Germany Warns of Danger of War Between U.S. and Russia

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said on Oct. 8 that the situation between the U.S. and Russia today is more dangerous than it was during the Cold War.

As he put it, “It’s a fallacy to think that this is like the Cold War. The current times are different and more dangerous.”

In the interview, Steinmeier discussed the Russian intervention in Syria, the standoff with the United States and the frozen but still dangerous confrontation over Ukraine. Any one of them, according to Steinmeier, could end up in military confrontations between the United States and Russia.

I was long worried about this, ever since I debuted the forecasts of my war cycles in December 2013. I said back then that the world would experience an environment of rising domestic and international unrest until at least 2020. And that forecast has been coming true in spades.

From Boko Haram to ISIS … to Ukraine and Crimea … to BREXIT and more …

ALL over the world, tensions are rising … leaders are blaming each other … and shooting wars are breaking out.

Thing is, it’s only going to get worse. Chief reason: We’re only about halfway into what I call the “Granddaddy of all War Cycles” — the 53.5-year cycle responsible for major international wars.

Stay safe …


Larry Edelson, one of the world’s foremost experts on gold and precious metals, is the editor of Real Wealth Report and Supercycle Trader. Larry has called the ups and downs in the gold market time and again. As a result, he is often called upon by the media for his investing views. Larry has been featured on Bloomberg, Reuters and CNBC as well as The New York Times and New York Sun.

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dave in Houston October 12, 2016

Is obama going to surrender? Never seen any evidence he knows how to fight or has a backbone.

satan smith October 13, 2016

obama is a puppet prez chosen by the rothchilds

Bart Snow October 17, 2016

Hi Dave, Are you ready to join up for the coming wars?

Is the USA in danger of war before the year ends or in January of 2017! October 12, 2016

Need to know is the end of the world?

Deb October 16, 2016

No take courage in the Lord and He will deliver you - it's ok to pretend ! Pray ! They want you to think it is the end - they want evil. Do good instead as much good as you can do. Take ❤️

John October 31, 2016

Deb, I am with you on your comment. I am a veteran that has been in dramatic harms way and I know where of I speak, "As for me, even if he should slay me, I will follow him". What need have I that he doesn't provide? What truth need I that he does not reveal? None.

Stryder318 November 30, 2016

WWII started with the annexation of the Sudetenland (Think Crimea, Think Ukraine). Putin wants war. It is really the only way to focus his public opinion away from the way he holds onto power. How will the world react to continued Russian aggression? How far is the west willing to be pushed?

Pat October 12, 2016

They must know about these cycles. Do they not believe them? If you were asked to "guess" when would you say the next one will be. I am 81 years old. How in the world do I prepare for something like this? Pat Bauer

Hooch October 12, 2016

ww III is already in the making, It is said it will start in the middle and the Bear will come from the North. How say you?

JamesR Herd October 12, 2016

To Hell with Syria and Assad , they are not worth a World War with Russia. The real War is between the Sunni and the Shia and I believe we should let them murder each other since that is what they seem to want. The red line should be drawn with NATO and the people on this planet who want to live in Peace. Sharia Law is a abomination.

tom Ladky October 13, 2016

You could not be more right...

Frank Saffold October 13, 2016

James, You're dead on! There' no way the US can win in the Muslim world. If we side with Saudi Arabia (Sunni), Iran (Shia) hates us! What US actions in Syria -- opposing Hassad (Shia) and aiding the revolting groups (Sunni and ISIS) has resulted in unimaginably massive destruction of life and structures in that poor country. We need to get the h--l out Middle East affairs -- and now!! But how to get this across to the hawks (Dem and Rep) in the House and Senate?

Jackie October 14, 2016

You are so right. This is not our fight. Putin sees the USA as having elected a wimp as President (Obama) who may feel that he has to show he is not a wimp which is very dangerous and then there is Hillary, what a mess. When will the people wake up and understand what a true Leader is and why it is needed.

Bart Snow October 17, 2016

Yes, James. You hit the nail on the head. Get the hell out of there. They have never been at peace and never will be. Let Russia run the place. They will get bogged down just as they did in Afghanistan.

