Will It Go or Will It Stay?

Tomorrow, one of the most important financial decisions of the past 20 years will be put to a referendum in Britain. Should Britain remain a part of the European Union, or should it leave?

I won’t venture to guess on the results. It would be a toss of the coin. Or, it would be a rigged referendum, thrown into disarray by the assassination of liberal British lawmaker, Jo Cox, last week.

But I do know this: If British citizens are smart enough … if they care enough about their country’s rich heritage and sovereignty … they should vote to leave the EU as fast as possible.

You see, in addition to all the problems with the euro that the European Union has — it has other problems with member countries like Britain, which joined but did not accept the euro as its currency.

Thanks to Margaret Thatcher, who, with her wisdom beyond the ages, knew that the European Union was really a political union in disguise, an attempt to unite Europe under the guise of no more wars, even trade wars. Of uniform labor laws and central bank policies. Of uniform interest rates, free flow of labor and single currency.

But Thatcher saw through it all and saw it plainly for what it was: A power grab by the elite to have a majority of European countries give up their sovereignty, mainly to the strongest economy in the region, Germany …

And from there, work toward an authoritarian society where the elite of Germany, France and Brussels called all the shots.

Thatcher was 100% right. So she — unwillingly — allowed England to join the EU, but only on the condition that Britain be allowed to own its currency, the pound. A country’s currency is its pride of sovereignty — almost synonymous with its national flag — and no way was Thatcher going to give that up.

The big day approaches: U.K. voters will decide Thursday on the country’s future in the EU.

So what happened next? Something Thatcher didn’t foresee. As punishment for not taking on the euro, the European Union began to issue one burdensome regulation after another, attempting to stifle the economic growth of those countries that joined the union, but not the currency.

And in the years since, each and every one of those countries — the U.K., Denmark and Sweden — has largely seen its economic performance lag well behind not just the West or the Far East, but also behind the euro countries.

We’ll find out soon enough — tomorrow. As I said at the outset, it would be far better for the U.K. to leave, to escape the burdensome regulations of the EU, and to take back its sovereignty.

The same, by the way, can be said of every country in the EU. It is a failed experiment that was doomed from the get-go, and the longer Brussels tries to hold it together, the greater the backfire will become. And in the end, instead of uniting Europe, it will tear apart.

What about the immediate consequences of tomorrow’s decision? Here, too, one can only guess wildly; it’s such an important decision.

But I have an edge with my AI models, that give me a fairly reliable sneak peek at the future market movements. And from those sneak peeks, I can tell you what I think will happen.

First, Britain will vote to stay in the European Union. But don’t be surprised if you hear accusations of rigged voting as early as tomorrow.

Second, assuming Britain does vote to stay in, you should see another rip-roaring move to the upside in European and U.S. equities, just like we saw on Monday. Why? It would merely be a relief rally, euphoria over having everything staying the same rather than confronting change, which no one likes.

Third, expect the British pound to fall sharply against the euro, debasing the pound to give Britain a currency competitive trade edge going forward.

Fourth, expect commodities, mainly gold and silver, to plunge. There has been an enormous amount of gold and silver buying over the past two months or so as hedges against a calamity in the EU and Britain leaving. But if Britain doesn’t leave, those gold and silver hedges will get dumped before you can bat an eyelash. Same for mining stocks.

Fifth, the U.S. dollar will soar. Caught in a months-long sideways trading range, no-Brexit will send the dollar soaring, smashing other dollar-sensitive commodities along the way, everything from oil to soybeans.

It’s going to be a wild trading day today … vote day tomorrow … and even Friday. Not only is the decision a huge one, but most major brokerage firms are upping margin requirements as much as three-times over to cover the anticipated volatility.

Best wishes, as always …


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Larry Edelson, one of the world’s foremost experts on gold and precious metals, is the editor of Real Wealth Report and Supercycle Trader. Larry has called the ups and downs in the gold market time and again. As a result, he is often called upon by the media for his investing views. Larry has been featured on Bloomberg, Reuters and CNBC as well as The New York Times and New York Sun.

Comments 79

Lulu June 22, 2016

Larry, if the vix spikes up, should we sell volatility and collect premiums?

Lil wayne June 22, 2016

The big story everyone is missing is that a vote is taking place. Period. This will embolden other countries to embark on a vote as well. Germany needs these weak countries in the euro so it can take advantage of a weak currency via exports.

