More of what you really want …

I’m writing to you this afternoon because I consider you one of my most loyal friends, and I want to help you and your family get through the very tough years ahead for our country and the world.

The toughest years since the Great Depression, and it’s just getting started.

The best way for me to do that, to help you, is to better understand your views, goals, fears and hopes. And to communicate with you more frequently here at Money and Markets.

After all, the world is becoming a very dangerous place. Moreover, for ourselves, our families and our wealth, the threat level is rising rapidly, day by day.

Everywhere we look, we see rising tensions between nations … new cold wars … savage shooting wars … horrific atrocities … and even civil discontent and the threat of a new wave of terrorism right here in America.

The investment picture is no less unsettling: Despite everything, Europe is crumbling. The Middle East is having its first financial crisis ever. Asia has slowed (even though it remains a bright spot).

Yet we’re seeing sky-high stock and bond prices. And now, the Fed is backed into a corner, having trouble raising interest rates, and even thinking about bringing them into negative territory — just like Europe has — should our country stumble into another recession …

Which in reality, we are already in. In fact, our country may soon be sliding into depression.

So what is the best way for me to help you? It’s to reach out to you more.

It’s to bring you the skills and information you need to truly understand what is happening in the world. And to give you some of the most reliable, accurate macro-economic forecasts you will find on the planet …

Via my Artificial Intelligence models (AI) and neural net (NN) software that analyzes market and economic data going back hundreds — and in some cases — even thousands of years.

It’s all designed to bring you what the macro-economic cycles are saying. The big swings in the economy that become defining moments in history.

I use my AI and NN models to combine some of the most important proven macro-cycles that already wave through the economy. The Kondratieff Wave. The Kitchin Cycle. The Juglar Cycle. The Kuznets Cycle. The War Cycles. The Schumpeterian Cycle. The Armstrong Economic Confidence Model. And more.

I call it “The Edelson Wave” — for its unique amalgamation of other major cycles, a method that puts them all together to help us all determine the major points in time in the future that will affect us all.

You’re familiar with some of that work already, and how successful it’s been via my free Wednesday morning column here at Money and Markets — the most widely read daily column at Weiss Research.

Which brings me right to my main point:

Effective Today, You Will Now Hear From
Me a Total of Four Times a Week!

You’ll hear from me — as usual — each and every Wednesday morning. And effective TODAY, you will also hear from me Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons.

That’s right: I’ll give you my insights here at Money and Markets four times a week.

Like I’ve done here before, I’ll help you separate the wheat from the chaff, bust through all the myths out there and confused views you get from all the talking heads on TV …

And even from the high-tooting Ph.D. economists who can’t really see the forest from the trees and have missed every major turning point and financial crisis of the last 40 years.

The Edelson Wave is your answer. It’s scientifically timed profits made easy. By getting the most difficult aspect of investing — timing — down to a science.

So get ready. I’m prepared to help you more than ever before. It is my legacy and honor to do so.

Best wishes,


Larry Edelson, one of the world’s foremost experts on gold and precious metals, is the editor of Real Wealth Report and Supercycle Trader. Larry has called the ups and downs in the gold market time and again. As a result, he is often called upon by the media for his investing views. Larry has been featured on Bloomberg, Reuters and CNBC as well as The New York Times and New York Sun.

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Otis October 3, 2016

great i appreciate your insights

art October 4, 2016

Larry, Integrity and heartfelt honesty reside solidly above the echoes of self interest. Thank you.

David Hooker October 3, 2016

Larry, are we on target for the October slump in PM's? Like most I'm ready to pounce, just not sure of the timing.

William Henderson October 3, 2016

Thank you Larry. We are getting as much cash on hand to be ready when you so go. William

Charles A Caton, MD October 3, 2016

Thank you Larry. There are many loud voices and big promises being marketed these days. I will be pleased to receive your experienced insight.

Randy October 3, 2016

It is next to impossible to navigate the ever changing financial waters. With so much to read and digest, your articles are a rudder to my decisions. Please continue to reveal the underpinnings of the propaganda being fed to the masses which uses bubble talk as guideposts.

Marvin Dziabis October 3, 2016

Thank you!

Marvin Dziabis October 3, 2016

Thank You.!

Charles A Caton, MD October 3, 2016

Thank you Larry. I will appreciate your opinion.

Rick October 3, 2016

Some months ago you mentioned very briefly the possibility of subscribers having access to a simplified version of your neural net model in the future. Do have an updated thoughts on this subject. Thank you.

Navaz Murji October 3, 2016

Good Afternoon Larry: I understand your sentiment. The only issue I have is I have lost a significant amount of money on major trends on Euro and Precious Metals. Now sure if you understand the predicament many of your readers are in.

Carole October 4, 2016

Thanks Larry. I'm believing this profit is going to happen and I'm still comfortable but I've lost lots of money and it doesn't even count the subscription costs, yet I still believe we can make it all back. You above all people know what is happening and I feel best that you can help us. But I cannot take another 12 months of a losing streak like this last year. We are semi retired and pushing the envelope to keep working. My husband's company closed and he lost his retirement. My making money with you is mandatory. But I'm still counting on you. And thank you as always for your honesty and integrity. Carole

Rico Suave October 8, 2016

You cant place all your eggs in Larrys basket. Dont get me wrong, hes intelligent as hell but any smart person arms themselves with a team of Larrys (i.e. other economists). You listen to everybody smart, read lots of books, read articles, read comnents, research stocks with High ROIC, high ROE low debt good earnings, buy and hold and buy more on the dips. When rates go up its going to be a firesale on stocks and metals. Like a game of hop scotch you have to know when to jump in and when to jump out. Its your money, educate yourself or suffer the consequences.

Professsor James October 17, 2016

...and just like Hop Scotch you could be out of the game with one small step! Let us understand something about today's markets. They are run by computer programs, algorithms, traders ready to pounce on information running across screens, who have thousands of dollars to commit at a moment's notice. And while we're at it, let us not forget the lowly day traders who will also jump in with a "follow the herd" mentality, as soon as they spot what they think is a "trend". I pity the poor investor who thinks they can jump in & jump out when the kettle starts to boil. The carnage from the next wipeout will be enormous. Like nothing we have ever seen in our lifetime. We have not seen runs on the banks or "bank holidays' when you can't get your money, but its coming my friends...its coming.

Emil Fischer October 3, 2016

Looking forward to your messages. Thanks, Emil

Larry K October 3, 2016

I have been waiting until October to buy more metals, do you still believe we will see the bottom in metals in October?

Kevin Hyatt October 3, 2016

Excellent insight as always.

Kerry Dunn October 3, 2016

Larry. thanks for your support , we all need it . Thanks again regards . Kerry

Stephen Safran October 3, 2016

Larry- Was today's drop in the precious metals market what you expected as part of the correction? How much lower do you expect it to go and about when will this phase be over? Steve

Dan October 3, 2016

Looking forward to some good comments

Louis Rigano October 3, 2016

Thank you Larry! You have not always been correct in the past, however you have been right enough that I highly value your comments, particularly in these trying times. Keep up the good work. Just wanted you to know that you are the only analyst that I listen to. Thanks again.

Dr.Jack K. Chastain October 3, 2016

Larry: This reads quite good. I shall anxiously await your communique'. Thanks. Dr.Jack

Clyde Nodges October 3, 2016

Dear Larry: I would like to know your view on Mr. Schiff's " Goldmoney "? Thank you.

Rog October 3, 2016

Hi LARRY, I believe you said gold will turn upwards Oct 5th. All my gold/silver stocks are still shooting south and it worries me!

Hobart October 3, 2016

Larry, Thanks for all you do. I consider you and Martin Armstrong to be only reliable market gurus. I am not much of an analyst but it appears to me that both gold and silver have broken under their uptrand lines. Is this the weakness that you have been looking for and how long do you expect it to last? Regards, Hobart

John October 3, 2016

Good stuff Larry. I value your perspective.