Brian October 12, 2016

Larry, do you have any idea of what your and others investments will be worth if an out of control confrontation between the US and Russia and more than likely China will be given that it will more than likely ratchet up to a nuclear exchange? At beast I would figure massive looses to outright decimation in a smouldering pile of rubble. Q: Why do you always seem to blame or indicate that Russia is at fault, just yesterday you were throwing it out there that Russia was "threatening" the US, bunkum, it's the other way around.

annie October 12, 2016

It's abundantly clear that the usa has zero business in Syria and needs to stop sticking their interventionist noses into every conflict, and most importantly we need to stop creating global terror across the world. We are only making things worse. We can create enemies or practice diplomacy. Sadly, we always choose the wrong the detriment of our own people. Russia is not a threat to us, and neither is anyone else. We are the problem.

j. October 14, 2016

ANNIE !!!! Yes, A brilliant observation. Shout it from the rooftops, on FB, on Twitter, Box, Youtube.

Val October 15, 2016

I fully agree with you!

Mark W. October 12, 2016

Invest in a good bugout bag...

BILL BLACK October 12, 2016

When and how is the 12 trillion in negative bearing accounts going to flow into ? gold -stocks- bonds --real estate. Money is not going to sit there and what change will trigger the transition?

j. October 14, 2016

BILL, Bonds are starting to die as we speak... Gold, silver, Platinum etc and Land (real estate) are your babies! Go grab your piece....

s jü October 17, 2016

Bonds dying is like calling old age terminal. Inevitable, yes. Dying bonds would be paying 50-100% interest. A black swan could boost rates exponentially in weeks or days. Negative rates are unsustainable. 2-4% rates would indicate a recovery. A sudden move from 2-4-8-16-32-64-etc would mean fatal fed failure is days away. But yes negative rates are the swan song before the swan dive.

George white October 12, 2016

The Korean War was prior to the Viet war as a professional I am disappointed you have the Viet war occurring prior to the Korean War. Also, I subscribed for a number of years. Last year late Nov you had an ALERT to buy OIL it has bottomed. It continued to go down for another 45 days in Jan Also you totally missed leg 1 up from the Gold low in mid Dec Larry it went from what 1100ish to 1350 a big move to miss. Like I said earlier I subscribed for a number of years to RW report looked forward to it but if you can't get which war happened when and you are the expert not much confidence. GMW Fire whoever approved the cycle graph because it is incorrect.

Carman Ross October 13, 2016

George you need to take another look. Larry has it right.

Tim Brown October 13, 2016

He has the arrow pointing on the upward slope prior to the Vietnam War. He does have it correct Mr. White.

Ryan October 14, 2016

George, the Vietnam conflict started right after WW2, 1948 When Mao conquered China. Vietnam was a French colony then. Communists moved south and the Vietnam civil war started, 1948. The French finally left around 1965 and the Americans came in force. So, in fact, Larry was right about the Vietnam War starting before Korea.

Joe October 12, 2016

Gee Larry we have this prediction based on waves in intervals of 53.5 years. The science eludes me.

Herbert Bindel October 12, 2016

Hi Larry Thanks for all the information.Such a world we have now.Some always trying to get ahead in the world instead of getting to being friends. Herb

Edgardo Perez-De Leon October 12, 2016

Larry The link below may give to your readers a context on Steinmeier's concerns on nuclear war. Now we have capitalist stagnation moving in bankruptcy across the Atlantic financial system in Germany, London and Wall Street.

Edge October 12, 2016

US is is ruled by a Fundamentalist Christian death cult. It doesn't worry about the mass murder implicit in war, because it thinks 'God will take care of his own'. This cult is deeply invested in armaments and prisons. It backs and funds Hillary and is the biggest threat in the world today.

Mike October 16, 2016

I never ceased to be amazed at how ignorant some can be. "Fundamentalist Christian death cult"...How stupid. Washington politicians are a long, long, long way from fundamental Christianity.

John m October 12, 2016

Pvg appears to be forming a trading pattern Between 8.50 and 8.93

I agree October 12, 2016


betty m.brown October 12, 2016

Thank you for a pre-warn. If we were more of a GODLY nation(as we started out) we would not be in this terrible trouble today. We cannot police the world, feed the world and GIVE to the world!! We can't even seem to take care of our OWN!!! And without HIS help we cannot do anything!! When are we EVER going to learn? I pray HE comes soon and helps the world AGAIN!!

