Unprepared? If So, Kiss Your Money Goodbye …


Let me cut right to the chase: This year, the global financial markets … entire economies … and even political systems and philosophies — will spiral out of control.

So don’t kid yourself. The first two very wild weeks of the New Year didn’t constitute some isolated event. You’ll see plenty more action like that throughout the year, with some periods even crazier than we just saw.

We will hit the back wall of the financial hurricane that started in 2008. That part of the financial crisis when the governments of the world stepped in to try and save things, but which are now infected with an even worse disease: Debt-to-GDP ratios that over the next five years will bankrupt first Europe, then Japan and then, the United States.

The wild times in the markets are only just starting.

It won’t be pretty. It will affect everything you do. Everything you own. Every investment you make. Your lifestyle. Your children and grandchildren’s future.

No, I am not being an alarmist or screaming fire in a packed theater. I am merely telling it like it is, for if you understand the forces that are now converging upon the world you will see the same things coming that I do.

Just take a look around:

Financial markets are swinging wildly. Everything from stocks and bonds, to commodities are now on a roller coaster. Whenever that happens — especially after a period of relative calm like 2015’s markets — it means something big is coming.

Big moves that could destroy your wealth in a heartbeat. Or, big moves that you can capitalize on for big profits. The choice is yours.

Entire economies are quaking. Europe is the worst of them. But there are problems in China (though they won’t derail China’s long-term growth). There are problems in Australia, Canada, Great Britain. In Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Venezuela. In Russia.

And then there’s the Middle East, where countries are being kicked in the butt by plunging oil prices. Rising domestic unrest and terrorism.

Even political systems are under stress. Third parties are rising in strength all over Europe. New Neo-Nazi groups. Separatist groups. Secession parties. Terrorist groups. Cultural clashes. Syrian refugee crisis. And more.

All part and parcel of the rising War Cycles that I’ve been warning you about, conditions that will not abate until at least the year 2020.

So why is all of this happening? Why will it get worse in the years ahead?

It’s actually very simple: You are witnessing the death of communism and Western-style socialism.

It is not the demise of capitalism, as so many think. It’s the opposite:

The death of big government. The death of the state taking care of you. The death of Keynesian economics.

The death of governments that are so indebted from fiscal mismanagement and making promises to you that they could never keep — that they are now waging financial repression against you …

While at the same time finding scapegoats in the form of other countries, other political systems and parties, to blame.

We are entering a crash and burn phase for government. Especially Western governments and their socialist and safety net experiments of the last several decades. Of their currency experiments, their trade wars, their inept policies, bureaucracies, tax systems and more.

It will manifest itself mostly in the sovereign bond markets of Europe and the United States, where interest rates started moving up — and bond prices started falling — even before Janet Yellen raised rates last month.

All the chickens will start coming home to roost, when the citizens of those countries … and investors everywhere … realize that the Emperors of Western socialized countries — their leaders and governments — really do have no clothes.

And then, nearly all markets will swing even more wildly than they are now.

I repeat: This is the first year of five years in total that will be a roller coaster ride through hell. And unless you start preparing now, it will gut your wealth.

My best advice right now:

First, stay out of U.S., Japanese and European government debt. No matter what anyone tells you, sovereign debt markets are soon going to become the biggest disasters of all time.

Second, steer clear of all foreign currencies. Stay mostly in dollars. I know it seems illogical, but it isn’t. As the global economy weakens and geo-political tensions domestically and internationally ramp ever higher, wreaking havoc in almost every corner of the globe …

More and more savvy money will flee to our shores and to the dollar — even as our bond markets tumble.

Third, build your own war chest, to go after the opportunities that are coming.

Some of the opportunities I see coming …

A continued swoon in the Dow Industrials, to as low as 13,900 … and then a new run higher, to new record highs.

A new, explosive bull market in precious metals and mining shares.

Oil shocking everyone, soon bottoming and then soaring back to $50, if not higher.

The profit opportunities this year will simply be off the charts. It would be foolish not to go after them.

Best wishes,


P.S. We are on the cusp of the most profitable bull market of our lifetime. Stocks will be driven higher by powerful global undercurrents that Wall Street will either ignore or fail to understand. As the Dow doubles, some stocks will see explosive gains of 300%, 400%, 500% and more. Savvy investors who make the right moves will become very rich!

