What Rising Social Anxiety and Record Gun Sales Tell Us

If you’ve been following my work for any period of time, then you know that starting way back in late 2012 I forecast a period of rising social unrest, domestically and internationally. You also know that the forecast has come true. Consider …

Bullet17 consecutive months of increased gun sales, with September breaking the November 1998 record.

BulletBased on the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS), almost 2 million guns were sold in September alone – bringing the 2016 year-to-date total to 19.8 million.

BulletThe Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives estimates 9.05 million firearms manufactured in the U.S. last year.

But it’s not just guns that are seeing record demand, so is ammunition.

Bulk purchases of ammunition are on the rise because of the possibility that 2017 could find ammo more expensive and harder to get.

Perhaps that’s why Israeli ammunition sales to U.S. gun owners in 2015 rose by nearly 1,000% from the year before.

Social unrest is also lifting demand for safes. This has been the case in Japan and across the eurozone due to negative interest rates in those countries – and now it’s ramping up in the U.S. as well.

Indeed, one U.S. based gun-safe manufacturer in Waterloo, Iowa indicated a one-year backlog for their safes over the last 2.5 to three years. Manufacturers note a reason for the increased demand is largely due to the fact that people are using them as a personal security closet.

Bottom line: This all goes hand in glove with the cycles of social and political unrest that have been building steadily for years now. Sadly, it also reflects the ramping up of war cycles around the world as I have been pointing out for some time.

My Artificial Intelligence modeling points to a period of economic upheaval rivaling the Great Depression directly ahead.

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Best wishes, and stay safe …


Larry Edelson, one of the world’s foremost experts on gold and precious metals, is the editor of Real Wealth Report and Supercycle Trader. Larry has called the ups and downs in the gold market time and again. As a result, he is often called upon by the media for his investing views. Larry has been featured on Bloomberg, Reuters and CNBC as well as The New York Times and New York Sun.

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Morris Jesion October 28, 2016

Are we {RWR people} to buy gold/silver stocks now? Gold closed very near $1275. Thanks. Morris

David October 28, 2016

Hi Larry, I've sent comments/questions in the past, but I never get a response. How about this time... I do recall you mentioning to "Back up the trucks" and buy gold a few years ago, only to take a hit to my portfolio for a few years. I only recently regained the losses. I don't ever see you mention when you are wrong. How about a little full disclosure instead of merely mentioning the times when you may have been correct. Full disclosure, Larry. Come on now. And, I'd like to know what your thoughts are on IAM (IAG Gold). Thanks Larry.

jay October 28, 2016

Hello Larry Au Closed at 1275 spot and Dec at 1285..... now what? Appreciate all your wisdom.

Jerry October 28, 2016

Larry, Your rhetoric concerning gun manufacturing and sales is interesting. However, I take exception with the "why" sales are up. In my opinion sales have increased because potential gun owners believe Amendment 2 is, and will, be subject to a restrictive clause or change regarding the who and how one can qualify to own a gun. I do not believe public fear of an internal uprising to be the force driving ownership. We who live in the United States are largely supportive of our way of life and when push comes to shove, will help one another to deal with any crises that threatens our families. "We the people" will stand together for a common good....always!

Mike October 31, 2016

Right you are, Jerry!

Robert October 31, 2016

I agree. But, when the entire electrical grid disappears and food is gone 99% of city dewelllers will go crazy. That is why 9 out 10 will be dead within one year.

Mark November 1, 2016

So wise, yet so true. I agree with you 100% and people don't see it.

Gary October 28, 2016

How are the market going to 31000 with all these upheavals ahead.

Loretta siani October 28, 2016

Its likely the result of the perceived threat of the government to take away our 2nd amendment rights.

Dave October 28, 2016

Another reason for the increased demand for safes is that the g0vernment considers people who have safe deposit boxes at banks to be money launderers. They are under increased surveillance, and it is one of the first places g0vernment will go to confiscate assets, because they can freeze bank accounts at any time with the push of a computer button, but they have to beat the people to the boxes before the contents are removed.

LEON DEES October 28, 2016


Dave November 2, 2016

Leon You are so right, We need a complete overhaul of government including abolishing the electoral college and establishing term limits for congress

Eagle495 October 28, 2016

Reminds me of thescreams fro the Republicans that FDR was a Communist who was going to destroy America from 1932 forward and Red Scare brought by another Republican called Joe McCarthy in the 1950's..... Those turned out to be crap, just as this one will eventually when the idiots finally begin looking at the facts!.... :(

Randy October 29, 2016

Please don't tell me Hillary is the next FDR. Lets not go there. We all know she's just another political hack applying for a job she's not qualified to do. She should retire from politics, and go back to Arkansas.

HAWK5000 October 29, 2016

what facts eagle495 the fact that hitlery clinton lied about well just about everything the fact that after she was subpoenaed to provide her server she had it professionally bleached to hide evidence that would indite her or the biggest lie that she did'nt know THAT A ( C ) meant highly classified material after working as a senator a wife of a president of the united states and being in charge of the state department so with 20+ yrs under her belt working with classified documents she has got to be the stupidist person on the planet. and just who are you calling idiots here eagle495 most people here see through the clintons B/S machine except for the few low I.Q. voters who are all libtarded

Eagle495 October 31, 2016

With you two, I rest my case....

F151 October 28, 2016

"My Artificial Intelligence modeling points to a period of economic upheaval rivaling the Great Depression directly ahead." I don't doubt it. Once this market finally peaks (the last wave seems to be either in place or coming soon)....the decline will be intense.

