Gold, Silver and Other Important Questions You Have!

I hope you’ve been watching gold and silver. They’ve been moving nicely higher, after having made a low right on target in December with my cycle forecast for a potential major low.

Just in case you missed it, I have an updated cycle forecast gold chart. As I pen this column, gold is actually trading higher at near the $1,183 level. Silver a hair over $15.00.

That said, I thought I’d take this opportunity to answer your most pressing questions on precious metals (as well as other markets).

After all, the precious metals are the markets where there is the most amount of misinformation.

And the markets that most pundits seem to completely misunderstand. So let’s get right to those questions.

Q: Larry, you’ve been right as rain about deflation. So why are gold and silver now rallying when deflation still seems to be dominant?

A: There are numerous reasons. But the most important is the following:

Precious metals can do extremely well in deflation.

In fact, historically, gold gains the most purchasing power during periods of deflation, not inflation. The reason for that is also simple: During extreme deflation, the debt and credit structure of the world’s monetary system — especially sovereign debt — come under increasing stress.

As such, savvy, big money starts to seek out hedges against collapsing sovereign debt. Hence, new bull markets in precious metals can be born, even during deflation.

That is exactly what happened during the Great Depression. And it is exactly what is happening now.

Gold and silver prices – a true bottom or a fake-out rally?

Q: Have gold and silver truly bottomed, or is this a fake-out rally?

A: I believe they have bottomed. But that’s based on experience and not my unemotional models.

Based on my models, the first confirmation of a bottom in gold will come on a close above $1,187.80 on a Friday. Final confirmation will come with a close above $1,368.20 on a month-end basis. Silver will generally follow gold.

Failing those two signals and gold and silver can indeed slide back down, possibly even to new lows.

Q: The stock market can’t seem to breakout to the upside. But it can’t seem to pullback much either. What gives?

A: Three things:

First, I believe the market’s resilience is a testament to its long-term strength. As I have said all along, the Dow is headed to 31,000+.

Second, looking simply at the Dow Industrials, or even the S&P 500, is deceiving. The majority of publicly traded U.S. stocks are down for the year, more than 20%. The Dow Jones Transports, the Dow Utilities, the Russell 2000 — are all down and weaker than the main indices.

So in a very real sense, U.S. equities are already in a stealth pullback. Odds are that the Dow Industrials and S&P 500 will soon succumb too. Indeed, the wild swings you have seen since the start of the new year are merely the preparatory stages for a steep decline.

Worst case in the Dow Industrials should be roughly 13,900.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that any pullback you see will merely serve to get the majority of investors bloodied and bearish. The long-term trend is higher.

Q: I can’t believe how accurate you have been when in late 2012 you forecast a rise in global stress and geopolitics. How much worse can it get?

A:  Unfortunately, a lot worse. We are still early in the cycle, which calls for rising social and international stress and discontent all the way in to late 2020.

Europe is the hotbed, and will be the entire time. The refugee crisis has allowed terrorists to infiltrate Europe, and Europe is also buckling under the financial stress of providing for as many as 2 million refugees.

But don’t kid yourself. You will soon see all of this migrate to Japan, then to the United States as well. Not to mention rising troubles in the Middle East.

Not just terrorism, but civil discontent too. Protests against government. Secession movements. And more. It will get very ugly.

Q: Do you believe gold and silver will eventually be confiscated?

A: No, I do not. Why would governments move to confiscate gold and silver when what they want to do is make them obsolete? Confiscating gold or silver would send the opposite message; that they are too important to be in the hands of investors.

This is also why I believe investors, when buying gold or silver, should opt for ingots and bars. Why pay premiums of 4 to 7% on bullion coins when you don’t have to?

Governments of the world are not interested in gold or silver. They are more interested in, and will expend more effort on, moving toward electronic money and eliminating cash, so they can track and tax you more.

Q: Will inflation ever come back?

A: Yes. But not until the current monetary system crashes and burns, via deflation and sovereign debt defaults.

Q: Bitcoin crashed, just as you predicted. But now it’s rallying again. What are your thoughts on Bitcoin?