Rick Hyde October 3, 2016

Larry Need to know what you think I should do about the fact I have quite a bit of money in savings account at the bank should I leave it or take out and have cash at home or what ?

Aidan October 3, 2016

Larry thankyou for your words of wisdom and guidance. Looking forward to more of the same

Steve October 3, 2016

Larry, You seem to know a lot about cycles and waves. There was a Romanian wave theorist that preceded Kondratieff. I forget his name, but he is occasionally referred to, although probably considered obscure. It's bugging me... Do you know his name? Thanks, Steve

Roy October 3, 2016

Delighted to hear this announcement Larry.. as a subscriber to one of your services & a European I can see the accuracy of your calls & things seem to be heating up on every front right now be it economic, political, wars etc. so this is great timing.. very grateful.

Norval Prakash October 3, 2016

Very good idea ! Look forward to your comments and analysis.

Judith Rupinski October 3, 2016

Hi Larry, Love reading your predictions and recommendations. Although I cannot take advantage of everything, I do use your insights to help make financial decisions. I have noticed something striking and a bit odd, some would say, but I also dabble in astrology (not the silly "newspaper horoscope" stuff). Right now we are in a Pluto (planet of death and destruction, the underworld and transformation, phoenix like) in the sign of Capricorn (the sign of government, bureaucracies; it governs authority). So right now, according to astrology we are in a period (from roughly 2008 to 2024) of increasing control over the people by government and were are now at the stage leading to destruction of governments and authority. Hmmm, sound a lot like your wave predictions? This is a very lightly sketched description of what is going on astrologically. The last time this happened it led to the American Revolution against George III. The worst part is what is coming. Pluto in Aquarius (roughly 2024 to 2043). The last time Pluto was in Aquarius, the US actually fought the Revolution and the French Revolution occurred. Find a really competent astrologer and have some fun overlaying your waves on top of the Pluto cycles. You may find this interesting.

John Capece October 3, 2016

Larry, I am glad you decided to write 4x's a week. I look forward to getting your take on events going on I the world today; as rapidly as they can change I believe the idea is a good one given the times we live in. I am looking forward to reading your commentary and recommendations in the future. John Capece

Where do you think gold will bottom? October 3, 2016

Larry, You expect gold to bottom soon. At what price do you think it will bottom? I hold some mining stocks with hedges on

Leslie Watson October 3, 2016

Mr. Edelson, I have found your observations to be very succinct & spot on! Much of what has happened has fallen within the parameters of you AI charts. NICE! Wish I would have followed you sooner. My problem was (and probably still is) wanting to hit the HOME RUN… to go for it ALL! But now, I will take a single… double or a 'walk' to get on base! BE BLESSED and keep on 'reading the markets'.

Lynn Revak October 3, 2016

Larry, I hope this isn't another $49 special. I already subscribe to 2 of your publications and am getting a little tired of your many "offers". i subscribe to Stansbury and they are the worst in the business. Please don't adopt his methods.

Rene Clement October 3, 2016

Larry Love reading your newsletter and delighted that you are increasing the frequency. I live in Canada and don't have a whole lot of USD to invest. Hopefully you will be recommending gold and silver stocks that are also listed on the TSX. Looking forward to your guidance to protect and grow my limited assets Thank you

Steve Heil October 3, 2016

Thanks Larry! Take care!

Leon October 3, 2016

Go get em Larry!

Tom manz October 3, 2016

Looking forward to your info on a more regular basis. Your model has been off somewhat for a good part of this year, but i am a believer that you will get to the bottom of the issues that confront us ahead. I believe your skills at picking resource stocks when the bottom is in will generate wonderful returns in time. Thanks

Thomas Gardner October 3, 2016

Thank You Mr Edelson! We who have worked hard our whole life and are not prepared for retirement, really need your help! Looking forward to the Edelson Wave!

Dennis October 3, 2016

Thank you. I rely on your persona,your knowledge, etc.. someone has to lead. Others will follow. Be ahead of the curve. Dennis

Arne Hansen+ October 3, 2016

Thank you Larry. I am a regular reader of your emails and enjoy them. I think I am pretty well prepared for the oncoming problems. I have seen it coming for a long time and have a substantial part of my holdings in gold and silver. I started it a long time ago to accumulate it. It gives me the satisfaction of knowing that part of my holdings are secure. My concern is that the prices of the commodities are held down artificially and wonder if they will come up to current value when the unraveling starts. I will be watching the happenings coming. Keep up the good work.

Larry Howe October 3, 2016

Looking forward to the increased frequency. thanks very much!!!!

peter nitzschke October 3, 2016

I am looking forward to your summaries. However, what I don't want is outrages commentary about the end of the world, but rather factual analysis and , yes, cautions, when appropriate. Peter

John Davis October 3, 2016

Hi Larry, Thank you for the advice and guidance. Just about all the investment advice coming out concentrates on currency, stocks, bonds, etc. But I have most my investment capital in residential income property (ie. apartment buildings). Having a view point on this would be helpful. Thank you, John D.

john bridge October 3, 2016

Larry -- This is great news. I think you and your models provide great insights and I follow your commentaries very closely. As you say, things are getting really complicated out there, so I want to ask you a general question that has been on my mind for months (maybe years). I don' think interest rates are going to rise in the U.S., because the federal govt cannot afford it with xx trillion in debt. Seems to me they will keep them down artificially through continued false statistics, money printing and quantitative easing. What happens when interest rates remain down and inflation goes sky high? How do we protect ourselves?

Charles A. Sloan October 3, 2016

Larry, Obviously, you are a very bright fellow. Although I'm a relatively modest investor, I try to follow your views/recommendations as best I can. Thank you, Charles A. Sloan

Chuck Burton October 3, 2016

I hope this doesn't mean Mike Larson's role is being diminished. I like Larry, but I like Mike as well. They compliment one another, with Mike showing the way in the financial markets, while Larry covers precious metals and the big picture. They both provide valuable service.

$1,000 gold October 4, 2016

i agree, chuck. let's hope larson keeps going too.

Bill czlabresr October 3, 2016

Thank You

LeeAnn October 3, 2016

Receiving this news today, was liken to receiving a Christmas present. Thank you for taking the extra time to supplement our weeks, with much needed information from your work table. I always appreciate your candor and direct approach. Thank you for all that you do.

Steve Toldi October 3, 2016

Dear Larry I ' have been listing and watching your recomendation like the prophet yelling on the roof top, You have a major impact on my investment decisions belive me. You one of the best out their ! I will be signing up to your recomended news letter. Thank you. Steve Toldi

John Christensen October 3, 2016

Thanks Larry, I live close (in THE ISLAND at PGA National) I think your office is near by. I appreciate your help. John

Peter Morgan October 3, 2016

Why aren't the reports you offer new subscribers, when they sign up for Real Wealth in your Reports/Special Reports, available to existing subscribers of Real Wealth ?

John October 4, 2016

Peter: I had the same concerns however, I spoke with a lady at Weiss and she told me that the special reports are in the RWR web site - I found them under Reports - hope this helps. John

Fred Kay October 3, 2016

That's very welcome news Larry. We need all the help we can get.

ron October 3, 2016

Awesome! Bring it on Larry.

Ben October 3, 2016

Larry, When can we expect the fall in Gold and the entry point in the market. I'm playing around with some little miners, but I've been losing several hundred dollars a week for the last several months now. Any answer?? Thanks

Evelyn Carpenter. October 3, 2016

Thanks, Larry! I read every word you send my way because you make sense of all the chatter out there with your cycles and your experience! The more the Better! Sure does help making decisions!

Leroy October 3, 2016

I am in all cash (except for 15% physical gold) due to the bad market conditions. How can I place American dollars in hard assets that I can use to survive a hard crash of our monetary system/depression?

