2016

So what do I do with my money?

gordon November 24, 2016

Paper your bathroom if your rich paper your bedroom.

laurie November 23, 2016

Hi Larry - I sent a question at one time asking your opinion on real estate and the influx of capital coming from outside of the US, and I still would like to hear your opinion on that. However, I am writing to mention that I have 2 houses for sale in Alabama, and thus far the offers I have received, which of course were low offers, came from investors in Germany. I don't know if there is something special happening in Alabama, or it's just coincidence, but I suspect a rental house or two, would be a good place to put money if one wanted to take money out of the country. Thanks for your time. L.

John November 23, 2016

The good news is that you have been elected President of the United States. The bad news is that the baby boomers, a trickle to date, will slam the system hard during the next 4-8 years. Since many of them are retiring, the tax man's take may be coming down a bit on those mature incomes. But, don't worry, we are only 20 trillion in debt on the books, and, many times that in accrued liabilities. Once again, congratulations on inheriting this baked in the cake mess. However, there is a solution: draft all the boomers and send them off to fight a hopeless war featuring trenches, poison gas and artillery. That might thin their numbers.

Ron November 28, 2016

Hi John, Baby Boomers were told for years to seek two incomes, buy a bigger house, 2 cars, take expensive holidays, not have kids that they could not afford to raise... and mostly they obeyed... So now we are paying the price for that action... We need more people (immigration) to replace the Baby Boomers as they die off since they did not replace themselves with offspring.. Generation Xers are even more self-centered and not marrying, so we can not count on them for any boost in the population... No wonder the borders are almost non-existent... We Need Breeders. To Quote Reagan... Government is not the Solution,.. Government is the Problem

Robert Calabrto November 23, 2016

When do you think Gold will rally? Happy Thanksgiving. Regards, Robert Calabro.

gordon November 24, 2016

It will only be a controlled rally. It depends on how far the governments want it to rise. They are doing their extreme best to pee you off of gold and never touch it again.

Doug D November 23, 2016

So should we buy and hold gold and silver ?

Bill A. November 23, 2016

Larry, everything you said is confirmed by this superbly well-written article by Brandon Smith, a highly respected economic-trends blogger. Copy and paste this link into your browser: Wishing everyone a fantastic Thanksgiving!

nancy der November 23, 2016

I bought treasury bonds they were I bonds. They are sending a new form and I am required to go to a bank and sign the form there I have had them since 2001-2002 and 2003.

yellowsub November 23, 2016

Always Nec Plus Ultra ! With you everything looks very simple ! Genial and honest things are for sure simple ! Only our governments and their masters are very complicated ! That means the opposite of the above mentioned axiom!c God luck to you Alex

Sean November 23, 2016

The DOW just hit another all time high, I have a significant short (SDOW) that goes 3X the opposite direction of the DOW. What is your prediction for the DOW in the next several months? Should I get out of this short? Thanks

F151 November 23, 2016

hold on...we are near a top...unless Dow busts 19,500...

gordon November 24, 2016

I would while you still have a pair of shorts left. The Dow is now an irrational beast fueled by nothing but greed and fear money flooding the USA. Who the heck would pay $1500 a share for Priceline?

Bonnie E November 26, 2016

F151...It wasn't but a few days ago that Larry was talking about..."if we have a monthly close of 18,500....." Now our eyes are on 19,500!! On the one hand, the talk is that we're absolutely swimming, and soon drowning, in debt, among numerous other gloomy situations that have been cited, so the markets are sure to go sizzling down! Too far too fast, they say!! On the other hand, with all the easy money from the central banks of the world still flowing freely in "the system," reports of Dow 30,000, and some say 50,000, is surely coming around soon!! Larry has predicted each!! What to believe?? What to believe?? Maybe both, BUT in what order??

