When gold will explode higher …

As I pointed out last week – gold is poised to explode higher.

And there are plenty of other forces getting ready to light a fire under its price.

Just last Friday, internet users around the world, but mostly in the U.S., reported that some top websites were not loading. This was from a massive cyber-attack on one of the main hubs for internet traffic on the east coast, bringing down several websites. Some of the affected sites include Amazon, Twitter, Netflix, Etsy, GitHub, and Spotify.

The purpose of this type of attack is to overload the service in any way possible and make it stop working or be unreachable. That basically means hackers are overwhelming the servers with useless data and repeated load requests, preventing useful data — like an IP address, for example — from getting through.

The attacks seem to have been well planned and executed, coming from tens of millions of IP addresses at the same time. So far, no group has taken credit for the attack yet.

Earlier this month, software code designed to wage attacks by hacking the internet of things was released. Clearly, attacks like these are going to be more and more common.

So, why didn’t gold explode higher on Friday during the attack?

“So, why didn’t gold explode higher on Friday during the attack?”

Because every market dances to its own rhythm. 

The fact is sometimes gold will react to news and sometimes it won’t. Each market on the planet has its unique signature, if you will, or cycles, and that’s what matters. Not the day-to-day. Overall, my AI model points much higher for gold heading into year-end.

The dollar and gold can and do rise together. I’ve been telling everyone that and have been right. So stay away from the dollar/gold thing. Most analysts are dead wrong about it. The best bull markets in gold occur with a rising dollar.

What about the aggressive moves Putin is making in Eastern Europe and Syria? Gold usually surges during times of war and political uncertainty. But as of yet, gold hasn’t been concerned.

Gold (and other precious metals) will rise according to their own unique rhythms. The good news is, they should soon start rallying strongly. Here’s the latest Artificial Intelligence model I work with and its forecast for gold. It’s the kind of thing my trading service members get all the time, but with specific buy and sell signals as well, timed with my model.


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Larry Edelson, one of the world’s foremost experts on gold and precious metals, is the editor of Real Wealth Report and Supercycle Trader. Larry has called the ups and downs in the gold market time and again. As a result, he is often called upon by the media for his investing views. Larry has been featured on Bloomberg, Reuters and CNBC as well as The New York Times and New York Sun.

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steve October 24, 2016

we're all still waiting for your, "time to back up the truck" on gold.....we haven't heard it yet.....

linda griffith October 24, 2016

What is it with all of you writers at Weiss that you cannot read real news or tell propaganda from the truth? Putin hasn't done anything. He is in Syria - legally - at the request of the leader to save the country from the terrorists bought, paid for and armed by the US - illegally. No, Putin did not shoot down MH17, 2 Kiev fighter pilots did that. Putin did not "invade" Crimea, The Russian population of Crimea, part of Russia for 240 years, begged to come home. This is all Washington propaganda issued as an excuse to balkanize Syria for the benefit of the Israeli/Saudi axis. Clinton's wet dream is a regime change in Russia. She won't get it. What she will get is a global catastrophe. If you want to know what is really going on in the world, I can furnish you with a list of legitimate journalists who will inform you.

George Kelderhouse October 25, 2016

Right on Linda. I'm all ears . Unlike others, my mind is open.

Aidan October 25, 2016

I would like this list Linda if possible - I have been watching and reading about Putin. Kind regards A

Richard S October 25, 2016

What journalists? Are there any at all? Where? Even the BBC is not truthful.

who are these legitimate journalists? October 25, 2016

With all of the sell-outs looking for favor from the administration, it would be refreshing to follow real journalists again.

John Barry October 25, 2016

Totally believe that the press and the government are corupt. Would love to read your list.

Fred Gibson October 25, 2016

Linda, I agree with everything, except leave Hillary out of it. We will see that she takes a more diplomatic approach toward Russia after the election. What we have done in Syria is shameful, but it is all going to change as soon as the John Birch Republicans and the neo-cons are defeated.

Mari Noonan October 25, 2016

Try RT television station it has a candid refreshing effort to bring the other side of the story to light.

Chris October 26, 2016

I would like that list please. Thnx

gordon ker October 26, 2016

Reading articles and watching American T.V. always push the anti Putin agenda can be very frustrating. I am looking in from Edinburgh and don't want to patronise Americans with my views. Linda this is wonderful comment, it is a pity your choice's for President can only make matters worse.

