Gold’s Next Rally: Don’t Miss it!

Gold’s on the move again, and this time, it’s ready to rocket higher. Here’s my latest Artificial Intelligence model forecast for gold:

wav1019newAs you can see, we got the low right on time, on October 7. A bull’s-eye.

And now, gold is already trading at $1,271, roughly $30 off its October 7 low.

So what will cause the next leg up in gold? And how far could it go?

It’s a bit too early to answer the second question, but let me address the first:

There are any number of forces that will drive gold higher. One can only guess. There’s …

BulletThe elections


BulletGermany and Deutsche Bank

BulletSome other black swan

For right now, keep your eye on support at the previous low in gold at roughly $1,242. Look for initial resistance at the $1,275 level.

A move above $1,275 would be very constructive and a move back above $1,300 on a closing basis would pretty much cement a rally toward the $1,400 level.

You don’t want to miss this rally. It’s the second leg up and typically, that’s the strongest. Members to my active trading services are already long gold and miners. They’re set to profit, so why shouldn’t you?

Best wishes,


Larry Edelson, one of the world’s foremost experts on gold and precious metals, is the editor of Real Wealth Report and Supercycle Trader. Larry has called the ups and downs in the gold market time and again. As a result, he is often called upon by the media for his investing views. Larry has been featured on Bloomberg, Reuters and CNBC as well as The New York Times and New York Sun.

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David Sparks October 19, 2016

I am Interested.


Larry Podwill October 19, 2016

What about silver

UDO October 20, 2016

Larry Podwill, silver is not even bullish right now - sitting around $ 17.50 - needs to move above $ 18.60 to look bullish - good luck seeing gold at $ 1400 - Good Luck to all

Jim October 22, 2016

Silver is at about a 71 to one ratio right now. Once that ratio hits about 80 to 1, silver should skyrocket.

Larry Freeman October 19, 2016

So may I then conclude that we're expecting a near term run up to possibly $1400 instead of a test of $1200 with a possible drop to the $1100 area?


Siggy Latarski October 19, 2016

Larry, You've been right on target, glad I'm a subscriber and look forward to capitalizing on the next legs up in the markets. I know you have recommended low priced gold stocks in your news letter. Should Surper Trader subscribers follow those recs or will you be providing similar recs for your super trader subscribers?


Nana Boadi October 19, 2016

Yea that is really true I really enjoy ur articles will like u to coach me in the market I'm from Ghana


Christl October 19, 2016

Thanks Larry. Long miners too.


Walter October 19, 2016

Hi Larry, I am a new member to your service. I have not got any recommendation on the miners as of yet. Have I missed any recommendation for this rally from you? Please let me know. Thanks WK


Neal October 19, 2016

Gold traded under 1100 for a month and one-half at the end of 2015, and now Larry congratulates himself for calling a bottom at 1250. Am I missing something?


Como651 October 19, 2016

The previous bottom could not be forecasted since miners were trading at all time lows last year. There were no reference support levels like now for Larry's models to base a prediction. Larry is about the closest you will get to a crystal ball. No body can predict the future perfectly but Larry is the best analyst I've seen. If you don't trust Larry don't follow him. Make your own predictions. The fact that the critics post to this board only confirms they still think Larry's predictions are worth following or they would not be here. Try going without looking at any articles by Larry for a year and see how well you do in your trades. I know I'd feel like a blind man in a maze. I for one am grateful for his free advice.

Cliff October 19, 2016

I really like Larry because he means well, however I have found doing the exact opposite of what he recommends works best. So much so that I believe Larry has a remarkable Skill in predicting the exact opposite of what the market is going to do. Don't get me wrong, Larry uses understable reasoning for his predictions, it's just that with very few exceptions the market,stock,commodity etc nearly always does the opposite of his forecast I remember he recommended the institute of cycles historical chart forecasting to predict when the market would crash and rise , the theory being the market is always in a cycle and repeats Itself , some of the historical cycles seemed to follow the theory, however when the Larry prediction effect took hold the market did the total opposite . Now because gold has dropped 75 dollars or so in the last month we are told get ready for the next big move up to 1400, even if that bounce were to happen it would be within just 50 dollars or of this years high, hardly the bull jump of the next leg. Personally if Clinton wins the election which is highly likely then I think the World will be safer hands than a Trump presidency and gold rather than Ralley will go risk off and fall another 50 or so dollars to test 1200. So I am betting Inverse Larry as he is that good at predicting the exact opposite.