A: I still wouldn’t touch it. It’s too thin a market, and subject to government interference.

That said, there may come a time when it does indeed go mainstream. The monetary system is breaking down even more quickly that I had expected. And there may be a future role for Bitcoin in investors’ portfolios. But right now, no.

Q: Oil is rallying just as you forecast. Is the bottom in?

A: Quite possibly. We need to see a close above $40.78 on a daily basis to confirm a bottom, or $29.25 on a weekly basis. The $25 low looks good, but more upside work is needed in oil to confirm a real bottom.

Best wishes,


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Larry Edelson, one of the world’s foremost experts on gold and precious metals, is the editor of Real Wealth Report and Supercycle Trader. Larry has called the ups and downs in the gold market time and again. As a result, he is often called upon by the media for his investing views. Larry has been featured on Bloomberg, Reuters and CNBC as well as The New York Times and New York Sun.

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LeadZep February 10, 2016

Wait... I thought Gold wouldn't bottom until it broke down to $900 an ounce? What happened to change that forecast? Just wondering...

Simon Garfunkel February 10, 2016

Larry would answer this question by saying "just wait. This too can happen".

Marie February 10, 2016

Larry, can you please explain why are the yen and euro getting stronger than the dollar?

Tim February 10, 2016

Larry, are you concerned about a financial crisis contagion which will lead to Brokerage Company defaults. I do not have the share certificates. Should I be concerned?

IS February 10, 2016

Is any subscriber willing to share the extent to which Larry's subscription has been profitable? The reasons I ask: 1. I am not a subscriber; 2. forecasts change which Larry may or may not share with non-subscribers; 3. I noticed two posts for non-subscribers which lacked accuracy, and I'm wondering if subscribers received updated forecasts which kept them out of trouble in this last patch of oil and gold movements: EXAMPLES: (A) On 01/04/16 Larry wrote "Is it any wonder oil is starting to rally, right on cue with my forecast that it would bottom today, Jan 4? Hardly!"...and when this was posted crude was about $36.76/barrel...on 02/10/16 the price of crude is about $28.62/barrel (B) On 11/25/15 Larry posted a graph forecasting the price of gold. The graph forecast a move up in gold price from 01/01/16 to 01/25/16 and then a move down in price from 01/25/16 to 02/08/16 and then a move up in price from 02/08/16 to 03/18/16. The price did move up starting with 01/01/16 but continued into 02/08/16 not stopping at Larry's 01/25/16 forecast date. And from 01/25/16 to 02/08/16, gold put on a substantial move of about $90/oz.

dave February 10, 2016

Great question and you are right on with his Oil call. I have been a follower for several years now and subscribed to one of their cheaper services over the summer but they are always up-selling their more expensive services. As far as their calls; what I've seemed to discover is that they take different positions on the same issue and continually contradict themselves. There is no "central" corporate strategy or belief. Each Weiss advisor has their own theory and they often are drastically different from each other. What I have found useful is their overall "macro view" and then I do my own due diligence to find investments.

dave February 10, 2016

We will really see what happens on Mike's call for "Bloody Wednesday, March 16, 2016" and if he sticks to his guns or changes what's predicted: "It will trigger an all-out panic — first in the U.S. bond market … and later in the stock market. In fact, we’re already seeing the worst volatility in both asset classes in years... The carnage could ultimately make The Great Recession of 2008 and 2009 pale by comparison"

John February 10, 2016

You have to read between the lines with Larry. He's good on gold and silver. Not so much on currency in terms of timing. His models are forecasts not gospel. Larry won't call a bottom until technicals indicate. However if you look at the market you could see based on time and cycles that $1045 was the bottom and cautiously go long. Also cross reference with fxempire free daily analysis of gold. I found with Larry's advice you still need to do your homework. It just gives reassurance on the timing of your moves. For example the projected pullback in gold in the next week or two. You don't need Larry to tell you that six straight days of large gains needs a pullback to regain momentum.

hawk5000 February 10, 2016

the only volatility we are seeing is in the oil vix, and it's barely reaching 2011 levels. the vix itself is not very active.