Mary Hutchinson October 26, 2016

I would like to know what we should be buy and when

Robin October 26, 2016

Hi Linda, A very concise and accurate précis of what is going on over there. Thanks for educating the sheeple! Robin

Dbossmoney October 27, 2016

Fred, r u insane? Hitllary, yes, a play on words, not a typo, has destroyed everything sacred in the us for her own gain. This isn't my opinion though it is a fact. Corruption has a Clinton face and the world knows it.

Bill Gustafson October 27, 2016

You have some good points Please e-mail the.list. Thanks

Michael Patrick October 29, 2016

Putin is not the problem. Hillary Redham is the problem. She is an aggressive sick viscious woman who seeks power above any other motivation in her life. She remains married to Bill The Rapist because he is her ticket to power. God help us if she is elected !

Al November 1, 2016

Please send the list of journalists who know what's really going on in the world. Thank you

John October 24, 2016

Thanks Larry, I look forward to hearing what you have to say any time.

George Kelderhouse October 25, 2016

Larry, don't you think more money can be made in silver ?

larry e austin October 24, 2016

will gold go way down and will it surge shortly and how will gold stack up against the world currency? Thanks

Jay Garth October 24, 2016

You have not commented on BTG lately (that I have seen). Do you still believe it will be a winner?

Chuck Rouse October 24, 2016

Larry, If gold is ready to explode higher, then why are we not buying calls in GLD and SLV? Chuck

Don October 24, 2016

your current price looks higher than it is. (ON the chart)

George white October 24, 2016

very good my only complaint is the size of the fonts on the graph are so small I cannot read them, I am a Sr. if you could raise the font size by 2-5 it appears you have more than enough room on each page to do this. G

Grace Trammell October 24, 2016

My phone can't clearly view the graph. Please resen another graph to me? Thanks!

K. Donohue October 24, 2016

Larry, Have been following your gold outlook for years and truly appreciate your more than accurate forecasts on the metal. One thing I have picked up on is the way that the price of gold seems ,at least , intermittantly, to follow the ten yr treas yield going the opposite to its moves. Any comment on that indicator...Thanks ,again .KD

Thomas Foster October 24, 2016

Can you please describe why Harry Dents angle on why gold will plunge to $700 in coming months? He says and confirms alot of what you say but describes Gold a safe asset and everyone who jumps in to the safe asset will be slaughtered. Can you explain why people have this opinion, why predicting the economy and why his Ai model shows a collapse coming to this safe asset?

Bart Snow October 26, 2016

God, Thomas Foster, whatever you do do not follow anything that Dent recommends. I have never understood why anyone would pay him for advice. He is a blowhard. Check out the link below: http://www.avaresearch.com/articles/mutual-funds/a-look-at-harry-dent-s-track-record

Curt Nizzoli October 24, 2016

Hi Larry, I need to get your "thoughts", not your "recommendation" on the following situation. I had holdings in NUGT and a couple smaller ETF's from some time ago, and then got really, really busy. Out of state travel, out of state college transfer with one of our kids, an out of state move, and an out of state move for another kid, not counting other events, vacations and holidays caused me to miss certain turns in the market. My biggest mistake was not using a trailing stop loss (I do remember at one point NUGT was up over 40%). So, now I have certain holding in my portfolio that are way down. Way, way down. Am I better off just riding it out (in the case of NUGT), or doubling down at these new lows? The thinking is that at these prices, any 'doubling-down' would bring down the 'cost' of the stock/ETF, and allow for a quicker recovery to par (and a possible larger return). On the other hand, it ties up assets that could be allocated to new reco's as you issue them. I would really appreciate your thoughts on this. Thanks!

John S. October 24, 2016

Another update in which Larry says little to nothing other than hang in there. I believe gold will react to financial disasters more so than political events in the near future. We are becoming too used to bombings and various war news to have an immediate effect at this time. J.

OLIVER October 24, 2016

Larry, You've been so right for so long it's become "boring". But the fact is that you've cautioned us that Au hasn't been ready to maintain a climb. Moreover, it appears that the Fed and the big banks have long been (illegally) conspiring to keep the gold price down, but that epoch may be coming to an end, thanks to China. This manipulation may have been why Au didn't move steadily as early as you thought it could. In any event, I don't see gold starting its climb until after the election.

Frank Toughill October 24, 2016

Dear Mr Edelson, It is my very strong feeling that gold and the dollar move in opposite directions. As the dollar decreases in value (inflation) gold increases in in cost per ounce. Maybe I misread your article; but most commodities move in the opposite direction of the dollar unless there is a supply or demand factor involved as with the price of oil in the United States over the past year or so,with the Saudi's flooding the market with oil to put US Oil Co. out of business.