Arnold October 12, 2016

I'm nearly 72 now, was in grade 12 when the Cuban Crisis flared up. Ever since then I've been a keen student of history and international affairs, have travelled to 42 countries. Never in my life have I seen .such a bleak outlook for the foreseeable future, and it saddens me greatly. With all the threats, military confrontations, etc, it seems we really need safe havens, not just for our wealth but for our personal safety, possibly even an agreeable retirement somewhere out of the line of fire. From what I see, central and South America might be the best option.

Larry Fauci October 13, 2016

I agree with you, Arnold. I am also thinking about those locations in order to be in a "dafe haven"

Ken Swanson October 12, 2016

I always look forward to Larry's analysis!! He keeps both informed and optimistic, at the same time.

Chuck Burton October 12, 2016

Putin, though he has apparently beefed up Russia's nuclear capability, is not likely to be the first to use nukes, if it comes to a shooting war. Clinton, though shows signs of irrationality, and might do so. Trump is something of a hot-head, and also could be the one to initiate nuclear war. Both could do so if we seem to be losing at first, which is a possibility. Putin, by the way, just turned 64. Clinton is about to be 69. Trump is 70. Any of them could possibly be candidates for Alzheimer's disease - which they would not admit to, early on.

Nathaniel Green October 12, 2016

A recent read of a book on historical relations between Russia and Lybia suggested we should expect Russia's aggression and posturing. Their aggressive actions are time-driven, b/c of their aging populous. Since Russia's population has flat-lined from 1990 to today, we are seeing a grab-all urgency from the declining state (their future viability has been compromised so why not wouldn't they throw weight around while they've got it?). It's not surprising with our leadership today that we aren't positioning ourselves well in response. Ultimately, however, wars are resource driven, so it's possible we start trading punches with Russia but not probable they're the first punches thrown. That said, where does the world come up with resources needed (demanded) for its 50% populous growth during the same period Russia lost it's vitality (1990-today)? 2020 seems like a good guess for the year everyone realizes that question (current trajectories included) has ugly truths; and punches start getting thrown.

Gary October 12, 2016

We need to quit messing around in Syria. Get out, because the Russians what that country for a Port at all cost & Syria means nothing to the USA.

Richard October 12, 2016

Based on such a dire forecast should we be investing in defense industry stocks?

Bill Stapp October 12, 2016

Sooooooo easy to sit around speculating about Brexit,war cycles,etc,without giving any concrete advice on what we should be doing.I suppose that will require a subscription to something for some crazy price.

Steven Hougland October 12, 2016

Larry, This will only happen if Hillary Clinton is elected. God help us! The Bush-Clinton tag team will stop at nothing. You can bet on one thing if it does happen you are going to wish you were back in Thailand. It will not be just Russia. 9/11 has alienated the entire world. With Trump as President we will work right through it and I think a lot of favorable things are going to come out of future events.

Dawn Tizard October 12, 2016

I have voiced the same but most people can not envisage this situation.I think the banks, politics and more wars and great civil unrest is very much what we must be prepared for.

Robert Calabrto October 12, 2016

Larry: Is gold and silver near the bottom? I have learned a lot from you. Thank You for my continuing education. Regards, Robert Calabro.

John Armesto October 12, 2016

I am glad I don't live in Washington DC. By the way Larry I believe in you and I am gearing my wealth according to your advice. Your time line for the world economy makes so much sense. I just hope politicians are told their bunkers will not survive a nuclear war because I sense they think they and their children will survive while the people are incinerated. One good thing, we won't have to repay the 20 trillion dollar debt of worry about social security anymore.

Marc October 12, 2016

Hey Larry: My only fear is not if the war will break out but how it will be fought. I suspect that Syria is he catalyst. I too am a cycle follower and I know we are due. That is why Trump and Hillary are the too best candidates that the US could muster at the moment. When people are like this they will believe anything and hence how Hitler and the rest of the war monger leaders came to power. As Gerald C. says, "when people lose everything, they lose it". I know you are right. My greatest concern is a prophecy told to me 27 years ago that seems to be coming together piece by piece. The next phase is where the big cities of the world burn. It would be awful but people (especially politicians) are notorious for doing foolish things. I sure hope I am wrong.

Gary Smith October 12, 2016

As far as Im concerned the US should never have permitted Russia to invade Ukraine and Crimea..Big mistake..Even so Im not interested in a war with Russia and its my personal experience that neither are the Russian people..Wars are caused by governments and in OUR case we should be reigning our government in on several different levels..It is completely out of control..We cant even find someone serious enough about representing the American People to even run for President..Its a money mill and a pissing contest..Shameful at best.

