2016: Three Major Sneak Previews

Larry Edelson

Happy New Year! I hope you had a wonderful holiday with friends and family. And, most of all, here’s to a healthy, wealthy and prosperous 2016!

Today I’m going to cut right to the chase. My Real Wealth Report members already have my detailed top forecasts for 2016 and naturally, they will get all of my recommendations. Here, I can only give you a sneak peek of what I expect this year.

Mind you, I’m not an alarmist. I simply tell it like it is. How I see things unfolding based on my economic models. How I see the markets developing. So heed my views in this very important first column of the new year.

By doing so, you’ll be better prepared for what’s coming: One heck of a wild and wooly year in the markets, loaded with dangers and profit opportunities.

Let’s get started …

Sneak Peek #1:
Destructive economic winds continue to
steadily pick up, in almost every conceivable way.

Europe’s economy continues to slide, all with worsening sovereign debt-to-GDP ratios … unemployment starting to rise again … industrial production starting to slump again … and deflation worsening almost monthly.

And throughout Europe, currencies are swooning. Not the least of which is the euro, down a whopping 21.3% since its high in May 2014. Also sliding, the Czech koruna, down 6.2% in 2015. Hungary’s forint, down 8.27%. Poland’s zloty, down 9.87%.

Then there’s Russia, with GDP having plunged 4.1%. The Russian ruble has crashed 21.6%.

Just since October, we have seen Japan’s economy start to teeter and BOJ officials are getting ready to print even more yen.

And just since early October, we have also seen Japan’s economy start to teeter again, with sovereign debts skyrocketing … the economy barely muddling along … and Bank of Japan officials getting ready to print even more yen.

Worse will be the increasing geopolitical stress — domestically and internationally — that is now coming true, sadly, in spades. ISIS, Boko Haram, the deadly Paris attacks. And now, Saudi Arabia and Iran, causing global equity markets to plunge on the very first trading day of the new year.

In fact, according to the Institute for Economics & Peace’s recent report on its 2015 Global Terrorism Index — deaths from terrorism increased 80% in 2014 alone to its highest level ever.

Sneak Peek #2:
Another bull run higher for the dollar.
And collapse in the euro.

Yes, someday, most likely by the end of 2020, the dollar will lose its almost singular reserve currency status …

Not because it will crash and burn. But because it will eventually become so strong that it breaks the back of almost every country that has dollar denominated debt — including our own government.

Sure, there will be short-term setbacks for the dollar, but overall, the dollar is headed higher in 2016, possibly much higher.

The forces are easy to see:

  • Europe. It’s sure to go even further down the drain in 2016. The European economy will continue to slow, debts will continue to pile up and on top of all that, the Syrian refugee crisis will take its toll on European budgets, not to mention precipitate even more domestic unrest, cultural conflict, and terrorism.
  • Moreover, Mario Draghi will be forced to print even more euros and keep interest rates even more negative in the European Union. Meanwhile …
  • Economic growth, though modest at best in the U.S., will continue to attract capital inflows into the U.S. dollar.
  • Geopolitical tensions and rising terrorism, also will benefit the dollar, as will … surprisingly …
  • China’s yuan. Yes, to the surprise of many except for you and those reading my Real Wealth Report and related services … since the International Monetary Fund (IMF) admitted China’s yuan as a reserve currency on Nov. 30, the yuan started plunging, falling as much as 2.4%. So much so that authorities in Beijing are now worried about an outright tsunami of yuan leaving the country.

And they should be. Chinese investors will be among the first to diversify their assets now that the currency is becoming freely convertible. But that’s the part of the story almost no one told you about, unless again, you were one of my subscribers.

Remember, wherever the global economy slows, whenever there are troubled spots in any part of the world, not to mention rising geopolitical conflict and terrorism …

Dollars get bought to either buy assets or pay down debt, and the dollar rallies.
It’s that simple.

Yet despite a stronger dollar …

Sneak Peek #3:
A rolling thunder of commodity bottoms and new bull markets are right around the corner.

I have shown you some of my forecast charts in recent columns. Gold, silver, platinum and palladium have all followed my forecasts to the tee, plunging throughout 2015, reaching new lows for their bear markets nearly right on time in November and December.