UDO February 10, 2016

IS Get used to it and don't be too serious with his numbers - hardly ever fits . And yes , of course ..." right as rain "

PB February 10, 2016

The charts Larry shows, as he has said, should not be used to time investments. They are just what his models forecast but they are not all that reliable in the short term, i.e., the 12/24/15 rally that never happened. His stock reco's have not gone well over all. Many positions have been stopped out. I've learned to take a wait and see approach to his reco's which as saved me from a lot of losses. I mostly subscribe to RWR for the macro view of markets and world events. I real lots of other investment rags and several called a bottom in the metals market last Fall and recommended positions that produced losses. Because I also had Larry's input, I did not get sucked into those trades.

hawk5000 February 10, 2016

right as rain.

Yuok sarin February 10, 2016

Thank you for your report for me everyday. This is the good for market opinion.

johnny February 10, 2016

Larry wears at least 2 different hats depending on the amount of risk an investor is willing to take on. Real Wealth is conservative; Super Cycle Trader is riskier.

joe February 10, 2016

I was ready to buy gold stocks when gold hit 1052 and he said it would go below 1000. Then his last real wealth report stated he felt the bottom was not in for gold. Now 150 rise in gold and mining stocks have taken off and now he says he believes the bottoms in. I still have the update email stating not to buy it yet cause its going lower. Never happened and now stocks are up 50 plus percent. thanks for the lousy advice

Curtis S. February 10, 2016

Joe, I'm in the same investing boat as you. I thought Larry said gold was going to go below 1000 or even to 900 so I waited and waited. Now gold is near 1200! Did we miss the bottom? Or is this just a sucker's rally? I'm really confused. I'm beginning to think I could do this well on my own..............

John T February 10, 2016

Bought gold stocks in August, but since the early slide of the market, my gold stocks are positive. If I had waited to buy stocks according to Larry, I would be still waiting. lol

hawk5000 February 10, 2016

the only one right about gold so far is that guy who predicted $1,000 gold three years ago. whatever happened to him?

UDO February 10, 2016

joe Welcome to the world where the little guy thought another little guy can help

Liam February 10, 2016

For the sake of clarity, it's important to know Larry bases his advice on his AI models which give tops, bottoms, and the relative strength of the market forces which drive price moves. Using cycle theory to predict exact dates and price targets with 100% accuracy is not only unreasonable, but perilous. Signals from such models are not meant to be actionable. The markets are still made up of humans who will act irrationally and unpredictably. News events will sway trader opinion one way or another, and therefore it's important to make your own conclusions and trade on your own convictions while using the cycles as a guide, especially on the short term, ie. on a weekly basis.

Gordon February 10, 2016

Forget charts and economists most are bogue but look at the facts. Maersk shipping lines profits dropped a staggering 82%

hawk5000 February 10, 2016

no worse than oil prices dropping like a rock.

Sohail February 10, 2016

Without Doubt Larry is second to none in predicting cycles He has saved me money in preventing me piling in to the mining sector to soon and also selling oil shares last year when he warned of an impending collapse in oil. Real wealth I believe has returned an annual return of 18% . However supercyle I suspect is probably close to zero. Yes there have been some fantastic winners but there have been some dire loosing trades Where 100% of your capital has been lost. The constant cross selling of what in essence be the same product is irrating. Also with so many subscribers it must be difficult to tip.

Christian Kircher February 10, 2016

I have read Larrys the free recommandations for quite some years now and I can say the signs he gives us are mostly correct. Nobody is perfect and knows everything so errors are always possible and the timing is not always perfect but take only the recommendations to get out of the stockmarket at the beginning of the year you could have make thousangs of dollars profit and avoid any losses. That after a stockmarket fall it goes upwards again which is now the cas seems logic. That the recession is not over is logic too. So just try to be logic and read the recommendations of Larry in this way and not only as if its the holy bible and you will be very happy with his recommendations.

Heath February 10, 2016

Q: Larry majority of your predictions from the past are half truths or out right lies, what gives? - and how do you live with your self?

dave February 10, 2016

WOW - I just noticed that Phil Grabbards (I think that was his name) just had his post deleted. He specified dates/calls and what he lost as a result and it is now gone... That is not good.