Jim October 22, 2016

You,are as wrong about Larry as you are about Hillary. She will start WWIII and laugh about it. Very dangerous woman, totally coin operated. She is the equivalent of Yosarrian from catch 22, would bomb her own bases for a profit.

jan October 22, 2016

Cliff, Don't knock Trump off the cliff yet! remember Trump is representing the de-franchise population who have nothing to lose except protesting the way they live, There are more them than middle class

Mark A October 19, 2016

Hi Larry, Love your analysis on Gold. I agree that we are in our second leg but anticipate 1400 before March 2017. How high can gold go for the next two years based on your analysis? Thanks in advance for the feedback back. Regards, Mark


William H Frost October 21, 2016

Comments have been made about our friend and gold analyst Larry about missing the trade of gold when it was under $1100 for about six weeks at the end of last year. I think Larry is following the most important rule of investing- don't lose money. I think it's wise to miss the bottom of of a major and long trending decline because usually investors miss those absolute exact lows and invest too early in a price decline and either take the loss or average down one's cost by buying more of the investment thereby averaging in with a cost that is higher than the absolute low their investment trades. I'm am greatful to Larry for making sure gold has already turned up before he recommended buying gold. He shows that he makes the #1 rule of investing (don't lose money) his highest priority. Thank you, Larry. We know it's much safer now to invest in gold and the companies that mine gold.

Richard Black October 19, 2016

I'm a relative newcomer - in at 1100 - road it up to 1900 and back down. Now am holding on for the move to ??? hopefully $10,000. Actually I would prefer it didn't go there because then our economy and the world economy would be a disaster. You seem to be very much ON target at present but somehow I have missed some play along the way. Can you give us a spread sheet of what we should be in - approx. buy levels and approx. target levels? I was a student of Pinkney Walker and your input is very much in his arena. I enjoy it a bunch but at 80 years old I sure would enjoy protecting what little I do have.


Herman Aschenbeck October 19, 2016

Looking forward to reading the information.


Jeff W October 19, 2016

You nailed it, Larry. Jumped back in on the three gold mining stocks + GGN you recommended at or a bit below your price points. It's all working according to your predictions. Thank you!


vince October 19, 2016

Larry is it timeto buy more gold aand silver?????


C Tyner October 20, 2016


LARRY BANNISTER October 19, 2016

What about the last time metals went up in price, the Margin requirements were increase about 6 times if I remember, then the prices came crashing down. Thankyou


britt thompson October 19, 2016

thanks larry iam on it!britt


Sam Malizia October 19, 2016

So if Gold is going up, what Company(s) do you recommend


Brett Johnson October 19, 2016

What about silver?


tom October 19, 2016

how can we judge the time of the leg up ?? and will silver follw gold or will gold follow silver...and are mineing stock a better buy than silver or gold??? is now a buyiny time or is it to late for stocks


C Tyner October 20, 2016

Silver will follow Gold right now.

Tom murrer October 19, 2016

What will happen with the Dow in 2016 and then in 2017


NINI. F October 19, 2016

I have never read or paid much attention about who say's what about GOLD and who doesn't, how ever by chance or accident I got your email for the first time, some thing told me, do not DELETE this one and read it, so I DID, I agree with you completely and for the first time I see some one VERY INTELLIGENT is saying things that makes Perfect sense.????you also do Look nice and know your thing.


James October 19, 2016

I am predicting a bull market in gold keep it short and sweet.


David S October 19, 2016

Edelstein, Make up your mind already. Day ago you said gold would continue to drop because people wanted out of illiquid assets and into cash. You swing more than a pendulum.


Jack Lou October 19, 2016

Mr. Edelson, I have been reading several market predictions recently. So, I am confused who said what. One of the predictions is that the market is to bust later this year or early next year and the gold will eventually go down as low as $700 an oz. Do you agree? Thank you for your time.


Neville Roberts October 20, 2016

That would be a Harry Dent prediction, which he is holding to.

Barracuda October 19, 2016

How nice. Got your trading service in to the metals, but RWR subscribers play second fiddle. You could have given us earlier warning.


Shawn October 19, 2016

Hi Larry ! What do you think - Which one will go faster Oil down or Gold up ? Thank you


Leroy October 19, 2016

I am loading up the wagon!!


Bob Schubring October 19, 2016

Some numbskull at another publishing house was arguing yesterday that supply and demand do not determine the price of gold. Which obviously means that the money I made on Larry's October low prediction, was purely accidental. Ignoring the doofus, the long-term trend in gold prices is set by the quality of ore that's being discovered. Two huge chemical makers, DuPont in the US and Degussa in Germany, built cyanide factories in the mid-1980's to supply cyanide to gold refiners and miners. As the ore quality drops, the cyanide demand grows. I can chart gold prices from 1985-2005 and draw a channel for the price trend caused by this action. There was a sudden deviation out of the channel to the upside, caused by the 2008 Financial Crisis, then a strong move down beginning in 2011, as the Nevsun zinc mine in Eritrea flooded world markets with gold and copper that Nevsun had to scrape off the surface, to gain access to the zinc below. With the Nevsun zinc mine now operating, gold supply is returning to normal levels. Gold demand was temporarily over-satisfied by the glut of gold that Nevsun produced, but the price will resume the uptrend that began in 1985, which is driven by the cost of digging the gold up. There is no sensible reason why gold would lose all of it's value. Therefore, the major drop in gold prices from 2011-2015, that occurred while the Nevsun Zinc Mine was disposing of gold ore that obstructed access to the zinc, is over. Prices will resume their historic upward trend. How steeply will they trend up? Figuring that out, is how technical analysts like Larry make their living. I've been privileged to follow along and learn. Thanks, Larry!


