Beware of Gold Rally …

Everyone wants to see my head on a silver platter. Or make it a gold platter. Why? Because they think I’ve completely missed the gold rally and if I don’t tell them to get on board now, they will forever have lost their chance to get in as gold ultimately works its way to over $5,000 an ounce.

Well, sorry everyone. Gold isn’t going to $5,000 an ounce tomorrow. So let’s get things straight about the gold market right now.

First things first. Gold has recently rallied up to its point of maximum resistance at the $1,306 level basis the June futures contract. While it did yield a minor buy signal last Friday, Monday’s almost perfect test of weekly and monthly overhead resistance at $1,306 so far continues to look like a major failure is being set up.

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Moreover, it appears that gold and other precious metals are still poised to turn violently down. Here is my latest neural net chart of gold. As you can clearly see, the called-for April 29 high, which came exactly on cue, is indicating the model is still calling the shots.

So as of right now, all we have seen is a test of maximum weekly resistance at the $1,306 – $1,307 level.

Therefore, what we are facing is either:

A) A major collapse heading into late May, or …

B) A soon-to-be revealed “cycle inversion.”

If gold can start trading lower here and generate some intraday sell signals, then it will continue to follow the model into a late May low which could be even lower than I originally expected.

If, on the other hand, gold holds in this region and then closes above the $1,307 level, we will most likely see gold continue higher into late June or even mid-July reaching as high as the $1,450 level.

If you are a long-term bull on gold, you do not want to see that happen. The most bullish pattern for gold to form now is to pull back on time into a late May low and then begin its next rally.

If gold instead inverts and produces a June/July high between $1,400 and $1,450, then the second half of the year for gold will be absolutely devastating. Ditto for mining shares.

Let’s pause for a moment and think about what is really driving gold. It’s not inflation. There is none to be seen virtually anywhere on the globe. It is not outrageous demand from central banks as so many seem to be touting now as all my sources indicate that central bank purchases of gold are muted at this time.

In my opinion, what is driving this rally from a fundamental point of view is what I have been telling you all along, the main force that will be responsible for gold’s new long-term bull market.

That force is the rising tide of the cycles of war and geopolitical instability and discontent rising all over the world. Europe we know is a basket case — its economy is in the gutter. Its leadership is totally lacking.

In the Middle East, the region is in its worst shape ever, both economically speaking and ethnically speaking. Saudi Arabia is in financial straits. ISIS has rolled over the entire Middle East. Sunnis and Shiites are at each other’s throats. ISIS is expanding into Europe and Western Africa.

Further north, Russia is clearly claiming the Baltic region with its latest maneuvering of the MIG barrel rolls within 25 feet of U.S. aircraft.

And then there’s China clearly taking control of the South China Sea, standing squarely against not just Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Brunei, and the Philippines but also the United States of America.

Right here at home in the U.S., we have perhaps the most divisive nasty political primary process seen in the history of this country.

This is, as I warned a long time ago, the single major force that is going to drive gold’s new bull market, ultimately taking it to over $5,000 an ounce by 2020. I have no doubt about it.

But that does not mean that gold and other precious metals are going to go straight up. And if you think that way, I guarantee you that you will lose your shirt. Buying the wrong rallies, and selling into the lows.

You must remain focused and disciplined. That means sticking with the neural net models and the two alternative forecasts that are available at this time. The top alternative is that gold and the other precious metals remain on track for a sharp decline into the end of May.

The second alternative — lower probability — is a cycle inversion as noted previously that could take gold up into the mid-$1,400 level before a much more prolonged and probably steeper correction begins.

Stay tuned and best wishes,


Larry Edelson, one of the world’s foremost experts on gold and precious metals, is the editor of Real Wealth Report and Supercycle Trader. Larry has called the ups and downs in the gold market time and again. As a result, he is often called upon by the media for his investing views. Larry has been featured on Bloomberg, Reuters and CNBC as well as The New York Times and New York Sun.

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Michel May 4, 2016

Everybody is always talking about the influence of rate hikes on gold. Larry, you never mention it... Does that mean you don' t consider it an important factor?

$1,000 gold™ May 4, 2016

gold has been responding favorably to easing by the fed, so i imagine gold won't like rate hikes.

Will May 4, 2016

The rate hike would have to be sustainable; fat chance of that.

