Sneak Peek at an Important Forecast Tool I Use …

Today I’m going to let you in on an important tool I use for my active trading services, where members get all my buy and sell signals, with the most accurate timing possible, via an artificial intelligence model that analyzes years of data, makes billions of calculations and then produces a final forecast.

Naturally, as with everything I do, it’s based on cycles, for cycles govern literally everything in the universe, from the physical world to the rhythms and repetitive nature of human behavior and history.

Mind you, I will only do this once. What you are about to see is reserved for members of my services, including Real Wealth Report and Supercycle Trader.

And I’m doing it for solely one reason: To show you how critical a crossroads the global economy and key markets are at and what lies ahead over the next few months, so you can protect yourself.

We’ll start with none other than gold. As you already know, I’ve been warning investors not to buy the recent rally, that it would fail, and I’ve been right. Scores of investors have already gotten hurt, and more blood will spill soon. Take a look at the forecast model:

Click image for larger view

The green line is the forecast, the black line is the daily closing price of the nearby active futures contract.

As you can clearly see, gold should head into an early October low before bottoming and beginning a new rally.

There will be bounces along the way lower, of course, but once gold cracks $1,300 — I wouldn’t be surprised to see the low $1,200s, even the mid-$1,100s.

Silver’s forecast chart is similar (not shown). If silver cracks the $16.27 level, I wouldn’t at all be surprised to see the $13 level.

You can’t say I didn’t warn you. Over the past several weeks I recommended you hedge any heavy gold and silver holdings you may own with inverse ETFs, such as ProShares UltraShort Gold, symbol GLL, which is already popping nicely higher …

And for silver, ProShares UltraShort Silver, symbol ZSL, a double leveraged ETF, seeking to deliver twice (2x or 200%) the inverse (or opposite) return of the daily performance of silver bullion in U.S. dollars.

How about crude oil?

Crude is following the model closely as well, and should decline a bit more into mid-September, then rally into the end of October, but then slide to new lows come February of next year.

Click image for larger view

“New lows” means below $26 a barrel. Put another way, the bear market in oil is not quite over yet!

Combined with the fact that the oil-and-energy sector is more indebted than ever, I wouldn’t get too bullish on energy stocks right now.

How about the all-so-important U.S. dollar? The currency that almost every analyst and promoter claims is going to crash and burn later this month? Well, take a look at the AI chart for the U.S. Dollar Index.

Do you see any crash looming on this chart? No. The forecast calls for a stronger dollar all the way into February of next year, then a mild correction, and a still stronger dollar thereafter (not shown).

Click image for larger view

What about the claims you’re reading out there that the dollar will collapse at the end of this month because the Chinese yuan will formally be admitted to the IMF as part of the Special Drawing Rights, or SDRs?

Nonsense. The yuan was approved for inclusion in the SDR a year ago. The market has already discounted it. Moreover, there is no way it can displace the U.S. dollar. The yuan accounts for roughly 4% of all currency transactions on a daily basis and is still not a fully open capital account or currency. I repeat, there is no way the yuan is going to crash the dollar.

In fact, the opposite will happen. More and more middle- and high-income Chinese will want to diversify their yuan into the U.S. dollar and dollar-based assets, boosting the dollar even higher.

How about platinum? Much like gold and silver — palladium as well (not shown) — the white metal should head lower into early October, then largely move sideways before starting a new rally in December.

Click image for larger view

By the way, long-term, as strategic metals in the security and military industries, platinum and palladium have enormous potential due to the rising war cycles.

What about junior mining shares that everyone got so excited about this year? And where I’ve warned to not jump on board and instead, wait for a major pullback?

Well, all those investors who chased the miners higher are now getting killed, and will shed even more blood in the weeks ahead. You can see it right here on this chart of the junior mining sector (senior miners, not shown, have a similar forecast chart).

Click image for larger view

The average senior miner has already lost 18.6% since its recent high while the average junior has shed 19%.

But more losses are coming, as the forecast chart shows miners sliding, like gold and silver, into early October.

Last, but certainly not least, is the Dow Industrials. Take a look. The Dow is in for one heck of a wild ride: A potential sharp decline into early October — with just about everything else — and then the start of an explosive new rally which will take it to new highs in early 2017, then even higher.

