Not Just Gold Getting Clobbered

Market Roundup
Dow -181.19 to 17,919.22
S&P -9.08 to 2,119.20
NASDAQ -10.74 to 5,208.12
10-YR Yield -0.032 to 2.34%
Gold -$7.60 to $1,099.20
Oil +$0.38 to $50.83

You have to feel sorry for commodity investors. At least those who have not listened to me. They’re getting clobbered, not just in gold, but in just about everything related to commodities.

The Bloomberg Commodities Index — an index comprised of energy prices, grains, industrial metals, precious metals, soft commodities like coffee and sugar and meats — has plunged to a 13-year low, shedding more than 45% since its April 2011 high.

The widely watched Global Commodity Equity ETF (CRBQ) has plunged 22.3 percent since last June, 11.8 percent just since the middle of May.

The losses are everywhere. Gold at a five-year low, down nearly 41% since its September 2011 high. Mining shares at a 14-year low. Copper, down a whopping 49 percent since its 2011 high. Platinum at a six-year low, down 59% since March 2008.

Platinum is at a six-year low.

Oil prices are down a whopping 66 percent since July 2008 and an incredible 20 percent in just the past four weeks, just as I had forecast.

I hate to say I told you so, but I did. Way back in September 2011 when just days after former Fed Chairman Bernanke announced QEIII and gold nosedived …

I told you the party was temporarily over and commodities (and the world) were headed into deflation.

Thankfully, Money and Markets subscribers weren’t a part of the clobbering. And my Real Wealth subscribers are enjoying better than a 15 percent year-to-date gain — despite the commodity train wreck.

More damage is coming in commodities. They have not yet bottomed. But in the not-to-distant future — when they do bottom — you will see one of the greatest bull markets ever in commodities …

Not because of inflation mind you, but because the world will finally realize the emperors — western governments — have no clothes, that they are bankrupt and failing.

And you can bet I’ll be right on top of it for you, helping you to ride the new commodity bull market, when it comes, to its full glory.

Our Readers Speak

We had a flood of responses to my column yesterday. I enjoyed reading them. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Reader Bill writes …

“Here are some questions on your Convergence report If conditions get as dire as you predict for 2015-2020 (and I agree they very well could) …

1. What contingency plans do you have if the following conditions obtain for a prolonged period?

The markets are closed and we can’t execute your recommended trades

The banks are closed and we can’t get access to our accounts to meet investment commitments.

The Internet is down and we can’t get timely updates on trades.

2. If, as you say, we may face a situation where ‘no man’s life and property are safe,’ who picks up the ball, keeps the charts current and publishes the buy and sell recommendations if (heaven forbid) something happens to you?”

My response: Great questions, Bill. However, keep in mind the next crisis is going to be in the government sector, not the private sector. In other words, anyone dependent upon government work or benefits will suffer the most.

Will there be banking problems? Yes, there will be. Which is precisely why I am keeping most of my money outside the banking system.

As to your second question, again, the private sector will survive, and in some cases, actually thrive. I will be here throughout, so no worries! — Larry

Reader Jason writes …

“It’s no news that gold is at times an amazing play and other times a catastrophic play. Fortunes are made or lost on timing. I am grateful for Larry’s work because, without it, I am certain I would be right along with all the other emotional buyers and sellers losing as much as I possibly could and certainly more than I could afford to lose.”

My response: Thanks for the compliment, Jason. And you are 100 percent right: There is a time to be in gold, and a time to be out. Just as there is in any investment. Getting married to any investment is a sure fire way of losing money, lots of it. — Larry

Reader Stu writes

“Hi Larry — Cashless, electronic currency still equals fiat money! Contrary to conventional thinking, gold is the ultimate currency as it has no debt attached to it.”

My response: Actually, Stu, a gold standard is fiat money. Why? Because the powers that be can change — and did change — the relationship between gold and the currency.

Indeed, the word “fiat” is actually misused. “Fiat” means “an official order given by someone who has power; an order that must be followed.”

Today we have money that is subject to free market forces, the waxing and waning of confidence or lack of confidence, in a country, its leaders, its economy.

That is a far better way to go, and why a gold standard never worked. A gold standard is like fixing the price of something. Price fixing never lasts and always blows up, with negative consequences, both for those who fix the price, and those who invest based on a fixed price.

Free floating currencies are far better than fixed currencies, no matter what they are fixed to.