Ron November 28, 2016

Hi F151, Fear not... with Trump in charge the DOW should go to 30,000 in time for the 2020 election.. so if you want to be happy dump Gold.. Only when Paper Gold is outlawed will People Trust Gold again.. The DOW may be the New Gold, for a few years at least. -----------------------------;_ylt=AwrSbgoUYTxYTiEA9ANXNyoA;_ylc=X1MDMjc2NjY3OQRfcgMyBGZyA3VzaC1tYWlsBGdwcmlkA3hMN04wd0NyUlFxQkdhRVBZMG1LdkEEbl9yc2x0AzAEbl9zdWdnAzQEb3JpZ2luA3NlYXJjaC55YWhvby5jb20EcG9zAzAEcHFzdHIDBHBxc3RybAMwBHFzdHJsAzQ0BHF1ZXJ5A0luZGlhJTIwYW5kJTIwR29sZCUyMCUyMHdobyUyMGlzJTIwYnV5aW5nJTNGBHRfc3RtcAMxNDgwMzUyMDg5?p=India+and+Gold++who+is+buying%3F&fr2=sb-top&fr=ush-mail

KJ November 23, 2016

Larry Thanks for the EXCELLENT news.

Cyd Oakley November 23, 2016

This is an overview of the full Trumponomics plan: 1. Initiate a massive infrastructure spending plan along with a very expensive military buildup. This will increase the national debt, but only by 2-3 trillion. 2. Excessive Govt. spending will increase inflation to about 6%-7% for four years, with the lower value dollar decreasing the effective debt load by 25% -30% This will automatically reduce the price of gold by a greater degree, perhaps to around $750/oz. This is near the USG buy-back price of $700/oz. 3. When only the USG and other nation states own most of the gold the US, in cahoots with the Brits, Russians and Chinese, announce the new price of gold is $25,000/oz. Buying, owning and or selling gold in any of the collaborating countries will be illegal and strictly enforced. This solves the sovereign debt crisis of most countries, all those in the cabal. The working guy get some pay increases as do social security and medicare recipients, maybe 3% pa. Nobody takes a big hit, or makes a big killing. All cabal members have much bigger asset bases. India wins big as a large number of its citizens become rich and provide an immense new market for American and Chinese products. Every one is happy, Hail Trump!

Dick November 23, 2016

Gold would not go down , it would skyrocket . As the the debt goes up and the dollar would Lose it sopremicy. You should recheck your theory

john November 23, 2016

Should we be buying the s and p now?

Baron Anaya November 23, 2016

I,m a disabled army vet , I am worried about my disability and social security cjecks which I rely on . Whats going to happen to people like myself.

Craig Holch November 23, 2016

Larry, Fairly recently in one of your newsletters you basically called a bottom in gold and the miners. Since that time they have plummeted. I have noticed lately you have gone quiet on the metals while they continue their downward spiral. This does not seem to jive with your many predicts of growth in these assets. I would be interested in your current thinking and analysis of this situation and to hear what you now believe is the short and longer term future for the metals and the miners. Many thanks, Craig

UDO November 28, 2016

Craig , this time Larry is not going with what Martin A. says about gold - who said " New lower lows are coming for gold " . Maybe Larry will say it next week ?

Craig Howe November 23, 2016

How about some advise for me Larry , and the ASX . You never answer my messages Larry , dont you care about Australia ??

Roberta Higgins November 23, 2016

Thank you for your excellent article, yes things are bad, and Uncle Sam has definitely not helped with the hyperinflation of all the debt it owes. R.Higgins.

Jim Ewen November 23, 2016

Larry, I don't hear anything about gold these days, I see ithe commodity market listing dropping in $20 plus chunks at a time over a short period of time, like about an hour or less. This looks like manipulation to me . What do you say? Do you still think that gold will go to $5000 per ounce in the next year or two? Your comments will be appreciated.

gordon November 24, 2016

Yes Jim Ewen look at the Kitco charts straight down. Big drops over a short period of time equals manipulation. These big drops seem to coincide with holidays i.e. the Chinese New Years drop and now the Thanksgiving drop. This occurred right after the election as well a big move up and then the big move down that cleaned out the people that bought on the way up. The market is small and easily manipulated and investors frightened off by typical big government, Fed, Wall Street, Bullion banks paper gold move. Its a conspiracy like everything else today.

Ron November 28, 2016

Hi Jim, The Big Players may be buying Gold, and Silver.. Banks, Insurance Companies and the likes of George Soros are big players.... When you hear ads for the Masses saying it is time to Buy Gold, it is because someone with a lot of Gold is looking to create a Demand.. because they want to Sell.