Russ October 20, 2016

Larry has said the markets' job is to separate you from your money. The market is always right and you are wrong having misjudged it. When miners were 90% down in January value investors were buying not knowing if that was the exact bottom or when it would turn. You can be a "MOMO" investor or a Value investor combined with some timing of different asset classes. I expect Larry to provide value and reasonable timing information.

John Burke October 19, 2016

Do you have a private service? Details..


oscar tahan October 19, 2016

thank you so very much ---you have been a great help---ozzie


Shar October 19, 2016

Thanks for the confirmation - I'm sure everyone appreciates it. I bought BTG when the order was given, GLD on its low and the RING today in 3 accounts since I can't buy the TGLDX thru our broker. The other choice was SGDM but I didn't hear back from you so wanted to make a move on it today. Also as you're watching energy closely now, am interested in your views on EQM. Thanks


Ji Kim October 19, 2016

Thank you much for the graph. I'm on the jnug and nugt now!


Trump to be president October 19, 2016

Vote Trumppppppppppppppppp. Andrew


Peter W October 19, 2016

He will LOSE...? Is by How Much...hopefully the moron gets slaughtered at the polls. Have a nice day!

Eli October 19, 2016

What about platinum and palladium? Buy or sell?


George white October 19, 2016

Larry, I like you have been a subscriber for 5 years at least. Nov or Dec 15 you issued a special alert OIL is a BUY!!!!!!!!! It continued to crash thru mid Jan 16. At the same time you said do not buy Gold it is a fake out and is going to crash, thank God I bought a bit but you were totally off basis as it went from 1100 to 1280 your latest war cycle scenario you had the Vietnam War occurring prior to the Korean War Larry this is a serious mistake. Why do you not at least admit it, blame it on a staffer and set the facts straight the Korean War was prior to the Vietnam war why would you leave something out there being false and not correct it.


Como651 October 19, 2016

Can anyone explain why DUST has lost money since 2012 in spite of gold being much lower now? If DUST trades 3x inverse to GDX why wouldn't it have gone up until the recent bottom in gold? Also if you look at charts of GDX compared to NUGT you will see NUGT was trading at over 2000 a while back but is at about 15 now yet GDX does not correlate to a 3 times difference over the same time period. I've tried working out the math and can't make a correlation using any assumptions. Someone please explain how DUST and NUGT trade relative to GDX. I've bought nothing but shares of NUGT instead of GDX since if Larry is right it makes more sense to leverage 3x over. Anyone see potential risks apart from gold being in a bear market rather than a bull market?


John October 20, 2016

Stuart October 21, 2016

3 x etfs are for short term trading only.....they are leveraged instruments and suffer from major decay. They only track approx. 3 x their underlying in the short term and then start to rapdidly decay. So if gdx is breakeven 3 months out, the 3 x etf will be down by some 30 per cent as an example. Do your due deligence before using anything leveraged!!

Como651 October 22, 2016

Thanks for posting this link. After I read the article I built a spreadsheet to run some scenarios and the pattern that emerged was NUGT loses more ground to the underlying GDX the longer you hold especially with larger and more frequent downward swings in price. By the time GDX returns to previous highs NUGT does not because it must gain back a higher percent due to the leveraging effect. For example if GDX was at $10 and lost 10% it would be at $9 and need to go up 11.1% to recapture $10 NUGT would have lost 30% to $7 but since it tracks GDX at 3x it would go up 33.3% or only to $9.331 when GDX gets back to $10. I need to get out of these leveraged ETFs ASAP and cut my small loses before they grow out of control. Now I understand why leveraged ETFs are for day trading only.

Jono October 20, 2016

Putin? What are you talking about Larry? Take the blinkers off people: the US government is the aggressor not Putin....and that is everywhere. Please Larry - love your work, but get beyond the media propaganda being fed by a myopic, paranoid government. This war fantasy is being manifest by the US, no-one else.