$1,000 gold™ June 22, 2016

best insight if read yet on the brexit. well done. thanks, larry.

Dai June 22, 2016

The only thing that lies in the face here is the call for a huge drop in Sterling on a 'remain' vote. Opposite of everyone else but in my opinion closer to the truth. No one knows what it will be but when the push does come to shove, this referendum has exposed the underbelly of the UK economy....it is soft and vulnerable. A vulnerability that is made more dangerous by a dearth of political leadership in the country. The Prime Minister sounds hysterical in his protection of the status quo. ( How long does something have to be in place to become 'Status quo'?) The Customs Union that is the EU is a failed experiment. Edelson is sooo right. He is also correct in that the unfortunate death of Jo Cox was the turning point. Maybe Jo will go down in history on the same pages as Arch Duke Ferdinad.

Gordon June 22, 2016

Dai Your correct the death of Jo Cox killed the Brexit dead as well. People wrapped themselves in the flag and will head to the stay door. It was in my humble opinion a huge turning point. She sadly will be remembered in history as a gift/sacrifice to Cameron and his bully boys. He ran the most disgusting stay campaign I have ever witnessed. He showed his true colors. The man like all conservatives is evil personified.

$1,000 gold™ June 22, 2016

nobody seems to want to commit to how the vote will go - not even larry, and i don't blame him - but larry is the first guy to give a comprehensive view on how he thinks things will turn out either way. edelson is never afraid to stick his neck out and tell it like it is. you gotta hand it to larry, he can take a punch.

LarryB June 22, 2016

$1000 gold, Still holding on to your gold shorts?

$1,000 gold™ June 23, 2016

yes, still short. more upside for stocks over the next couple years will push gold to a bottom well below $1,000. i'll begin buying physical gold (eagles) when it hits 3 digits. whatever physical gold i buy i will keep for life and never sell.

LarryB June 23, 2016

$1000 gold, I must say you never hedge! Holding shorts in gold would be too much for my constitution. Good luck LarryB

$1,000 gold™ June 23, 2016

i'm not tough. i've already made enough that i'm playing my current shorts with house money, so i'm still net positive even if i lose.

UDO June 24, 2016

Oh boy - Mr. $ 1000 Larry got it all wrong - Brits voted correctly for them self Now Markets plunging - gold up by $ 79 but declining again - was too much from 1257 to 1344 .

$1,000 gold™ June 24, 2016

nobody gets it right all the time. when i lose money i look at it as i'm paying to learn. i'd pay for school, i'd pay for lessons, but real life experience are the best way to learn. lose money one time and you'll never make that mistake again.

Jack M June 27, 2016

or not...

T June 27, 2016

Haha Yeah Spot on..

Richard June 22, 2016

You recently said that yesterday, June 21 would be the bottom for gold. I took out a mortgage yesterday and bought 50,000 shares of triple leveraged JNUG.

Brandon June 22, 2016

I'm hoping this is a joke because I can't believe you're serious, but just in case here's a serious reply. He's said that he thought the bottom would come in late June (and his models showed June 21st) but that the drop hasn't happened yet. The Brexit vote likely extended everything. So if Britain stays then gold and mining shares would plunge (like he says above) and JNUG would plummet. If Britain does leave then JNUG might get a bit more of a bounce but gold mining shares are so heavily overbought on the weekly charts that I wouldn't expect too much upside before a pullback. So I wouldn't like the risk/reward on buying JNUG. Not much upside, huge downside, and the odds are Britain stays (according to both recent polls and betting sites).

Bonnie E June 22, 2016

Richard, if you have seriously done as you have stated, please, please listen to Brandon's response before the big move to come. You may consider DUST or JDST as a possible alternative to to your current, daring plan.

Manny June 22, 2016

This Richard guy is nuts if he took out a mortgage to buy at this price point. Larry says wait for a drop and this seems like the safest course at this point...

Joseph June 24, 2016

Nice play man! A cool $1.5m)) Let me know your next insight!

Mike C. June 22, 2016

If the UK stays it will be the Scots that pushed it in that direction. Scotland can't stand alone as witnessed by their stay vote, and it's simply logical that they will vote overwhelmingly to stay in the EU. As a result, Britain's national sovereignty is lost, and the elites in Brussels, and the NWO oligarchs worldwide will be calling the shots. Next up? The America's Union, which will be even worse than the EU. Hard Assets and land are the way to go using a buy on the dip approach whenever possible.