Paul February 10, 2016

Ha HA hA... Thats the norm here with Larry dave. Hes a great guy and a great salesman and thats what we pay for. Saves buying the latest Novel on whatever. Enjoy !

Chuck Burton February 10, 2016

I think Larry is pretty good in forecasting general trends, but as for specific dates and prices, the ape with the dartboard is about as accurate

hawk5000 February 10, 2016

so why you over here listening to him?

Hank February 10, 2016

Currency Wars have been raging for 5 years. Currently the dollar is strong which provides downward pressure on gold, whereas other countries have devalued and this puts an upward pressure on gold. Gold and silver crashed in 2008-09; I wonder why this time will be different especially if it is even worse than 2008? I do agree the powers to be will eventually get the inflation they want by some means (helicopter $$$).

John T February 10, 2016

"I believe they have bottomed. But that’s based on experience and not my unemotional models. Based on my models, the first confirmation of a bottom in gold will come on a close above $1,187.80 on a Friday. Final confirmation will come with a close above $1,368.20 on a month-end basis". You going to tell me that the low was in when it finally hits $1,368.20, Gold bottomed in Dec. around $1,046, some great advice?????

Como651 February 10, 2016

If that's the case you could have bought at $1,024 and even if it went to $724 you'd be just as well off as waiting to buy at $1,368 with far less risk for even greater downside. Why would he not give the buy order at $1,024 if it takes going to $1,368 for confirmation of a bottom unless he believed gold could still go lower than $724? Anybody get my point here? Waiting for a double confirmation at $1,368 seems far more risky than if you would have bought at $1,024 and far less upside for gains. Trying to wait for anyone to tell you exactly when to buy is just stupid. I think we just need to weigh the big picture and decide when to pull the trigger on our own. If gold hits a double bottom or new low I'm going all in and I don't care what Larry says. Missed out on this last low waiting for the magic word.

John T February 10, 2016

btw- spot gold is above the 20, 50, 100 and 200 dma.

david February 10, 2016

Call for all doom and hell if you like. Surprisingly the metal has been accurate since I ve been watching, Oil is tanking today large build of gasoline sent to East coast delays in offloads at gulf coast. Obama playing Putin for a chump now taking him for a fool? $10 tax per barrel on the heels of encouraging ramped up production. Why doesnt he just tell the Russian he doesnt approve of an occupation? Pubs going to approve such a tax? Following tge media is like following my lretriever with a plastic bag for the sole purpose of scooping up some crap.

Ted F February 10, 2016

So with gold and silver on the rise, what is a Spanish Silver Real worth? My grandfather bought stock all through the 1920's but not on margin. Like GM's (Mills and Motors), Zellerbach Paper, General Foods, Southern Pacific Company, Santa Fe Railway,and GE. His broker at Brown Brothers Harriman told him to hang on for the ride and not look at the Dow-Jones. That was in early November 1929. That may have been the best advice I've heard of.

Ted F February 10, 2016

So with gold and silver on the rise, what is a Spanish Silver Real worth? My grandfather bought stock all through the 1920's but not on margin. Like GM's (Mills and Motors), Zellerbach Paper, Kraft Foods, Southern Pacific Company, Santa Fe Railway,and GE. His broker at Brown Brothers Harriman told him to hang on for the ride and not look at the Dow-Jones. That was in early November 1929. That may have been the best advice I've heard of.

RT February 10, 2016

Larry assured us that time was coming to back up the truck on mining stocks, be patient he said, wait for my signal he said, still waiting for his signal as it soars higher. Losing faith fast

John T February 10, 2016

Larry claims he never said it

hawk5000 February 10, 2016

right as rain.

Raul February 10, 2016

Larry, right as rain??? That seems to be a favorite line. I wonder if Larry thinks gold and silver have bottomed, has he given his miner recommendations out to the Super Cycle Trader people? Larry has cost me thousands of dollars with his previous predictions of the miners bottoming and one where he said the bottom for the metals was in. If you want a source for what gold and silver might do, look for Doug Eberhardt. He has a very good record. He does not believe we have bottomed yet in gold, silver or oil.