Frank Toughill October 24, 2016

Dear Mr Edelson, Gold and most other Commodities move in the opposite direction of the dollar.

sammie elder October 24, 2016

keep up the good work, Larry

ralph reid October 24, 2016

I think you are in touch with good sources

Tom Burnett October 24, 2016

Suggest you work on your charts for us common folks - if you use it , make it at least readable

Stephen Ettinger October 24, 2016

HI Larry, I have been sitting on the side lines holding what I took a bad hit on in the Metals market when I did not get out as you suggested quite some time ago. You have written me, and we shared a few thoughts. I have not purchased anything that you suggested in your monthly Real Wealth Report. Is it time to get in a little at a time on the plays you have suggested as of now? EI: HMY, GG, AND KGC? GLD AND TGLDX RGLD? Thank you .... STEVE ETTINGER

John Burke October 24, 2016

Would like to join.

john October 24, 2016

as per your advise in " Timing Your Gold and Silver Trades for Even Bigger Profits " I got the stockcharts.com The gold daily and weekly are totally different. What gives?

Rebecca October 24, 2016

Will 2017 cause the price of the physical medal to reach new highs or perhaps lows? Since I don't have that much in the physical metal....about 5K....I am wondering if I should sell at your projected high in december. Our income is low right now. THX

Deena October 24, 2016

Since China may need to divert attention outward in conflicts,;do you think their rare earth monopoly will be used as a weapon?

Bill October 24, 2016

Based on your gold recommendations we should be all in. Hope your right.

Robert Telfer October 24, 2016

Lerry Please be more specific about when u want us to buy. You say that we had are chance when Gold was 1.250 or we should have bought in when it was 1.212 I can remember when it was 1.112 and never received a buy on that price at all. We need to hear from u when it hits the price to buy .A special note saying BUY NOW !! Not at the end of the month 20 days later that we should have bought then. This is why I am paying for your info. You give a price then u always say later I well let u know when that happens then u say after it happens that if we didn't buy then we should have. We r waiting for u to give us the buy signal. Stop playing it safe Larry. A lot of us aren't near the market and need to hear from u at that time with that Buy signal that u r always promising.

Nobama II October 31, 2016

When Larry says "Buy when Gold or Silver hits a certain price" you should be watching the spot price (I use the Lear Capital APP on my computer) then buy when it hits that price.

Robert Telfer October 24, 2016

When I submitted my comment it said that I have all ready said that. Nope this is the first time. You might have received that very same comment from others.

R.J. Franklin October 24, 2016

If and when the gold price rises..should those who own gold cash it in for the dollar or a different specific currency?

David October 24, 2016

I will not question the massive cyber-attack on a hub on the east coast;however in past discussions with my dsl provider(service men) the internet can only carry so much data and video and streaming movies has had a very degrading effect on the amount of data that internet users can receive-especially in the evenings in the US. One big issue now is the great company Microsoft and the updates to "WINDOWS 10"-we have four computers here on 10 and we can only download the updates to one machine at a time(the data is that great coming in and going out-they use our computers as servers to download the updates to other computers on the internet-in fact we cannot use the other computers while the one is downloading the updates and if a person has a business to tend to this gets very critical big time. I realize I can change the setting as to Microsoft using our computers as servers but then I feel our download time will be greatly increased. If Microsoft does not gets it act straighten out soon I guess we will all be apple users and the great Microsoft will have nothing to download to. That could really happen!!!!

Willis Zhoe October 24, 2016

Very good forecast! So do you think gold will have correction in January 2017?

MICHAEL October 24, 2016

Maybe gold feels Trump will win the election and there will be Russian-USA peace? Maybe Trump will sign the Statue of Rome so those who commit crimes against the peace, war crimes and crimes against humanity can be prosecuted in the Hague? Certainly hawk Hillary will not sign.

Joe luongo October 24, 2016

Hi Larry been buying gold and silver for the past five years and doing it because of China and the way that are saying here America take you're dollars and give me you're gold you see for the first time chinese can buy gold and plan for there future when they first sold gold bullion ten thousand chinaman lined up to buy gold now it's like most of the Chinese are putting one third of there pay check in gold something very interesting they know something and like America has social security gold is there social wil social security be there in ten years don't count on it money is worthless but gold plays an important roll especially when it's scarce any way Larry I don't buy stocks or bonds or real estate I'm investing with bullion there maybe something to it thank you for you're email Joe Luongo

D Braatz October 25, 2016

Larry: I am a follower of your writings. But these surge forecasts for gold are getting long in the tooth. When so many analysts forecast a major move in something, and it is finally being sold to the little guy on the street, my experience over the years, is to stay away. Sorry Larry. D Braatz

Frank October 25, 2016

Yeah, right.