Toby Howes October 13, 2016

I think you'll find that the US instigated a coup in Ukraine after many years of subversive activity. This is fact. All Russia has done has respond as any nation would when it's border is directly threatened by an aggressive war mongering country with a track record of destabilization.

Luciano Salvati October 12, 2016

China, Russia, Iran, ISIS just to mention but a few enemies, are all ganging up and closing in on the U.S.A. Why? Although they know full well that the "elephant" is not asleep this time around they are also acutely aware that he is highly vulnerable and badly suffering of an irreversible, progressive disorder called Alzheimer disease thus totally lacking in leadership among so many other crucial things. Restore the leadership before it is too late and the elephant will go back to being quickly once again the KING of the JUNGLE!

Tom from Hungary October 12, 2016

Very interesting. I would like an addition, Dangerous times within Grandaddy cycles are time slots following harvest periods. Those date back to less developed eras when it was vital to gather the fresh agricultural products. A few examples: Start of the French Revolution: July 14 1789; Franco-Prussian War start July 19, 1870; start of WW I: August, 1914; Bolshevik revolution: November 7, 1917; start of WW II. September 1939; Pear Harbor day: December 7 1941; Suez crises: October 1956 Best wishes: Tom.

Donald Link October 12, 2016

Putin is quietly mad in the same way as Stalin. The feckless Europeans are all riding in the sled and throwing out one member at a time in the vain hope that the Russian bear will not eat them all.

ron goddard October 12, 2016

yes, and if the americans would just stay home in the u.s.a. ALL would be well. your country has invaded 31 countries since ww2 resulting in the loss of over 20 million people and the destruction of cultures and cities. and this info. comes from some of your countries well respected citizens who are sick of the us invasions and war losses. you haven't won a war since 1776. in the past 240 years usa has been at 'war' 227 years of its life. warmongers? well is it cried..'GO HOME YANK' the blight of the earth....russia has attacked nobody nor has china...turkey, iran, india, khazakstan and other countries are banding together to stand up to your military. if ever killary clinton and her weazel husband pushes the war button the usa will be reduced to ashes. clinton and obama are already making plans to exit your country. she, hates her american people..and this is reliable info. i think you better revise your ideas a bit .

Gary Sloane October 15, 2016

Ron, have you thought of doing stand-up comedy? Your second paragraph had me in stitches!

Bill October 12, 2016

How could anyone think war is possible when one of the leaders is a Nobel peace prize recipient? Obama will just move his red lines to a non-threatening position.

Larry Fauci October 13, 2016

Bill, very well said. You are a SCHOLAR!

Charlie McFarlan October 12, 2016

Back in High School, in 1968, our U.S. History teacher told us that on average, the U.S. is involved in a war or some kind of Conflict about every 20 years. He went on to explain the political and economic reasons he had for this and I pretty much agree with him. Relating to your post here, I firmly believe your right, except that in THIS case, I know what the Book of Revelation, Daniel, and Ezekiel have predicted. Since it's my belief the BIBLE IS TRUE, because all of the prophecies have proven totally true, that your predictions are about to come true much faster than any of us think! I believe you said it would continue through 2020? Look for things to get much worse in the next year. Just a thought to peruse. Thanks.

Eslyn October 12, 2016

Why are they timed to be 53.5 years?

Chris October 18, 2016

They are averaged at 53.5 years, because that is how long after the last big conflict all the twenty year olds and olders involved, who vow to never been in such a war again, take to die off, and a new lot of cannon fodder to ripen, and be ruled by politicians who have forgotten (corporate memory) the horror of war - plus politicians know THEY won't be on the front line.... the minor skirmishes are to 'blood' the troops, which is why China is now involving itself in UN police actions, why US is in Middle East, so troops have some 'front line' experience. The same goes for airforce and navy involvement in minor conflicts and 'civil' matters. The same actually applies to things like the Great Depression, and 'World Wars' - which both went on for longer (both before and after the 'defined' dates).... it is also why the U.S. practiced 'isolation' for much of both the first and second World Wars (arrived late, and sat on sidelines making money for the first part)..... was 'forced' into 2nd WW after some years by Pearl Harbour. If you look it is only a FEW years since UK finished paying back US for WWII lend lease! So basically corporate memory is the reason for the gap between major events like big wars and financial disasters (and note, the GFC hasn't finished - as 7 years of zero interest guarantee further disaster).