Len D February 10, 2016

I have always wondered about the way RWR calculates its performance. It is based on the return on positions currently open in the portfolio and thus appears to ignore all positions closed for a loss. If he were to close all his open positions today, many of which are losers, and leave open only his gold bullion position, purchased in 2004, he could claim a return of over 100%.:

Dwayne February 10, 2016

Here's an interesting question. In the December 2015 Reader's Digest there is a really good article about "The Big One". Everyone always talks about the San Andres Fault in Los Angeles, yet that only has the power to be 6% of the quake that will hit from Seattle to Northern California. On the average one that size hits every 245 years, but it has now been 315 years since the last one. When that hits, what will that do to markets?

Adam February 10, 2016

Larry, What do you think of the Karatbar International company business model out of Germany?

Adam February 10, 2016

Karatbars International are selling a products of 1g, 2.5g, and 5g minted 24 karat gold ingots from LBMA accredited refineries. They are selling 1 gram cards to people who can't effort to buy in larger amounts.

Mike February 10, 2016

I agree with most of the negative comments above. Larry hedges his thoughts and advice a LOT! He indicates that his "models" are gospel, when he says things like this about gold, "I believe they have bottomed. But that’s based on experience and not my unemotional models." Previously he said Gold had not bottomed that this short term gain was temporary and that Mid-February could see a gold as low as $900.00!

Simon Garfunkel February 10, 2016

In this racket of making money from nothing a potent axiom for success is that "Timing is everything". Looking at the chart with this article above we can see that to Edelson this axiom means very little when issuing his advisories. You will note that the green line is Edelson's forecast, while the black line is the reality. I have seen this chart and it is generally off by between 10 and 20%. While Edelson has a reliable grasp of the day to day trends, his longer range forecasting fails to provide me with the confidence I need to make short term decisions. How do you feel when he trumpets gold @ $1300 to $1400/oz. by May 1 and simultaneously hedges saying that it can still bottom at "new lows"? I mean, if you're going to plunk a certain amount of cash down on a forecast with certain expectations, you want to have some confidence in doing so. Otherwise, ain't it just Las Vegas style shooting from the hip?

John February 10, 2016

All of you . Look at the gold and silver charts for last year . They topped out around mid May . Silver was around $17.50 then so we are still nowhere near that yet .Also both are in a "cup" formation which usually means a pullback making the handle before things take off . We are also a long way off the golden cross , 50 DMA crossing 200 DMA which is when I would expect a real take off . Nothing is guaranteed though , just a guide . Don't forget seasonality .

James Hicks February 10, 2016

WW3 is shown as free....I already take Real Wealth why am I asked to sign up for more? Is it free or not? Thank you.

Hawk 5000 February 10, 2016

I see someone is using my name anyway ill take it as a compliment ( I know who it is ) did anyone notice we silently last week moved to 19 trillion in debt on the united states national debt this debt as of today represents $158,902 owed for every taxpayer in this country and did anyone notice barack obamas new budget for.................................. 4.1 trillion dollars

hawk5000 February 10, 2016

lol.........................right as rain.

Hawk 5000 February 10, 2016

our country is now scheduled to grow in the 1st quarter of 2016 at a robust pace of 0.3% I think we should all be asking ourselves what ever happened to the 6%+ barack Obama promised for every year he was in the white house what ever happened to barracks words of 11/2008 of LET SOMEONE WHO KNOWS HOW TO RUN A COUNTRY RUN IT ....... we all know now he wasn't referring to himself

Hawk 5000 February 10, 2016

Anyway along the way we lost our way .............. the united states used to be a creditor nation ( meaning we borrowed money to other countries ) BUT NOW we are a debtor nation (meaning we borrow money from other countries ) liberals don't have a problem with debt as long as they are spending someone else's money.... their way of dealing with debt is to raise taxes and create new sources of revenue (TAXES) ........... just like barack obamas plan to put a tax of 10 dollars per barrel of oil created in this country Obama has destroyed the coal industry with the help of the EPA I thought it was quite laughable when I heard OBAMA SAY ....... don't worry ill have the oil companys pay for his new tax, everyone has to realize in this country there is no free lunch ...... somebody always pays ..........and that someone is you