Jim Ewen November 23, 2016

Same comments as the previous one. this just corrects the email address.

mike November 23, 2016

I always wondering ,who do we owe to for our debt ? Isn't that FED ? If that's the case isn't that better for us to reset if that blow up ??

Ramesh Shah November 23, 2016

When the crunch comes,,the deep state will find solutions to bail us out , esp the Govts Otherwise you cud have riots, looting and racial strife in USA Goldman Sachs is busy preparing bonds that will bail out all the countries that get into difficulty to pay int and capital.

F151 November 23, 2016

The "deep state" is now in hock up to its ears. It is now the "shallow state". Obama doubled the National Debt to $20 Trillion...and that does not even include the other $180T. The Fed balance sheet is in shambles. Look for bank failures because FDIC cannot handle more than one large failure when the PHTF. And that could be soon. We are near end of a huge Elliott Wave 5....unless Dow convincingly breaks and closes above 19,500.

Texas son November 23, 2016

We all know the FED is a fraud. Erase their zeros and ones. Tell the world we are going back to Constitutional money. Let the bankers jump out the windows, no tears for the money changers. They have enslaved mankind for millennia!

robert roby November 23, 2016

Look Everyone Creating panic is counter productive to creating wealth. Take the lead from Buffett, Gates etc who buy more of what they own during down markets. Don't fall for the "illusion of inclusion" which subscribes to the idea that the big boys are out to help you. Learn from the always go up..what is so difficult to understand. Buy low and sell high and let the dividend re-investment keep rewarding you with the beautiful compounding effect of having the luxury of owning hundreds or thousand of stock in the future because in part to down markets. Gold? What can you buy with it. If you sell your stocks and buy gold how do you get your money out and when? You would have to market time the peak of gold and the bottom of the stock market, which nobody can do. But lets say you did, what would happen to gold prices with so many people selling it......bye bye

ron goddard November 23, 2016

its a miasma of insanity with the elite pulling the strings. simple! maybe trump will be an effect, maybe not. but you can bet your bottom dollar that the rich will get substantially richer and the poor...well its always the same story. don't hold your breath for world peace or lots of love from the government.

Dan S November 23, 2016

What can you say, 2/3's of the US Governments annual Budget spent on the pentagon. Lets blame the so called entitlement programs for the problem, I think not. If our government would give a rats azz about the people it's suppose to serve this would never have happened. Quit trying to play world policeman and do your job. Trumps right about one thing; if countries want protection from our military service let them pay for it, end of story. How stupid can a country be after seeing the former Soviet Union collapse from doing the same stupid idiotic thing we think were immune from, duh!!!!

john November 23, 2016

Look back at history and youll see the same old waffle as is broadcast for the last 12c months . Youll see punters flip flopping, making 90degree turns and trying to go withe flow of the changing environment. Will we not have slow incremental change? Will we see inflation picking up as capital works proceed, The big risk is that the US will start a trade war with protectionism and this will definitely turn global economics nasty and maybe then we will have ground zero economics.

Paul McNally November 23, 2016

Don't mock this. Mankind been living way too high. Car companies selling to those who cannot pay. Housing values going down. Then come the layoffs. Followed by the disassembly of government. All blamed on Trump when this has been building since the beginning of going off the gold standard. Think of US as Greece. We don't make things anymore.

Charles November 23, 2016

It is interesting that the Gov't is saying that it will have trouble paying the social security fund in the future. Since it borrowed the money from the fund, which was strong before the borrowing started, it seems that there is a strong obligation to pay back that money first since it was taken from workers/employers, after taxes; specifically, it belongs to those people, not the Gov't. I think this is a good case for a class action suit (good luck in getting one)! Also we need to stop stealing from the SS piggy bank and pay it back. Extend the max SS tax to no upper limit and provide SS benefits only to all who pay into it (no exceptions). It is either that or privatize it to get rid of the Ponze scheme altogether!