$1,000 gold™ May 4, 2016

rates will go up eventually and gold won't like it.

Dbossmoney May 26, 2016

Gold loves when the "Fed" proves they're uncertain about the economic conditions by display of incompetence. Green paper with artwork does not have any intrinsic value. I do not work to receive more paper, so, I trade my paper for silver weekly. I have been doing that since 2002. Needless to say I have been richly rewarded over the past decade and a half. The phony fed has helped me and other govts plan for our futures. It does not include the usd.

stan May 4, 2016

Ok, Larry. Im following your advice and ignoring Casey Research recommendations. Keep us informed! Thanks, Stan

Sandor May 4, 2016

Keeping my eye on the charts and money on the sidelines. My gut tells me May will be "smash the metals" month, then a rally into the late summer, and then the big hit in all markets - can you say Shemitah?

Robert May 4, 2016

Larry: I am a Supercycle Trader and a Real Wealth subscriber. I am writing this to thank you for your great insight and easy to follow, honest direction in these crazy times. Everyone forgets the great gains recently made because of a few very recent misses. Just proves you are not perfect. Please continue to provide this insightful direction and remind everyone about the need for patience and restraint if we are to act in a profitable, contrarian manner. Robert Z

GaryD May 4, 2016

There is one thing I do not agree with you on. All food stuffs that I buy and consume are WAY UP this year. It is scary what a $100.00 won't buy any more!! Prices are up and packages are shrinking. Inflation or what? Sincerely, GaryD

wendy walker May 4, 2016

I live in Northern California about 5 minutes from Napa County. I agree. Inflation is everywhere. Prices at Costco for Food/Fruit, Vegetables, nuts higher. Home prices higher. Gas prices although still low are increasing. Had dinner last week in Napa. Paid $49.00 for a Filet Mignon dinner entree. With a bottle of wine, it costs just south of $200.00 w tax and tip.

UDO May 8, 2016

wendy w May I recommend MacDonald's or Subway ? $ 200 goes a long way there .

Dbossmoney May 26, 2016

Wendy is right about inflation. The talking heads are too wealthy, perhaps, and can't see the wild inflation because they don't shop in the real world. I am on the opposite side of the country. East coast inflation has been a killer. Everything from food to housing. I trade my usd for silver every week. More than a decade now. The green paper with all its artwork is still just paper. This will end badly for those who have 401, 403, 457, etc., any Government Sponsored Accounts. IRA, MYRA, ANY FRICKEN RA, STAY AWAY UNLESS YOU DONT WANT THE MONEY. SAVE IT ON YOUR OWN.

Angelo May 4, 2016

Dear Larry, thanks for your uptodate. As you Know, now we have sold FCX , it was a long side investment commodity stock, are you planning to buy again after a pullback, possibly at which price ? thanks for your indication Angelo

Richard May 4, 2016

Interested in getting a gold IRA, can you recommend a reliable provider?

Sonja May 7, 2016

Are you looking for a physical gold IRA?

Jay.T May 4, 2016

I agree that a pullback in the gold price is bullish in the long term..don't need a panic rally yet just as a bottom is forming...having said is the ultimate insurance..a hedge against funny money...government/fed/buybacks pumped stockmarket...a hedge against negative interest currency rebuffs and just about everything else that socialist governments have done in the last 20,buy,buy...just keep adding each month..regardless of the price..don't forget his much maligned yet canny cousin to buy on the dips and the trips...even if PM's drop is entirely possible they could retrace and take off suddenly...I think this is the real logic behind this current move...most people understand the reasons for being in PMs..and they understand the move can get ahead of them...I'm a buyer...and I agree it could drop...just don't like buying anything else at the moment.

Paul Brodict May 4, 2016

Larry: I haven't got the confidence (yet) TO JUMP ON options you recommend. I usually follow with the ETFs. But on position closeouts, you often ignore the ETFs, saying follow recommendations of the options. Please change this to add comments about the ETFs. (or Stocks, if appropriate). Hoping you and your models are wishes, Paul

Thomas Bommarito May 6, 2016

Larry, What's the possibility of including the "Delta's" on your options recommendations?



