Cycle Charts

One of the most valuable resources on the Edelson Wave website is my proprietary cycle forecast charts. This is where you will find my latest Artificial Intelligence, Neural Net forecasts that graphically point out upcoming turning points in key financial markets, including the approximate dates of key cycle highs and lows.

Just take a look at the example below where I walk you through how to interpret each indicator on my cycle chart …

Each forecasting chart is comprised of projections of all known cycles impacting the underlying asset. Therefore, the more the data history, the better the forecast. Also, please be advised that all forecasts have built-in limitations, depending upon the time frame studied.

However, in my experience they are accurate better than 70% of the time. There is much more that you need to know about my cycles that you will learn, over time. One very important warning: The cycle charts should never be used on their own to make trading decisions. They should only be used in combination with other tools I use and the specific recommendations I issue to my subscribers.