Convergence, Part II Now Bearing Down On Us All …

A few weeks ago, I told you the war cycles were ramping up again, and dramatically — based on my Artificial Intelligence models and true adaptive deep learning neural net.

A learning neural net sees patterns in events and data that we can’t possibly see and it also gives a weighting to the unintended consequences of leaders all over the world who never, ever learn from the past and instead are almost infinitely doomed to making the same mistakes, over and over again.

Since I predicted another and accelerated rise in geo-political stress, look what’s happened …

— A phone call between President-elect Trump and Taiwan President Tsai stunned world leaders. The call was out of protocol, a big no-no for China and U.S. policy.

The reverberations — and possible punishment against President-elect Trump — are still being discussed by global leaders, especially in Beijing.

— Then Beijing seizes a U.S. underwater drone, a harmless type of submarine satellite designed to monitor what’s going on in the Spratly Islands and South China Sea.

Analyst Watching The Convergence Bearing Down On Us All
A learning neural net sees patterns in events and data that we can’t possibly see

On this one, I can’t really blame Beijing. It’s in a territorial dispute involving as much as 800 billion barrels of crude oil and it claims the region belongs to China. Sources tell me that historically, Beijing is correct and that the region is China’s.

Involved in the dispute are the countries of the Philippines, Vietnam, the Nation of Brunei, the People’s Republic of China, the Republic of China (Taiwan), and Malaysia.

And they all want a (big) piece since the waters and islands in the South China Sea contain the most important shipping routes in the world, not to mention that huge amount of crude oil — 800 billion barrels of crude — more oil than is in all of Kuwait.

— Yesterday, an assassin takes out a Russian diplomat at his Moscow home. Motive unknown.

— Obama claims he has proof Russia hacked the elections and swayed the results toward Trump. In the strongest language I’ve ever heard from him, he says Washington will retaliate.

— Then there’s yesterday’s brutal attack in Berlin where 12 people were killed and dozens more were injured after a large truck plowed into a Christmas market in Berlin. The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack.

And more …

— Including new protests in Greece, in Italy and other European countries … over austerity measures, pension slashing, capital controls and …

Yes — even confiscation of gold by revenue agents going door to door in India.

— Then there’s Australia banning the Aussie 100 dollar note another move toward a digital, cashless society.

— And an estimated 470,000 deaths, including 15,948 children and over 10,000 women in Aleppo and the Syrian war.

And let’s not forget the worst sovereign bond market collapse in 26 years … and the strongest U.S. dollar in 14.

Why is this happening?

Because the most important economic and social/cultural SuperCycles are converging again — in a maelstrom — for the first time in at least 80 years.

For now, it’s striking mostly overseas, giving you precious little time to protect and grow your wealth right now.

Later, it will hit the U.S. hard … and you will indeed have multiple opportunities to protect and grow your wealth. Unlike billions of other investors who will sadly get wiped out.

My team, myself and my Artificial Intelligence, neural net, deep machine learning models are on top of it.


Larry Edelson, one of the world’s foremost experts on gold and precious metals, is the editor of Real Wealth Report and Supercycle Trader. Larry has called the ups and downs in the gold market time and again. As a result, he is often called upon by the media for his investing views. Larry has been featured on Bloomberg, Reuters and CNBC as well as The New York Times and New York Sun.

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Howard December 21, 2016

Two excellent articles back to back.


John December 21, 2016

Thank you Larry, you are a special "one of a kind" expert in your analytical style and are very much appreciated by your subscribers! Keep up the excellent work. I wish you a safe and wonderful holiday season with your family and friends! John Patterson ( longtime subscriber)


Tom Beach December 21, 2016

Larry, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your advice and work work to get the deep meaning of world events. That said, I hope you will let us subscribers know how to move our investments to take full advantage of unfolding events. To that end, I am here to ask you, no beg you, to let even us Gold Mining Millionaire subscribers in on your most important guidance, not just as to what to buy or not buy, but as to how to get our money out of the reach of government seizures that are all but certain to ensue the pending crash. Yes, I hope to make a lot of money from your advice. But it won't be worth anything if someone comes to my door in the night like the storm troopers in India. How do I get the hell out of Dodge before the bandits come for me? And where do I take my money to be safe? Thailand? That seems to be your choice. But will Panama be just as good? Or Ecuador? Or Chile? I really need advice on how to KEEP the money we will make together. Aloha, Tom Beach in Hawaii


David December 21, 2016

Larry, do you have any thoughts on the situation facing seniors, we have 10,000 baby boomers retiring every day, there is no way to earn safe interest and no COLA increase in Social Security in three of the last five years, As we are an aging population how can we have growth and corporate profits when an increasing amount of the population is becoming steadily poorer.