Gary Henrich October 12, 2016

Hi Larry, i have seen these war cycles before and they seem to suggest higher stock prices. Is that a misconception or truth that markets generally go higher and inflation increases with warring activity. Maybe you could do a blurb on that, or maybe you have to paid subscribers, which i am currently not. Also what happened to your forecast of an important low in first week of October? It seems like an "important lower" to me. Lol. I do wish i had followed your advice and short hedged my PMs in early August. But to me it looks like a good time to take out a leveraged long position. Agree?

Joe luongo October 12, 2016

Hay Larry I'm very concerned of what is happening here. I myself am terrified that a major war with Russia could happen. Larry I'm sorry I never joined you're team I'm not into stocks or bonds or real estate. My father and I lost a total of $950k and wiped out our family's total hard worked money. Should've never came to California. And like to say that it's no more God bless America and I'm a little older than you but I have to be careful and hope that America with Hilary winning the election will be safe anyone is better than trump. Kennedys monetary plan and Chicago plan are great ideas to change the monetary system. China now has more gold then Fort Knox and probably will take over the world monetary system. Especially if we go into any kind of major war would cripple the system. Let's hope for the best for you and me and fellow native born Americans baby boomers and if we ever meet would like to have a drink with you toast to you're family and mine alive and passed love Joe Luongo champion man outstanding citizen and heroic man.

Scott Hartzler October 12, 2016

Sounds likw a snowjob. Perhaps Germany should keep its own affairs in order first.

Karl October 12, 2016

We can thank Obama, Hillary, Kerry and their supporters for allowing the US military and diplomatic strength to fall, and not taking effective action to halt the Russian and Chinese threat. It seems almost everywhere around the world, the US and its allies have been on a silent retreat (Obama's true foreign policy?). Russia and China held joint naval exercises not just in the South China Sea, but also in the Mediterranean Sea, threatening vital sea routes. See: and and Meanwhile, The US has fumbled in Afghanistan and Iraq-Syria for almost 15 years; ISIL, al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups continue to grow; and Iran is on the way to developing nuclear weapons, due the toothless agreement signed this year. Strong US leadership and action is needed to re-energize NATO and other allies: a famous general once said that the way to prevent wars is to be so strong that aggressors will be afraid to attack.

marie tasker October 12, 2016


Don October 12, 2016

The dumbing down of America is showing itself in a very big way and the politicians know the American people are clueless. How any American could support Hilary Clinton is evidence of the cluelessness. She has sold/given our classied information to our enemies.

Tom Beach October 12, 2016

War is expensive. War is good for business they say. War now kills far more civilians than soldiers. War today can and probably will escalate to be nuclear or biological or chemical. War today could and will probably kill millions. The two presidential candidates both think that a war today is winnable. Both are fools. Even if territory is gained, war will devastate participating nations. War is insanity proclaimed necessary and sane by people in back rooms without consent of the participants. Do not condone or participate in the next hot war. Tell the crazies who declare war to go fight it themselves this time around. Peace is the only way to prosperity. Peace allows us all to keep our arms and legs and lives.

neville October 12, 2016

Russia is in Syria at the invitation of President Assad.What justification has America got for entering into the civil war going on? Are the Americans seeking to destroy Syria like Libya and Iraq and Afghanistan.? Nato has got closer to Russias borders, are they seeking to provoke a shooting war with Russia? This would go nuclear very quickly imho. President Dwight D. Eisenhower was right when he warned of the military industrial complex taking over in America and that was back in 1953. A very farsighted individual when one looks at the current setup there. Best this is referred to the United Nations for mediation before a confrontation occurs.

Flyboyron October 12, 2016

Hmmm... Sorta looks like the cycle doesn't mean anything. Wars are there at the top and the bottom. So what is the point of the cycle? I don't disagree that things are dangerous, since our country's standing as a major stabilizing force in the world has been so (intentionally) degraded. The Russians (Putin) know that Obama won't do anything to stop him, since he WANTS other countries to displace us from any dominance in the world. So they are bound to take advantage of that weakness, and with either of these presidential candidates, I don't see him being afraid to continue his reassertion of Russian dominance over the East of Europe, as well as the Middle East. All in all, yes, a lousy situation, but I don't see any 53.5 year cycle driving it.