Eagle495 October 29, 2016

ALL of Americ'a Stock Market Crashes and Depressions have happened during Conservative Administrations after long periods of Conservative domination... The most recent crashes were 1929 (Hoover) and 2007 (Cheney/bush)... And ALL the recoveries happened when Liberal Progressive Administrations were elected.... The most recent were FDR in 1932 and Obama in 2009...

Mike October 31, 2016

Obama artificially recovered the economy by borrowing tens of trillions, creating more national debt than all past presidents combined. This will have horrific consequences.

dennis November 1, 2016

Mike, you are correct!

dennis November 1, 2016

You live in a fairy tale land! Tell me one thing good Obama has done and I'll give you 100 things he's done wrong!

jim moore October 28, 2016

Get rid of George Soros and that would eliminate many of our societal troubles here in the US...Also, Political corruption is at its highest levels at the State and Federal levels. Wikileaks along with the PODESTA emails are very disturbing to most people that understand where we are at as a nation. It also concerns me that Russians are blamed and the politicians never mention the damning information in the email. Morals start from the top...if they can get away with it then why not us...right? We are in real trouble...pray that this country does not go to war soon, here and abroad.

Randy October 29, 2016

I agree, and to me, it seems like some in power have already chosen the path to war, seemingly as a way to get out of the situation we are in, and to cover up some of the transgression this administration endeavors. Fast and Furious was the first most ignorant scheme they conceived. Do you think we heard of every scheme? What else is out there waiting to blow up in our face. The Iran deal is the one I secret deal I can't wait to see unfold. It's just been one stupid move after another with this administration. They promise the moon and deliver a sack of garbage. And we thought Jimmy Carter was awful. From Carter to Reagan, that was great. Maybe we can go from Obama to 180 degrees the other direction.

Charles Martens November 7, 2016

Let Carter to Reagan be the template to for our future.

James Jones October 28, 2016

For the first time in my life (and I'm 72 years old), the country is more divided than at any time since the Civil War. Many pundits have noted this, of course. If Hillary Clinton is elected, which seems almost certain at this point, she will appoint activist judges who will vote to dismantle and reinterpret the Second Amendment so it applies only to police and the military, and an ill-advised attempt at gun confiscation will naturally follow. I believe this will lead inevitably to the first "shooting rebellion" in over 150 years--and the rebels will in many cases be better armed than the Federal troops sent to quell them--plus many of the Federal troops may switch sides and become rebels themselves. Most American soldiers are solidly pro-Second Amendment, many are members of the NRA, and their joining the rebel cause, with their tanks, armored personnel carriers, helicopters, and air power could present a huge obstacle to those who would enslave the entire populace to their agenda. Thomas Jefferson said famously, "The roots of the liberty tree must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots." Those who support gun rights are aware that "The armed man is a citizen; the unarmed man is a slave." I hope and pray for better for our country, but I foresee a huge conflict, one that will make the Civil War pale by comparison, when those who presume they know more about what we need than we do try to impose their will on us, and make us slaves of the establishment's political correctness. They'd better be prepared for a really big fight. And those who support the Second Amendment almost by definition shoot much better than those who would, at the greatest peril our country has ever faced, attempt to dismantle it.

Randy October 29, 2016

Well said James Jones! That's a great note.

Charles Martens November 7, 2016

Strongly agree.

James October 28, 2016

What about collateralised debt obligations and the sub prime mortgage crisis? Did the collapse of Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac really start the financial crisis in 2008?

steven October 28, 2016

I have a word for it Larry, impending anarchy. Batten down the hatches me hearties we be in for some interesting times.

ian October 28, 2016

Hi Larry,bought 500 UVXY at 10.30 @14.62 from then on watched it dive,God I thought Ive blown it,ready to commit suicide(you know what I mean) it can only happen to me,was ready to make a stop.Popped out for 1/2 hour,Thank God for Clinton and FBI,everything is sweet and rosie,it was close.Happy Chappie

Stuart .H. October 28, 2016

Yes Larry, your spot on with every detail, I'm not surprised at your every comment I can see it all around me. But most of my Australian friends (and community) are sound asleep to my similar warnings, they will be caught empty handed when the nearby disaster strikes. I think it will be triggered by the US election fiasco at any moment, Obama will call martial law then ensuing total civil anarchy will follow. Essentials, food and arms will sell out overnight, this will escalate instantly around the western world. This next depression will make the 1932 event look like a "garden tea party", we are living in an age of unprecedented digital pretend money and debt that will collapse completely very soon (before X/mas). Thanks for your newsletter information over the years, regards Stuart H.

Becky Borgman October 29, 2016

I don't disagree with you that the world is headed in the direction of anarchy and that guns will be used when that time comes. However, I disagree with you as to the cause for the increased gun sales in the US. Each and every time the current administration and the left screams for gun control, people go out in large numbers and purchase guns. People realize that the direction we are headed will ultimately lead to gun confiscation and gun control. The increased gun sales is a way of demonstrating that the government dare not tread on our right to bear arms.

Lawrence Muhr November 2, 2016

I believe that guns may be a great way of investing. It seems that the price of guns has gone up faster that the price of silver and gold. Part of the reason may be self-protection but part may be as a trade or sale item. I include ammunition in this theory.

Charles Martens November 7, 2016

People buying guns and ammo is not social unrest. It is preparation. People using them against the government or rioters is social unrest. People buying safes is not social unrest. It is caused by negative and low interest rates as well as not trusting the banks or the Feds. Safe sales are skyrocketing in Japan where I believe the people have few,if any guns. Your prediction of social unrest could happen, but SOCIAL UNREST HASN'T HAPPENED YET.