Sam M June 22, 2016

If our own incompetent government and Federal Reserve keep going, I'm wondering how safe hard assets and land will be.

SteveH June 22, 2016

Great article Larry. One thing that you didn't mention is that if the vote is for Remain then Britain will have to obey the Lisbon Treaty and join the Euro by 2025.

Ian S June 22, 2016

No chance Steve H. There are two things that cannot be forced on the UK. One is to give up its own currency for the Euro and the other is to be told to drive on the 'wrong' side of the road.

David R.(Canada) June 22, 2016

Naturally, the MSM, that is overwhelmingly in favour of staying in the EU, are not mentioning that little point. We wouldn't want to cause any of their friends any headaches, would we?!

$1,000 gold™ June 22, 2016

if one thing is learned from the euro debacle it's that every country needs its own currency and its own central bank to regulate its own economy. england was very smart to keep their currency, and you're right about driving on the wrong side of the road.

$1,000 gold™ June 22, 2016

they could also learn to speak english the rest of the english speaking world can understand. didn't they invent the language?

SteveH June 23, 2016

No chance Ian. The Prime Minister of Britain signed the Lisbon Treaty which specifies that Britain must join the Eurozone by 2025. No ifs, no buts. Britain must join or leave the EU. [Me? I don't think that the Euro will still be here in 2025, but what do I know?]

Russell Curtis June 22, 2016

MY self I think you should brake away you would much better than staying.

jim d. June 22, 2016

When you wrote,"smashing other dollar-sensitive commodities along the way, everything from oil to soybeans." Do you mean the stocks will plunge in value with the higher dollar value or the stocks will rise in value?

BREXIT please June 22, 2016

I myself dont see the brits leaving not just quite yet but in the future quite possibly yes thank you for your thoughtful insight Larry its always appreciated.

Robert June 22, 2016

People can't eat gold and a large portion of population is having more and more trouble eating

Gordon June 22, 2016

Hi Robert Don't forget to check the daily well maybe hourly quote on a wheel barrow full of money. You can then trade your ounce of gold in and quickly rush to the grocery store before the prices go up.

huanjo June 22, 2016

Yes, trouble eating the healthy stuff. The UK is suffering an obesity epidemic, especially amongst the poor. The UK has a welfare system, so no-one will starve.

pietro June 22, 2016

they keep on about turkey joining the EU, but no one has mentioned the counties that didn't tell the truth about the circumstances to enter the EU eg Italy Greece etc. Now they are paying for it and soon we will pay for them if we do not leave .Greece ,Italy 40 percent unemployment ,they are doomed . As for Obama ,he cant pass gun law in his country and he try,s to tell us what to do. The US and lap dogs uk and others are partly to blame for the migration problem ,interfering to suit their personal gains and destabilising these counties ,Iraq Libya etc maybe US should take some of the migrants ,they like taking their oil .

Will June 22, 2016

I agree with you Larry, that Brexit is the way for the UK to go. To me the entire concept of the EU is like wanting to have your cake and eat it too. A country without borders is not a country; and an unelected beurocracy in Brussels does not make for a sovereign nation. So for how long can both maintain soverienty at the same time with dual representation in the various organizations of the world? Should "Stay" win the vote the Pound would eventually give way to the Euro anyhow, and any benefits from Thatcher's keeping the Pound are thus limited in time. Should "Brexit" come about then Britain will lose its share of gold held by the EU; and with little gold left in their own coffers at this time they will need to enter the gold market to par their share of gold to GDP with other major countries. Britain may then need to print Pounds to purchase gold, thereby devaluing the Pound as a result. Again more bullish for gold, I should think. In this day and age mankind has become very present day orientated; so the answer as to how the Brexit vote will go may well depend on short term thinking by voters rather than on what is best for the future in the long run. Is the present tidal wave of problems big enough at this time to now change the future? I have my doubts, but the follow up tidal wave may well bring an end to the EU concept anyhow. Will

Will June 22, 2016

For those of you who do not understand why the UK would need to have an increased gold holding, it is to maintain "Influence" in world affairs. Just think, "Why is China buying gold?"