Click image for larger view

You can choose to ride that mini-crash out if you like. But if it were me and I were heavily loaded with stocks, I would consider — as recommended already — hedging via ProShares Short Dow30 ETF (DOG) and/or Direxion Daily S&P 500 Bear 1X Shares (SPDN), both unleveraged.

I show you these charts for one and only one reason: As I noted over the last few weeks, everything I study, all major markets and all my major indicators, tell me we’re approaching a major inflection point in the markets.

The dollar exploding higher. The euro starting to go over the cliff. Stock markets wobbling. Bond markets shaking. Precious metals weak.

Can you imagine what it would be like if you had the power of my AI models and charts like these for your conservative and speculative portfolios, not to mention my fine-tuned buy and sell signals?

Stay tuned and stay safe!

Best wishes,


Larry Edelson, one of the world’s foremost experts on gold and precious metals, is the editor of Real Wealth Report and Supercycle Trader. Larry has called the ups and downs in the gold market time and again. As a result, he is often called upon by the media for his investing views. Larry has been featured on Bloomberg, Reuters and CNBC as well as The New York Times and New York Sun.

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ian September 7, 2016

Hi Larry,You scare me,but I will still listen to you,its like watching a really scarey movie and you know the bogey man is going to appear but when,always carry a spare pair of underwear just in case.

Brian September 13, 2016

Hi Larry - I've appreciated your work for over a decade now. Thank you for what you do. Re your cycle forecasts, how reliable (or pliable) are they, given micro events, such as the Fed announcement on Sept 21st. Could a refusal to raise rates have a similar effect as Brexit did on the cycle trend, pushing the bottom out further than October? Thank you - Brian

Paul September 7, 2016

If everything pops up again after the dip why should you sell your holdings and buy short-etfs instead with a good chance you miss both the turn down and the turn up again? Besides, if the models are only directional and not correct for the short term, you have a good chance losing your shirt anyway.

Thomas Bommarito September 7, 2016

Did you forget you have us long in 4 gold stocks?

Fubar September 7, 2016

thanks larry! and what about agriculture? Grains ?

Larry September 7, 2016

Will the K wave effect the real estate market?

Dionysios September 17, 2016


james stephenson September 7, 2016

Thanks. I follow you closely.

John kight September 7, 2016

Larry. I'm currently in Bangkok and would appreciate the opportunity to meet. Thanks for your consideration John Kight

Ian September 7, 2016

Hi larry you seem to have a good handle on gold an silver But what about grains in 2009 you was saying by 2017 wheat will be $53 a bushel obviously this doesn't look likely so what is your revised forecast

Phil September 7, 2016

The GDXJ chart does not seem to follow the gold chart. If gold were to drop as much as the model says, one would think the GDX and GDXJ charts would follow suit and drop even more precipitously.

James L. Myers September 7, 2016

Larry Eielson's Sneak Peek is very well written to explain all of situations! The explanation of the Gold- Silver and crude oil is very important to me and Larry Edelson's unique explanation about the US Dollar and the Chinese Yuan is very clear. I trust his explanation and I am now relieved about the Yuan destroying the US Dollar! I look forward to more information to be prepared. Thank-You!

ww September 7, 2016

What are the chances of inversions? Planetary movements suggest things are changing.

David C. September 7, 2016

Larry, Thank you for the excellent calls, maybe too conservative for some but most of us are very happy. My only question is this. If you are still forecasting a sharp pullback in Gold and Silver Miners into early October why did you just advise us to to buy AUY, GG and HMY in RWR, surely they will get hit too, shouldn't you have waited or modified your buy in prices?

Nick September 7, 2016

I personally would like to tell everyone that the data Larry has presented has been tremendous and extremely valuable, worth every penny. I can also tell you by experience that Real Wealth has been the major benefactor and rightly so. It does not have to be right in the short term to earn roughly 18%. These charts however have not been able to earn you much in Super Cycle Trader, because time frame is too long currently. That's because the mayhem the Central Banks are causing over the short term (6months) are having a tremendous effect on those trades. But, it really shows you how desperate the fed and central banks really are. (again to Larry's credit) The good news is Larry has a new analyst and trader on board whom should be able to smooth this interface over.. man.. do I look forward to that! I made allot of money on SCT recommendations by getting in and out, but lost most of it due to huge rally after brexit vote... and I got it right! That's correct, it does not make sense, Stocks should have tanked for longer after that per his models... but a really good stock trader combined with Larry's knowledge should be a WIN WIN in the future, can't wait.! as the timing of Larry's models is backed by someone who lives in the stock and etf trading world.