Eagle495 February 11, 2016

Hawk, If you take the time to read the debt charts you will find that our debt exploded from Reagan in 1981 forward during the Republican Revolution... Then their cycle ended with the beginning with the latest Republican Stock Market Crash and Depression of Nov 2007-March 2009.... Just like 1932, it takes a lot of borrowing to stop a Republican induced Crash.... History Hawk... Perhaps you ought to open a few books and stop getting your "facts" from Right Wing Radio, aye?... :(

Como651 February 13, 2016

You are right. Reagan era tax cuts that continued with Bush caused a shortage of tax collection yet government programs have fixed costs. You can't cut taxes without cutting government spending but that would not have been popular with the electorate. Who wants roads in disrepair, cuts to education, weaker military, etc. in order to give tax breaks that disproportionately benefit the wealthy? Corporate tax cuts also promote less hiring and employee retention since there is no incentive to pay employees more or maintain a larger work force. It has the opposite effect of promoting growth and job creation like proponents of tax cuts argued. Before corporations and shareholders would pay very high rates at upper tax brackets under the progressive tax system. This forced them to reinvest in growing companies, hire more, and pay employees better or face giving their profits to the government. This in turn built and maintained a strong middle consumer class that kept the economy healthy. Money must circulate for a healthy economy. People believe what they are told over and over by the establishment instead of doing the research and looking at the facts. I'm wondering what the pro republican voters would like to see have cut from the budget since they seem to complain about liberal spending. They want social security cut? They want Medicare payments to stop? They want all the vital government regulatiory agencies that keep companies from polluting our environment and poisoning our food to end? They want public education to end? They want our military budget slashed? Oh I know they want welfare to end. Well let me tell them that's not going to fix the budget deficit. That accounts for a very small part of government spending and even eliminating welfare like subsidized housing, free food, health care completely won't close the budget gap. You could close the gap more by ending corporate welfare. Oh I forgot we need to give corporations more tax breaks so they can continue to provide jobs to HB1 foreign work VISA holders, I mean Anerican workers. Let's all vote for Rubio!

Billl February 10, 2016

I see where bernie sanders is now very popular as potential president of USA. evidently a lot of people are totally ignorant of the history of the 20th century, especially in Russia, Germany, China, Cambodia, and even Sweden, Norway and Denmark. God help us! Economic effects? Oh yes.

Hawk 5000 February 10, 2016

here is a partial list of the countries with negative interest rates Austria Netherland Denmark Switzerland Japan Norway Sweden Germany and a host of countries in the ECB zone ALL have followed the same path to negative interest rates and the reason why is their debt is slowing the growth of their economies to a standstill, negative interest rates are an effect to the predictable deflation of the debt deflationary regime of the long wave trough deflation results from excessive indebtedness to wages and GDP and debt service to after tax income .

Hawk 5000 February 10, 2016

the united states public debt to GDP ratio now stands at 75% but that's not the problem ....its the external debt to GDP ratio which now stands at as of today at 99.33% external debt is the debt president OBAMA has accrued under his presidency of reckless spending habits pushing the national debt over 19 trillion dollars and his 4.1 trillion dollar budget which just came out yesterday this debt is completely unsustainable were not that far from it going over 100% of GDP ..... I heard this yesterday on CNBC when the national debt of the united states falls between 22 trillion and 23 trillion we fall into the same category as Greece the only problem we don't have a mentor country to bail us out so it looks like were heading into some uncharted territory of national debt or debt forgiveness

Eagle495 February 11, 2016

"Uncharted Waters"? Gee Hawk, we've been here before... It was 1929 and another bunch of Conservatives had just brought the Greatest Stock Market Crash and Depression in history after a period of Conservative Domination.... 1981 (The Republican Revolution) until now is just the latest cycle of exactly the same BS that was brought before by another bunch of Conservatives in the 1920's... We forgot and voted them back into power and here we are again... Try not to be too surprised, Aye?.... Geezzz... :(

D2 February 11, 2016

Sure Eagle, everything bad that has ever happened in the USA is because of Conservatives/Republicans and everything good that has ever happened is because of Liberals/Democrats. What an amazingly stupid belief.