David May 4, 2016

Larry: I don't want your head. I love your truth of conviction and how you stay the course, I am hanging with you, my experience with you has been very good. Even though I have at times hesitated and wondered about the call I remind myself, Edelson says. Dave

Ken Murton May 4, 2016

Good morning Larry. I do subscribe to Supercycle Trader. In your issue of April 29, 2016 to subscribers of Supercycle Traderyou stated "For a true breakout, we need to see gold close above $1302 on a weekly basis". May I ask you to kindly explain the phrase "on a weekly basis"' Thank you for such fine insight into major markets. Best Ken Murton

Jeff Cohen May 4, 2016

Chart can be improved Label green and black lines Add scale to left and right sides

candida corradini May 4, 2016

larry for when the magazine comes out in May? I hope it is not a webinar because always missing trascript

Lawrence Graves May 4, 2016

Stick by your guns Larry and don't apologize. I respect your honesty and integrity. Please keep telling it like it is. I follow your recommendations and advise. Thanks - Larry

Gary May 4, 2016 are most likely correct.There is the option of the third kind;it's called a black swann event .There is that possibility

joey May 4, 2016

Yup Larry, I agree that it can be tempting to want your head on a platter but I'm sticking with you for now.

wahuber May 4, 2016

still trying to understand your feeling that the stock market will go to 30,000. If as you recently stated, you expect the market this year to decline to about 13,000. You also feel within two years you expect the world to realize the US is in as bad a shape as every one else so all the fear money that has been flowing here will reverse, so no extra support money for our market. If during this time the global economic activity is slowing then why will our market go to 30,000?

Charles May 4, 2016

Larry: I'm following you to the tee but do have a concern on the sale of FCX you told us to do! Time will tell on that trade.

Dan Whitaker May 4, 2016

Larry, Don't you think the dollar weakness has been influencing the raise in gold. If the dollar breaks resistance now & heads lower, would not this influence the raise of gold in a large way? Thanks, Dan

Paul B May 4, 2016

My thought exactly. I'm sure the falling dollar was not factored into the forecast chart. Rickards Shangshi Accord thesis tells us USD will continue to fall for quite a while, making gold rise in USD. There seems to be a growing lag or disconnect between Larry's forecast chart, which shows gold falling early March, and actual market. It's two months 'late' already. With weakening $, silver breaking out to well over one year highs and gold levitating at new breakout/ breakdown point, I think chances of a gold drop are evaporating quickly. I have totally banked on a drop, selling some long held gold stocks in early March anticipating buying them back at lower level. They have all gone up 40-60% since whilel I sit on the sidelines with the rest of the RW subscribers. Getting worried that the train is not going to back up...

Gea May 4, 2016

Larry thank you for your continued dedication to your readers. Since you have many Canadian subscribers (I receive your Real Wealth Report) could you please provide the ticker symbols of your recommendations for TSX as well where applicable so that we can buy in Canadian currency to avoid currency conversion losses (i.e TFSA accounts allow only transactions made in Canadian dollar). I truly enjoy learning from you and waiting on the gold and miners pullback. Regards G.S Toronto Canada

RBob43 May 4, 2016

Larry does give the Canadian tickers when he trades in a Canadian stock ( as in IMG) and you're Canadian account does convert al US $ denominated stocks into Canadian $ but it does that in both buy and sell at the current conversion rate with no conversion fees. So when you pay more in $ Can when you buy a stock, you also receive more in $Can when you sell although there will be slight gains or losses because the rate is always changing Bob Courtenay, Canada

UDO May 8, 2016

Gea , USD in general will go much higher in the near future - international money flow. Canadian $ just commodity influence ... which goes lower again with oil and gold " til 2017

Chuck Burton May 4, 2016

Larry is hedging his bets again, talking about a cycle inversion taking gold into the mid-$1400s before a crash to lower levels. Interestingly, such a jump to something over 1460, might tend to confirm the downtrend line from gold's peaks in 2011 and 2012. This could mean that something has caused gold to lose it's last resort basis of value, and it could crash far below where it is now. On the other hand, confirming that downtrend line, pulling back a little then breaking through, could mean gold easily going to $5000 or above. Restoring the Dollar to a gold based currency could mean a price well above $10,000. This could happen as a response, if China decides to base the Yuan on gold, as some suspect She will.

$1,000 gold™ May 4, 2016

you read my mind, larry. i was thinking the same exact things.

Gary May 4, 2016

I have a frozen in place feeling. You are predicting a boom to DOW 31,000 and at the same time Mike Larson is predicting a major crash! You are two people I respect but can't understand how two colleges can be so far apart. I think a lot of the fear in the market is due to the large amount of conflicting views available today.

