Gold Rally Is Significant …

If you’re a gold bug, then you’re loving this rally: A rally forecast by my AI (Artificial Intelligence) forecasting models, right on the heels of a bullseye forecast for the prior decline.

In fact, here’s the chart I showed you a couple weeks ago. You can clearly see how gold bottomed right on cue and how the rally got started, also right on cue.


Now gold is pushing the $1,300 level and silver the $19 level. Mining companies are following suit with healthy rallies.

So, is this rally just a fluke, nervousness over the elections?

I don’t think so, because the crazy, insane elections – no matter how they turn out – aren’t a fluke either.

As I pointed out in my column this morning, it’s the result of 80 years of broken promises, racked up debts, increasing social discontent and more – and on a global scale.

It’s the beginning of a period where the piper must be paid and it’s going to be a Supercycle convergence that promises us all a ride through hell and back through the end of 2020/2021.

So, get ready. Protect your money and get in a position to grow it. Don’t be like the sheep who get led to the slaughter.

Short term, naturally there will be some pullbacks along the way higher in gold and silver. Don’t let them phase you.

Best wishes and stay safe,


Larry Edelson, one of the world’s foremost experts on gold and precious metals, is the editor of Real Wealth Report and Supercycle Trader. Larry has called the ups and downs in the gold market time and again. As a result, he is often called upon by the media for his investing views. Larry has been featured on Bloomberg, Reuters and CNBC as well as The New York Times and New York Sun.

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Rafi November 2, 2016

Larry, you told us a few days ago to hold Zsl shares?! Am I missing something?

Greg November 2, 2016

Soooo, if the metals rally has started, where are the new recommendations to take advantage of this rally. Still short silver via ZSL?

Hank November 2, 2016

Nice to see a rally. You could, perhaps, make your charts so that we could read the labels on the graph, as well as the entries on the abscissa (dates). And you could put a scale on the ordinate as well (prices of gold). I'm a scientist and I like to see data plots that make sense, or at least can be read.

Bill November 4, 2016

I agree w hank. I'm a doctor and I too need to see x and y graph co-ordinates clearly for a graph to have any meaning!

Vinnie in Sun City November 5, 2016

Bully for you Hank

rick pappas November 2, 2016


David Wark November 2, 2016

The horizontal and vertical scales on your graph are unreadable and have been for weeks - please darken and enlarge. It's not my monitor or computer. David

Jack November 2, 2016

oil also moving down

SteveH November 2, 2016

Some Italians are getting nervous about December 4th. Perhaps some of the wise ones are buying gold?

jefe November 2, 2016

Larry your graphs are almost worthless. I have a normal sized desktop computer and even with a magnifying glass I have trouble reading the notes printed on the graphs. A vertical unit scale in Dollars or % would also be invaluable I love your material but the artwork is inferior

Juan Gonzalez November 2, 2016

Thank You Larry.

Dee` November 2, 2016

If we have not bought silver and gold is it too late? Is it safe to hold Sprott physical gold and silver or better to hold the real thing? I do not trust ETF's that is not backed by the precious metal.

Marc P November 3, 2016

Always better to hold the real thing. No if, and or buts.

Don November 2, 2016

Why doesn't your chart have a price for gold on the side of the chart. Your chart could mean anything. Couid be in pennies.

Tom Plotts November 2, 2016

Thanks Larry for your spot on calls, your work is much appreciated, saves me a lot of researching. Thanks and ????

Jayson November 2, 2016

Use your Artificial Intelligence models and tell us who is going to win game 7 of the World Series tonight. Also, the final score would be helpful.

Catherine November 2, 2016

Yes, Larry, it's been something else to watch all this, especially in light of the insights you have had to offer. I've also read what "Sovereign Society" has recently had to say about China and Russia amassing 57+ nations of the world against us, surprisingly including some of our former best allies, in order to hasten the demise of our world currency status,and,of course our nation. It has me on my toes wondering where to go from here (and I'm not just worried about $$$'s, as much as that is a major concern, but basic survival and safety). Comments????