Best wishes,

Larry Edelson

Other Developments of the Day

BulletAfter Iran, is North Korea next? Don’t hold your breath. The communist country’s government said it has no interest making a nuclear agreement with the U.S. in view of what it calls Washington’s “provocative” policies. The statement from North Korea was its first response to the deal reached between Iran and six global powers designed to limit Iran’s nuclear weapons ambitions.

BulletOne company that appears to be hurting overseas because of the stronger dollar is the iconic American brand of Harley-Davidson Inc. (HOG). Still, the motorcycle maker turned in a better-than-expected net profit of nearly $300 million for the second quarter. That was down about 15 percent from the year-earlier figure. The company, based in Milwaukee, said the company’s operating income was hurt by fewer motorcycle shipments as foreign competitors offered lower prices. It said its worldwide retail motorcycle sales fell to 88,931 in the quarter, from 90,218 in the same quarter a year ago.

BulletAre there others out there? We may soon find out. A new effort, known as Breakthrough Listen, will spend $100 million in a 10-year search for extraterrestrials. The project will involve two large radio telescopes to search for radio signals and an optical telescope to look for evidence of laser communications. Yuri Milner, a Russian entrepreneur, has promised the money for the venture, which will also involve Stephen Hawking.

What about you? Are you expecting that we’ll find life outside of Earth? Want to comment on any of Larry’s above views or on any other matter? Click here to join the conversation.

The Money and Markets team

Larry Edelson, one of the world’s foremost experts on gold and precious metals, is the editor of Real Wealth Report and Supercycle Trader. Larry has called the ups and downs in the gold market time and again. As a result, he is often called upon by the media for his investing views. Larry has been featured on Bloomberg, Reuters and CNBC as well as The New York Times and New York Sun.

Comments 65

Jeff July 21, 2015

Yes, we are not alone. I have seen, on two different occasions, UFO's. The second time was in the presence of an observer for White Sands Missile base, "project Blue book.". It a should be interesting to see what we find out with an effort like this one.

Fred 151 July 21, 2015

Not much. The government knows they are there (that is why their reports obtained by FOIA are always blacked out). You saw them. There is no need to spend millions.

jiwillis July 21, 2015

Larry, Were it not for your sage advise I would have lost my shirt. Thanks for teaching this old dog to listen to a real expert. Your convergence report is not surprising. We may well be the last generation at least those of us as old as Israel. The coming years could well be dangerous for those of us not in political favor in this country. Do you see Belise or Costa Rica being a better place to be when TSHTF?

G13Man July 21, 2015

I saw a recent report recently that Costa Rica was also an in debt nation as well ! [ its on my list to check out ]

G13Man July 21, 2015

to jiwillis , I saw a recent report recently that Costa Rica was also an in debt nation as well ! [ its on my list to check out ] to Rob , I hope they are not bank safes , when they close , they will be closed ! Maybe take a ride in the bug out machine to bury a few of everything at your bug out place ! To the russians , are u really going to let a fellow russian waste his money , take it and show him your aliens ! , U probably have as many artifacts around as the USA , Heck , give him unredacted reports and let him publish a book and back it ! , think of the world money u can make off book and tours , & the cost of the western world trying to cover it up ! lol.. as for one of the least reported on assets to have when the SHTF , 10 + acres of land away from any major to minor city ! And a community of like minded hard working people . And solar panels with circuitry !

David July 21, 2015

Larry, I am a subscriber to Real Wealth and relly appreciate your advice, especially yout recent stance with certain investments to "not invest in anything at this time", also thank you for the great recent advice on GLD Puts. However, my question relates to your answer to a question in today's email. You said that you have your money outside of the Banking system; unless you mean in a Brokerage account, where most of mine is, where else can one put it for it be be accessible and useful? I do have a reasonable amount of liquid cash, equal to three months living expenses. Thank you.

Brooks July 21, 2015

I think Larry is forgetting an earlier recommendation to buy gold. Larry said now was the time to get back in. I know I lost money. I think it was earlier this year. I know that no one can always get this stuff right, but don't act like you have had a perfect record... Having said the above, I do appreciate your efforts and think you do your best. I think you are an honest man. It seems like so many advisors are jumping on the collapse bandwagon. This is serious stuff, and God help anybody that is doing this only to make money off their customers. It would be damn near unforgivable in my mind! It seems li

Pete July 21, 2015

Brooks, I'm on board with your comments. I can't remember an advisor talking anything but doom and gloom. That's their MO. I do look for their insights, but take some of it with a grain of salt. I've subscribed to Weiss for a few years. So far 20 out of the 42 recommendations I chose have resulted in losses. This is not on them. It's up to me what investments I choose. My point is that the results are closer to 50%, not 100%. At least in my case. I'm looking forward to Larry's third installment of convergence. He is undoubtably knowledgeable and has a wealth of experience. I'm eager to learn what his recommendations are. But I have a feeling I will have to buy another subscription to find out.