Will September 7, 2016

Larry, I have some questions regarding your models. How can cyclical models reconcile man made distortions, such as the influence of falsified interest rates as inflicted by the Fed during the past decade? How can the one off cycles of ZIRP and NIRP be taken into account; and if so, based on what past experience because a single period entry does not constitute a cycle? Please kindly explain how the models address these circumstances because this is the dilemma that I am having to understand where you are coming from with so much faith in cycles. This just makes me scratch my head, so I would appreciate it if you could clarify this for me. Thanks in advance. Will

Scot September 7, 2016

The passions of man have never changed, so why would you think they change now?

Will September 8, 2016

The passions of man have been and continue to be to earn a steady reliable return on his savings in order to be able to live his golden years in golden times; however, with ZIRP this passion is not being realized as it was in the past. Risk to reward is not what it used to be. When today's data gate keeper changes what is being reported from what was reported in the past then the data is no longer consistent. Today's young people in general no longer have the same passion to work as their parents and grand parents did, or to marry at an early age. Urbanization in developing countries has changed the role of boys and men in a manner very different from the changes made by urbanization to girls and women. Rural boys helped their fathers with chores be it in the field, with the animals or hunting; and rural girls helped their mothers with cooking, laundry, house cleaning etc. There are no fields, animals to care for or hunting in the city to train the boy and teach responsibility as in there was in the countryside; but daughters still are trained by mothers in the urban environment to cook, do laundry and clean the house. If you argue that this is no longer the present world; then you argue that the past must certainly differ from today. Cycles are repetition dependent, so please lay down your hand phone and iPad in exchange for the hoe and the wagon; move out of your parent's house, get married and have children at an early age. Hey girls, Scot is passionately looking for a wife and a homestead. Anyone interested?

Ralph September 10, 2016

because computer models don't have any emotions. Only decades of information.

Chuck Burton September 7, 2016

As for the Dollar, a lot may hinge on the Fed. If they go ahead and raise rates a tad, with promises of more to come, a lot of foreign money should flood into T Bonds, and that should make the Buck go higher against most other currencies. It might also have the unforeseen effect of making the U.S. economy rise to new heights, as this country is seen to be the leader again. Maybe it will also end the negative rate stupidity for good. The psychological effect of negative rates is to raise fears of more bad news to come. Lower rates have traditionally been used to counter bad news in the economy. Higher rates have a comforting effect, however. They raise confidence in future prosperity.

Raul September 7, 2016

Hope you are right. What about a deflationary downturn some are predicting for late this year and next?

Scot September 7, 2016

Deflation means a rise in the dollar. What do you think this will do the foreign balance sheets holding mountains of dollar-based debts? Where do you think the foreign capital will go for safety?

Richard Bateman September 11, 2016

I'm bullish on Franc

hedy1234 September 7, 2016

Larry, Disappointing analysis re GDXJ. Your GDXJ graph is deceptive. In January, 2016 it was at $17. Peaked at 51 and has backed off all the way to ...................... $48. Those of us who have owned mining shares have done very, very, well. Sell enough to get back your original investment, take a free ride and put in trailing stops. Even if your lows of $1150 and $13.50 are reached this is only 20% below current prices. No big deal. I know it is hard to admit you may have missed an opportunity to make your readers money on this first leg up but that's ok. It happened and some of us have done well already. For those of you out there that have some of these big gains, take at least half your money off the table or hedge. Pigs get slaughtered........