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Larry Edelson, one of the world’s foremost experts on gold and precious metals, is the editor of Real Wealth Report and Supercycle Trader. Larry has called the ups and downs in the gold market time and again. As a result, he is often called upon by the media for his investing views. Larry has been featured on Bloomberg, Reuters and CNBC as well as The New York Times and New York Sun.

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kc January 20, 2016

Still waiting for sub 1000 gold like you said.

Steve January 20, 2016

And what about "“Terrifying Tuesday BEGINS IN JUST 14 HOURS!" sent to my email box from Larry from 10th to 14th December ..... On Wednesday 15th, after nothing significant had happened, certainly nothing terrifying, the day before (as was PREDICTED), we heard nothing! Not even a "WoW! I got that one wrong!". Nostradamus, eat your heart out!

huanjo January 21, 2016

Since the 15 Dec the markets have tanked over 10%, so what are you complaining about?

seb January 20, 2016

Curious what your thoughts are regarding Swiss Francs, specifically the FXF?

Richard January 20, 2016

New Weiss analysts Boris and Kathy think 2016 will be bad for the markets-not to mention Harry Dent and others....Not Dow to 31,000. I'm getting conflicting analysis when reading Weiss on a daily basis.

David S. January 20, 2016

Heh--Weiss tries to appeal to every taste. The result is a welter of conflicting opinions. But really, how can it be any other way? NO one knows what's going to happen in the markets. Weiss merely reflects a confusing reality.

books January 20, 2016

If the death of safety net programs occurs worldwide, there will be many more desperate people with very little spending ability. How, then, would capitalism stand a chance?

JimN January 23, 2016

Buy low and sell high in the new markets... Money makes money... Look at Germany right after WW2, no one had anything... When the new government was formed each citizen was granted an equal share (50 Deutsch Marks) and the rest is the 40+ yr. history of West Germany prior to Reunification... Many of my friends in Germany during my 11 years residence there had gold, yep GOLD by the Kilogram, stashed in their Bank Boxes, etc.etc... All of this against another Market Crash/Manipulation or Soviet Invasion all a reality of their 20th century history...

Steve January 20, 2016

Will not the FED just go into hyper-print QE type programs, buying bonds to advert this, and worry about inflation later

$1,000 gold January 20, 2016

they will be the cock that crows, steve.

Rubit January 20, 2016

There is a lot of information to sort through to find the way....

Deb Foehr January 20, 2016

You always say free but then want us to join. What is the best strategy if you have no debt but only about $20K in equity? I got torn apart in 09 plus a bad business investment. I you want to help me, how about a few bucks as you have so much you can never spend it all. I'm almost 66 and going to have to live on SS. Doesn't that make you sad? It does me.

diana January 20, 2016

You can live quite well in Buenos Aires (mini New York) Argentina. We live in Baires on SS only. We brought everything. Electricity (for appliances is sort of an issue). The rest is spent on travel. And food is tastier here. Good luck!

Paul B January 22, 2016

Envy and feeling sorry for yourself will get you nowhere. I'm almost 67 and living on SS after my business of 20 years fell apart after 2008. Starting over is hard at this stage of life but I'm trying new things and moving forward.

JimN January 23, 2016

Good Luck on that in the near future....

Raymond January 20, 2016

I have 600,000.00 to invest. Where do you suggest I put it and when should this be done?

151 January 20, 2016

Keep it in cash.

David S. January 20, 2016

But WHERE in cash? In/under the mattress? Banks? Money-mkt funds? Short-term treasurys?

151 January 20, 2016

Short term Treasurys, some gold, CDs in the BEST banks only, some cash. It IS difficult.

ian January 20, 2016

Raymond,in my bank acc.

Shar January 20, 2016

David S. - most advisors in the know feel the brokerage 'no margin' accounts is the safest place for cash hoarding. Must be sure the brokerage does NOT have access to your cash for their loans, etc. And of course hard gold & junk silver.

JimN January 23, 2016

How about free and clear Real Estate? I'm like the other SS mid 60s folks here... We bought a fixer upper "free and clear" then we are doing the rehab ourselves with a very few experts for the technical stuff... No Loan and no % paid, I get my own permits at county... It get it rented or live in it and it goes to my daughter sooner than later...

UDO January 25, 2016

Raymond, and you want to do that with Larry ? Larry telling you what to do with $ 600,000 ? Your kidding and you know or you are just dumb .

RT January 20, 2016

Still waiting for any declaration regarding the bottom in metal????