Eagle495 February 11, 2016

This is an Investment site... Open most ANY High School or College textbook book on American Economic History and you will be enlightened.... Sample: Stock Market Returns are an indicator of economic success... From 1929-2012: Average Stock Market Return relative to Political Power in the Presidency: Democrats: Average Annual Return (40 years) 10% Republicans: Average Annual Return:(36 years) 0.4% Difference in accumulated returns: 167 Times more gains under Democratic Presidents than Republican Presidents... Stupid?

Hawk 5000 February 11, 2016

I remember you talking how barack Obama was the best president this country has ever seen how he brought us back from the abyss you always blame everything on the conservatives you cant take the truth too well I guess it hurts too much squab495

Eagle495 February 11, 2016

Lots of replays from Right Wing Radio, but tell me what your beloved Conservatives have done that has so helped this country, aye?

annie February 10, 2016

If it's better to buy gold in ingots rather than coins, will it not be harder to sell later on?

Liz February 10, 2016

Your signals on whether, or not gold has bottomed are very confusing. Should we follow your emotional sense or your models? Do you still feel gold will drop below $1000. in the first half of this year?

George February 10, 2016

Bought AHCHF on Larry's recommendation for $4.28. Sold at Larry's stop loss at @1.77. That is a loss of 60%. Looks like Larry's stop loss is way out in left Field. Most stop losses are around 25%. From now on I think I will use 25%. Would have saved about $575.00 of capital on this trade.

Lisa H February 10, 2016

I like coins over ingots because they won't need assayed when you want to sell. There are more good fake coins out there, pick up The Fisch system to protect yourself . There are fake Fisches too, get it from authentic dealer. Bars are frequently drilled and filled with tungsten or moly. I have always disagreed with Lar on that rec.

hal bresock February 10, 2016

you never lose until you sell

Ernie February 11, 2016

Hey IS, my partner and I have made a lot of profit listing to Larry Edelson. Late 2015 we doubled our investment with (DUST). This week (February 2016) we more than doubled our investment with (JNUG). I listen to a lot of people (so called experts). Most of them scare me. Larry Edelson is my #1 guy. Good Luck with your investing journey.

Simon Garfunkel February 13, 2016

This is the weekend "summary" edition from Weiss Research and we're getting last Wednesday's Edelson update. Kinda dated, don't you think? However, since Au79 closed at around $1235/oz. for the weekend it has crossed one of Edelson's bullish benchmarks. Would have been nice to get an update on this and also on Ag47's progress. Are these breakouts? Is it safe to gauge a breakout by the silver/gold ratio, which has seemed to remain rangebound between 75 and 80 for weeks? Is it gathering momentum to fly back to reality?

JR February 14, 2016

You'll never go wrong investing in lead and brass as precious metals...

Bill February 15, 2016

31,000 How do we get there when we no longer have good middle class jobs; boomers have everything they need and the poor are hooked on "FREE STUFF"???

Karin March 5, 2016

Hi Larry! Thank you for sharing your views on global economy. Me and my sambo find it most interesting reading your analyses and we spend time speculating about what's coming ahead. Since all of it depends on how people will react to things it's hard to tell. We disagree a lot, since he is 50% brittish and I'm 100 % swedish. Sweden doesn't always act like the rest of Europe in a crisis (see 2:nd world war and recent refugee crisis). Anyway, the reason why I write to you now is that I wonder if the diagram above in your post is published anywhere else and if I can find it here on the site? Or is it only for subscribers? Thanks again for sharing. Information broadening the perspective the mainstream media provide is most welcome. Karin

Larry Steyerman March 12, 2016

Do not know if you will answer an individual question but I have one I think a lot of people will be very interested in. Gold is around $300 per oz. higher than platinum, an all time record high. Do you think a long platinum short gold position would be a good trade to establish at these levels? Would appreciate you opinion very much. Thanks, Larry Steyerman

Ajay October 15, 2016

What is making charges of silver per gram