Jeanne Marie Schmelzer October 15, 2016

If Putin is releasing the Wikileaks documents then Obama and Hillary are afraid of what is coming out next. There's a lot of dirt to present. So they are trying a new type of war. They are using the CIA to try to do cyberwar. Obama is too afraid to actually have a real war with Russia and I don't think that Russia wants a real war. Obama is trying to make Russia out as the worst leader but he needs to pull together with Russia and fight ISIS. Obama will have things so messed up all because he doesn't like the outcome of an election.

maymie October 12, 2016

Thank you for this information M

Ronald C. Hurst October 12, 2016

Larry Edelson: Not to worry. Once Obama drew the line in the sand for Syria/ Bashar al-Assad-Vladimir Putin the world should know Obama is a coward and would never go to war with a Muslim leader and his good trusted friend Putin (after I win re-election we will point our missiles away from Russia).

johannes October 12, 2016

Germany warns us? They should cover their own butts first. Plus the Holidays are coming and Russia may well bed down for a long winter's nap. My view of the World is Biblical; I believe we may experience the second coming of Jesus Christ as described in Revelations. "Every eye will behold Him." I am amazed mankind believes its combined cognitive powers are greater than that of the Creator of Heaven and Earth, omniscient and omnipotent, God the Father Almighty. Christian values were key in the Founding Fathers' philosophy in creating the Federalist Democracy which is being destroyed from within by our corrupt self-serving elected leaders. Larry, you are right about this.....the roller coaster ride stops in Hell. And the Soros' , Clinton's, Rothchild's, and ruling elites of the world will be riding up front in first class for an Eternity of pain and torment, which they richly deserve.

s jü October 17, 2016

Pie in the sky and a fistful of teeth on about a test for the soul.

Gary Wilkinson October 12, 2016

Talk about history repeating itself as if we don't have more important things to deal with ie CLIMATE CHANGE.

s jü October 17, 2016

The pres. Just signed an eo re space weather you know the stuff that switches the whole power grid off. As if the script writers didn't leave the best op till the very end hint HINT

alex October 12, 2016

where is your daily box with the close of all the major markets and gold?

DONALD ROBINSON October 12, 2016


Tom Wells October 12, 2016

It's hard to give credence to Mr. Edelson when he makes off the wall predictions like 31,000 on the Dow for 2016. Possible? There's 2 1/2 months left! Now there's a war coming!

$1,000 gold October 12, 2016

incredibly good macro forecast by larry going way, way back are now falling into place. also, read between the lines. it is we, the usa, that is poking russia. the pentagon can't wait to take care of their putin problem. think about it.

WasteLand Warrior October 12, 2016

breakout your radiations suits people!...your investment portfolios might be the least of your worries for this world war!.

Mike Marsack October 13, 2016

Steinmeier discussed the Russian intervention in Syria. It is my understanding that Russia is in Syria at the request of the Assad government to help to help defend the government from paid mercenaries trying to overthrow the govt. Paid and supplied with weapons by Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the US. It is all because Qatar wants to run a pipeline thru Syria and Assad said no. The US is the intervening country, not Russia.

Maribel L. Chung October 13, 2016

October 13, 2016 (Thusday) I certainly appreciate your forecasts regarding sensitive world issues. It's like prophecy in the Holy Bible. But prophecy is not set in stone. The is always waiting for people to change. Just like Nineveh and they were able to avert destruction. Have you written a book on your forecasts/ prophecies? If you have, please let me know as I would like to procure a copy. Maribel L. Chung City of Antipolo Philippines

duke Oden October 13, 2016

Some of thse folks need to learn how to spell and use correct grammar

Phil October 13, 2016

Larry,You may be right about war but if it happens it will be small compensation to hear your claim was correct.We, the citizens can do nothing about it anyway .I prefer to concentrate on your advisories regarding investments and to hope a war between the parties you mention is unthinkable.

Bleucher October 13, 2016

I would add the prediction by Nostradamus of a NATO like force of 10 plus nations meeting the Arab World in the Middle East somewhere in this time frame. I do think your cycle predictions, greater then a year have been spot on, The goal is to predict time and price within a years cycle. I think it can be done.

Ken October 13, 2016

Your graph leaves out WWII, the most devastating war of the 20th century. It was only 21 years after WWI

Greg October 13, 2016

Ken, Check the bottom of the graph.