Stephen Ettinger December 21, 2016

Larry, We have been reading about War cycles for almost a year. I am not investing in any Blue chip stocks as everyone is pointing to an adjustment in the market including you. Yet everyone is jumping into the Market feet first. You have shown us on your shock wave curve, that we are in a sharp downward decline economically, yet in the next 2-5 years you predict after an adjustment in the market we take off to Dow 31,000+ and gold could go up to $5K or more. How can we be in a downward Shockwave as you have illustrated to all of us and there is a 31,000+ DOW on the way soon? - These are conflicting concepts. I am confused. Can you please shed some light on this one Larry? Thank you.


Manny December 21, 2016

"Yes — even confiscation of gold by revenue agents going door to door in India." This is not true. It is fake news. At present there is no proposal in India to restrict gold holding by individuals. Revenue agents are not going door to door in India to confiscate gold. They are confiscating gold which is unaccounted for and found during tax raids against large black money holders.


Bill Bly December 21, 2016

For one Obama will do nothing. Remember he once drew a line in the sand.


John Lalley December 21, 2016

Interesting, but lacking specific recommended actions to take now and specific assets to hold and purchase. We all see the many problems, but what are some solutions?


Arthur Safir, Esq. December 21, 2016

Trump has correctly stated that, as regards all of our so-called "partners," we've been getting a screwing for a long time. Now it is time to end it. As far as China is concerned, one of our "esteemed partners" having given us a good screwing, my grandfather (may he rest in peace) would now tell them "shtippish in tuchus."


Vincent Roazzi December 21, 2016

You're the man, Larry!


claude December 21, 2016

I am a well informed Australian. Where did you hear about our $100 note being made obsolete (other than Goldman Sachs?) here is your evidence? Please get your facts straight!


Phil December 21, 2016

"A phone call between President-elect Trump" Larry, I thought Trump called your number!! Maybe you can help!


James Evans December 21, 2016

Larry, I am an Australian and the government has NOT banned the $100 note. It is simply media speculation. The $100 is still legal tender.


dave yale ``` December 21, 2016

Good synopsis. Troubling times coming, Have a great holiday.


Curtis Duininck December 21, 2016

You offered your 5 favorite gold derivatives/ gold stocks in one of your releases. The option to buy it works. The option for subscribers to download it free does not work. Not so surprising I suppose. I'm a great fan and subscriber of your services. These types of things make me suspicious.


DR JOHN E RUSSELL December 21, 2016

Congress has lost control of the Fed apparently. Congress needs to get back under the US Constitution. Ron Paul had a plan to go back on the gold standard. When the Fed was started in 1913, 2 Cents had the buying power of 1 dollar today. To me, this is stealth taxation. When individuals steal wealth or print federal notes, we are arrested. When the Fed does this and Congress allows it do this, they get by with it. Mr Edelson, what are your comments on this?


chet soetaert December 21, 2016

You're wrong about GGN - they cut dividends to $0.05/month (from 0.07.) That's still a good return from GGN levels now (near $5). Can they sustain these dividends? Is it still a good investment?


Michael Sherman December 21, 2016

Larry, When do you think it will be time to get into the Stock Market. It is doing very well and I do not want to be left behind. When will it be time to get into Gold. It seems to be steady at this point but it can break to the up side at any moment.


Ted Waters December 21, 2016

Hmmmm, Larry!!! Australia banning the $100 note!!!! You make it sound as though it has already happened. In fact the Australian Government has indicated it will have an enquiry into the black economy and have suggested that the enquiry will look at the $100 bill to see if it, is in fact, an enabler. I hope the rest of your statements are a little more accurate than that one. Regards Ted


Charles Samways December 21, 2016

very interesting synopsis of the world ahead, well done Larry


Phyllisofical December 21, 2016

Have a blessed Hanukkah.


Will December 22, 2016

China recently lost in the World Court their overreaching territorial claims to the South China Sea. This should be mentioned every time in any discussion to this area to prevent credence to their claims which still continue to this day.


Jim December 22, 2016

Where is a retiree to invest these days for income if not in muni-bonds. I do not wish to invest in too many dividend producing stock or corporate bonds, but that is the only place where we can get enough return to keep ahead of COL, which is much higher than the government will admit. U.S. Treasuries were suggested, but their return is poor.