Wayne Moldowan September 7, 2016

What action should I take in a diverse portfolio of stocks that are worth in the upper six figure area in the next month? Also, how safe is the cyber Monday cyber money bitcoin? Thanks, Wayne

Bob Drummond September 7, 2016

Larry, Thanks for the charts. The only thing missing is what time on Oct 05 will it bottom? Please excuse my small attempt at humor, truly thanks for this info. I appreciate your incite and efforts. Being in The Great Snowy North, I was wondering if you could suggest any ETF's traded on Canadian markets? Again, thanks, Bob

Elmer Schmieder September 7, 2016

On GLL,DOG and ZSL do we buy calls ? This inverse thing is confusing thanks

Scot September 7, 2016

If it's confusing, get the heck out of the markets. Fighting ones emotions is hard enough without injecting ignorance. Buy a self-sustaining, producing farm and plenty of ammo to protect it.

Hedy September 8, 2016

Yes you can buy calls. VERY VOLATILE. You might be better off buying the hedge directly. Remember IF the markets do not correct in the near term you will lose money if you do not own the metals now.

Winnie September 8, 2016


Winnie September 8, 2016

Elmer, There is nothing ignorant about your comment as someone here has stated. I was a broker years ago. Over 90% of the clients got confused when it came to shorting the mkt with an inverse etf. As Hedy below stated you would buy the call.

Scot September 9, 2016

I apologize if my honest comment came across in the wrong way. However, even Warren Buffet said he does not invest in something he does not understand. Brokers take advantage of customer ignorance. In this world where the finacial system is SO corrupt, as just witnessed by BAC (again), you should not trust anyone, and do your own own homework. If you do use options, buy twice as much time as you think. Instead of buying calls on an inverse fund, simply buy puts so you dont get confused. Chuck your emotions out the window, and follow the unbiased, unemotional model and the message of the market. Lastly, as we move into 2017, make your stock purchases in your name, not "street name", as is the std practice. You do not want 3rd parties between you and your money - just ask the MF Global clients.

Ji Kim September 7, 2016

I guess I am the first one. I always enjoy reading your article and waiting for it on every week. It seems the Gold prediction is 100% accurate.Again thank you for posting this valuable article!

Sham September 7, 2016

I have bought Puts on GDXJ and on DIA expiring in Oct 2016 . Is this the right strategy because right now Puts on GDXJ are getting Killed . Any suggestions ? Thanks .

Hedy September 8, 2016

If metals do not correct, they will go to zero.

Irene September 7, 2016

Hi Larry I'm already a subscriber to your newsletter, how about sending me the gifts that you are sending to new subscribers. Thanks, and keep up the good work. Irene

Al September 7, 2016

Larry, having just finished Harry Dent's release with big disaster headed our way in a matter of months--real estate down 40-50%--market crashing-gold to $750-your above forecast leads me to believe I should sell all my recent gains in real wealth gold mining stocks and wait to get back in. Or do I offset gains with your recommended GLL and ZSL Thanks for your thoughts. AL

Scot September 7, 2016

Stop reading Dent. He has a US-centric view of markets.

Morris Jesion September 7, 2016

Why did you say to sell Fortuna?

Jake September 7, 2016

GDX crashing 22. september right after not so expected FED rate hike at 21.sep? Your AI model is basically predicting for september rate hike to take place right? Myself am waiting for short term mini rally in GDX until then, and so it looks like in your green line too.

Howard September 7, 2016

Hi Larry 'Naturally, as with everything I do, it’s based on cycles, for cycles govern literally everything in the universe, from the physical world to the rhythms and repetitive nature of human behavior and history.' Gold has a historic relationship with the US$ and was once tradeable at US$35 an ounce. With the debasement of currencies, alternative investment choices and negative bond market returns it surprises me that some believe that the gold price can sink much further. I understand all the bull and bear arguments but how do cycles help us in these unprecedented times of little confidence in monetary policy?

Scot September 7, 2016

Do you think this is the first time in history that citizens have lost confidence in their govt? The reason history keeps repeating is people never learn from it. Just because something has not happened in your lifetime, or you never experience something personally, does not mean it can't happen. Look around you. Everything with energy has a frequency/cycle. Whether it's your heart, the pulsing energy of the sun, or the sound and light that's all around you. Everything moves in cycles.