John S. May 4, 2016

Nothing new here, Larry put this out a few days ago and this is a word for word repeat. I believe Larry like most news letter writers make educated guesses at the best. I could list the losing trades he has called ( uvxy, euo, zsl, to start ) and I could list his good calls ( fcx, going long oil ) but on the whole they are educated guesses. He calls to the heavens on his good calls but easily forgets his losers. No different than the others. I do respect the man or I wouldn't subscribe to his offerings but I still say his timing is terrible ( selling FCX for example ). As with any letter writers take their advice with a couple of grains of salt and use your ( hopefully ) common sense. Remember any time you lose money it's because you chose to take the advice, they didn't put a gun to your head.

Will May 4, 2016

Hi Larry. I am still finding your charts to be incomplete. Proper charting requires labels for both the "X" axis AND the "Y" axis. When two charts are superimposed, any axis with differing data should have separate labels for each data set. Labeling dates at four locations on the green graph, and the price at one location on the black graph doesn't say much; especially, since there is no legend to even describe what green and black represent. Your charts get on my neural nerve instead if supporting your text as you claim. Please clean up your charts so I can then appreciate what your text is based on.

Randall May 4, 2016

Larry,for whatever it is worth I agree with your views on what it will take for PM's (gold,silver etc.) to see the highs you are calling for. Thanks.

George Prior May 4, 2016

Chin up Larry!! Some of us, self included, will be with you until the end as we believe in what you do best.......calling it as it is. Keep on keeping on! George P

Steve Toldi May 4, 2016

Dear Larry. I've been following your advise for sometime now.You seam to know what's going on. or coming ahead ,respectfully Thank you for you'r warning ,before we've step in the poooooooooon ps. Quite Admirable knowledge you'd have achieved.!!!

JAHAN SALEHI May 4, 2016

Dear Larry, I have no idea what these these e-mails that you are receiving are talking abou. The last 2 bull markets had a 10 year run each. IF we are in a new bull market, then it it only 3 months old! I believe you are correct, specially due to the fact that, we may have had a false breakdown in $ index going below last Aug. low of 92.70 and we may be having a rally, to 95-96 area or even higher. That should do the job and would align with a 75-100 $ drop in gold. How would that translate to gold stocks is an entirely different question. i.e. I sold some of my gold stocks the first time gold hit 1280, even though gold dropped 60 $ and rallied back to 1280, the same gold stocks are higher between 50-100 %. Always enjoy reading your work and appreciate that you are straight to the point and hold your ground. Best Regards Jahan Salehi (Ph.D)

Charles A. May 4, 2016

Thanks for the offer. I am new to you and you offered me a fee subscrioooptlion to your news latter, so here I am.

Kathy May 4, 2016

I find your advice more compelling than any other investor advisor on this program. Not to mention those eyes that say, " trust me." But can you really hope that our present government won't just take what they want without any valid reason? Yours truly, A Victim

Richard Davis May 4, 2016

Larry, I felt like the sailor that stayed too long on leave in port, only to end up on the dock watching the ship sail away--that's what it was like to sell FCX and AEM. I would rather have preferred to hold those stocks, but tighten up their trailing stops. But, I subscribed to your vision and your experience, not my own. So, I'm with you! I do really appreciate your knowledge and advice. Your vision of what's coming includes an orderly preparation and an understanding of the "cycles" or waves of events coming at us. I am with you. Since I got to the party late, I have to play catch-up on your past recommendations. I have at least 5 buy limit orders pending, waiting for the retracement in gold/silver. I'm saving some "powder" for the next gold rally! Thanks, Larry, for your leadership.