Rainer Deichmann October 3, 2016

Hi Larry, I am looking very much forward to your emails. Thanks and keep up your good word! Best regards, Rainer

Stan Trcka October 3, 2016

Larry, I have read many of your articles (each Wednesday) including your bio on the Weiss homepage. I would be lying if I said it is not impressive. What might interest some people (myself included) would be to get a "inside" look at your best performing news letter. I've taken some of the graphs you included in your last email's (Money and Markets) and am using your AI graph line to compare to the actual DOW performance, interesting stuff! I would be very curious to see some of your buy recommendations along with the buy dates.

rex willard October 3, 2016

mr edelson; I don't have a lot of money but I have friends that do and I have told everyone of them about your news letter . I have been reading your reports for some time and bought the etf u recommended when gold was in the $1800 range. so far you have been 100% accurate and that speaks volumes in a market that is complicated to average folks like us. in any case thank you respectfully rex willard

mitch October 3, 2016

Larry, right on! I believe things are coming to a climax in the near future and your insight is spot on and to the point. You AI model has been spot on and I look forward to your expertise on a more frequent basis. I am ready to make some more money. Let's roll!

Edward willhoyt October 3, 2016

Your additional weekly views and advice couldn't come at a better moment in time. Things are starting to move rapidly. Thank you, Edd

Steve Ralston October 3, 2016

Thanks Larry!

Tim Kuntz October 3, 2016

Thanks Larry for your sincere interest in helping us get over the many hurdles that are sure to be put in our way in the weeks and months ahead. I always enjoy your insights. Keep up the good work. Tim

James October 3, 2016

Excellent and lookin forward to your thoughts

Wayne October 3, 2016

I'm sideline with cash waiting to get back into miners. Is good time coming or is now or Waite until late Oct.

Ellie Bussi October 3, 2016

That's really great Larry. I appreciate it and could use all the help I can get. :)

Bill Winder October 3, 2016

Are you going to give actual actionable specific recommendations or just general market commentary? Thanks Bill

JoAnn Schneiderman October 3, 2016

Hi Larry, I so appreciate the service you provide. Unfortunately, I am new to trading, close to retirement, and trying to build my IRA funds in this market and economic chaos. I am a subscriber to Real Wealth and Gold Mining Millionaire. Some of my biggest concerns are maintaining what I have while growing my money, which broker and which bank won't go belly up in the next storm, and where can I keep my IRA's out of Uncle Sam's reach? I am just a small town "down on the farm" kind of gal. John Kennedy had a saying on his desk, "Lord, your ocean is so big and my boat is so small." That's exactly how I feel. God bless you and your family.

Bill October 3, 2016

Larry, just want to say thanks, for all your good work. Bill

Tom Burnett October 3, 2016

I do follow you and respect your judgments ; however , with respect to Gold , you seem to vacillate from time to time - now you predict a big downdraft in gold prices and if it hits 1150 , load up as it's going to 1500 - well , I loaded up with GGN which pays 13% while holding and it's bucked the market so far - don't want the hard stuff because I don't understand the handling process - I'm just an average Joe who is hell bent a portfolio of one million bucks - at present , GGN is my only holding and I'm 70 % in cash - please give me some direction -

William Reader October 3, 2016

Question: What could explain the GIANT Increase in Volume in the last 2 Months on the Chart for Gold-Electronic? (Big Charts) How could Volume increase so much with New Buying being met by New Selling (Supply = Demand) SO That the Price has stayed in a narrow CHANNEL? Of descending Tops & Gdx & Gdxj have made Head & Shoulders Tops!? I am Betting YOU are Right & Gold is headed DOWN!

Terry October 3, 2016

I am looking forward to reading your newsletters.

Steve Workman October 3, 2016

Larry, That's great! Really looking forward to hearing from you much more often. Thanks.

don kimmet October 3, 2016

I have made decisions based on your advice wwhy change

Richard Burka October 3, 2016

I checked with my current broker platform and was told can't do the other markets, Canada, etc. How much time do I have? It takes time to transfer funds in qualified plans. Large portion of my funds are in SEP What's my downside if don't follow trades in other exchanges?

stay strapped in your vehicle October 3, 2016

people must realize that a traders day in the precious metals market is one of inexorable twists and turns, fake outs and misleads which is why I dont trade. If you cant tell the difference between a short term move and a meaningful one defining market direction, stay out, that's Larry's job.To me Larry is very helpful in avoiding the nasty surprises that lurk just below the surface ready to sink the careless navigator!

Wilfred Taylor October 3, 2016

You said that a massive amount of money would flow to the US market from Europe and raise the DOW to 31000. Since stocks are already sky high what has to happen to make the stocks go up? If earning do not improve the PE would have to go up. Why would anyone put money into stocks that are over valued?.

Paolo October 3, 2016

Thanks Larry, Very appreciated! This is what I told you a few time ago, to provide your models on a regular basis. I sent you a personal question via editor's mailbag.. Hope to receive your kind answer! Thanks

MR October 3, 2016

Thanks Larry. More frequent updates will be appreciated by many. While I hear what others say, I LISTEN to what you say. I'm still on sideline waiting to re-enter gold miners.

Melvin Howard October 3, 2016

Tell me what I should I to proceed

Jerry Ade October 3, 2016

Great news. Look forward to hearing from you. JA

Graham Creedh October 3, 2016

Sounds good.

Iain Topping October 3, 2016

Larry- with reference to your email of 1st Oct 16 offering new subscribers Real Wealth for only 29 Dollars which will come with Stock Market Tsusami and 4 other Reports. As I am an existing Real Wealth Subscriber how do I access these Reports as I really appreciate your insightful reports coverage of current and possible events impacting on financial markets and agree with you that we need to take the necessary steps to prepare ourselves for what lies ahead.I await in eager anticipation your insightful reports. Kind regards Iain Topping

Myles peinemann October 3, 2016

Larry with all the confusion going on I will only make investments using your recommendations. I find it impossible to make trades without guidance. Thank you

I'm still faithfu to you thru the up & downs ,at this crucial time I believe we all need your insight from you and your charts almost daily, thank you October 3, 2016

at this crucial time I believe we all need you insight from you and your charts almost daily,I have followed you since you joined the the Weiss Team

Dennis Yoder October 3, 2016

I enjoy reading Real wealth and appreciate your insights into markets and market cycles

Eric Cantillo October 3, 2016

Thanks Larry, we are living in a crazy world & help is always welcome. I am OK but you never know what's coming next, especially with the polarization of ideas in USA by politicians, black vs white, rich vs. poor, economic meltdown to happen soon, ISIS militants around us & the present White House promising "Freebies" to get votes. Praise the Lord that I have Faith that God is in control, no matter what, but persons like you give me hope. Blessings, my good brother, Eric C.

David October 3, 2016

Larry, so far your 'forecast' of a low for both stocks and precious metals in early October looks to be right on target. I have said before I for one really appreciate your conservative approach to investing and my main activity is selling PUTs to generate income often on your selections. I am still very nervous of stocks here, however, as nearly every Newsletter is "trumpeting" how most of the market's top Hedge Fund investors are either short or heavily into cash, that along with the many "forecasts" of financial disaster, seems to indicate to me that most people have already sold, so I feel that selling PUTs on conservative stocks is relatively safe here.

Steve October 3, 2016

Sounds good to me! Although, I think you rename the Edelson Wave to the Edelson Periodic Convolution.

John K October 3, 2016

Thanks for the support. I subscribe to Real Wealth and Supercycle Trader. During these turbulent times your insight is very valuable.

David R Zornes October 3, 2016

THIS is great news!!!!! I renewed my subscription for two years the other day but did not figure out how I am to get copies of the 5 reports that you are now offering folks for $10. . . . . . .are they going to be put on your website for subscribers? I enjoy your advice and have found it to be profitable! Thanks. Z

Grant October 3, 2016

Good, I was beginning to feel like a second class member of RWR for the last 12 years, while you were "pumping up" the newer, much more expensive gold miners service. People notice things like that. Not everyone is a mindless idiot, although there are a lot more of them now. I hope its not contagious. Thanks, Grant

Mary October 3, 2016

Do you believe, as others have stated, that it makes no difference what party is elected in November. Thanks for your vision

James October 3, 2016

Looking forward to your advice. Thanks, for all you do.