David S. July 21, 2015

>> Larry is forgetting an earlier recommendation to buy gold<< You presumably missed Larry's subsequent advice to SELL gold. It was very clear. Saved my rear.

Rob July 21, 2015

Money: Out of the bank Gold: In a safe Silver: In a safe Guns: In a safe Bullets: In a safe Bug out Camper: In the driveway. I could use a road trip anyways. If I wanted to buy all the gold and silver and whatever other commodity that I needed to really own the people, I think I would first lower the price of said commodity. If people don't see that gold and silver is a "buy" right now then you don't stick to the most common investment methodology of buying low and selling high...or when there is a new currency available to the common man. (Probably backed by nothing once again)

Jerry Richardson July 21, 2015

To my mind there are 2 opposite forces going on. First , we are discovering more places where life similar to us may have developed. Second, the distances to such places are so vast that it seems like we will have to invent new ways of traveling faster.

Rick July 21, 2015

After reading Convergence I need to ask, my 401K is in Vanguard and the only way to get my money out is to quite work. Is Vanguard safe?

Tom Manz July 21, 2015

Larry, You responded to one question saying you are keeping most of your money out of the bank9ing system? Where do you recommend placing our funds? Won't stock trading accounts also be vulnerable? Thanks, Tom

John Litton July 21, 2015

Yeah Larry, You told us so, just like you told us that Gold had bottomed out a few months back.

David S. July 21, 2015

Be fair. Don't whine. Almost everyone thought gold had bottomed. Larry at least adjusted his view when it became apparent that the bottom wasn't in and recommended selling, while the gold-bug whackjobs didn't sell and lost 50% or more.

Fred 151 July 21, 2015

Weiss Watchdog rates banks, life insurance, annuities, stocks, etc. You should know how safe your bank is (FIRST AND FOREMOST), your life insurance company, your annuity, all your stuff. You can do 10 items for free. It is a great service.

Fred 151 July 21, 2015

Post probably should have at least 2 banks and probably 3-4. Don't put all your eggs in one basket. And then look at other areas.

Chuck Burton July 21, 2015

If the government closes the banks, it doesn't matter how many accounts you have. You need tradable goods - meaning food, clothing, medicines, fuel, weapons, etc. And the ability to hang onto them until some rational society is reestablished. Skills would come in handy also.

Michael July 21, 2015

Hi Larry, US$100m might be better spent finding out more about our deep oceans. Why go to the next Galaxy to discover something better that we may have on this planet.

David S. July 21, 2015

The distances are immense. We'll never even get humans (or even an unmanned probe, most likely) to the closest star system in THIS galaxy, let alone any farther away, and the fantasy that we could reach another galaxy is confined to Star Trek and ilk. Actually, even Star Trek confined itself to this galaxy, and almost entirely to our "quadrant" of it.

John July 21, 2015

It would be better to spend the $100 Million buying Gold instead of "Breakthrough Listen", looking for Extraterrestrials. Then when gold finally goes up, they can fund a lot more than that project!

Mephisto July 21, 2015

Is it that time again? The time when the broken clock matches Larry predictions? We have longer memories than that, man.

Rodney July 21, 2015

Hello Larry. Thanks for your generous posting of information and appreciate that you are sticking your neck out there for the rest of us little people. Please ignore the critics on this comment page, like they could do any better. My question is: you mention that you are concerned that those of us on government benefits will be hurt in the upcoming crisis. I am a disabled vet and therefore am receiving disability and soon my military pension. Will either of these incomes be affected? If so, how do I prepare for this? Thank you, sir.

Chuck Burton July 21, 2015

In all the vastness of the universe there must be millions - perhaps billions - of planets within the habitable range of distance of their stars. All those stars are moving in relationship to one another, and all those planets even more so. Life may exist on those planets for some period, and intelligent life capable of communication for a smaller period. If a signal was sent out a billion years ago from such a planet or system, it might just now be arriving in the solar system. What are the odds of it being intercepted by a receiver on Earth before Earth rotates or moves out of the needed line of sight or radio beam. And would the signal contain enough information in that fraction of a second or two to be meaningful? Fugedaboudit!!