VIC November 2, 2016

UNCANILY RIGHT ON .please keep them coming.

Sandor November 2, 2016

There is something phony about this rally. More of a dead cat. The real rally starts after all the bulls are thoroughly on the wrong side. As Martin Armstrong has pointed out, there can be no significant rally without a sling shot to the downside first.

Richard November 2, 2016

Are you saying its time to back up the truck and buy all the gold/silver that we can? rr

John Smith November 2, 2016

I have waited over many years to see this next gold rally and have a variety of gold stocks of which some are up over 100% , some up 30-50% and others that have not moved too much. I'm holding on and keeping my metal purchases as insurance. Love reading your articles Larry. Much appreciated.

orson November 2, 2016

you're all over this .lol thanks i'm on your shirt tails thanks the average Joe. thanks Larry

Virgil November 2, 2016

If you are continiously "on target" then WHY aren't we making any money during the swings.Thank goodness I have NOT been sitting and waiting on YOU on the side lines. Seems like for the last 3 years we are always waiting for "tomorrow" to "back up the truck"--hasn't happened yet. I wonder at times if you are "gun-shy". THANKS--CONCERNED

John Bowman November 2, 2016

are we there (buy) yet?

Jim, November 2, 2016

So is this a buy signal or wait and watch?

George white November 3, 2016

Larry a 5 year subscriber again is this a buy alert for both gold and silver?

Dave S. November 2, 2016

"Faze". Congrats on the accuracy! Too bad we didn't buy the predicted bottom, but now that we've missed it, can RWR subscribers expect advice on how best to take advantage of what remains of the rally?

Rick November 2, 2016

So, when were we supposed to "back up the truck" and load up on gold and silver miners? We've still yet to see a buy signal from you except for a few miners some time ago. Do we wait again until after the peak your model result shows for November 1, 2016?

Phil November 2, 2016

Ever since you said that gold was headed down, I've been anxiously been waiting for your " call" that it was time for to make a commitment--your advice today, AFTER a big move up is not good !! I would appreciate a comment back. Thanks, Phil P.S. I believe this is twice this has occurred this year.

nick November 2, 2016

Larry, are saying we should be entering the metals market now or wait for a pullback?

Verner Laursen November 2, 2016

I have carefully followed your charts for the last several weeks and have been avoiding losses and making gains. Thank you for your information and guidance.

Jim Patten November 2, 2016

Glad I partnered up with you Larry. You've saved me thousand's of buck-o-Roos!

James C November 2, 2016

I don't know gold and silver seem to be the market to get into. The precious metals market is the market to get into. That's where the safe money is. Not in real estate investment trusts or investor clubs pools of investors. Maybe we are gonna go back to the days of the gold bullion standard. Where gold is king and we just a cashless society and just electronic transactions. Maybe the Market for Exchange traded funds is entering a recession itself. Gold is liquid it can be turned into cash quickly. Whereas Silver is a generally more common precious metal. Maybe we have to look again at the trade reform act of 1974 which granted the president of the USA authority to negotiate tariff reductions of up to 60 per cent of their post Kennedy Round level and to negotiate reductions in nontariff trade barriers. Maybe we need to look at the trigger price mechanism introduced by the United States in 1978 to protect its steel industry by imposing a duty on underpriced imported steel to make its price equal to that of the lowest cost foreign producer. Maybe a gold bullion standard would induce other countries to engage in uncovered interest arbitrage the transfer of short term liquid funds to the international monetary center with higher interest rates without covering the foreign exchange risk. What we really need is a better World Trade Organization. That can create more jobs and better more export growth.

