Gold & Silver

Investors will never truly understand gold and silver unless they first appreciate the role these metals have played in human affairs over the last few thousand years.

Gold is rare. It’s hard to get out of the ground. And it’s beautiful to look at and hold. It’s portable, allowing you to carry great wealth in the pockets of your jacket. It’s quite unique as a store of wealth and value.

There is nothing else like it.

As a result ― unlike with other commodities or currencies ― gold, as well as silver prices, are influenced to a degree by sentiment, emotion, even cultural customs and traditions … and most importantly, by the actions of those who govern.

For example, people of India buy vast quantities of gold to make into jewelry as gifts for brides during the country’s “wedding season.” And in China, gold coins are boxed and given as gifts in celebration of the Chinese lunar year.

However, emotion is not the only driver, or even a primary driver of gold prices. Prices are driven by a variety of forces, including the value of the dollar and people’s confidence in the health and stability of the economy, or in their confidence or lack of confidence in a government’s leadership.

But you need to understand the complete picture … because you want to get smart about gold and silver very, very quickly.

We are at a turning point … particularly when it comes to gold. Numerous geo-political forces are at play right now.

Right now, my cycles models are predicting a massive, sweeping, global debt collapse and geo-political revolution that will destroy stock markets, economies and entire nations over the next few years.

As has always happened in times of crisis, millions of investors world-wide will turn to mankind’s greatest “safe harbor” investment: Gold.

Silver has a role to play as well. Silver is like gold’s sidekick. Both have much the same historical background. Both have been used as currency in the forms of coins, since the earliest days. And both tend to move up and down in value in tandem, although not always.

Silver is certainty a precious metal, but it doesn’t have the allure of gold, or the emotional power that drives the same level of desire to possess it.

When buying gold bullion coins and bars, aim for no more than 5% over spot. Remember, the premium you pay will depend on a combination of factors, including the coins you buy and the dealer you buy from.

When you buy allocated gold, you don’t have to take delivery of your gold. As long as you’re storing it in a totally secure vault, you can then avoid delivery costs, which save you a bundle.

That also means you can buy your coins on a regular basis, without taking delivery of each coin. Then, at any time in the future, you can choose to have several or all of your gold coins or bars shipped to your home. There are storage fees and insurance involved, but buying allocated gold will almost always cost you less than taking physical delivery.

Here’s a trusted dealer to consider:

Hard Asset Alliance
673 South Main Street
PO Box 1423
Stowe, VT 05672