Montana July 21, 2015

I'm not sure I want to meet someone Outthere,one of us would want to to rule! Or I might look like a hamburger to them.if their anything like us ,I'll just take a pass.

Jim July 21, 2015

Earth is over four billion years old and there has been advanced life for five thousand years. If our history was a twenty four hour clock we will have come and gone in a matter of seconds. The same is provably true elsewhere. The time factor may be more prohibitive than the distance factor. In the absence of time travel and warp drive the hunt for extraterrestrial life will probably be an exercise in futility even if it does exist. I have also read that life may only be possible on the very outer edge of galaxies because of the high levels of radiation in the interior. Jim


"Free floating currencies are far better than fixed currencies, no matter what they are fixed to." A quote from Larry Edelson's column today. With my half-vast understanding of economics and the theory of money and credit, I have come to the conclusion that probably the best possible monetary system would be gold-based. Not a "gold-standard," but real true money being gold coins and bullion with fully-convertible money-substitutes (certificates) in a system of "Free-Banking" that permits laissez-faire FRB [Fractional Reserve Banking]. Of course, I would demand that government not be able to interfere in business other than to punish fraud, theft, extortion, and unprovoked violent physical aggression. Government would not have the power to "bail-out" anyone, but government would have the power to enforce contracts. Now, why wouldn't that work? And what's your opinion of BitCoin and the other "crypto-currencies? Do you think it is a viable concept? It seems to me that since the total stock of currency would be fixed at a known quantity, governments could not debase by inflation of the total stock of currency.

Alan E July 21, 2015

Hi Larry, Your thoughts then are much like Martin Armstrong where we get a selloff maybe yet this Summer-Fall, then a rally to a top in 2016-2017 timeframe for the U.S. markets, while Europe sinks first and then Japan? All about money flow! You are doing a great job explaining this that opened my eyes, more so than Martin, although he is a very smart guy. So since I trade SSO & SDS, seems like SDS is setting up for a move now, and the SSO after the decline to a SPX high. Have you got an idea where you think SPX will Top at? Keep us well informed. Thanks again, Alan E, Sarasota FL

Gary July 21, 2015

<> Larry, if you're keeping most of your money outside the banking system, please tell us where... or give us some idea on better alternatives. Most of ours is tied up in brokerage accounts and their bank. Thank you.

David July 21, 2015

Do you include Credit Unions in the banking problems? Is a brokerage like Charles Schwab safer than a bank?

Car July 21, 2015

I know you are very positive on China and think a great deal of money is going to be made by investment in their assured greater success in the currency, manufacturing,and stock market sectors of their economy. However, I wonder how, if the rest of the world is in terrible deflation, will they be able to sell the huge quantities of goods their economy and employment demands. They can't turn around a economy as large as theirs overnight into a consumer society. I really don't think Asian nations are going to go untouched if the EU, US and Japan go down and be the huge trading partners to take up the slack. The last figures I saw eliminated the four to five trillion dollars they have as backup to set their economy right to chicken feed. How well is the heavy handed, sell short, go to jail, communist interference in their stock market going to play out with investors in the future? Have you changed your forecast? Do you still think they will lead the world in the future and be the number one place to go for investment profits? Hope you will give us your current thoughts on China. Many thanks for giving this email your attention.

Ed July 21, 2015

oil keeps dropping,gasoline keeps rising, why?

Jim July 21, 2015

It's seasonal, summer blends are more expensive. I would bet on gasoline below $2 by the end of the year.

john July 21, 2015

Does this recent China gold situation change your out look for gold ?

James C. July 21, 2015

I click on the link for the "Convergence" report and there is nothing there. I live overseas. Is that a problem?