Jeff May 4, 2016

Latest COT report was net SHORT 240,000 contracts. They are human and do screw up but it appears in this latest run up they have covered very few of the short contracts. That is on the side of your lower gold price call. BUT it does NOT feel that way. Was a NASDAQ market maker for 29 years. Trading feel always trumped what so called chart analysis may have provided. Hope U are correct but have major doubts given the dollar weakness, relative supply of Gold Bullion, very few new projects started, no major new Gold discoveries, a hunger for something to replace FIAT currencies backed by something tangible like GOLD, and the Oct inclusion of the Chinese currency as one of the 5 Reserve currencies in the world. Then there is the SDRS and what will be done by the IMF to "bail" out a ton of struggling countries regaining any growth whatsoever. I do not think we will see $1180 price of gold this year. I want o own many juniors but not up 100 + percent. At what point will you admit you are wrong? I hope U are correct but think wing and prayer re junior stock prices coming down a bunch from their highs reached recently. Will gladly admit if I am wrong. Jeff

David May 4, 2016

Only better job is being a weatherman...for 3 months have tripled money in small silver and gold miners,with physical just dollar cost average in....if you don't hold it you don't own it!Note the dealers raise the premiums when prices move as inventory gets depleted sum game.Whether silver is 14,16 or is nothing compared to what it will be .

Darrell May 4, 2016

Thank you Larry, I have read your comments previously, and have confidence in knowledge and experience. I have some gold/silver, but holding cash for next leg up. Regards, Darrell

$1,000 gold™ May 4, 2016

in this downturn, money is not going into stocks, gold, or even the money market. so where is it going? in the mattress?

$1,000 gold™ May 4, 2016

...oh, there it is, it's going into bonds. we're going to see a 1% ten-year rate before 2017.

Craig May 4, 2016

Larry, I have to compliment you this week on gold sticking with your projection. So far you are good even though you missed a huge rally. I have sold 1/2 my profit and now holding with the house $$$$ If we close below 1265 I'm out and will wait for another bottom.

Richard May 4, 2016

I need help understanding the Gold market

Frank Ellis May 4, 2016

Richard, it's okay, God needs the same help! Lady luck and many years of study can help though. We are all in the same boat, but some day the dollar will come tumbling down, and your gold and silver will serve as insurance.

UDO May 8, 2016

John S. I thank you for speaking out !!

Wry One May 4, 2016

What little PMs I have are for insurance. If the 'price' goes down, it gives me the opportunity to add more. That and a small stash of physical cash reasonably handy help me sleep at night.

Simon May 4, 2016

There is a sense of pause in all the Australian gold stocks over the last few days. The beginning of a wave down. I for one have taken profits and will wait and see if gaps are filled in the charts. remember to watch the weekly and monthly charts... not only the daily and hourly.

Mark May 4, 2016

All driven by the corrupt Fed, Treasury and Central Banks. There are so may financial theories out there that no one really knows. The one sure thing is the Fed and the Banksters/Comex are definitely manipulating the metals market due to the currency collapse and the government not having enough gold to back the new currency. They will do anything to suppress so many do not buy.

Vic May 5, 2016

Also need help understanding

Hoonahman May 5, 2016

The "paper" PM market is rigged by the big banks and Deutsche Bank just admitted it recently. Since they are doing so on behalf of the Central Banks we can be assured that nobody will go to jail and this criminal fraud will continue unabated until the collapse, which is assured given the amount of liquidity the Central Banks have injected into the global markets since 2008. The US economy is on life support. Corporate earning are down and so is the dollar. The Chinese are coming out with their own Swift money transfer system and the Petrodollar Nixon put in place is in it's death throes. So let the riggers rig, but one day everyone will wake up and realize they can't buy gold or silver at any price, because nobody will want to part with their physical metal for worthless dollars. It's all a house of cards and gold and silver will be there when the whole thing falls.

George K Naliyan May 5, 2016

I am planning to book profit -at least 50%-and wait and watch

MadMax2012 May 5, 2016

I dunno Larry... Looks like a typical "high flag" formation to me. If it bases at 1265 and the goes above 1304 Technical analysis says It will rip higher... Hope I'm wrong because I was waiting for the drop you've been talking about for months and so sitting on the sidelines with my dough. Although I did buy Kirkland gold and Metanor on technical buy points and am presently up 140% and up 60% on them respectively.. I wish I had bought more but hesitated on your bearish vue at the time... I guess well see if your right in the next few months. If the world situation stays the same or looks better then you may be right but if there is a black swan event in the next little while, this high flag formation will rip gold higher in my opinion.

Tim May 5, 2016

I guess we are now left frozen in place. We have been traded out of this market and left with the conclusion that either gold will drop from here or rip higher. Service or disservice? At this point it feels like we are just rolling the dice.