Ron June 23, 2016

Hi Will, If Brexit happens, the UK will be able to do what China does in tough times... (Devalue the Pound to help control their own economy...) Why was Scotland so eager to Succeed a couple of years ago? If Europe goes down the drain, at least Britain might be the shining Star. Germany is in trouble.. That is bad enough.

Chuck Burton June 22, 2016

That's why I haven't bought any of the gold investments I have my eye on. If Brexit wins, I'll be buying, since that should be weakening for all major currencies.

Ron June 23, 2016

Hi Chuck, Did you hear George Soros a couple of days ago... expressing a desire to see Britain remain? He already made a Billion or more, betting against the Pound when the Euro began Is he being a contrarian .... since he has already sold some of his gold months ago? Did he buy the Pound, hoping to see it rise? Was he trying to cause a dip in order to buy back in at a low? We will know more in a few hours...

Gordon June 22, 2016

I agree entirely on your following statement. Its uncanny your right on the money. Money and Markets Tomorrow, one of the most important financial decisions of the past 20 years will be put to a referendum in Britain. Should Britain remain a part of the European Union, or should it leave? I won’t venture to guess on the results. It would be a toss of the coin. Or, it would be a rigged referendum, thrown into disarray by the assassination of liberal British lawmaker, Jo Cox, last week. But I do know this: If British citizens are smart enough … if they care enough about their country’s rich heritage and sovereignty … they should vote to leave the EU as fast as possible.

Dirt Farmer June 22, 2016

Re previous comment: Never mind...I got it backwards!

Herm June 22, 2016

Thanks, Larry, I agree with your analysis with the exception of Germany's role: the initial intention was to overcome the everlasting guilt (WWII, holocaust ....) and to give in into other countries' pressure to form a union - a well planned and executed approach to sacrificing the strongest economy and currency in the region - being well aware of the fact that Germany will be the ONLY monetary net contributor, whereas all other countries will be takers. Hence, whereas France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, .... sent their brightest minds to Brussels and the political circles of the EU, Germany nominated/elected/sent folks who failed in the national political game and needed some other position. As dreamers, Germans never could imagine that other countries simply would ignore the rules and regulations to limit their national debt and/or other economically sound restrictions - and now, they suddenly find themselves alone in the role of maintaining some kind of economic rationality through e.g. austerity. Nevertheless, the entire experiment will fail, I agree, as mentioned. It is stupidity, if a political union was the goal, to create something without agreeing on a common language first ....

David R.(Canada) June 22, 2016

As an Englishman, now living in Canada, I sincerely hope the fellow Brits vote to leave the EU. Sure there'll be a little pain; but there'll be long-term gain in a couple of years. Vote to leave!

Richard June 22, 2016

If there is a Brexit hold on as it will be the 9/11 of the world. Everything is ready to drop off a cliff except the medias openness to say it and the banksters will use this as an opportunity to further their wills by inflicting great pain worldwide while blaming the nationalist conservatives in England for all the trouble. It is a perfect scapegoat to avoid the blame for all the debt and insolvency they have caused. Be warned. It will be used to completely destroy personnel freedoms as the people get out of control due to the collapse.

Steve June 22, 2016

Hi Larry, your predictions for post EU referendum may well be right.... and they are a whole lot more plausible than the frankly incorrect and opinionated stuff about Britain's performance in and relationship with the EU. For example, since joining the EU, Britain's economic performance has actually been better than Germany, France and, dare I say it, the U.S. I usually value your insight but this isn't one of them.

Gator Cherry, 'noted' 'agronomist' June 22, 2016

no exit! therefore, buy gold/silver; 'short Greece, Ireland, Scotland. Portugal &/(or) Spain!.......................JNUG??????????????????????

pietro June 22, 2016

Libya was taken out cos Gadaffi was going to challenge the petrodollar and use Gold to trade Oil same as Iran and China,, and this wasn,t like by the USA .So he was taken out . Libya now is a training ground for extremist,s ,who is in my opinion created by the policies of these oil grabbers to suit their needs. What is needed in the US to change their international policies and us the lapdogs to move away from these policies ,and become the Great Britain which we once were. Get out of euro and do our own thing

Phil (London UK) June 22, 2016

Larry you're absolutely spot on and as a UK citizen I've already voted by post, last week, TO LEAVE the EU

Beverly June 22, 2016

How long will gold plunge now and will it go back up in July.