Lou Louizidis November 2, 2016

Hi Larry. Am keen on your focus on Palladium and the geopolitical influences surrounding it, as am acquiring a significant position in a 15 mill market cap holder of ground in Greenland holding an est 30 mill ozs if it, together with 10 mill ozs of gold viz PGM:ASX. Am trying to figure what the critical mass pricing will be to launch this multi billIon IGV resource into commercial reality, so your views on future pricing of Pd and Au are most important to my investment strategy re this. Cheers, Lou

Jim Burck November 2, 2016

Larry, we faithful Real Wealther's need less hype to garner new subscriber's and more specific trade recommendations so we don't miss out now until you back up the truck. Thanks for all your great work. Dr. Jim

John Watts November 2, 2016

I agree Gold looks to be on a positive track. The precious metals started today up significantly and Gold still is up nicely. However , all the precious metals took a nose dive at the end of the day. RGLD had good news but still got crushed in after hours trading , down $3.13 (4.53% down) , plus down $0.83 during regular trading. SLW started strong then ended down 1.44 %. Why the major reversal , especially Royal Gold (RGLD) ? This does not make any sense.

Eduardo I Garcia November 2, 2016

Is now a good time to get into gold bullion?

Dennis Mangan November 2, 2016

Are we going to see massive violence, etc in the near future

elizabeth nelson November 2, 2016

I am in both RWR and GMM . and have been following you since last May. You mentioned that you might give some oil/energy stocks that you thought were good. Would you do that? I do hope to see profits eventually and I am being very patient. You have become my "idol"

Ian Bell November 2, 2016

Have to say I felt for a long time you were a doom-sayer re gold, but now realise you were on the button all the time. I follow your column very closely now.

Al November 2, 2016

is this back up the truck time, or just wait with what we have but to not buy more right now?? Thanks Larry

Glen November 2, 2016

Since you said take profits on half of holdings in Gold & Silver Trader this morning, are you suggesting a pullback in the near future and then get back in? I am a bit confused over this afternoon's statement and the trade recommendation this morning. Can you help me understand? Thanks Glen Smith

Charlie November 2, 2016

I have been patiently waiting for the back up the truck signal. Is this it? It does not sound like a strong signal

Arthur Safir November 2, 2016

Yes, it appears (so far) that you were correct. On the other hand, Harry Dent is of the opinion that, while gold may very well rise to $1400, it will be downhill after that for the simple reason that deflation, affecting all commodities, will take hold. Frankly, I'm in a quandary. To say these are uncertain times is the understatement of the day.

Bill November 2, 2016

So what looks good to enjoy this upward trend, as I have not seen any lists showing what is a good buy.

Bryan November 2, 2016

spelling .... Should be "Don't let them faze you."

Tom Evans November 2, 2016

Larry, I think the wild ride has started. Assuming that the Fed does raise rates in December, wouldn't that drive gold down and would that be a good chance to buy gold related equities, you have recomended, on the dip? Or should we ride the bull wave with what we have in our portfolio.

Keith November 2, 2016

Larry, man you keep impressing me. I followed your chart and waited for the pullback it showed for today. Darn if it didn't happen, NUGT pulled back and took advantage of the opportunity. You've proven yourself on several fronts. Thanks

Tom November 2, 2016

Doing what I can. Seems to be on track. Upped my gold holdings and sold some that I think may not participate. Got some cash, but not much. Trying. Thanks for including people, who like me, can not afford to fully buy in at this time.

JOHN November 2, 2016

I am waiting for your new buy signal.

VPC November 2, 2016

What's really odd, is, that, towards the end of the day, junior miners overall went down, and JDST shot up, as gold and silver had made a rise. I could imagine why certain mining stocks may tumble on good mining profits, for actually having become too expensive in the first bull run. But seriously, after several weeks of correction, and then for the majority of them?

Fritz November 2, 2016

Larry, what happens to mining shares when the stock market wipes out? Several oil companies filled for chapter 11 already .

Gary November 2, 2016

You are not saying to proceed?

Pat November 2, 2016

Larry, what are you saying? The gold rally is here and you have been telling us, your RWR subscribers to wait for your "go". Will you please stop playing games with your very, very old clients and give us some stocks to get into. Nuff, just be honest with us. Thank you.