MICHAEL December 22, 2016

Banning the Oz $100 note is news to me. I live in Sydney.


Ken December 29, 2016

A committee has been assembled to investigate the matter, meanwhile the Reserve Bank of Australia has defended the $100 note. The move against cash is spearheaded by CITI Bank, a small player in Oz and a pathetically undercapitalized, Wall Street to big to fail dinosaur. Any move against cash will only make the One Nation party even more popular, they are already spear heading a drive for the banking 'industry' to be investigated by a Royal Commission. The objective of this would be to reveal the underlying criminality of the fractional reserve banking system !

Riaka December 22, 2016

Larry, I read on a troubling article of coming gold and silver confiscation as the logical extension of the war on cash. The article by Clive Maund made sense. Would you please check it out and give me your thoughts. Regards Riaka Long time subsciber


Expat Tom December 22, 2016

Larry, I am a huge fan but if your friends told you that China has a historical claim to the South China Sea then they are not well informed. That would be like saying the Mexico owns the Gulf of Mexico or the California owns the Gulf of California, which by the way is entirely with Mexico. Historical claims, yes the American Indians own all of America, are forfeited by international treaties. UNCLOS ( The United Nations Conference on the Law of the Seas) aka Law of the Seas, grants countries an economic exclusionary zone (EEZ) extending 200 nautical miles (nm) from their RECOGNIZED coast. China is trying to annex by force ocean bottom over 700 nm from their coast line and have lost a ruling in the international courts over this issue. I am shocked that a man of your knowledge and worldly experience would give an credence to China's claim over the sea bottom so far from their coast line.


Mark Power December 22, 2016

Hi Larry: I see a parabolic move in Bitcoin prices. Could you comment Larry on this. Are Europeans quietly moving out of the Euro into bitcoin? Sincerely, Mark Power Montreal


James Burck December 22, 2016

Larry, Are your special $49 reports on precious metals meant for Real Wealth retirees or is that info to be in current and upcoming newsletters? Dr. Jim


Larry December 22, 2016

I've never seen this web page before today. I like it but more importantly I like the info it has. Excellent!


john fejes December 22, 2016

Larry, what about these so called F-26 accounts, are they a safe investment , and do they really pay off good ?


Harvey December 22, 2016

Larry, as usual I really appreciate your concise, BRIEF articles of what's going on around the World!!! You don't pontificate like others (yours truly JR) which I made the mistake of taking out lifetime subscriptions . . . ugh. With your presentation of World affairs, I keep telling my closest friends who are like us financially - what they don't see because they are 'blinded' by the deception the U.S. media spews out. I feel so fortunate to have found you. I try to get them to subscribe to your services, but they are still stuck in the headlights of 'Old Thinking'. They don't even get buying metals/miners for the coming financial collapse of the U.S. dollar. Now, don't go getting a big HEAD!!! lol Just keep on keepin' on; southern for just keep up the good work!!! Happy Holidays, Larry Harvey - FL


tony Gault December 22, 2016

Do you still believe that OIL is going down to $25 per barrel as you predicted recently. If so when?


Steven December 22, 2016

Beyond their territorial waters, China has NO claim to the South China Sea. By your "historical rights" reasoning, native Americans own the entire North American Continent; goofy thinking, to be charitable. You seem committed to support of all things Chinese, but if you want me, and probably many others like me, to read your material, you will have to stop making such silly comments as "On this one, I can't really blame Beijing". You must realize that you are a mouthpiece for the Chinese who, obviously, want to control the entire area...which the United States must never permit.


John Saunders December 22, 2016

Larry, I recall that you had a premium publication for more in depth trading... Can you send me info on it?


steve tanton December 22, 2016

"On this one, I can’t really blame Beijing. It’s in a territorial dispute involving as much as 800 billion barrels of crude oil and it claims the region belongs to China. Sources tell me that historically, Beijing is correct and that the region is China’s." This is total B.S. With a bachelor's in geography and history, one can easily figure out that the territory belongs to the Philippines. Just why do you think that The Hague ruled such? As for "punishment", it is China who is ready to be punished. The U.S. engaged in the war against Japan prior to WWII to help China after the "Rape of Nanking" and now China is acting like the bully of Asia. What irony. Trump is sending a message that interference with other Asian nations simply will not be tolerated. "Get out of the Spratleys" would be a good banner and first start towards respect, "sense and sensibility" and peace in the region.