$1,000 gold January 20, 2016

i think you got it right, larry. mike larson has been hitting the nail on the head too. you guys keep up the good work. i'm a listener with both ears open.

$1000 gold January 21, 2016

and i've stuffed both feet down my throat and a have a long stick up my.... you get the picture

$1,000 gold January 20, 2016

i keep hearing oil is going to bottom and then head for $50/bbl. ya know, all through the 1990s we had flat oil prices at $20/bbl. we could have flat oil prices again. in fact, that's most likely. the supply is there.

Rob in California January 20, 2016

That doesn't mean there won't be short term fluctuations/rallies. Plus, once high-cost producers go out of business and the Middle East erupts in flames, oil could skyrocket. But I wouldn't recommend catching a falling knife; it rarely works out. Let's be patient and wait for a true bottom and a confirmed upturn.

Todd January 20, 2016

First deflation, then inflation. Deflation cycle now with debt defaults soon. Then inflation. You will know it when cycle reverses. Short the markets and cash now. When inflation, go long commodities and stocks. Could play out for years.

$1000 gold January 20, 2016

soon. soon. soooooon. lol. I be the cock that crows

$1,000 gold January 20, 2016

we'll all be crowing now that the money that once went to the saudis stays here in america. there pain is our gain.

Bonnie E January 20, 2016

1,000: This is not a jab. I am genuinely interested. You and Jim said you were buying stocks a few weeks ago...can't help but be curious...you still holding? ...adding more as it goes down? ...changed your mind and sold out? ...what's you guys' thinking at this point?

$1,000 gold January 20, 2016

i bought a ton of stocks. about 25% of my investment portfolio. i will hold them. i will not sell them. i most certainly will buy more before this correction is over, especially if the market goes lower.

$1,000 gold January 20, 2016

...i could have sold for break even at the 1881 s&p level this week, but i'm ok with being underwater at this time. the market always eventually returns, and i have plenty of time.

Bonnie E January 20, 2016

Thanks for sharing your thoughts

$1,000 gold January 20, 2016

you're welcome, bonnie.

$1,000 gold January 20, 2016

the bears are out in full force. i bought the s&p at a 20% discount. if i can get it at a 30%, 40%, or 50% discount, i'll buy even more. however, if the bulls were out right now telling us to buy, i would become the bear - as bearish as the people you see now.

$1,000 gold January 20, 2016

edelson is right, though. i'm fearful. not of a correction or recession, but of a depression. i never invest more than 50% of my portfolio. i will always keep at least 50% in cash in case i'm wrong.

Ron January 20, 2016

Larry , I get it, the deflation our dollar currency is going to destroy all currency by other nations. if this starts the response of banks to start printing money to pay their way out of debt , will this not cause hyperinflation? It looks like its starting to happen this morning with CNBC reporters making statements of confusion about oil dropping. Im still surprised that so many followers of the markets are still digging in there heals and pretending that the debt problems that only will cause more bond sales will only lead to more debt to be paid . Its a dream that never ends as long as you stay asleep. Wake up !

Clive Maund January 20, 2016

Hi Larry Maybe you've heard of me. I have a financial website www.clivemaund.com We cleaned up on the drop early this year. This was one of your best ever mails Larry - like your style - just wanted to tell you this. Best to you Clive

Al January 20, 2016

Let us start off with your quote regarding Euro countries. ..."All the chickens will start coming home to roost, when the citizens of those countries … and investors everywhere … realize that the Emperors of Western socialized countries — their leaders and governments — really do have no clothes." ... Based on this quote, you are perhaps suggesting that only the USA has it correct in terms of capitalism. I suggest that China, Saudi Arabia, and Russia are the demagogs. ... Whereas the Euro countries may have carried the "safety net" proposition too far, they are at least democracies. Elections are not rigged, and human rights are granted. ... On the other hand, China, Saudi Arabia, and Russia are dictatorships whereby average "citizens" are indeed persecuted and have no capitalist - economic power, nor do they have basic human rights. ... If the USA were to declare energy independence, we could kiss Saudi Arabia goodbye. If we were to rally around creating manufacturing jobs in the USA (or at least with our NAFTA partners and partnerships with our Euro allies), we could shut down China to some extent. As for Russia, I suggest instituting even harsher sanctions. If we were to follow such a path and if we were to solicit our Euro allies to do so as well, the populations of these depressed nations would rise above their dictatorial and/or autocratic regimes. Internally, they would gain improved economic status through improved human rights.