nitram November 23, 2016

Here is what everyone wants to know. Buy gold silver even platinum notice the price of platinum under gold yet 10x rarer than gold.. Buy a "monster box" silver eagles for wife and your self. Put under the bed. google monster box. You will eat vs those who don't have a box. When now, tomorrow or no later than 11/25/16. Sell no later than 2020-2022. stocks any second or no later than 11/29/16 sell ALL stocks buy "sds". when stock start to plunge initially the bond market will rise causing rates to TEMPORARILY go back down to enable you to buy "TBT" Trump became president to save what he can of his empire real estate in New York etc, He knows the economy is going to plunge and as in 1987 the real estate plunged with the stock market in New York. The real trick question is will they lose control of the bond market. If the rule is buy low and sell high why would anyone in their right mind be holding stocks especially if over the age of 45 They have been holding down rates for at least 8 years like a ball held under water and it will pop to the surface.or at least normalize, which to me is 5% on a passbook savings account. If they do the government can't pay the 5% on the 20 trillion let alone the 20 trillion. If you have alot of money find a bank or credit union B rated or higher by weiss and buy ladder CD s' 6 month, 1 yr , 18,months , 24 months which will give you a higher rate on overall monies as rates rise. Put ready available cash in a treasury "BILL" only money market fund. If the DOW JONEs average goes under 6,000 in the next few years start scaling into water ETF S'

Bob November 23, 2016

Just listened to Dr.Guy McPherson professor emeritus university of Arizona in evolutionary biology and ecology being interviewed on his speaking tour of New Zealand regarding abrupt climate change. The climate change has gone exponential due to positive feedback loops as in the release of methane as the Artic warms. With climate change humans will lose habitat for food production leading in the near term to human extinction ,as in like 10 years. I think we will soon realize if this time frame is reality and should adjust our portfolios appropriately. Any ideas how to best invest in this near term human extinction scenario ?

Ron November 23, 2016

Do smitha way forgive n forget...start all over again or make tons of ink and keep printing US dollars...all things fail .....WAR

Randy November 24, 2016

I can't help but believe there will be a "great reset" with the troubled countries and currencies of this world. Hear say, the IMF is already working on a new "global or reserve currency"; I see no other way out of this global malaise. Larry has identified the problems "spot on"; the European Union and Euro will collapse, the yen will become less and less, and eventually, the last ugly man standing, the U.S., will become self imposed victim to the same illness. The really good news is $55 Trillion USD will flow into the U.S. stock market over the next few years; (from overseas) already $750 Billion has gone there from overseas. Larry, spot on again, predicts DOW 30,000+. I think this is a very conservative projection. So, there will be time to make more USDs than most of us have made in a lifetime. Don't get too depressed about this mess; you are probably not too far away from becoming more wealthy than you ever imagined.

Paul November 24, 2016

First of all bankruptcy of the USG is impossible at this time. Just for starters the USG still owns around 90% of Alaska. The values here totals in the trillions and trillions of dollars. This is certainly not the case in Europe but Communist countries can take what they want at any time. So sovereign debt is essentially a tax on the citizens of "free" countries and the property of all of us. The excess needs to go on the block to the highest bidder.

Phil November 25, 2016

It is increasingly looking like Dent was right all along!

Wyatt November 25, 2016

Thank you for telling folks what really lies ahead for the global economy and the US. Indeed it is the winter season and with Trump at the helm things certainly don't look more rosy. Not many advisors have the brains or balls to lay it on the line...kudos!

Steve November 26, 2016

Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave the nation just four hours notice that 500 ($7.30; £6) and 1,000 rupee notes would no longer be legal tender. BANG!!! A billion poorer now. So one man screwed a billion citizens of India out of their money suddenly and without warning. Why not have some gold and silver. Citizens of Venezuela can buy 3 months of food for a ounce of silver. The Venezuelans wish they had a horde of gold and silver. Cyprus is another debacle the they wish they had gold and silver instead of the fat bank accounts. The Greeks have been screwed over by their Gov and they are suffering now. So..if having some gold and silver as insurance against a currency crisis... then it is not a matter of IF, but of how much you should have. How much insurance do you want to have to get through a financial crisis? History is replete with examples. Folks i and my patriots will continue to make investments in PM's, land and bullets. Join the club...