Steve October 25, 2016

The internet is like if the world's water supply was interconnected across the whole world and so anyone could access it (good) but also anyone could poison it (not so good). Eventually it would become too dangerous to use.

gordon October 25, 2016

I see the Nikkei party continues the government must still be buying up everything in sight. The yen is weakening and the manipulations continue. I live in Thailand and have noticed the problems that Larry has mentioned its just a constant no access to popular sites. As long as world markets make new highs gold will stagnate. Why buy a sideways moving commodity when stocks are soaring artificially. Everybody wants to be on the winning side. It needs a rush of bad news to move not this slow downward spiral. Nobody pays attention to slow movement of anything anymore.

George October 25, 2016

If gold and gold miners are going higher, why not recommend NUGT which is 3X for the upside?

$1,000 gold October 25, 2016

stocks go up, gold will go down. stocks go down, gold will go up. secular stock bulls equal secular gold bears. secular stock bears equal secular gold bulls. understand gold and you'll understand stocks. look at the long-term charts of gold vs stocks and you'll see what i mean.

$1,000 gold October 25, 2016

btw, take a look at china's yuan. it's in the toilet. i can remember when everybody and his brother said the yuan would become the world's default currency. the yuan is in such bad shape i really wonder how the fed will be able to tighten in december.

JOHN Kish October 25, 2016

I feel miners will be the stocks to increase too. What do think about Lithium?

ji kim October 25, 2016

I love the graph and it helps me a lot. Thank you!

sam October 25, 2016

how will the loss of dollar as world currency affect the priceof gold.

Miles October 25, 2016

And why didn't you back up the truck at $1050 and miners trading at 1/3 of their current value?

Tom Murrer October 25, 2016

What do you models forecast for the Dow over the next 6 months

Morgan October 25, 2016

Larry Think that you are right on the money about gold prices rising. spent a few thousand on gold this morning.

Bruce October 25, 2016

Hello Larry, How save are our investments with brokers, banks. I have my investments with a brokerage/bank and I am concern with the exposure the bank has in derivatives. Thank you for your words of wisdom. Bruce

John Starcevich October 25, 2016

Just talked to the folks at Hard Asset Alliance. Seems to be a large difference in what you have stated as the premium on metals/coins and what the premium actually is. Please restate this to your readers. Thanks.

Paul October 25, 2016

I like the idea of buying gold, but the problem that I have and I believe everything the bible says is that there will be a time when people will throw all their gold out on the streets. So will it be worthless one day?

Paul October 29, 2016

Right On.

marie tasker October 25, 2016


IwanS October 25, 2016

Martin Armstrong's model seems to be indicating that Jan 2017 may be a major turning point for gold. He has stated that on a technical basis a close below July 2016's low may indicate that a move below 2015's low is still possible...and the window for that low may be Jan 2017.

Tony October 25, 2016

Seems like a classic warfare diversion The cyber attack was used to cloak something else May have to split cyber security and wait for the move. Incidentally You re great

baden October 27, 2016

linda that is factual information can you give journalist links most people are aware of the read between the lines stuff like who is paying the wages of isisl or there weapon systems thousands$ HILARY CLINTON MEMOIRS went on sale many purchased however the creation of ISIL (israeli secret intelligence service) in Jordan (secret camp )2012 by Israeli, US british trainers secret camp in Jordan detailed by hiary as head of state she was in charge overseeing the process . the book was withdrawn throughout the world overnight and a new version HILARY CLINTON MEMOIRS UPDATED VERSION with the ISIL information deleted

bj October 27, 2016

Baden the media has an adgenda to protect the interests of weestern freedoms etc however the false flag events are way too sphisticated for the so called terrorists who have no airforce satelites or navies yet they appaer to move as an organism that has these services and information about syrian army movemnets That ISIL has no capability however it is obvious there is a big power supporting ISIL Gold and silver prices are not linked to terrorists on the ground

bj October 27, 2016

Larry gold will go down as inflation aint gonna happen right now as the chinese money flowing out Chinese do not want war only to make money and they sure are running the show now all the workers have gold in bank accounts they can flood market if desired

James October 27, 2016

Does Larry think we are gonna go back to the days of Barter? Or is he still predicting a bull market in the precious metals market, gold or silver?

Bob Freeman December 22, 2016

This is now 2 months old in a volatile world. How about about an update