Justin T December 22, 2016

You are one interesting guy Larry. But I'll sleep much more soundly just knowing that your team, yourself and "your artificial intelligence" (seems like an oxymoron to me) are on top of things!


Chuck Rose December 22, 2016

I would love to see answers to some of these questions, Larry


Phil C December 22, 2016

Am I to understand from your comments on MLPs that you are recommending that all shares in MLPs be sold even if an investor has owned them for several years?


Ken Wight December 22, 2016

You have mentioned "The Coming New Black Market for Gold". Could you expand on that? What exactly is it? How will it most likely function? Thanks Much and MERRY CHRISTMAS. Ken


Carole Rand December 23, 2016

Has uranium's price bottomed yet? Uranium stocks are cheap and hated and necessary for Asia's growth. Will you let us know when and what companies to get into? Thank you for your conservative approach and detailed analysis of markets; you have helped me become a more knowledgeable investor.


Tom McKenna December 23, 2016

Well said Larry. And as if to reinforce your observations on this potential war cycle, you have the heated hawkish remarks both Trump and Putin made regarding nuclear arsenal buildups a few days after your column went to print. Merry Christmas. Tom McKenna Quincy, Ma.


Russ December 25, 2016

Happy Holidays Larry. You had mentioned in an earlier segment that you did that you didn't see bitcoin as one of the electronic currencies that is going being used for any length of time, almost warning to stay away from it. However it is being taken in more and more places all the time. Now there are exchanges where you can trade bitcoin against other so called electronic/digital currencies. Do you see all of this going away or is it possible these electronic transfers (bitcoin etc) will be the newest and most logical way for us to enter into the digital currency world, and how would the government be able to intervene even if they wanted too should they become highly used? Thanks for all you do. Russ


John Sharp December 28, 2016

LARRY, I hit 80 years old last Mo and still look forward to your every suggestions as to our positions and safety of our money in Real Wealth. I have been with you and Martin since the Mr.Speculator days when it was a part of Safe Money. Well done on the Edelston Wave site. You have made a lot of folks a lot of money and given very special advice in protecting our wealth. Thank You for the years of deep investment calls. John Sharp


Ken December 29, 2016


John abry January 1, 2017

What do you think of solar.are you looking at any long term companies


steve tanton January 4, 2017

RE: "On this one, I can’t really blame Beijing. It’s in a territorial dispute involving as much as 800 billion barrels of crude oil and it claims the region belongs to China. Sources tell me that historically, Beijing is correct and that the region is China’s." If your market analysis is as insubstantial as your understanding of geopolitical analysis, then we indeed are in for surprises. Any beginning student in geography can easily determine that the Spratly Islands belong to the Philippines and not China. It is very ironic that while the new leadership of the U.S. complains of unfair trade deals and wants to make all more fair, China speaks of retaliation. "The robbing of Peter to pay Paul will always be supported by Paul." (G. Bernard Shaw paraphrased) Furthermore, in January of 2013 the Philippines formally complained to the international courts under the UNCLOS and PCA. "On July 12, 2016, the arbitrators of the tribunal of PCA agreed unanimiously with the Philippines. They concluded in the award that there was no evidence that China had historically exercised exclusive control over the waters or resources, hence there was "no legal basis for China to claim historic rights" over the nine-dash line. Accordingly, the PCA tribunal decision is ruled as final and non-appealable by either countries. The tribunal also criticized China's land reclamation projects and its construction of artificial islands in the Spratly Islands, saying that it had caused "severe harm to the coral reef environment". It also characterized Taiping Island and other features of the Spratly Islands as "rocks" under UNCLOS, and therefore are not entitled to a 200 nautical mile exclusive economic zone. China however rejected the ruling, calling it "ill-founded". Taiwan, which currently administers Taiping Island, the largest of the Spratly Islands, also rejected the ruling." (wiki) The irony that China was attacked in the late 1930's by Japan who were seeking territorial controls over lands that were not theirs, purportedly for minerals and other natural resources and the U.S. intervened to help them. Now that China is a regional power, they exert power and essentially do the same to others. Will mankind never learn? Truly this is one of the reasons for cycles and in that it seems that Mr. Edelson is correct, but to wrongly agree with assertions of China's authority over territory which is not theirs is frankly quite amazing to me. Surely this should throw up question marks about other portions of his analysis.


Dan January 12, 2017

Larry, I live near the mouth of the Columbia river, and I have been hearing that China has turned away big ships and they are waiting outside the Columbia Bar to come in. Could this be the beginning of a trade war??