But it’s not just precious metals that are bottoming and should soon start awakening in new bull markets.

It’s also oil, natural gas, grain markets, and yes, oil and gas exploration companies and mining shares where more money will be made in the next few years than any other asset class out there.

The commodity markets are coming together in a way that hasn’t been seen since the middle of the Great Depression …  

Where despite deflation and all the problems in the world, commodities — as tangible assets — came roaring back into favor amongst the savvy … rightfully concerned that entire governments would be collapsing.

Real Wealth Report subscribers had a fantastic 2015 … and we’re set to keep it rolling into 2016. Click this link to get on board now before you miss out on any more profit opportunities.

Stay tuned and stay safe,


Larry Edelson, one of the world’s foremost experts on gold and precious metals, is the editor of Real Wealth Report and Supercycle Trader. Larry has called the ups and downs in the gold market time and again. As a result, he is often called upon by the media for his investing views. Larry has been featured on Bloomberg, Reuters and CNBC as well as The New York Times and New York Sun.

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your not the only one saying gold will go way up. i January 6, 2016

Your not the only one saying gold will go up . It's actually common sense when you take a survey of all things considered

Ted Robinson January 6, 2016

Well, gold has been in a bear market for 4 years so it's about time it turned around and took off!

William Flores January 6, 2016

Right on. Buckle up! Suggestion. Picture on top friendlier than the one at signature. Replace foreboding one with inviting one. WPF

Bill Griffith January 6, 2016

You say your not an alarmist but I think that's exactly what your are. You are now saying the dollar is going to get stronger yet only 3 months ago you were repeatedly predicting the total collapse of the dollar. I have lost all confidence in you.

E.R. Lake January 6, 2016

I do not recall Larry mentioning anything except a strong dollar for over a year or more. Not sure Bill where you heard that.

UDO January 7, 2016

Bill G. I can confirm what E.R.Lake said about the USD - Larry said it for a long time - strong dollar .

Mac January 9, 2016

Correct. Larry never mentioned collapse of the dollar

Burch Carr January 6, 2016

I think Larry has been saying that the dollar will crash eventually, but that right now it is the place where money from all over the world is going as a safe haven, which it is for right now, but not in the long term. Is that right, Larry?

John T January 6, 2016

Anyone who relies on the $ DOLLAR, (which is DEBT) will lose there shirt. Face it, REAL MONEY IS GOLD, AND GOLD IS MONEY - J P Morgan.

$1,000 gold January 6, 2016

gold is just a shiny, worthless rock. the best assets i've ever owned is the american stock market.

PUNISHER January 6, 2016


tony January 7, 2016

go for it $10000 gold! usa stocks all the way!

UDO January 7, 2016

John T. you still believe in fairy tales . Gold is gold and yes there is a value to it which swings from $ 250 to $ 1900 over many years. Try buying a hamburger with gold !!! Or spend some at the gas station ? Or the grocery store ?

D2 January 11, 2016

Your comment makes no sense. Try buying a hamburger with a stock certificate. Both must first be converted to cash (or something that the seller is willing to take).

Austin Stern January 6, 2016

LARRY: Is it not yet the time to be buying gold, silver etc? Are you going to clue us in on that?

jerry alderman January 6, 2016


PUNISHER January 6, 2016


The Joker January 6, 2016

To Be Or Not To Be. That is the question! Did you say that????

Roya January 6, 2016

I think you are not sure of anything!!!! First you say Dow will reach 31,000 and then you say all economies will crash and burn and then you say all hell will break loose and then you say a roller coaster to hell is under way!!!! You are making everyone who reads your columns get a heart attack everyday and then you have the nerve to send us pictures of your big happy smile!!!! You are not at all credible and I am truly disappointed in you and the people who have hired you to play games with people's futures and lives!!! If you are honest then print this comment for everyone to see!