MH Whaling November 2, 2016

We saw almost $2000.00 when the world was much more predictable and secure. What is the difference?+ If fear and uncertainty is a contributing factor to Gold price, then, we should be now experiencing gold at about $3000.00 oz. Why, by any standards,we are less certain than ever before, is Gold languishing? Why is it possible to go on line to the US MINT and or the Canadian Mint, to query the prices for Maple Leafs or American Eagles and find that these are sold out, and yet find that at the same time, same day, the Spot Market is indicating gold value as down? Why can a commodity be sold out, and be of lower value? What, or who is controlling this market? Are we being duped?

Fritz November 2, 2016

And what about E-Trade, Scottrade etc.

francis mayer November 2, 2016

I may have missed it but I have not heard you say it is time to back up the truck for gold

john jones November 2, 2016

i need names etc of all jr minors that you are rscomendihg and an expectation of what to expect each to return etc. THANKS, JOHN JONES

spencer November 2, 2016


Don Smith November 2, 2016

Larry, I am a trader. I worker the last silver rally from February to June with a total return of 1300% I have been following my sell signal and yours and waiting for your expected coming up trend. To me trading at the beginning of and expected up trend is risky and a prefer to wait until the up trend is fully established. I never trade in a down trend as I consider scalping to risky. I noticed some comments in one of your last articles. To me, the difference between you and your followers that made comments is they do not have a trading plan and you do. Some are unhappy seeing nice rally while you were saying not to buy yet. Those rallies were nice but really small and not worth the risk. They should check long past rallies. I can see that you do not want them to be taking a risk. Your followers should be patent and follow you lead.

Russ November 4, 2016

Don smith makes a great Point. I would add one more thing. One needs to read Larry using liberal interpretation. Forecasting is probably more of an art than a science . There are other similar predictions graphing initial and secondary lows and highs from other analysts. Some, I presume, have done more in-depth analysis of certain companies and will recommend accordingly. Thus you will see stocks doing well that Larry hasn't mentioned. My portfolio currently has both Larry and non-Larry recos. We will see how that goes.

Steve Nellissen November 2, 2016

Amazing gold & silver call Thanks! Steve

John N. November 2, 2016

Great call Larry, after such a long wait but I have a few worries! There REALLY has not been a great change in fundamentals, like turmoil etc lately, but I concede what you say! Gold cash futures ended the month just below $175 at the end of trading on 31 October in the USA and did have a weekly close on Friday just above $175, but did rise post trading in Australia, but has now struck "resistance?" over $1300?! Bit like the Dow not quite not getting to 18500 on a monthly close and look at it now--below 18000! Good call by the way! You are the Boss and it is a BIG call, just before the election ie a fundamentalist reason due to the FBI renewal of the email alleged crimes of Hillary and this morning she is just ahead in the polls! Should we see her win and gold will pullback and buy on that dip?! You have a small list and a bigger list of gold stocks, but the bigger list was formed months ago, so would you please publish the big list again and should we at least wait for after the election for the pull back in gold when Trump gets just beaten, before buying?! Also I was hoping for a short term jump in oversold oil before selling my oil stocks after the election and then really buying a lot of your recommended gold stocks! Will there be a short term rise in oil if Hillary wins and the OPEC meeting is coming up soon and I know you are cynical about it, but this time the Saudis want a better price for oil!! Anyway GREAT work and forecasting gold! Please answer all this for ALL your clients!!

Tom Beach November 2, 2016

Larry, I can't remember if it was with SuperCycle Trader or Gold Mining Millionaire that I bought DUST and ZSL. Did you at some point tell your readers to sell these and I missed it? Or are we supposed to keep it as a hedge insurance? I no longer subscribe to SST, but I am with GMM now. Are these two ETF's part of GMM or SST? And do I hold them until you say sell? Or did you already tell us to sell and I missed the signal? I need to know because I am bleeding money with them as gold and silver go up. Please contact me about this soon. Thank you, Tom Beach in Hawaii Aloha

John Van De Beuken November 3, 2016

Larry, Please give us a list of good gold mining stocks to buy! Thanks, John

Don Wentz November 3, 2016

Should we start to enter the gold and silver market and do you think options are a good idea for the ETF's. I like the JDST put and the JNUG call and the DUST put and the NUGT call. What do you think about going out past the January contract to the April 2017 contact or even farther into the future.