Angelo May 5, 2016

Larry for your indication on sell some stocks , FSM at 4 and now quote 6

Jim H. May 5, 2016

For what it's worth, I constructed a vertical scale for Larry's gold price slide graph from the known closing prices of the low on or about 01.14.2016 and the high 03.16.2016. Using this scale, the "neural net" forecast for the intermediate low on 05.04.2016 is $1080, the recovery to 06.18(?).2016 is at approx. $1125 and the final low on 06.31.2016 is $1040.

James May 5, 2016

Gold is always seen as the last store of value in a tricky recession, but most people are risk averse. Since risk contains both a systemic part and unsystemic part. The best way to spread risk is by Portfolio Diverseification.

Phil May 6, 2016

I hope you are right as otherwise there are big losses for those who missed the bus!

Panagiotis May 6, 2016

From the comments made by others here, it seems that Larry has done a good job in the past. His analysis and chart in the last month has been calling for a steep decline in Gold. Nevertheless, Gold has moved aggressively higher. Anyone will make a wrong call from time to time. The problem is that the people who are selling these reports will rarely accept that they were wrong. Instead they always find an excuse to defend their view. No doubt Larry has a very deep knoweldge about market timing and trend analysis. However, if someone calls himself a Gold expert, then he should be able either to pick the bottom (approx) or reverse quickly if he was on the wrong side. Unfortunately, this was not the case with Larry. To make money, you need to follow the rules, not the 'experts'. The rest is artificial BS. Undoublty one of the best analysts on cycles is Martin Armstrong. He was one of the very few analysts who were correct about the bear market in Gold. However, Martin was expecting Gold to break the $1000 level. In his reports he indefied correctly the recent low. Those however, who were simply focused on the idea of Gold breaking the $1000 level, instead of following the rules, have missed a fantastic rally.

joey May 6, 2016

"So as of right now, all we have seen is a test of maximum weekly resistance at the $1,306 – $1,307 level." Can someone correct me please. I see the maximum level on Larry's chart as happening in the middle of March, and not on April 29 as Larry wrote. Am I missing some information?

Junior May 6, 2016

That will need to be one heck of a dip, to make up for the missed buys since January, and especially the past month or two since Larry feverishly increased the tempo of his war-on-gold bongo drums. As an amateur my simple models told me to hang on to my AEM but Larry seemed so adamant over the past month that I finally deferred to his experience. Let's hope this is the end of this "delusional" 2016 market and they will make way for us to back up our trucks soon.

Michel May 6, 2016

Just 160000 jobs but no 1300 gld... Monday blow of steam to 1260.

Michel May 6, 2016

Ad: 1260 will be healthy reaction though... new chance to buy 1240. Late may i think, like Larry said.

Michel May 7, 2016

ad II: I can understand Larry's point. He could be the perfect analyst if he believed in the fact that the goldmarket is being manipulated to support the $ worldcurrency role ever since US left the goldstandard. I think that explains what's happening now, even though his models are technically right in the big picture. The FED desperately needed yesterdays <1300 psychological resistance in case of less than expected jobs. 160000 jobs and still <1300 gold will trigger 1260 next week by predictable profittaking. So Larry will be right by next week afteral, but to late because he didn't calculate manipulation in. It gives gold it's own artificial logic. Manipulation can't prevent gold in the long term though from reaching $3000 - 5000 in a growing debt environment.

Michel May 7, 2016

ad III: So technically 1260 next week is still a healthy reaction, but for the wrong reason. Taken the fact that 1300 under normal circumstances

Bull May 7, 2016

So maybe gold goes down ?There were some great gold stocks in Jan ,and fcx i missed that great one.0

KM May 7, 2016

Political instability? Sorry, my doubts. Main driver is economic endgame tactics by FED spurring wealthy to buy larger amounts of gold. Also, China has begun lifting gold. The big rise began very soon after the opening of Shangha Gold Exchange Futures contracts on April 19, When China wants (consulting with Russia) gold will rise, steady and strong. Silver will rise much more, but less steady.