You Shoud Study Revelation !8 January 6, 2016

If you study Revelation 18 chapter and belive in our lord Jesus ,making any plans past today is ludicicris. We are only given one day at a time

Doug January 6, 2016

Roya....you do not understand how markets work. There is new information about the markets EVERYDAY. Larry takes this information and plugs it into his models and cycles programs to see where the market is most likely headed. He is forecasting. Just because he says the metals will bottom in Nov 2015 does not mean that will happen because new info about economies and markets change the timing ever so slowly. He has also said the stock market will go to 31,000 after a significant correction. Well market info could just have the market grind sideways for years before it explodes to 31,000. The fact of the matter is Larry has been spot on in the five years I have followed him as to the trend of the markets. TRENDS are how you make money and unforntunately they get stretched out and we have to wait and be patient. I HAVE NOT FOUND ANYONE THAT CAN FORECAST THE TRENDS LIKE LARRY CAN!!!

David January 6, 2016

Doug, I agree 100% and you 'explained' your understanding of Larry's "forecasts" was very well put.

Bill January 6, 2016

I remember the "Real Wealth" flashes in July 2014. Larrys' "Back up the truck" on gold announcement. Time to buy gold. We've bottomed. That one cost me a few thousand.

PUNISHER January 6, 2016


Roya January 6, 2016

Doug, I appreciate your kind reply!

UDO January 7, 2016

Doug - why would Larry say the metals will bottom in Nov. 2015 ? Larry copies what M. Armstrong writes and Armstrong wrote back in Oct. already the Nov./Dec/ benchmark dates for the low have been pushed forward into Mar./April 2016 . Why would Larry not pick up on that ? Larry has no model - Martin Armstrong is his model . Did you say Larry has been spot on with his market suggestions in the last 5 yrs. ? You are totally full of it . I watched - I watched since 2011 - no record here for being accurate . Even M. Armstrong is not right in everything but closer than Larry . Your memory is really , really bad - watch out .

Frank January 9, 2016

I COULDN'T AGREE MORE ! ! If I remember right he said Oct 10 was going to be a BIG DAY. I'm still waiting.

randy January 11, 2016

very true on edelson parroting his buddy m.armstrong. at the opening of armstrong's movie "the forecaster" who do you think was standing in front of the theatre with armstrong?? edelson, that's who.

Roya January 6, 2016

You are not at all an alarmist ?!?!?! You are the biggest manipulator out there and you are using innocent people and making a fool of them for your own gain!!! You should be ashamed of yourself and please erase that stupid ugly smile off your face!!! I don't wish to see your lire face anymore! You don't know a damn thing and you are robbing people blind!!

Ralph Proodian January 6, 2016

Yes in the long , long, long, run markets will surely bottom. WHEN? When our good country gets good leadership and begins to create good-paying jobs. How will we know when that's happening? Easy. When bank savings accounts begin to fill in an unstoppable way. Right now, who can save? Oil will go to $10 per barrel, the other commodities will follow oil -- oil is our energy today and tomorrow. Long run? Who knows?

Chuck Burton January 6, 2016

If bank savings start growing, our favorite politicians will find ways to get the government's hands on it - and get a piece for themselves, of course.

Markus January 6, 2016

I have followed Larry for 4 years now, and all he talks about is his wins. Let me tell you there are more losers than winners. DO NOT LISTEN OR SEND THIS PERSON MONEY or for that matter any person connected to Weiss research.

M January 6, 2016

Right you are, Markus! I lost 40% of my capital following various Weiss service recos over 2 years. As for the 2nd to the last paragraph above: "Real Wealth Report subscribers had a fantastic 2015 … and we’re set to keep it rolling into 2016," DON'T BELIEVE IT. Early last year, Larry recommended a PUT expiring in June. That was a winner. Immediately after selling, he recommended a PUT double the size of the June, expiring in Dec. The loss wiped out the June gains plus the capital. How can that be a fantastic 2015?

Roya January 6, 2016

Markus, My sentiments exactly, he has flown from Thailand to grab our money and run back to his family there! Can you believe the nerve of this guy ,who is making stupid predictions, to be charging so much money for his misleading services????? Don't believe a word he says!!!!

Frank January 9, 2016

100% right. Remember a year ago when Martin said April 10 was going to be D-Day? Anything happen?

Chuck Burton January 6, 2016

When the dollar collapses, cash may briefly be useful to have, though it will take a lot of it to buy even necessities. After that, barter goods will be useful, but will leave you subject to mob action after a bit. Showing up at a store with gold or silver will likely get you a bullet in the back. The one thing no one can rob you of though, is skills to help others to survive. This will be your best barter goods.

