My lifetime ambition was to become the world’s foremost authority in the precious metal, GOLD. As I embarked upon my journey into the world of gold and silver I started my own international commodities firm on Wall Street, International Commodities Services, at age 28.

Becoming an expert in the field, I began making the right calls on price changes and have called EVERY significant up and down in the gold market since 1978. In the 1980s I became the biggest gold trader in the world trading approximately $1 billion of gold a day.

Having studied the agribusiness for over five years, in January 2005 I warned of the inflationary spiral of food prices and urged my readers to invest in the agriculture business and food production.

I have been called upon by the media to share my views – with Bloomberg, Reuters and CNBC as well as The New York Times, New York Sun and Forbes magazine. I am internationally known as one of the greatest gold and commodities investors and advisors in the world.

Now at the most rewarding point in my career I enjoy sharing my knowledge and extraordinary techniques to help investors successfully navigate the twists and turns in all aspects of the commodities markets.

I help investors understand the macro-dynamics of the global food crisis through individual agriculture businesses and exchange traded funds that allow you to participate in this sector. My in-depth studies of history and the cyclical nature of various markets, exposes when and where to maximize profits in precious metals, agriculture and natural resource trends.

I am the author of one of the world’s largest financial newsletters, Real Wealth Report. I invite you to visit this section of the website to capitalize on my extensive knowledge in this sector.

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