Denis November 3, 2016

Hi Larry, Took your advice,and bgt.McEwan mining/ Goldcorp recently Have been watching the overall local/world scene---not a pretty sight.Could say more,but enough for now. Denis

Jane Allred November 3, 2016

Will the time ever come when you don't have to pay almost 10% to convert these coins into cash. It is disheartening when you think you have maid a gain and the guy gets 100.00or more from one coin. your interest gain vaporizes in his office. Jane

Expat Tom November 3, 2016

Thanks for all. You insight is invaluable. I am making money by following your column.

britt thompson November 3, 2016

thanks larry ,i have been worrying about gold because i feel as if it is going to break down realitivly soon you help me for now a lot by your experience and confidence i am one of the nervous investors! i love gold! Britt

Phil November 3, 2016

Can you please be a bit more specific about what you expect and when and when we are likely to be able to back up the truck?

Stephen November 3, 2016

Larry I have a question: If Japan has such poor "fundamentals" and questionable future economy, why is the yen still considered a "safe haven" ?

Larry Jacobs November 3, 2016

What is the best gold to own. Coins gold in bulk gold mining companies gold related stocks. And if physical gold should it be kept in a bank vault or in a safe place in your home or another place so that the govt is not aware of you having this. Thanks

Will November 3, 2016

Sure glad that I hung onto gold all along. As for gold stocks, the draw back was a great opportunity to make any adjustments one might want to make to reposition and add onto their portfolio.

Joe November 3, 2016

Larry advised to watch for a weekly gold close of 1275 or higher. It closed just above that last week, I sold my hedges for a profit, and am enjoying this rally. So far so good. Thanks Larry!

Phil November 3, 2016

So are we backing up the truck or not Larry?? What is the call. Where are the recommendations?

Thanh N. November 3, 2016

Hi Larry, In RWR October, 2016 you recommended to buy RGLD at $60 or better. Since then that stock have been above $65 and today $74. What can we do ? What is your take on FCX and AEM ? I do not see them in your RWR Positions any more but the price of AEM keeps going up. Thank you

Eugene Herskovits November 3, 2016

I agree

Ray Simpson November 4, 2016

Should we or I buy JNUG it seems to be going up ?

Mike Medley November 4, 2016

Larry, I agree with some of the others about not being able to read your graphs. Hope you can fix that. As one of your members I have been watching for your recommendation to buy gold as you have been promising but have not seen it. Is it time to do so and stay in for the long haul? I'm looking at buying a leap instead of physical gold

David November 4, 2016

Use zoom to enlarge your graph.

Oliver French November 4, 2016

The word is faze!

Bill BRACK November 4, 2016

Keep up the good forecasting. A note to your editor/proofreader - this clip ". . . Don’t let them phase you...." Should be FAZE, not PHASE. "You could look it up." - Yogi Berra

David November 4, 2016

Use zoom to enlarge your graph, then it's readable.

Gretchen November 6, 2016

Folks you need to think for yourselves, and just use Larry's research as info to direct your investments.

Bob November 7, 2016

Larry, unclear as ever. You did make the right call, so far, on the Gold low, but who made money on it? The point is, as so many others readers are asking, 'Are we going long, are we going short, or are we holding?' RWR says hold...AI says go long...What do you say? What are you waiting for? And, what does secondary low actually mean? Very unclear!!!

Michel November 11, 2016

Hi, we are past the Elections and the great one day rally in gold... can we understand where does gold prediction stand at this time and on your AI system??..

James November 11, 2016

Larry maybe you could comment on why gold has lost $80.00 in the last week! This doesn't look like the AI models. Is there something else going on?

T November 11, 2016

it looks like Larry was wrong. It will go down further IMHO. Under 1000 is in my picture during December - when Gold/Silver ratio is reaching to 100 sth.

Marina November 11, 2016

Gold - is it the anticipated 2nd pullback? When, not if, Fed increases the rates in December, is gold going to rally? Thank you Larry.