$1,000 gold January 6, 2016

well put, chuck. we can always succeed on our own skills and talent. no one can take that away from us.

$1000 gold January 6, 2016

we will see if the negative comments remain. usually by mid day the censors come and wipe them all clean

$1,000 gold January 6, 2016

you're the censor. do whatever you want.

$1,000 gold January 6, 2016

gold is still in a bear market. the gold market right now is as about as exciting as watching paint dry.

John T January 6, 2016

But paint does dry !

$1,000 gold January 6, 2016

no point in watching it until it does.

Nick January 6, 2016

He recommended UWTI at $4.23 about 2 weeks ago. It's currently at $3.16. More than a 25% drop! Horrible call along with his reco to buy FCX below $7.00, now trading at $6.31 within 1 week of below $7.00. His advice is horrible. Stay away from his service.

John Klinchuch January 6, 2016

Does Larry still have his service Real Wealth

David January 6, 2016

Yes John he does, I am a subscriber, the next issue will be on January 15th I believe. The last issue still said expect a correction in Stocks before his forecast of a move in the DOW to 31,000; wait to buy Gold and Silver, he said sell in 2011.

John Oliver January 6, 2016

I seldom look at the reader comments listed after your letters. Today I did and encountered Roya, who pokes you with a stick and I completely disagree. Everyone who reads your letters should understand the once in a lifetime deeply negative economic and social realities fully developing in plain sight. You've done an excellent job exposing these realities and predicting the future, which should be a hellish ride! This should scare the hell out of you, especially if you're not prepared. But also if you empathize with the incredible number of folk who are not or cannot get to safer ground. You don't give heart attacks, you're saving us from them. I am extremely grateful. I do a lot of homework, and your insights and data are among the best. Nobody knows the future, but you do a great job making evidence-based guesses with a strong historical perspective. I get this for free. You make your interests in trading clear. I don't use these services, but just the free ones are fantastic. Thank you very much. Keep up the exceptional work and keep smiling!! Unlike Roya, I owe you. Payment may be in linking real climate cycles with the business cycles after this great rumbling down is a historical fact. aloha

David January 6, 2016

John, I agree, Larry is only telling us what he sees out there, whether we believe him, and act on it is entirely up to us. I do not subscribe to Larry's Super Cycle but do to his Real Wealth Report, His overall forecasts for economic cycles and War have been very accurate, does anyone disagree with his forecasts who read the news. As to his stock forecasts, you have to do your own thinking on when and what to invest in. I mainly use Larry's forecasts for Gold and Silver, he said sell in 2011 and has not as yet said buy back in. I don't usually buy a stock position but I often I sell PUT's deep in the money, so far it is working well as a source of income.

eddie January 6, 2016

would be interesting to see what you thought market implications would be for the top pollers in election bernie sanders, hillary clinton, donald trump, and mark rubio. Nick you could consider putting a little money into some highly leveraged oil companies that act as cheap options trades on future price of oil? might be a 1 to 2 year strategy where if oil prices rise the most leveraged companies will rise order of magnitudes more than the chevrons of the world but risk is you lose what you invested if any restructure as an e

eddie January 6, 2016

e=equity investor. apologies for typo.

Marlis Soorty January 6, 2016

Today is apparently investment letter day. I just received a letter from Harry Dent, who calls for Dow 6000 in the near future.

David January 6, 2016

Marlis, I also read Harry Dent; he also says that Gold is going to $700 by early 2017 after a rally to at least $1,150 to $1,300 in the Spring which appears to agree with Larry;s forecast of a rally in Gold into April.

Will January 6, 2016

If you look at a chart of the price of gold expressed in Euros, you will note that gold has been moving up; whereas gold priced in dollars has been moving down or sideways for quite some time now, but has been holding quite well above the price support line. I therefore feel that gold could now be bottoming for a bull run, at first in foreign currencies and then in the dollar. I also feel that any strength in the dollar will be short lived as the need to strengthen the dollar at all costs will reduce after the elections, no matter who gets elected. A strong dollar over any extended period of time would 1) destroy exports and cheapen imports, 2) be limited as to further strengthening by repercussions from the need to repay dollar denominated debts both at home and abroad, and will 3) push the FED to again lower interest rates to compensate. When 3) (FED tightening) occurs this will destroy what little remaining faith the world (including Americans) have in the FED. At that point it will definitely be dollar down and gold up. The only question that I have is, how long before the collapse of the dollar and will it make it past the elections. I could be wrong about this, but am waiting with bated breath what year 2016 will tell me. At present I take current stock price movements to confirm my conclusions. I would appreciate if Larry could support his conclusions with just a bit more background on what he bases them upon. Telling us That everything is based on cycles is a very weak foundation subject to selection and input of data whilst ignoring that everything in the life of mankind is changing from all past cycles to the present and supposed future cycles. Frankly, I just don't get it.