Howard September 9, 2016

Scot, I was hoping for an elevated response from an intelligent person

Scot September 9, 2016

Okay, keep believing the gold promoters that wont tell you gold declined significantly during the 80s and 90s when debt skyrocketed, and will add to your confusion when gold rises with the dollar in the coming years. It's the collapse in confidence in GOVT that will trigger the economic reset. The Fed follows the invisible hand, which is NOT connected to their body. The study of cycles is valuable, because all of this has happened before, because people respond the same emotional way, instead of asking did this work last time?

Doug S September 7, 2016

AWESOME, Larry!!!!!!

Brian Reynolds September 7, 2016

The Euro Zone reminds me of a biblical story about the Tower of Babel. It didn't work. I read some time ago that recessions come in 30-year cycles. The worst come every 90 years, or every third recession. The last bad one was almost 90 years ago.

Al September 7, 2016

I really do not see a pull back in gold now. Gold and silver bottomed last Thursday at 10 a.m. Personally I am all in gold and silver shares and plan on staying all in. My choices are AEM EXK RIC NGD and FSM. I also have NUGT until this rally tires out. Good luck trying to time a pullback from here. We will see $1400 gold and $22 silver soon.

UDO September 9, 2016

Al , Are you sure ? Really sure ? This is 2 days after you wrote Sept. 7th NUGT was around $ 24 - 22 now it's $ around $ 19 Somebody wrote this current correction will be like the May correction - that means NUGT can hit $ 14 again . Of course it will recover as well later in Oct. Good luck !

UDO September 13, 2016

AL,, and now NUGT is 18.50 - see getting cheaper - closer to $ 14 already day by day LOL

Al September 21, 2016

Check the prices of my recommendations. All are up! RIC takeover target EXK silver growth AEM best of bigs NGD low cost producer FSM under valued in/out NUGT and JNUG. .

Al September 21, 2016

The junior market double bottomed. 91 - 919.Don't wait! This is a great spot to buy

Matthew September 22, 2016

130x is 38.2% support that failed to break few times. I seriously feel sorry for sideliners avoiding the 'gentlemen entry' at 38.2% and still wait for lower low below 1250.

Scott September 7, 2016

These charts are based on 9/1 today is 9/7 and alot has happened since then. Just using moving averages the metals and miners are back in bull market mode. Correction is over. Sell stop at your 50 sma.

Lynn Peterson September 9, 2016

It looks like Larry is still pounding the table. I agree with Scott. The correction is over. I do see a cup and handle forming in the silver charts. The handle (or bull flag) could possibly go down to 19.00 ( the breakout point) to 19.38 basis the active month which is now the December contract. After that, silver should break through the flag on the upside and resume the uptrend.

Jack September 10, 2016

Guess you were wrong again! Glad I listen to Larry's advice and not yours!

UDO September 13, 2016

Lynn , which correction is that ? LOL Just leave it up to the markets when a down turn is finished - you and all of us little guys really don't know much .

James September 8, 2016

Larry is a wizard when it comes to making future predictions about what the long term picture globally is in relation to the economy. You can see he puts a lot of time and effort into his webcasts.

Andrew September 9, 2016

Dear Larry , base on your green color gold charts above , the green line should hit the bottom around first week of Oct 2016 but we are now just about 3 weeks away... . Are you saying gold is going to crash down within this three weeks , hit the bottom and turn ? With due respect , it looks more like gold is going to do sideway from now till first week of Oct forming a triangle pattern and finally breaks above the 1370 and the bull continues after some rest ...

Sam September 9, 2016

After reading all the comments it seams like every horse is pulling different directions. The rally in gold and silver had a good run but is it over? Enjoy reading and observing each analysts from Weiss.

Lynn Peterson September 10, 2016

It isn't over until the fat lady sings, and she hasn't sung yet!

Steven September 12, 2016

What happens when the feds do not raise their rates next week which is the more likely outcome? How long would you think Gold will go up and do we have to wait until December to get into the Miners?

Will September 21, 2016

Larry Your models are not taking into consideration the Fed and their stance on interest rates.. This is whats moving Gold up. Nothing to do with your War models. They cant raise rates and Gold goes up just like today.

Ashu juneja October 5, 2016

When do u see market crash

vishal October 6, 2016

sir ji want to join ur sneek peak indicator for gold,silver and crude.please tell me the pay amount to got this service for one year.and how much accuracy we get