Karl October 13, 2016

Ken, Look more closely -- the bottom of the cycle in the early 1940s clearly shows US entering WW II.

Sawbuck October 13, 2016

Ken, Go back and check the graph chart again. The chart shows WW!! at low end of red lines. Suggest you have your eyes checked!

VPC October 13, 2016

Larry, Could you perhaps explain some more the chart you're showing - on details? War starts near a top? Or near a bottom? Or... ? Right now, according to your chart, we're somewhere halfway between a bottom and a top. And so? Thanks in advance for your answer! Kind regards

Karl October 13, 2016

Here's an item of interest, especially for those who claim that US aggression is causing the Russians to greatly build up their armed forces. From IHS Jane's Navy International: Russia to set up Pacific Heavy Bomber Division to patrol seas near Japan, Hawaii, and Guam It's important to remember that the 'Containment' policy during the Cold War greatly contributed to the break-up of the Soviet Union, and kept China from expanding. Putin and his supporters have stated a number of times that they would like to restore the old Russian Empire, which means conquering Ukraine, the eastern half of Poland, the Baltic countries, and maybe Finland. Wild Animals need to be fenced in strong cages -- and a new containment policy with strong NATO needs to start again. A strong, unyielding military cage is the only thing that the dictators in Moscow and Beijing respect.

Vera M. Myers October 13, 2016

If Hillary Clinton is elected, we will lose before we start. She wants to take personal guns first so that the people will be unable to fight and she wants to decrease the military to a bare minimum instead of building our forces bigger and better than any other country. The foolish people here who turn on Trump because Hillary brought in people (for a handsome sum, I am sure) to say Trump had groped them, was all over them even up their skirts in first class seats on an airplane. Please tell me which airline it was because it appears from the woman's statement that she did not scream of fight back because either the stewardess or the pilot would have intervened . ,

s jü October 17, 2016

This is an internet infowar event. Trump is a truther going for broke kamikaze. Trump is V for vendetta without special effects. No glorious ending but an unforgettable tour de force anti-heroic turning point of post modern history.

s jü October 17, 2016

At the end of v for vendetta evie is asked who was he? He was edmond dante. When the smoke clears and the dust settles they will ask who was trump. He was v for vendetta.

Dave October 14, 2016

Sure are a lot of idiots criticizing Larry. Nearly every one of those who find Larry's information or charts to be wrong in one way or another have misread or misinterpreted what Larry plainly said. The chart today is not wrong, but people have read it carelessly. Larry's prognostications have not been wrong either. He didn't say that the dow would hit 31000 in 2016 either. If you go back and look at what he has actually said, it was the unwinding of debt that would start in 2016-17 resulting in dow to 31000 (which he didn't put a date on). Yes, Larry's AI chart predictor for gold has had a couple of errors (he called them cycle inversions), but then he never claimed it was perfect. Oh well, I don't know why I'm so bothered with idiots. You will continue to be idiots I'm sure, in spite of Larry's being the most accurate financial prognostications available.

Mona October 14, 2016

Crooked Hillary is a lair, a cheat, and is out for the money, and control just follow the money trail in any activities that she has been involved in and she is there. HOW can anyone deny her actions?

s jü October 17, 2016

You almost expect a manchurian candidate sniper to drop trump in the final debate and hillary to appeal for national unity but this is no movie. Trump is making an indelible impression on americans and Hillary Antoinette will reap the whirlwind. The Fed is outta ammo. Talk of wwwiii or a coup pre nov 8 or even jan 20 is disinformation. It is after jan 20 that atlas will shrug.....bigtime.

Jeanne Marie Schmelzer October 15, 2016

There is a guy who flew on that airplane and was present the whole time and said that Trump did nothing the whole time and if anything happened it looked like the woman was the one trying to flirt with Trump. He came out on the

marie tasker October 15, 2016


s jü October 17, 2016

This is much worse than RFK shot in 1968. Trump is hard core truther anti globalist smeared so much by msm because ideas are bulletproof and assassination only makes the resistance stronger so he is being villified while putin is being demonized. No need to go to wwiii yet but if the vote is rigged and trump truthers can prove it this could go down like 1910 mexican revolution. Last resort of the oligarcy would be a quasi wwiii psyop. Investors stand aside until feb 2017. diversifed portfolios include 20% gold.