Rob in California January 20, 2016

You raise some good points. We should stop exporting our jobs and money to countries that do not respect human rights, thus propping up tyranny. China is proof that a rising standard of living has no effect on regime change to promote human rights. We have to break the free trade juggernaut of corrupt banks/corporations/politicians who benefit from present arrangements at the expense of the average American and the huddled masses around the world. Free trade is correct only between free peoples.

Chuck Burton January 20, 2016

Oil is nowhere near a bottom. Iran is going to be putting up to 2,000,000 more barrels per DAY on the market in the near future. They need to because of growing restlessness among their population that needs to be calmed with economic growth. Forget the dream of the U.S. becoming a big oil exporter. The banks are soon going to own most of the oil rights in this country and will cap the wells and wait for better times. They and the remaining oil companies are already doing so with the stripper wells that produce only a few barrels per day. The farmers and ranchers that depend on that royalty income had better go back to raising crops and critters for some time to come.

Rob in California January 20, 2016

We should ban the importation of foreign oil and restructure the debt in our oil industry. By doing this, we would stop sending our money to the Middle East where it supports terrorism, freeing ourselves from the need to meddle in the affairs of the region and saving us a lot of money otherwise spent on policing the world. We would also have a boom in well-paying jobs, improving our economy and tax base. The religious environmentalists would cry bloody murder, but the long-term effect on the environment would be virtually nonexistent. In reality, this wold be a win for everybody.

John Otter January 20, 2016

Before you buy this Milton Freeman argument, I suggest you read Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein. Do we really want a world ruled by the 0.1% richest and in which people are commodities?

Steve January 20, 2016

The World already is ruled by the top 0.1% and the people already ARE commodities.

jose vieira January 20, 2016

I used to have a farm, every time I went there the people in charge ask me "what did you bring me?" Ihardly brpught any thing from there so one day I said gentilmen this is it either you come up with something in exchange or else forget the "what did you bring me?" is over..I am getting the same feeling with your letters kind like subscribe subscribe ditto...as you say... no desrespect intended. as we say down here. " we dont see no meet for the bar--B-Q:: consider getting a not so confortable chair...take it from our side. respectfuly JLV

AL January 20, 2016

Larry, with oil crashing and Iran supply yet to hit the market, UCO options for April and UWTI have to turn around fast. Thoughts??

K R MAHAJAN January 20, 2016

When will be the bottom of Gold I.e. 1000 dollars

Rob in California January 20, 2016

Larry has been talking about $1,000 gold (or just under) as a possibility for a long time, but there is no way to time any market with any certainty. You can only understand the fundamental relationships within the marketplace to anticipate trends. Larry has said the bottom may already be in, or there could be another decline of around 10%. Let's put that into perspective: A short term loss of 10% prior to going into a new bull market is nothing, as long as you don't freak out and realize the loss by selling before the bull market takes place. On the other hand, the last time we entered a severe deflation gold slumped by about 20%. Other economists predicting severe deflation, like Harry Dent, are saying gold could go to $400 or lower. Harry looks at gold as a pure commodity (and commodities are tanking), while Larry recognizes the thousands of years that gold has been the very definition of money and safety (and the world is looking less and less safe). The overall trend that I think Harry might be missing is that the status quo and the ways of thinking that support it (including that gold is a pet rock) are going to be toppled by the coming global crisis. Plus there is the argument that gold has been going from weaker to stronger hands since 2011, so even if gold does lose value with the next downturn, it shouldn't lose anywhere close to what it lost in 2008/2009. Don't forget, increasingly desperate governments will be hunting down your cash, so more and more people will want to get their wealth off the grid and into precious metals. Finally, there is that argument that you shouldn't care if gold goes down to $400 since it is a form of diversification and an insurance policy against the insanity of the world in which we live.

Howard January 20, 2016

Four months, two weeks and three days at 1:30 est

Truth seeker January 21, 2016


Caryl McBride January 20, 2016

You recommend staying out of U.S. government debt. Why do you hold cash while waiting for a bottom in the markets?

H Jeglum January 20, 2016

That is one helluva question !

Rob in California January 20, 2016

To have a "war chest" that will let you buy high quality companies whose stock values will go up.