Denis June 22, 2016

Hi Larry, Excellent article--as usual.Personally I think they should leave.After reading/listening too all the media hoopla,I think they are'dammed if thet do and dammed if they do'nt'. Denis(Canada)

Joseph June 22, 2016

The British will not be allowed to leave. Even if they vote to do so, it will be stolen away.

Michel June 22, 2016

If BREXIT occurs, In the long term UK will recover its "maritime trading entrepreneurial" spirit. However; Long term will be 10-20 years since the pro-Brexit polticians never presented a credible road map for the exit The minority of Entrepreneurs & Speculators in London will profit, the mass of the UK population out of London will sink In the near term, UK will be obliged to continue to obey every "evil" EU regulation on products & services exported to the EU, or those export sales will dry up. The only two European countries who have remained outside EU AND have profited are Norway & Switzerland. Both pay-in to the EU, but without a vote Norway has immense financial reserves & natural resources and has a culture which is prudent & frugal Switzerland also has culture which is prudent & frugal and also has financial reserves UK spent all its financial reserves from North Sea oil/gas and is heavily in debt. UK does NOT have a national culture of frugality & prudence. UK culture is high work, high risk, high gain-loss EU is a slowmotion car crash for Euroland, Brexit is an immediate explosion for UK with a a self reliant nation emerging from the ashes in 10-20 years

Rob June 22, 2016

Seems like we're all forgetting this is merely a referendum, an opinion poll. A Brexit vote does not necessarily mean a Brexit tomorrow, next week or next year. That will be a decision for Mr. Cameron and his cronies, giving them lot's of time to influence 'the madding crowds'. I forecast this will become a political football spanning the next few elections. I.E. NO BREXIT.

Nick June 23, 2016

Rob It is a lot more than opinion poll. This outcome of this referendum determines the future sovereignty of my country. Governments that do not acknowledge the result won't last.

Tony (UK) June 23, 2016

You are quite right that a vote to leave does not necessarily mean an exit. Boris Johnson (leading the out campaign) is on record as having stated as much. He went further a few weeks ago and said that an out vote would stengthen the UKs negotiating position and thus a Brexit vote may not necessarily lead to the UK leaving, but would more than likely lead to a subsequent referendum in the near future i.e. the EU would inevitably make significant concessions with the additional bargaining power achieved by an out vote and subsequent referendum would guage the extent to which the outers position softens. It is conceivable that this approach could continue IMO Boris has done a behind closed doors deal with Cameron to nutralise other influential right wing political voices. Regrettably I believe that the U.K. will sink with the titanic umber a heap of smouldering European/British sovereign debt. It is just a matter of time - Europe & Britain are bankrupt; a fact that is not properly understood by the electorate nor adequately debated in the run up to today's referendum.

David June 22, 2016

Hi Larry, When the bull market does start, is your recommendation to be invested in only the US markets like the DOW and S&P or would you also include international stocks? Thank you, David

Doreen June 22, 2016

I am so sad you are predicting a remain vote as I want out. Project fear by the government will have worked. It is almost certain that Scotland will vote remain, but I know the strength of feeling in England is so strong for Brexit.

Wolfgang June 22, 2016

The Brexit referendum is non-binding. 70% of the members of parliament want to remain in the EU. So, Britain will remain, regardless of what the people want. Of course, The British would be much better off without the EU, which has become an albatross around the necks of the member countries, except for Germany and, possibly, France, which dominate the EU.

Kishin Manghnani June 22, 2016

"Leave" vote will benefit UK in the long run for they will be blessed with their own independence and nationalism !. They do not have to contribute to struggling economies of Greece, Spain and Portugal though the rules and regulations of ECB, Germany and Brussels.

Winston June 22, 2016

Who is kidding whom here people. This is yet another laugh to make you think your vote matters. The vote is ADVISORY only. So, it passes, you really think Cameron will leave the EU????? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA GASP!!!!!

Jamie June 23, 2016

Great article, Larry. So far all of your predictions came true with the precision of a clockwork.

Stu June 23, 2016

Hey Winston. Love your sense of humor. Problem is it's not really funny is it ?