Terry Sudlow October 3, 2016

Thanks Larry! I've been following your work for over 10 years now and I must say I'm looking forward to the upcoming bull market in precious metals. Been making money this past month with DUST & JDST waiting to go LONG again.

see below October 3, 2016

Larry, I do appreciate your extra efforts in sharing your take on financial and economic developments around the globe. Things are happening very fast as the Nation and the rest of the world goes deeper into unmanageable debt.

ray October 3, 2016

Hi Larry, Look forward to your Edelson Wave. Keep up the great work ray

Rolf Hofmann October 3, 2016

Larry, as an individual who is not wealthy I feel that you are mostly addressing those that are! As a coin collector I read some of your editorial and end up seeing information with-held for the mighty buck. I'd really like to see something written on the possibility starting something small and growing it in the sense of gaining a better, specific investment in various ways. I imagine that you are so use to high numbers in dollars that it could be difficult for you to engage the poor types looking for a way up! Perhaps you may find some answers when you think of yourself way back when you first started out! Most of what I read, reads the same for those who already are wealthy! Rolf

Rory October 3, 2016

We should call you "Lighthouse Larry" because your newsletters illuminate, enlighten, and inform.. so much the better that we will now be getting them more often.. Thank you Mr Edelson

Terry Lingmann October 3, 2016

Hi Larry, Thanks for your dedication and dependability. I am a small potatoes investor so I hang on to every word you give for advise. You have a knack for making it personal as you do your work which is appreciated. Over the last few years I feel I have come to know you as a friend. I think you are an Eagle Scout and that says a lot about your character to me. I have five sons and four of them are Eagle Scouts. I was a bit disgrundled when you said you think Hillary Clinton would be the best president! My views are directly opposite and would have liked to have had Ted Cruz be our night in shining armor to save the Constitution and the rule of law. Now I am Never Clinton. I have no doubt she would be even worse for our Country than Obama was, and that is really bad! One question: I've seen a few times when JDST does not follow (inversely), the gold decline very closely. Can you explain briefly why this happens? Thanks again and Best Regards, Terry Lingmann

Rick Heath October 3, 2016

sounds great, i always enjoy reading your views, my wife and i are 61, disabled vet and my wife is also a vet. in my view you are correct about the near future and we are both very concerned about it.

George October 3, 2016

Looking forward to hearing from you. Your analysis of the market(s) is always interesting.

Sandra Powell October 3, 2016

So grateful someone has noticed the statistics and is willing to adjust based on the feedback! I read everything you write and trust your wisdom. This is the best news I have heard from Weiss in years!

$1,000 gold October 3, 2016

larry is certainly one the best macro forecaster around. this oughta be good.

claude October 3, 2016

I have been a member of RWR for almost 10 years. Please keep your message short and to the point. Thank you.

Richard Shropshire October 3, 2016

Dear Larry, I have been a subscriber of yours for several years. You have done a good job directing me to good investments with Real Wealth Report. Your results with Supercycle Trader have been very disappointing. You report a 42 % loss this year. My loss is in the same general area. So, my request is not to give me more information but to please give me more accurate information. I'm still waiting for that big winner. Please try to provide it soon because I am running out of money to invest.

Dom Gaudioso October 3, 2016

Great idea Larry. I look forward to reading your informative articles.

Chip October 3, 2016

I wish I had the money buy a lot of your information but I don't like told you one time before have a couple hundred thousand dollars I am waiting for you to tell me when to go buy stock .I hope In god I will find the right stock . thank you for all of the information you have given me on Facebook .

Karl October 3, 2016

Thank you very much for what you have been offering. Your new offering will be even more helpful since I'm constantly looking forward to receive your valuable insights, analysis and recommendations. You are doing a great unbiased job.

Steve Bertz October 3, 2016

Love Larry, he's the best.

Neal Garrard October 3, 2016

I am mainly in cash and poised to enter the stock market in the near future, as you have advised. However, I also have investments (401k, HSA, etc.) that are limited to mutual funds. What general guidelines can you provide to best position those investments? Thanks, Neal

Richard Clark October 3, 2016

Look forward to hearing from you as I follow you closely.

Fred Gibson October 3, 2016

Larry, I am 81 years old and mostly retired, but I am still politically active and on a first name basis with a number of our elected officials. I also write articles for newspapers and magazines, so I didn't just ride into town on a turnip wagon. I have followed your comments for many years and consider you to be one of the top 3 in the business along with Martin and Bill Bonner. Even when you three don't call things right on the button, I notice you are still closer than anybody else. I do very little investing beyond basic and long term any more, but I follow your newsletters and alerts very carefully, and Martin is without peer. For many years, I have tried to explain to our elected officials and my readers what is happening to this country politically, economically, and socially. I can hardly believe the mess Congress and the Shadow Government have gotten us into. It seems to me that almost everything we have done over the last 15 years has been wrong, and payday seems to be coming up fast. As a young man, I hoped I would be able to leave this country in better shape than I found it, As time rolled on, though, I am finding that you and I are pulling against too many horses. Still, if you don't give up, I won't either, and much good can come of our efforts. We are living in an ever more dangerous and crazy world. Let's think of it as a challenge. Best regards , Fred Gibson

Ronald Morrison October 3, 2016

Thank you Larry! Question: what impact will a cashless society in the future have on gold and other precious metals? Ron

Scott Hartzler October 3, 2016

DeutsceBank----what's the deal? A CEO speech is the panacea?

Michael October 3, 2016

Hello Larry, That's great!!! With that dark horizon ahead, I'm glad to have you at the helm. This loyalist family really appreciates all that you do for us. Large and small. Thank you.

Bob October 3, 2016

Will I be getting this regularly?

jay stewart October 3, 2016

i appreciate your good work in keeping me posted on precious metals.looking forward to your tri-weekly reports.

Errol Dow October 3, 2016


charles October 3, 2016

Larry thank you for let me getting your free e-mail and valuable thoughts living on low cash flow so your thought give me something to hold on too and keeping me mentally positively Charles 80 years plus

Davis Bernier October 3, 2016

Dear Larry: Thanks for the updates and great suggestions you provide your, Real Wealth clients. I look forward to you recent 9/3/2019 (4) Money Market Reports , plans. Best Wishes for your continued success. Regards, DMB.

Ken Weaver October 3, 2016

So Larry, how is GOLD Acting? Still looking for that pullback (by the end of October) or are we getting close to "loading up the truck"? LOVE YOUR MARKET INSIGHT AND LOYALITY to us customers ..... THANKS.

Richard October 3, 2016

Wow!!!! Don't wear yourself out.

Suzanne October 3, 2016

Subject: where to keep cash- Could you please address this delimma. We have an account at one of the major private brokerage firms and the prime money market fund has 25% of its fund in the financial sector. The tax-exempt money market fund has 25% of its fund in derivatives. And finally, the new required,settlement fund is in federal funds, less than 210 days long, so fairly short term. We can really find no safe place to hold cash and know what to do with this. Any advice would be really appreciated. Thank you, Suzanne

John Hovorka October 3, 2016

Thanks Larry, I appreciate all the great information that you send to us.

John Hovorka October 3, 2016

Thanks Larry, I appreciate all that you do and the great information that you sent to us concerning the world situation and what's going on in the Middle East, and everywhere.

Arlyn October 3, 2016

I want to say thank you. I like knowing that someone cares even though at times the knowledge we receive we might not always understand at the time. I think it is very nice of you and a couple of others in the know and unselfish enough to pass on the info...good or bad...So thanks again and I will be attempting to use what I learn in as giving a manner as you are spreading it. God bless, Arlyn

Mike B. October 3, 2016

Larry, Just went to the Weiss site to sign up for ST; I didn't realize that ST was a closed end service. Do you expect to open it up any time soon? Thanks. Regards, Mike Brown ~ Williamsburg, VA

Marcel St Louis October 3, 2016

Always great to hear from you. I am still waiting for your gold projections to come true. My portfolio has 90% gold bullion and stocks in it. I hope your predictions are right or else I am in deep financial poo poo!! I am paying daily interest on that portfolio.