Ronnie 619 May 8, 2016

Yes!! Most people are FIXATED on the day to day!! In the Investment world, few hit the bottoms and tops exactly..especially in the "manipulated" PM Markets. My goal is to get that 60% to 80% meat in the middle. We are going against RIGGED MARKETS & TERMINATORS> Flash Trading algorhythms that include HUMAN Psychology in their programs!! Larry did make some calls early in the fall, for some buys, to Initiate Some (IAG) which I did not purchase, but Did begin a buying list of about 15 companies, many I did not get, but still like! ...Larry updated those with a "Now may not be the Time!" and went on a watch mode..In Nov. ---- Jan//Feb. I began accumulating some ..not going "All In" TCK, which had a "I missed the Rally" Fake out--up too fast From $4.35 up to the $9 levels, then within a few weeks came quickly down to the $3.25-$3.70 levels at which I Purchased 13 2018 $7 calls ($0.69) & 5 2017 $5 calls @ $53 over a 6 trading day period..missing a 5 hour dip in TCK to $2.75-- Oh Well! I Sold 7 of the $7 calls @ $5.00 ea & 4 of the shorter term $5 calls @ $5.75 ea. on May 6th..holding 1 $5 & 6 of the 2018 calls --because of all the time left. I bought 2 (FCX) I Only got filled on 2 2018 $12 calls @ $1.11 when (FCX) was at the mid $5 .and hit the mid $3's in two days, during it's retracement of it's recent Rapid-Rally, but missed 5 more by 5c on those contracts, when (FCX) Hit the mid $3's...sold Both yesterday @ $3.70 ...that should be My "Meat in the Middle" enough for Me!! ....I Also Purchased 300 sh. of (ASM) @ .88 --Sold Half,150 sh yesterday, @ $1.33 Off the $160 highs ..but still $1.33 ain't Bad! --Sold (SAND) @ $4.21 Bought 100 (was all over the place in dec.//jan) at $2.22 ..Sold 100 sh of (NG) @ $6.15 I had Bought at $2.96. Bought 8 (HL) 2018 $5 calls @ 0.56 and Sold yesterday @ $1.05 >>>STILL HOLDING 600 sh of (LODE) bought @ $0.36, now $0.42 (a Hold--increasing production--reduicing casts)...(GORO) bought 150 sh. @ 1.50 --now $3.38 ..FSM bought 100 @ $2.18,. now $6.47 --I'll lode up, on the next pullback..with patience..Bought (HL) @ $1.53 , now $4.29, Bought 75 sh of (PGLC) @ $3.11, now $3.95..bought 600 (WGPLF) @ ) ($0.13) because of their MGT. past $0.25 ..also purchased 2,000 sh. of a great little Lithium Mine, in Nevada, close proximity to Elon's "Giga-Factory", that has above ground Brines that are 96-98% Purity Rated @ $0.19 a sh ---It hit $0.81 a few weeks ago. I put a sell order in to sell half, but missed the peak & it closed at 0.77 with almost 5,000,000 shares traded--"Seller's Rally" ..I planned on purchasing more @ about 0.47, where it really took off with 2 million sh. volume--but it didn't hit there (YET!) now at around $0.55!! It appears Monday, the Markets could be up, because of some momentum, at Friday's close, but I think that may be very short term, a couple more weak earnings or China "Debt Fears", could bring traders back to reality--I see a "Head & Shoulders" pattern forming, in the S&P, DOW & PM's..may sell my (SSO) options (in the $$) on the way up --even if wrong. never a mistake, Selling at a Profit!! I am accumulating short positions on (CRUS) a Apple supplier,10 7/16 $30 puts @..when I Noticed INCREASED INSIDER Selling between $34 and the upper $36 range, that started somewhat around the $28 area a a couple weeks prior..shorted in the Upper $35's once it peaked the rapid sell was on--falling $1.58 in one day....if the market dives (CRUS) might go to $24or lower---also the (SDS) Calls ..a couple at a time--4 so far!!! Larry has given fine Guidance, if you watch, wait & Don't go "Full Bore" in 3 to 5 days, then blame Mr. Edelson..his charts develop over weeks//months---Not Days!! ...and some outside manipulations//unseen developments can cause a change, for a bit, but he hits that 60-80% "Meat" of the action, I'm very pleased to get from the Sharks we "Swim" with, and their "Terminator" machines!!

Ronnie 619 May 8, 2016

(LODE) a HOLD ---Reducing COSTS and Increasing Production!!

Michel May 8, 2016

Yes KM, China wants its place in IMF's SDR (Special DrwngRights: possibly gold backed) to be part of worldcurrency next to $. Explains China's hunger for gold. Russia also backing up the truck with gld. Possibly same reason.

Amorak May 25, 2016

Wow, they are really declining now