Gordon June 23, 2016

Yes investors have truly lost their marbles. They are listening to this https://www.thestreet.com/story/13616845/1/stock-futures-jump-as-u-k-heads-to-polls-for-brexit-vote.html instead of this U.S. Economy to Grow Just 2.2% in 2016, IMF Says CFO

tom June 24, 2016

U.K voted to leave. Have the AI charts become void? Gold up nearly $70 in asian trading. ZFinding it more and more difficult to believe waiting was the correct call.

MR June 24, 2016

Gold futures now 1339, up $75. And yes, the vote does mean the UK leaves. Next up to go is Germany.

David Tierney June 24, 2016

Well Larry, I'm so glad you were wrong with your opinion. However, your sentiments are spot on. World government will have to wait a little longer.

Karin June 24, 2016

Hi Larry and everyone else! I shorted gold, so so far I lost on the outcome, but on the other hand I'm glad Britain is leaving (in 5 to 8 years?). The possibility to move, study and work in other European countries without to many difficulties is good, but I agree with Larry- all the stupid rules makes business very slow, and in Sweden we are traditionally very law-abiding (don't park on the pavement, shove other cars to make space for ourselves, bribe authorities to get ahead etc, like they might do in some other countries:-), so we stupidly try and follow and supervise all these regulations as well. I think some other countries just sort of forget about the regulations, or misunderstand them, or encounter time consuming obstacles in enforcing them. I'm glad Britain voted no, 'cause if there is any country Sweden would follow except the United States (if you can call that a country?), it's Britain. I don't really understand currencies, but my impression when on holiday in Italy, (where I've been going since 1984) is that the Euro, their own currency, is to "expensive" for them. Of course, now, there are already political voices being raised for a referendum here as well. Good luck with your trading! (Here the markets are closed, and have been all day, because we are celebrating midsummer, lot's of drunk people dancing around a maypole:-) ...so consider yourselves lucky...

pietro June 25, 2016

We should have National Holiday on 24th June Independence Day , catch up with the amount of holidays they have in Europe Larry can you give us update on Gold future path ,do you still believe Gold has to bottom . I always welcome your input ,I personally in for the long game and use the drops to buy ,I always buy with 15 percent margain . if it wasn't for your views I would have had more wealth taken from me over the last 7 years with rates the way they are. so thank you

Michael b June 25, 2016

I still haven't backed up the truck yet On miners or gold ....... I hope I didn't miss the boat, miners are up well over 100% on the bottom end and up around 400% on the top end.

Ralph June 25, 2016

First, Britain will vote to stay in the European Union. But don’t be surprised if you hear accusations of rigged voting as early as tomorrow. You missed that one. I thought you were following M.A. ??? What happened.

Larry June 25, 2016

Larry, Two things: 1) you said you wouldn't venture a guess, and then you ventured a guess via your AI models; 2) I wish you would have laid out all the things that would happen if the UK voted to exit. Cheers

James June 25, 2016

Nobody likes confronting change, unfortunately life is a constancy of change.

edmund June 26, 2016

I'm with a number of other investors waiting to back up the truck. Heavy in gold shorts waiting to go forward in a positive way. Still have the same thoughts with Britain and the EU?

ted June 26, 2016

Ed, Larry already said that gold had bottomed...you missed it. But is has a long road ahead, so buy a little every time you can. I was lucky and guessed against the masses and bought Dow puts at .80 and sold at $3.00. So, read as much as you can, but follow your gut...everybody's guessing anyway.

Sam June 27, 2016

Larry, looking forward to hearing your views post Brexit, particularly regarding gold and gold stocks.

Sohail June 27, 2016

Once again the experts have been shown to be wide if the mark. I await Larry's view with interest.From where I am sitting in th uk Scotland will be next to leave the uk sending the pound to parity With the dollar.Unfortunately as we have not yet entered the gold market For miners we are likely to be paying 33% more . Read but follow your instincts..

Dr. Louis June 27, 2016

Larry, I love your newsletter but am a bit confused. You said there will be a major gold correction at which time we should load up the truck. Was the correction last week or is it still to come? Dr Louis

John Sweeney June 28, 2016

Larry, See Gold is coming back down yesterday and today but still considerably above the $1,300 mark. Waiting to hear from you whether your pre/early June analysis has been displaced by the post-Brexit brave new world or the sudden heave in gold was a hiccup and we should still wait for a drop below €1,200 to back up the truck. John S

Bill July 5, 2016

Still thinking $1000 gold anyone?