Greg October 3, 2016

Thanks for caring!!

Tom Beach October 3, 2016

Hi Larry, I godda tell you how much I appreciate your work and getting information to us that we need to navigate this mess within the global financial system. Unless an individual stops everything else in his/her life, it is virtually impossible to make head nor tail of what is going on and what will happen next. Investing or trading in such a chaotic field is not just risky, it is downright dangerous. And yet, if one does do anything at all, it is even more risky!! So, thank you, Larry. Even if you are wrong occasionally, I trust your judgment far more than my own...for the simple reason that it is your life's work and you are honest about your missteps. Keep it coming, Larry. I read everything you say. I may not always agree with you, but I certainly do not take what you say lightly. This is all heavy stuff and requires a strong stomach to invest. Aloha, Tom Beach in Hawaii

Hank kouw October 3, 2016

As you know I am invested in inverse ETF's of Europe,Japan and USA since the Cycle story of October 7, 2015. It is now 1 year further and the opposite happened resulting in a major loss. The Edelson Wave is the answer?

Carl Wallnau October 3, 2016

I look forward to your comments here

Robert Ramirez October 3, 2016

Thank you Larry--I look forward to hearing from you more often.

Akihiro October 3, 2016

There is a large disparity in Dow Jones between your forecast and real value. When do you think the Dow will hit the bottom? Regarding gold,do you think this is a good timing to buy?

Herbert Bindel October 3, 2016

The more knowledge I have the easier will be to get ahead . Thanks Herb Bindel

Robert Evans Olin October 3, 2016

This sounds like a very needed aspect to your prognosticators.. Best wishes and good luck, I pray that your AI are accurate or at least very close! Bob

T Affolder October 3, 2016

To be honest with you, I had never been a big fan of your's however the more other people were so critical of you, the more I started to dig in. Maybe because I seem to think along the same line. O I do not have your background, but I do think most people cannot see the forest because the tree's get in the way. So the more I read your view, the more I want to look deeper, and understand what is really going on, not just what they want us to believe. Thank You

Stephen Johnson October 3, 2016

If the dollar collapses, what form of money or best items to barter with will help the most in dire times.

Jim OConnor October 3, 2016

Larry, I appreciate your extra effort. I really need your help to grow wealth in this crazy environment. Best regards, Jim OConnor

Les Jordan October 3, 2016

Thanks, Larry, I'm so a retired guy needing desperately to hold onto what investments I have in this hear you will be offering advice even more often. Sincerely, Les Jordan

Rod Schulken October 3, 2016

Very grateful. Thank you.

continue the good work October 3, 2016

History is the diary of Mankind.I appreciate your interrelationships of human behavior,the Rise and Fall of Empires and the various cultures that have tried to avoid the inevitable outcome to all.As George Santayana in 1903 said "Those who refuse to learn the lessons of History are doomed to repeat them again."I would like to read a little more of the work of Kondratieff. In closing, have a very Happy New Year [Rosh Hashona] together with your family Jerome Wilensky,M.D.

arthur ruoff October 3, 2016

When and at what price will oil bottom? Thank you. Several big hitters are buying major oil stock, Xom etc. Icahn $2.4 B

Don Foster October 3, 2016

Larry, Thank you for your help!! It is appreciated! Best Regards, Don Foster

Larry October 3, 2016

Larry - I eagerly await your newsletters and often feel too much time passes before that happens. Four times a week is AWESOME!! That's a smart move - I'm sure your members will be excited - I know I am. I too get tired of my inbox crammed with so much BS everyday from people who purport to know exactly the perfect timing of every major event. It amazes me how after the "non-event" comes and goes that they don't even acknowledge that they made a bad call. At least you do - we're all human, but you are the best in my opinion - keep it coming - I'm all in! P.S. Not bragging - but I have made $$ consistently following your advice over the years - Thank you!!

Dave H. October 3, 2016

Thanks Larry. Really lookin for that bottom in metals so we can get into those Junior Miners! Gold still to fall into Dec?

Faulder Colby October 3, 2016

Looking forward to every juicy morsel ... hoping to avoid the crash. Small I may be as an investor, but large are my hopes. This is truth in health issues as well as investing. You can't help much with the former, but I am very hopeful that you can help with the latter. I am especially interested in learning more about the Wave.

JOHN October 3, 2016

Being a retiree, what do we need to do other than your investment advice to be prepared for the next depression?

marie tasker October 3, 2016


RichardBbosshardt October 3, 2016

Hi Larry, I have followed your advice faithfully for a number of years, and I think your research, applied to your logic reasoning results in the best advice! It will now be critical to call the bottom of the gold and silver curves before the upswing. I have a Hard Assets Alliance account (per your advice) and a deposit already opened in Zürich. I am a dual citizen Swiss / American and do tax work for Americans and dual citizen / Americans residing abroad, so I am fully aware of how our government is searching for funds everywhere. The situation in the stock market is not so clear as to what actions need to be taken . Would you try to elaborate more? For example, if one has shares in Corporations which have strong balance sheets, which are operating profitably in strong marketing positions, Then I believe one should keep those docs directly because if the market sectors, go to very low values, that is a question of market prices of the shares, and not the companies themselves, which will come back up eventually. One must also point out the sectors of the industry in which companies are in a very weak position, And these stocks need to be gotten rid of. I also understand your comments about why the huge volume of dollars in the world, and the more rapidly weakening economies / currencies of other major markets, will keep the dollar up. But when I started working in Switzerland in the 1960s, one dollar could buy CHF 4.30, and today the dollar is only worth CHF 0.98 ! I am sure the terrible deflation of the dollar has contributed to price inflation in this country. So what will be the final consequences for the dollar? Sincerely yours, Richard Bosshardt

Richard C. October 3, 2016

my friends and family have told me over and over invest here, do this, buy that. my portfolio is distributed in the following manner; extreme risk 3%, high risk 4%, moderate risk 35%, low to moderate 43%, 15% gold and immediate needs assets. this is what gimmie gimmie friends and associates request 10%, 20%, 30% 40% and forget the gold and bullion assets. I even won the 2yr portfolio value bet and i still get hammered. You would think my assets are to be divied up proportionatly the day my carcass stops breathing. "Buy a nice pad dad and we'll take care of mom and it real good". I am debt free and so are my assets. call me square pants, scared thinker, whatever. whatever you do, don't call me in debt and stupid. WEISS RESEARCH is a good resource. end of story.

Tyco Zeletineanu October 3, 2016

Am so grateful to receive such a generous guidance from the grand master! Thank you indeed. Best, best regards, TMZ

Liz Ogle October 3, 2016

Larry, I used to get your news letter for about 15+ years, I loved it, being a history wonk. But I'm a retired R.N of 44 years, when I graduated in 1968, we hardly made any money, someone in a hospital meeting in 1985, was wondering about some sort of retirement. she was told her husband would take care of her. I also had a degree in carpentry, and built a house or 2 for retirement, however it still wasn't quite enough, So Here I am, living in Panama, central America, which I like, but that still doesn't give me anything to invest. I recommend your letter to others along with your warnings, I think over the last 15 to 20 years you have been the most accurate and succinct of the economic advisors, I tell people that too. I love Martin Weiss too, my God bless you both, and may we have enough of the REPUBLIC left to rebuild some day,,, THANKS

Peter Vella October 3, 2016

Thanks Larry, your information is always very informative and greatly appreciated! Sincere thanks, Peter Vella.

Liz Ogle October 3, 2016

I'm unsure of what kind of comment I' supposed to leave, that was really kind, the last thing you said, it was your legacy and Honer to try and help,

Doug S October 3, 2016

This is the most AWESOME news ever!!! Thank you soooo much, Larry!!!

JB October 3, 2016

Larry, how far out to sea is the Edelson Wave? Days, Months or Years ??