Ben Hopkins July 21, 2015

I disagree with you, Larry, only with respect to the SEQUENCE of sovereign debt collapse. In a GLOBAL credit market, I think financial collapse will happen altogether and suddenly--not in an orderly sequence of weakest, weaker and then, last of all, U.S. Treasuries. In a sovereign bond panic, which will spread throughout the credit markets, who will/would be foolish enough to think that Treasuries or ANY large over-extended organization's IOUs will hold their value, during and after the panic? Certainly not Japanese or French government bonds, and probably not British or German. Perhaps Chinese?! Interdependent big bank bonds? not likely. There are many billions (trillions?) of dollars/euros/yen/etc. of more or less worthless paper (aka bonds/IOUs) outstanding in the global credit markets. Eventually many holders of this paper will lose faith and begin to sell (bond vigilantes' revenge) and, in the absence of offsetting demand from other more optimistic investors, panic-selling will begin and financial institutions will freeze or fall as in the proverbial row of dominoes. Interest rates will soar--but without meaning, because the money system and the real economy will both freeze-up except for local currencies and barter systems. Will any CURRENCIES then hold their real value? After all, they are just number-stamped pieces of paper and computer entries--like sovereign bonds. Both are necessary and effective devices in the functioning of our highly complex human societies. BUT THEY CAN FAIL--they WILL fail when mismanaged--like and even more dramatically than our other essential "grids" (electricity/petroleum/water/food/waste). When our money system fails--our most important public utility--won't we have to MAKE DO with WHATEVER and WHOMEVER is NEAR AT HAND?

Larry July 23, 2015

The collapse won't happen all at once. CHIEF REASON: The world is no longer on a gold standard. As a result, capital moves around the globe with very little restraint. Europe is already starting to fall.

Robert July 21, 2015

Hi Larry: Please elaborate, how are the Europeans transferring money to the US or Americans transferring money to Asian investments?

Richard M. July 21, 2015

I have always felt that life is not confined to our planet or solar system. The fact that $100M is being allocated for a project like Breakthrough Listen and that an eminent scientist like Stephen Hawking is interested is proof that many others in the scientific community feel the same way. I am sure that it will only be a matter of time before we are able to contact other sentient life forms.

Jim July 21, 2015

The sentiment for gold is now worse than it was in 2001 when gold was $260 an ounce. What followed was a ten year rally featuring a 700 per cent gain. Doug Casey admonishes us that when dealing with commodities you are a contrarian or you get slaughtered.

Jerry July 21, 2015

Hi Larry, I've been following you for several years found your information to be fairly accurate. I too am very concerned about your Oct. 7 forecast, especially what we may face here in the U.S.. According to all that I read our country is in debt to the tune of more than 20 trillion dollars and climbing. There are about 150 million people working here. If each one of us paid a one time amount of $150, or 42 cents per day for 1 year, that would generate about 22.5 trillion dollars. A small price to pay and more than enough to pay the debt and give the U.S. a fresh start. Or is my math faulty? Let me know.

Phil July 21, 2015

Your math is off by 3 orders of magnitude. So each of the 150 million workers would have to provide $150,000 to accumulate $22.5 trillion. Your proposal raises $22.5 billion.

Balu Bhayani July 21, 2015

Hello Larry This is not a comment and it relates to something different. I hear that interest rate could be raised by Fed either this year or may be next year. Is it possible to give some 'possible scenario' as examples as to how catastrophic the effect will be if Fed raises the interest rate by say 0.25%? Thanking you Balu Bhayani

al July 21, 2015

Hey Larry that's a wasted 100 million. As for gold and oil going down I love it how low will it go.I'll have the cash when that time comes.too back the truck up.but today cash is king poeple hold on too it and put as much as u can togather.and sit and wait for the right time. I appreciate u Larry but try not too make this people so dam. Scary lol

The Donald July 22, 2015

You have not addressed oil lately. Your prediction on low it will go, then when will it start back up and how far up will it go? Donald Stump (not Trump)

Neal July 22, 2015

From Larry's December 12, 2012 Special Report: " is ultimately headed higher — much higher. And $5,000 an ounce could easily end up a very conservative figure."

Larry July 23, 2015

That is correct Neal. I made that statement several times, but you are ignoring part of the statement which was "once gold bottoms."

Neal July 27, 2015

By definition, gold will head higher after it finally bottoms. And I predict that it will fall after it finally tops out. Of what value is it to say that gold is "ultimately headed higher" many years before that is likely to happen?

Mike July 22, 2015

Larry The convergence of your cycles is certainly interesting. But how can you make a huge leap and conclude, so very specifically, from that convergence, that Europe will be the first to go phut, followed by Japan, and that America will be the last to fall? How can cycle graphs possibly make predictions that are so very specific? I do hope that you will address this question, because I notice that you have a naughty habit of simply ignoring most of the questions that are put to you.

Joe S July 22, 2015

larry, in this upcoming cycle convergence your talking about I have 2 annuitys one with Allianz and one with north American worth in the range of 200,000 will these be safe.