Peter D Smith January 20, 2016

I'm enjoying UVXY. How far down do you think the Dow will go. What is the inverse of UVXY

ian January 20, 2016

Im with you PETER BEEN HOLDING FRom $42

Bonnie E January 20, 2016

Peter: Inverse of UVXY is XIV. I don't know of any other. Am successfully trading these myself. One help I have found is to include the bollinger bands as an indicator on your charts, and let those kind of help guide you through. Also, I have noticed similar patterns in the charts, esp. in UVXY, and they recur over and over. So when it went up to 50.00 recently and then pulled back, I didn't despair...I knew it would be back up shortly. Today it went up to 59 before pulling back. Will probably seesaw in this area a bit, but I went ahead, sold UVXY and bought XIV. Hope this helps.

Ken January 20, 2016

I see you mention bonds as a bad idea? My 401k at work I took out of stocks and put 100% in bonds. They didn't give many options other then a couple options of stocks and bonds split. I figured with the stock market crashing the best option I had was bonds or take the money out and take the tax hit but have it in cash? With a 401kat work with those options what do you do. The option just said bonds. Have. No idea what kind. Know zero about stocks or bonds. Prefer cash, silver or gold.

D2 January 21, 2016

Ken, you can rollover your 401(k) to a self directed IRA account with no penalties. I did this years ago. That way you can get into a much more diverse field of stocks, bonds, whatever. I did it for the same reason as you...my company 401(k) had very limited choices.

We are all doomed. January 20, 2016

We are all doomed, the sky is falling, soon sun flares will wipe out all electricity in the world, North Korea will a-bomb California and ISIS will land troops in New York heading to loot Wall Street. Ebola will take care of any survivors. My advice? Buy a house near Walmart- Walmart will survive it all.

Johnny January 20, 2016

I tried buying some Silver Eagle coins yesterday. It was a madhouse. I could barely hear the guy on the other end of the line it was so loud. He said that their phones were ringing off the hook. Were people buying trying to get some of the first coins off of the presses? Or because they felt the bottom was dropping out of everything they have their money in?

D2 January 21, 2016

Give Melanie Cedarstrom a call at Discount Gold and Silver Trading Co. @ 1-800-375-4188 (she's in Pennsylvania). I got mine from her. She's a great lady.

Johnny January 20, 2016

One more thing to add. Boris and Natasha (or is it Kathy?) say buying and selling currencies is the only way to go. Larry says to avoid currencies completely. Who do you believe is correct?

Rob in California January 20, 2016

They both are correct. Larry makes it pretty clear that we should be in U.S. dollars and stocks right now as foreign money seeks refuge in U.S. investments. This is because foreign economies are likely to crash before America's. He also wants us to have a "war chest" of cash built up so we can buy great companies that will not go belly up when there is blood in the streets, and we'll get them for pennies on the dollar. Boris and Kathy are saying that currency trades in pairs, so there is always one currency weakening against another. Smart currency trading is a safe way to make money even when other investments like stocks and bonds are going down the drain. These are two completely different strategies that can both work at the same time.

H Jeglum January 20, 2016

God knows .......

151 January 20, 2016

Seems the Crash is ON. President Obama will not wiggle out of this one. His legacy will now include a new middle name: Herbert.

Phyllis A Jean January 20, 2016

I hear the same thing, put your money in cash? Where, in your house, in the car, safe deposit box??? If the bank closes, what happens then? How about laddering CD's? Any good suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Phyllis A Jean January 20, 2016

I think my questions were erased. Every business says put your money in cash. Where, in the house, the car, bury it, safe deposit box?? If the bank closes, what happens to my cash? How about laddering CDs? Are they safe? Any good suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

usgroupie January 20, 2016

Listen to Larry! His Supercycle stocks recommended a few months ago is down 4% today. He also recommended IAG last year along with several other miners, and they all are down substantially (50%+). Larry and his Wisdom cohorts run a Barnum & Bailey operation ... there's a sucker born every minute. I love to read his BS for a chuckle. I'll bet this gets scrubbed from postng. LOL.

C Tyner January 20, 2016

Do you know what the word cycle even means?

Russ January 20, 2016

As Low as Dow 13,900? Thats' only 1,500 down from today. Not Very much in this market. If you aren't buying today why Would you buy at 13,900 which Could be this week? Larry says the low be in March or April.

Bobbie January 20, 2016

The Order link on your Free Report is broken. Says page not found...check URL

Paul January 20, 2016

When Iran starts taking out Saudi oil fields, price of oil will explode, this can and will probably happen and soon.