Barry October 3, 2016

I am looking forward to hearing from you more often to help guide me through the tough times ahead

Jay Haas October 3, 2016

Larry, With this email you have just sent is one of the most important of your career. I would personally like to meet you someday. Best, Jay

MATTHEW SMITH October 3, 2016

I am learning to act with patience and trust in your methods,watching with amusement as these chaotic cycles unfold thank you.

Bill Blessing October 3, 2016

Thanks for caring!!!

Bob Schubring October 3, 2016

Thanks, Larry. It's been very helpful learning your signals and methods. This is a great idea.

Barbara October 3, 2016

Thank u for you knowledge and expertise. I own the ETF Rem. Should I hold the ETF or sell. I bought it at $10.39!

Tony October 3, 2016

Larry, your advice has been great over the years... I have been silently around for many years... actually back far enough when Daddy (Irving Weiss) and I actually had time to talk on the phone... I still remember him coaxing me to "buy Chinese Cement plants" in the late 80's... I did not have his reach back then, nor were the markets as open as they are now... I never got the stocks, but it was a terrific call.. My venue for the last three decades has been in the currency side and I am still quietly there, with lots to say about what is coming. I have seen the flash in the pan currency guys stride through the doors at Weiss, only to leave with their tail between their legs. It is a tough area when you use traditional analysis... Traditional usually does not work, or work for very long in the currencies! My point is... bravo on your amalgamated indicator, but beware the underlying disposition of the markets is morphing and the old behaviors and criteria of those measuring tools may not be available, or the "condition" may be more nebulous these days. The old tools are likely to run askew in this coming market. The "old guard" players are either dead, broke, or turned over the reigns to the kids... This is a NEW game!... one which we have most likely NEVER seen the likes of before. I have no suggestions in your venue... except to offer this heads up... But, I know my venue well... so, while I have your ear... in honor of Irving's legacy, please ask Martin if he would like to get some sideline visions from a thirty year currency veteran ready to spill the beans. I applaud your work Larry! All the best going forward, -T

Myla C Himes October 3, 2016


george October 3, 2016

With everything slowly going bad, is their any safe place to put what money I have saved? In a matress, but you could be robed. Lower amounts in multiple banks. Treasury direct without buying bonds? Gold and silver, but turning eithor into cash could become a problem. Maybe a little bit of everything?

steve b October 3, 2016

In these troubled times, hearing from you 4 times a week is a great idea. I decided years ago, that you were the one person who knew what was happening in the world, making timely forecasts that I have acted on, producing good profits. Thank you!

Jim October 3, 2016

Larry, I misplaced the offer to sign up for the $29 offer for the 5 free reports and the subscription. How can I sign up? Jim

Morton Paterson October 3, 2016

Could you please show your actual buy and sell recommendatiion points (located on your graphs of the markets and of your Ai and NN models) during those years in which you have published them?

Morton Paterson October 3, 2016


brutledge October 3, 2016

Ready ...rock on !

Lee Zachman October 3, 2016

Hi Larry: I subscribe to thousands of dollars of financial newsletters each year but find myself looking forward to your comments the most. You just make sense to me. I particularly like your comments on precious metals but also value your thoughts on financial markets. I will continue with your services.

Don Wentz October 3, 2016

I am following your advice and look forward to your updates. I am not all in as yet but I am standing by ready to jump. Thanks for what you do.

Chuck Rose October 3, 2016

Looking forward to it Larry.

phil castling October 3, 2016

This is a great idea....I feel much more secure knowing you are on point many times per week...Thanks so much.

phil castling October 3, 2016

You are the best!!

Ed October 3, 2016

Thank you, I appreciate being able to hear your wisdom more than once a week. Times are getting dicey, I am retired, but I know you will help guide us thru this jungle. Thanks again!!!!!

Ernie October 3, 2016

I like that very much as things change so fast in this crazy market world. Thanks Ernie

shiowling Yu October 3, 2016

China closed three oil fields in order to buy oil from other country use Chinese currency. What you think they are trying to do?

phil castling October 3, 2016

Larry, I feel like you are almost next-door looking out for me.

Sonny October 3, 2016

Hello Larry ; Sure appreciate the extra help , where should I invest my last 5k ? Can't afford to get this one wrong , or in the cheese line my wife and I shall be Course my health is quite good and that is a blessing , I hope the same for you Kindest Regards Sonny - Only Choice in 2016 = Trump

Henk Koornstra October 3, 2016

Thanks for the important data you share with your subscribers. Very informative.

Paul Germano October 3, 2016

Great idea,Thanks,Paul

William Chase October 3, 2016

Awesome, thanks Larry! Looking forward to the insight!

John October 3, 2016

Glad to hear that Larry. With all the conflicting news it is easy to get awash. Thanks

ajk October 3, 2016

Your statement is a prescription for Saint-hood. Sincere attempts for goal attainment is the guarantor for success. Skeptics have never affected the Saint in his resolve. You have raised the standards high!!

Maurice October 3, 2016

Your foresight and comments on the economy and market cycles are deeply appreciated..

Edwin October 3, 2016

thank you very much for your inside information; as a matter of fact, i am also a real wealth report member and your information is very good, i really appreciated it, it has been helping me to stay tune with the markets again, thank you very much

terry October 3, 2016

I would not mind buying your choice of gold stocks book provided 1) it is not a bail out for those who invest more, 2)there is a good reason for each pick as you are very good, 3) it is within the top 3 ways of investing in the market based on your research , I would like not the to junior miners but next to it honestly because no one knows and there is about a 500;1 ratio of doing that on nothing, that said all I really have to do is follow the trend and the ratio is now 36: 1 without paying anything I would like it 5:1 that way it is a win win and your expertise is worth more. Terry

James October 3, 2016

Larry, I have to say, this, this past June, Aug and even early Sept., I started questioning your AI & NN models and even calling you some unsavory names. However, I was determined to remain patient (which by the way is VERY difficult for me) and now your predictions are coming to past. If gold does not break $1305, do we back up the truck. I did not buy the miners earlier in the year because of your AI model. I am sure you can incorporate an answer in the money and market-investment insights or the Real Wealth Report. I am a life time member of the RWR and look forward to your guidance thru the upcoming turbulent times ahead.

Verne Collier October 3, 2016

Hi Larry: I can't thank you enough for including me in your updates. There are so many pundits out there that do not have a clue as to what is really going on in the future. I take several of your services and not only enjoy but rely heavily on them. As you say - these are perilis times and I NEED your advice in the worst way. Keep up the good work. My Best, Verne

Shar October 3, 2016

This is great appreciated news Larry and I'm sure we'll all look forward to your posts after waking that very morning wondering what move we should make that day and if its time indeed to play on gold and mining stock. Finally.

good October 3, 2016

i will be standing by for your good advice . Thank you Elmer

Robert Cerbone October 3, 2016

Larry life is simple we need the heads up and heads down on the markets with enough time to protect our investments . Thank you

Peggy midling October 3, 2016

I've always felt the Weiss group was one of the best prognosticators of our times. Thanks and I'm going to take you up on your offer that was mailed to me. My only reservation is that when I apply, there's always an upgrade request that follows.i guess we'd call it a loss leader as we used to say in the retail industry.

Norm October 3, 2016

Are gold Canadian Maple Leafs any safer from a potential confiscation by the US Government than gold American Eagles would be? Considering that Maple Leafs are legal Canadian currency and of course American Eagles are legal USA currency, it would seem that just maybe our country could not recall Canadian currency. Norman

mirko peresa October 3, 2016

Thank you so much Larry for helping us along the way. God bless your work Mirko

John Mahler October 3, 2016

I received an incomplete mailing of the issue called the specter of war. Can you please resend it. I am a subscriber to the Real Wealth newsletter. Thanks. John

james October 3, 2016

Can you guys show the closing price for Oil and Gold for the trading day again on the afternoon reports, I really miss that feature in the reformatted page.

Jim Burck October 3, 2016

Help us plan in advance of a coming crash, by offering four investments to be tracking on Real Wealth. JB

john lapienski October 4, 2016

Dear Mr. Edelson, i'm 65. California Gold. 50k shares. NO FEAR! regards, jl. safe6319.