Mike July 22, 2015

Hi Larry, When you mention you have your monies outside the banking system why don't you or Martin Weiss share places for others to do the same. You write about these things yet as investors and subscribers how would you expect others to succeed in being able to follow through on continuing to stay a subscriber if we are wiped out or not allowed to use our funds to continue> Just a thought when you continue to mention this repeatedly. Thanks Mike

John Burchill July 22, 2015

I agree with Mike; Please indicate where are the best places to stash our funds OUTSIDE the US banking system? Thanks for all you advise. I listen and read everything you provide as I think you analysis is right in.

David July 22, 2015

As a Canadian who lives in a large geographic country with approx. 30 million other people and a large amount of natural resources, I expect we will fair better than most nations over the next 20 years.

Carol July 22, 2015

Larry you are saying the first problem we have is government...with those who work for and get compensations from. This will cause riots in communities all over the country so the private sector will be affected I fear. Also you said you do not put your money in a bank. Where should we put our cash? What would you recommend for a 401?

William Purdy July 22, 2015

Larry, we've been told in the past that the dollar has to be devalued in order for American products to compete world wide or else American companies and our economy will suffer and decline. Now days, with the dollar climbing, American companies and our economy are booming and no one even mentions devaluing the dollar. This seems contradictory. What gives?

jim July 22, 2015

my question is about keeping money in cds. do you think it will be safe .

Phanu-el Asva July 22, 2015

If there are ET civilizations concurrently out there,they will not communicate because they are very different;and if transient Human Race try to communicate with them,they will not be interested,-to reply or make friends with such a dangerous,violent species.That does not mean that they are not aware or already been to planet Earth,which is disrespected by this species;they are horrified as they must worship their own planet to have survived.

JimThorpe surfer July 22, 2015

Aloha folks..First and Foremost..ET's...have been Here for Ages..the Powerful Yeoman's Work and DOCUMENTATION done by Steven irrefutable...period. As he has approached it from a very sound and business like manner with years of Interviews across the Spectrum of People in various positions of Authority in Governmental..Civilian..and Intelligence arenas..Utube it.Secondly...its nice to be looking..however Wisdom would dictate that we Use Higher TECHNOLOGICAL Levels and Avenues for After all they do Function and Live on much Higher Levels than we at the moment can even dare to think about..correct? Perhaps LASER....or Higher forms of Electromagnetic Field Communications would be Better. Radio waves might be like Using Smoke Signals to answer a CELL Phone call lolol if you get the Drift...? thanks for reading and aloha

Ray July 25, 2015


Henry July 25, 2015

Astro science is advancing beyond the speed of, say, light years. But, it will take many of those to discover a place where there is life as we know it. And if we think we have found such a pace, so what. It took years to travel to Pluto and that planet is within our own solar system. To get to the nearest star, other than our sun, could take thousands of years. That is a very very long way off, if forever. I'll bet on "never"..

Harold July 26, 2015

If not gold or some entity that cannot be printed as a "STANDARD" base or reference how can you prevent this reckless printing and pumping of dollars flooding the financial world? How can the QE programs Not be setting us up for much higher inflation and loss in buying power of existing and future dollars?? Remember Germany???

Nancy July 27, 2015

Is my money safe in IRA? What about money in my credit union? I read we should have some cash on hand. Please answer

Danna July 28, 2015

God created the earth and all that is in it. He created everything in the heavens and on the earth. Adam sinned and passed this sin nature on to all of us-(EVERY person born). The remedy came in the form of Jesus Christ. Would God create other people or beings to repeat this drama, and send Jesus to die for them also, or would He just let them all go to Hell? (no). There IS life out there. God created it. They are called Angels and Demons. They do communicate with us and influence us. There is also the Holy Spirit, Who communicates with us and influences us. I believe the UFOs are demonic beings. No harm to those who have in trusted their lives to Jesus and are indwelled by His Spirit. Those who haven't are unprotected. Our world is approaching Armageddon. The Iran deal pushes us into that arena. The countries who come against Israel are all lined up. It will begin with Russia and seems very close. The alliances have been or are forming for that great war. God will win, they will lose. But I will be gone in the "Great Rapture". All of this is in the Bible, and has played out as God foresaw. I follow all of this money news because I am not sure when any of this will happen and I want to protect myself, as God leads me.

irene August 22, 2015

Edelson predicts stocks and currencies will fall in value. Yet he advises to buy certain ETS stocks based on USA dollar. How can profit when invest in stocks based on USA dollar that collapses. When 100,000's of subscribers all do same thing it will inflate what they buy to unrealistic amounts. What guarantee have that Edelson will advise a buy just to make it go up so he can sell at profit.

margaret September 27, 2015