C Tyner October 20, 2016

Thanks Larry your info helped me get out during this last down leg. And now I'm going back in today and tomorrow. By the way your call on Trump winning last week was terrible but I love you calls anyway. HA. CTyner


C Tyner October 20, 2016

By the way all you nay-sayers out there when Larry makes these calls pay attention to the graphs and timing not necessarily the exact numbers. Just a thought to help understand the amount of info this is really giving you, it's right there. Larry missed the first leg up but he gave you cash saving info on the next leg down. This is good intel. CTyner


Jeff Whallin October 24, 2016

Agree! It's very important to pay attention to the charts Larry provides. Watch these very closely. The AI model Larry uses is very reliable, but don't expect perfection. If you want more "bang for the buck" join Supercycle Trader. It's a tad pricey, but IMHO very worth the cost (especially if you catch the current promotion!). And, NO, neither Larry nor Weiss are paying me for the reco.

Alex October 20, 2016

YES, on that vote T R U M P


Phil October 20, 2016

I do hope we get some Buy recommendations in October`s Real Wealth as I subscribed to make money which I have not done but I have enjoyed Larry@ World view!


Richard October 20, 2016

Dear Larry I really enjoy reading every word you written Presently I only subscribe your basic as yours other publication is beyond my reach in dollars sense. I really hope that you can enlighten me ( us) for a counter or two for me to ride on your fast train to future freedom and happiness thank a million Larry


Sandor October 20, 2016

I see you pulled that 1242/1275 right from Martin Armstrong's Socrates analysis. Good call.


Barry October 20, 2016

I am a subscriber to your gold service and I am surprised that there is no recommendation from this service as to which gold stocks to buy. This is very disappointing.


Christopher Hoffman October 20, 2016

I've subscribed to Larry's service for a while. Larry has been very astute helping me avoid losses on confirmed, extended downlegs in gold and the miners. For that I've been very grateful for the losses avoided. But for uplegs Larry tends to call the bottom (looking back in time) somewhat delayed by weeks/months terms - after meaningful price advances have already been made. There is a change in this flash. Larry seems to be calling the bottom at approx. 1250 and giving bullion/miner buy recommendations in parallel. This seems to be a change so I'm watching very closely.


H. Craig Bradley October 20, 2016

THERE COULD BE A NEW MIDDLE EASTERN WAR BY ELECTION DAY RUSSIA TO LAUNCH ALL-OUT AIR AND GROUND ASSAULT AGAINST ANTI-ASSAD REBELS IN ALEPPO, SYRIA IN ABOUT TWO WEEKS. We have been advised (warned to stand aside). Gold could spike way up if hostilities breakout and involve the U.S. or NATO forces against the Soviets. Tactical nuclear weapons detonated on the battlefield would send gold to the moon, faster than Apollo Astronauts. Volatile situation, to be sure.


Peter October 20, 2016

Wouldn't it be easier to pick a gold eft like Direxion daily junior gold index (3x) instead of picking individual mining stocks. What are your thoughts on this?


Josh October 20, 2016

We have not yet seen this year's low in gold. Not by a significant amount...


Jim October 20, 2016

Your all concerned about which way the metals will drive up or down? You have to be invested in them prior to the upward moves . Here's a few I'm already in good Luck to all! HL PAAS EGO HMY AU SWL MUC SLV


Brian Bedal October 21, 2016

Larry was wrong earlier in the year, BUT he nailed the October low, and the 12/15 bottom! Great job Larry!


CHRISTIAN KIRCHER October 22, 2016

THOSE WHO ASK ABOUT WHAT TO DO WITH SILVER. I have seen in the last years that siver always followed the upward or downward of gold . as silver is much needed in industry and the ratio gold to silver shows that there is more upward for silver to expect I would prefer investing in silver. of course silverminers but why not also antique siver object which are decorativ and a pleasure to have around you and also some silver coins as these may help to pay for food if the currency does crack completely. remeber when Hitler made emigrate many jewish families they took their silver objects with them and could sell them to finance their new start in a foreign country. you can also find historic gold and silver coins which are rare and of historic value also and not only the metal value. So to protect yourself of a crisis gold is not the only way. Diamonds can do also if you buy them cheap. Or why not valuable antiques but there too you must buy quality for little money to avoid big losses. In antiques if you chose a subject for your collection where a state is involved who will get more rich in futur then you invest good. for example chines antiques were low price 25 years ago and are now very high as chinese collectors are enough rich to pay any price. 17th and 18th century european antiques are relatively cheap today compared to prices 25 years ago specially paintings and furniture. So good luck to all investors.


cyrus October 25, 2016

Dear, Mr. Adelson, Don't you believe that , the precious metals gradually is going down until early of Janaury of 2017, Then one good correction on market Moving up with high gear ? Thanks,Cyrus


Olcay November 14, 2016

Thanks sir and gold very high moments 1450 and 1500 in 3 months later..