Raymond Lutz October 4, 2016

October 03, 2016 Dear Larry, You have asked me to tell you a little bit about myself and my thoughts about your investment advice programs. I have refrained from contacting you in the past as--you are a busy man. I will try to be as brief as I can. I have been a fan of yours for over 15+ years. I joined Weiss Money Markets Inner Circle some 25+ years ago. I am a USAF veteran from the Korean War and will be 86 years old in two weeks and in good health. I retired in 1985 from flying 30 years for Trans World Airlines. I have, since 1980, managed all of my own investments [a traditional IRA, a Roth IRA, and I use T.D. Ameritrade for some stock and options and other brokerage accounts for trading] via on-line computer management. Your advice is a big part of it. Your timely advice got me out of Gold when it started to fall a year ago. At the moment I have 70% of my savings in various safe cash savings instruments (following your advice) such as in Hard Assets Alliance and T=bill only accounts--awaiting your signal to buy gold and silver and other stocks when the bounce up commences. I also hold put options on gold and silver and several others of your investment strategies. Over the years I have traveled to the far east ( Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and Viet Nam—as well as travel to Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Turkey England, France, Italy, Greece and Germany) so I have a fair idea of world wide cultural and investment pictures. I make it a point to closely follow the domestic and International news reports. I agree 100% with your overall view of the turmoil that we are currently facing here in the U.S. (and about the globe) and am distressed at the disastrous prospects that we in the U.S. (as well as countries about the world) will be facing in coming weeks, months and years. I support your expertise over these years and expect (hopefully) your strategies paying off. At my age, I only risk $$$ that I can afford to lose--no more than 40% of my savings. Thanks for your concern about my (and your subscribers) welfare. Keep up the good work on our behalf. Sincerely yours, Raymond Lutz

Cedric James Lucas October 4, 2016

Hi Larry I live in Namibia, South West Africa. I have two gas stations. I employed a manager about a year ago who defrauded my company to the tune of USD 150,000.00. This has set me back at least 10 years. I am in a financial crisis, borrowing from Paul to pay Peter type scenario, which in the long run will catch up with me. I am just keeping my head above water. That is the reason I decided to trade on the forex market, You have assisted me tremendously and I really appreciate this. Being in a financial crisis already, I do not want to know what a depression would be like. Kind Regards

Gerald Rhea October 4, 2016

Larry Do not know if you can give investment advice-but today I sold all my US based stocks. I am thinking that if China becomes the new worlds reserve currency, their stocks should do quite well in coming months.......any thoughts on this strategy? Love your newsletter !!!!

Amceey October 4, 2016

Gerald, you are quite right about the future is in China BUT it is not as easy as you think. Chinese stocks are very difficult to analysis, they are not the same as American stocks nor European stocks. I believe it still needs a couple of year for the Chinese market to stabilize. My strategy is to stay in the US stocks for the time being until the up run exhausted as Larry advises. By then I believe our good old Larry will let us know which Chinese stock is a better buy.

george October 4, 2016

Hi,Larry; Would you please tell me how accurate your forecasts were going back to 1972. Thanks, George

Larry Edelson October 4, 2016

Minors and Junior indexes are showing a substantial downward movement at the opening in AU prices tomorrow 10/4/16. If so AU could go from 1311 today's close to the 1290-1250 range tomorrow. If you don't think so please tell me before 45 min after the opening or I will be all in (and praying your crystal balls forecast is still accurate). Thanks John Everett

From Sayed. October 4, 2016

Thank you so much! i would most definitely love to read more articles from you. Thanks again & kind regards, Sayed.

Hitoshi Naito October 4, 2016

I am truly glad to hear that you will be communicating with your subscribers four times a week. That's just great!! Thank you.

cyrus October 4, 2016

Is this time would be serious correction of the Gold? Thanks,Cyrus

David M October 4, 2016

Way to go Larry, you are the best in my 25 yrs of investing, most of other writers are full of garbage opinions who use the current big news to make trends for their own opinions.....absolutely useless.

paul ho October 4, 2016

Thank you

jeff October 4, 2016

thanks Larry , much appreciated .

gordon October 4, 2016

This market kind of reminds me of a dog I once had called "Lucky" blind in left eye, missing right ear, broken tail, recently castrated

Axel October 4, 2016

I will very much like to receive your advices four times per week.

gordon October 4, 2016

Dear Larry I love your analogies. With precious metals you seem to be on the right track. All your waves and cycles theories however make me feel sea sick. I can understand the red flag clearly. What I cannot understand is why these government numbers released lately are on the positive side in a sick economy. I have a sneaking suspicion the government is outright lying to us or like my COLA increase of zero is fudging the numbers to suit their agenda. I cannot understand the steady climb in the stock market in this sick economic world.

Danny M October 4, 2016

Thanks Larry, your additional expertise will be greatly appreciated!!!


Dear Larry, Thank you so much for your concern. I really appreciate your continued devotion to help people. God will bless your good deed. Thanks, Rey

alan elliott October 4, 2016

Larry, i am looking forward to your 4 weekly correspondences. Thank you

Ian October 4, 2016

Don't worry Larry I'm like the cat that ate the cheese and sat over the mouse hole with baited breath,Im watching,waiting reading and learning.

Freddi October 4, 2016

Thanks Larry It's great to have historical perspective with a working knowledge of current events. I intend to make the most of your insight. I've heard that the dollar is going to crash, that the credit market is going to falter,that the stock market is going to fall.i also hear that Europe,Japan and Central America still view the dollar as a safe haven and seek to find security in US investments. With all this foreign capital coming into the country won't that slow or stop the decline?

William D. Hindenlang October 4, 2016

Mr. Edelson: Thank you for taking the time to share your expertise, time and devotion to all of the difference member groups. Your network organizational team that you have developed is an amazing boost to all of us that rely on your knowledge in the markets. Paying for the different services with the results having proved to provide a profit for me in the past. I am looking for that return of profiting in the near future and hoping you are correct that we are on the correct side of the market. Mean while I am sticking with your advice and guidance. May the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob continue to grant you wisdom, peace, and grace.

Andy October 4, 2016

WOW, thanks Larry, there's not many subscription services that would over deliver as you are doing, much appreciated, I do hope all your forecasts work out as perfectly as you have predicted. I always enjoy reading your views and insights.

james stephenson October 4, 2016

Great -- look forward to it. Have you ever looked at Tencent - a china stock TCTZF? Started in 1999, it is now the world's 10 largest stock. Big performance - Op margin 35%, EBITDA 36.6%, ROE 29%,

David Fast October 4, 2016

Larry, I will be 72 here shortly & still working I have been thinking about retiring but I'm very worried about being able to survive if the Feds take my 401K and savings. I am wondering what would be the best thing that I could do for my wife & myself secure things. Thank You, Dave

Ed Saylor October 4, 2016

Larry: You are by far the most accurate analysist that I have observed over the past 50 years.

stan October 4, 2016

Another subscription service? Not sure I can absorb effectively.

Richard Wharton October 4, 2016

Thanks Larry, I've always liked your clear thinking and reasoning. Things indeed are getting scary. I'm glad you're helping guide us through this mess.

DALE October 4, 2016


Trump to be president October 4, 2016

I think Trump will be our next President because in my opinion he is honest and is for the middle class is time to change the way our government thinks and act,too much damn greed,greed, greed.We have to stop supporting people worldwide.We should cut all corporation and individual taxes to 15 percent.By doing this all of our manufacturing jobs will be creating better paying jobs.We should have term limits on reps and senators to 1 term of 6 years and no damn retirement.By doing this we could always have better improvements for the poor, the middle class,and the rich.Sincerely Andrew Hughes

Roberta Kreitman October 4, 2016

Thank you for all your information and help!! God Bless Roberta

Sam Garthwaite October 4, 2016

Your information and help are very much appreciated, and very helpful in my financial outlook. Will look forward to more info each week. RWR has been very insightful. Thank You

Phil Kingsbury October 4, 2016


Joe Bruzga October 4, 2016

Good Morning Larry, As a recent retiree I've become increasingly concerned over the mixed messages I'm getting on the economy from a variety of sources. And the dim prospects for the impending election have not allayed any of those worries. While I don't always agree with you, I certainly welcome your insights and, as the saying goes: 'more is better'. Thanks, Joe

Fred October 4, 2016

Thanks, I appreciate your info. and visions of coming events. As a Canadian, I try to ajust your insight to our Canadian markets, "small as they are,2%" What happens in the U.S. , somewhow happens to cross the boarder, after a number of years. My view, is that 20 years ago, it would take 5 years to cross the boarder. 5 years ago, it took a year or so, now it is even closer. We are looking more and more alike and I don't see this as positive, Compared to Americans, we take a softer approach to solving problems.