$1,000 gold January 20, 2016

they could also have a meeting, kiss and make up, and raise the price of oil by lowering suppy. just talking about it could make a difference.

Rita January 20, 2016

Larry... Is oil a major component weighing on the S&P index ? Also, is there an etf for oil for when it finally reverses ? Thank you.

Bonnie E January 20, 2016

Rita: check out ERX vs ERY, UCO vs SCO, DIG vs DUG, UGAZ vs DGAZ, and also BOIL vs KOLD Personally, I've been noticing Chesapeake Energy, CHK, lately and also the Williams Co, WMB (they, WMB, have recently been bought -or merged- so I'm not sure if they'll continue to trade as an independent name...??) I don't think it's time to buy yet, but I've started keeping an eye on them. Hope that helps.

C Tyner January 20, 2016

Larry, Thanks for your insights I/we really appreciate this wonderful moment that was almost preordained for your gifts. You promised us your best. You can't ask any more from a person. As a 65 year old person with 3 yrs of trying to learn as much as I could about finance ( mostly feeling like I was going backwards) I found your info and feel someone really wants to give back and help. Thank you so much for giving me some hope. Thanks Again, CATyner

Elwyn Jones January 21, 2016

You'll like this: I've decided to take some advice; and switch my pension fund out or far-east equities and emerging markets, and into corporate bods. - Only problem, I now discover it takes my pension fund two weeks to execute an order! - What can happen in two weeks?

B MacKenzie January 21, 2016

When might we expect to see the Dow 31,000 prediction? So far this year sovereign funds have only pulled money out of the market. Europe still has it's overwhelming issues to be sure however in what time frame could we expect to see a flee to safety implemented?

Geo January 21, 2016

Fear mongering is what the Weiss team specializes in. "You must subscribe to our service or you will lose all your money! The stock market is crashing but we will protect you. Subscribe Subscribe Subscribe!!!." Edelson's record is mixed. "Gold is in a bear market" RIGHT "Stock market will experience a correction" He's been predicting that for 2 years so sooner or later he was bound to be SORT OF RIGHT. "China not a problem" WRONG "Gold will bottom in 2014" WRONG "Gold will bottom in 2015" WRONG "Gold will bottom in Jan 2016 "the latest" WRONG FCX down 40%+ He's been stringing along his subscribers with predictions of an imminent bottom in gold for years but sooner or later he will be right probably in the next few months.

Geo January 21, 2016

You haven't factored in the muslim invasion (sorry, immigration) of Europe. Already it's causing social disruption. The once peaceful country of Sweden with one of the lowest crime rates is the rape capital of Europe now due to the muslim "immigrants" who are now demanding jobs and food and housing because it's "their right". Muslims are not interested in assimilating; they're interested in taking over as many of them readily admit. http://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/5195/sweden-rape

Robert Molinari January 22, 2016

Larry, I think you are a very intelligent person, and I should have listen to more of your comments, but I listened and invested into what the Weiss Research Inc. information provided about 1 1/2 to two years ago, and lost a considerable amount of money. I agree that our country is facing some very strong headwinds, probably a category 5 Hurricane, but everyone is coming out with different ways to prosper in these trying times. One person is saying, don't keep your money in the bank or stocks, another says that the way to invest is in currency wars, another has oil, or also Gold? If the times were different, I would have liked to find out what Mr. Edward Casey would have had to say.

Robert Molinari January 22, 2016

See previous comments. Thanks

Michael January 23, 2016

I agree Geo. I was one of Larry's subscribers when he said "buy oil stocks". I did my ars*

Paul January 23, 2016

Keep a years reserve in cash and get out of risky high P/E stocks in certain sectors than close your eyes and let it ride.

Wm.Gammon January 23, 2016

I'm age 83. I have no debts but far too much money rotting away in banks. With Nancy . P. declaring that ownershi0 of private property is unfair to the poor and with the disaster of Cypress just behind us, what might our own U.S. government do overnight to my savings? Yes, I've read elsewhere that both of our key liberal parties have plans to simply and legally confiscate much of it eliminating entirely our middle class. Thoughts? bill

theodore cole January 23, 2016

Mr. Gammon, Put half of you cash in silver now. Have in a verifible form (not paper) and hold on. As long as you do not sell with more downside, you cannot lose!