Dave October 4, 2016

Thank You Larry, Thank You Very Much! It is so nice to be informed that we are going to get more help from you and there's no catch..................No additional cost to us -- the subscribers. After all, most of us are just trying to survive these hectic times and have no expectation of really becoming wealthy. Having you in our corner is a big plus!......Dave

Glenn October 4, 2016

Thanks Larry. I certainly understand your areas of concern but I always look at the glass being half full. There are still a lot of good things happening that need to be noted. Following the Canadian TSX, it's up 13% YTD. With the strength of the US $, there is great monies to be made in Canada. The S&P 500 is +5.2% YTD. My portfolio and I'm sure a lot of your readers portfolios are growing. Some companies are performing very well and it shows in the numbers mentioned above. Baby boomers are inheriting billions of dollars and through real estate and stock investments will continue to build upon the wealth of the nation. Picking solid investments may not always be easy but they will always be there. Just want to ensure we all keep in's not all doom & gloom.

David Edge October 4, 2016

Great, I appreciate and am looking forward to your insight. David

ji kim October 4, 2016

Thank you Larry. I really appreciate it

Joe October 4, 2016

Larry,every week I look forward to your commentaries, to yourReal Wealth Report, and your other insights. As I pen this comment, gold s selling at $1,285.70, right on schedule with your prediction. I look forward to your more frequent comments.

Linda Auerbach October 4, 2016

Your email is the first thing I look for every morning. Gold crashed this morning. Is it too late to short?

david October 4, 2016

I have started reading your blog. but would like to know where and when you reply. thanks

rick bruce October 4, 2016

Larry , if I were to tell you , you a good one , it would be not enough. My situation is , no money. But thanks to you , I have hope in understanding the world picture. When I do get funds I will buy your recommendations.

johnnny October 4, 2016

Thank you for you gold inside Larry, god bless.

K R Mahajan October 4, 2016

Sir Thanks for your recommendations to wait for the bottom of Gold. Kindly tell the Bottom of the Gold must be wait to buy. Thanks

Will October 4, 2016

I stand corrected...has the blood bath correction just begun? I did play ZSL as a hedge and its finally paying off

John October 4, 2016

Excellent analysts have great personality. Thank you Larry!

$1,000 gold October 4, 2016

whew! what an adventure!

Michael Wwiss October 4, 2016

Great - I appreciate your help and thank you much for your guidance

Nancy October 4, 2016

Larry, Thank you for all of your advice. I belong to 2 of your investing clubs. I am 85 years old and hope that we are starting to hit some of your goals. My portfolio is bleeding some right now. I did take the profits you suggested this a.m. 10/4/16. I sleep with my cell phone beside my bed, so that I can get your alerts immediately. Looking forward to Future trading with you through Schwab. Some at Schwab think I am crazy to be trading ETF's with you...but I ignor them!

Fritz October 4, 2016

Larry, Thanks for all your help over the years. Looking forward to your coming recomendations. I have to laugh at your naysayers...I wonder how much of it comes from their genetics. Fritz

Darren October 4, 2016

Hi Larry, I've just come on board recently and am devouring all the information you are presenting. It must be very gratifying to see the incredible bearish price action signal on gold and silver today which completely validates what you have been saying and what your AI charts very clearly show. I know that we were all a bit anxious that the decline would be delayed, or much smaller than expected, but it would seem that, with the momentum it has, it may steam straight through support at 1250. Happy days! I would like to make a request that we continue to receive updated AI graphs. Even with the limited detail provided it is invaluable as it helps dramatically understand the directions of the markets, and timing. Thanks for your generosity in providing us with something credible that we can believe in in a world of conflicting advice.

Tom October 4, 2016

Looking and listening, trying to find someone to trust.

Tom October 4, 2016

I just subscribed to Real Wealth. You make more sense that all of the bobble heads out there spreading a bunch non nonsense. Thanks for your insights. Tom

Christophe, Douté October 4, 2016

About Larry's forecast on gold down into early October... "Spot on" would qualify as a gross understatement!

kenneth king October 4, 2016

You da man! You have helped me and given me confidence. Thanks. Kenny

Christopher Jones October 4, 2016

OK........ paying attention now, especially after today. Gold tanked but so did my investments as I was shorting ABX and fnv as I was waiting for a drop in gold . Didn't happen so I got out with a major lose on Friday. Kicking myself now for not waiting a little longer could of profit nicely. What's the next step. Should we be going long now????????

Richard October 4, 2016

Mr. Edelson, Thank you Sir.

Karin October 5, 2016

Some birthday present! Thank you! I sincerely hope that you are wrong about everything you have said lately. On the other hand, ...... Best wishes Karin

sai October 5, 2016

I read a financial expert said, Dow will go down to 5000 and more, never buy Gold and Silver, gold will go down to $700 ? Some expert said Dow will go up to 50000, What the hell of experts. Is this a scare tactic ?

Carey October 5, 2016

Thank You. Very useful

Hannah October 5, 2016

Thankful for your help and insight as always.

miguel October 5, 2016

In spanish I should say:"Me quito el sombrero".I can not believe how you told us if gold brakes 1300 goes straigt down. Thanks very much.

Val October 5, 2016

As a novice, I really appreciate your insight and character. My husband has no interest in these things though he has turned his 401(K) over to a well known financial advisor who specializes in retirements. I'm trying to gain knowledge & understanding of the financial directives, so thank you for your time & expertise!

Dawn Tizard October 6, 2016

Dear Larry Reading your news letters,l have sold my gold as you suggested and l a waiting tomove back into the market not getting the weekly. Reports promised each week.the other question is l live in ENGLAND THis WAS ADRESS I GAVE when l signed up to your ad.,how does that leave me! Up a creek with out a paddle,please advise me.Thanyou DAWN

MikeSharq October 7, 2016

The original 7 sister oil's offspring still pay good to great dividends and lately appreciation too. What would you do with a 2000+ share position of BP in your portfolio?

James October 7, 2016

So some economies are growing, Asias a bright spot. At least that's some good news.

Philip Dollard October 7, 2016

what happen to the friday report....

Linda October 7, 2016

Larry, It's Friday night where is your email? Are you well?

Richard Mondale October 8, 2016

Not to wee wee on your Wheaties, but our tax system is extremely expensive. Because we use Income Tax we leave over a Trillion dollars on the table every year. If we fix our tax system we will save all of that lose, and the savings will go directly to the grass roots. Small business and consumers will benefit heavily, and that spells Liquidity. We have that option, and I put it into Pence's hands on Wednesday. Call him up and see if he will do it. I propose what I call the Banker's Tax. It is defined as, "Tax is taken when money is removed from FDIC Insured instrument." There are some rules, but it competes well with VAT, which Income Tax does not. We will power on safely.

Siggy October 8, 2016

Looking forward to your four weekly updates. Unlike most advisors out there you have always been in the ballpark.

Joe B. October 11, 2016

Your chart for gold hitting a low on Oct 6-7 looks like a great call congratulations. As I write this on Oct 11th it looks like gold is bottoming again at the 1253 mark. I know the charts are not an exact science and can vary a few days here and there and some of the other charts that you showed back in Sept. are pretty close but can you give us an updated look for Oct. I have been following you for several years now and I find your charts very helpful.Thanks and keep up the good work.