Winnie January 6, 2016

I have always believed that buying low and selling high is the key to any successful investment plan; What goes up eventually goes down and what goes down eventually goes up. I got out of all my long stock positions when the charts flashed weekly sell signals last fall. Was it the top? I don't know and I don't care. I'm taking my profits and putting them into the beaten down, low priced gold and oil stocks. I will sit on this group until it rallies. When will that be? I don't know and I don't care. But they sure are cheap here!

W.G.H January 6, 2016

The info that I am sharing is from independent research/forecast firm(s). The US dollar will continue to go up for at least two more years. However, Oil, Gold and Silver will continue to slump for 3 more years, i.e., Oil will bottom around $26 a barrel, Gold will bottom around $850 an ounce in 2017/2018, and Silver will hit bottom around $9 an ounce in 2017/2018.

Roya January 6, 2016

W.G.H. What about the market what do you think will happen in 2016-2017?????

Al January 6, 2016

Larry: Who's on 1st, who's on second, who's on third? ... Will Europe, China (and other far east nations), or the USA collapse 1st, 2nd or third? ... Will commodities, US stocks, or world wide stocks collapse 1st, 2nd, or 3rd? ... My point is that if anyone could predict the market, they would be richer than Laurel and Hardy. ... On a lighter note, Laurel & Hardy must have had a brother named Larry "who" steals from the rich to keep as much as he can for himself. ... I personally pay little attention to "crystal ball" economics that guys like Larry expound profusely as if it were doctrine. ... In addition, when Larry claims "I told you so", he forgets (or chooses to forget) his sometimes terrible advice. ... Read everyone, stay on top of the literature, and feed the indexes. If you have intimate knowledge of a certain sector, dabble in it with your own crystal ball. Let Larry pawn his!!!

John S. January 6, 2016

Larry is no different than any other financial writer, he makes best guesses and when right he high fives himself to the sky and when he make a bad call he steps back and says little. The thing is he is right just enough to keep your interest. What I have learned is to use options to hedge his positions. I probably make less when he hits a three bagger but I also lose much less on his losers. In the end I'm now further ahead than if I didn't. I agree that Larry probably makes more money selling his advice letters than from trading but I have to admit the world has gone deeper into the cesspool since his Oct 7, 2015 call. He has done well directionally but his timing is usually off by days if not months.

$1,000 gold January 6, 2016

there's an old saying larry likes to ignore: never give a time and a price in the same forcast.

stan January 6, 2016

I read your Real Wealth letter. I enjoy the info on the various cycles of the market. Knowing that they do not happen right on time . My question is about China. If China is going to a consumer economy, why buy FXI? Since it is full of old China co's. Why not select some individual stocks related to the new China theme. Most of us cannot pick these stocks from the chinese mainland. Thank you

GEARGE SEGAL January 6, 2016

well is it or is it not time to BUY.. gold is moving up and you have not comitted to it

$1000 gold January 6, 2016

he'll let you know well after the move is finished- hee hee

$1,000 gold January 6, 2016

happy new year, were.

Roya January 6, 2016

Have you all noticed that Larry makes these predictions and never really responds to our questions????

David January 6, 2016

WOW.....what dissent!!!!!!!Listen to all follow none.

Nick Tana January 6, 2016

As a Cdn retired investment advisor of 35 years,my conclusion is: The stock market is the most efficient tool in transferring wealth from the hands of the many to the hands of the few ! It's an addictive business, and way too easy to neglect one's own investment guideline. Fact is corporate management lies and distorts the truth . and mostly analysts go along for the ride.There is no true independent research that is accurate greater than say a 70% margin . I only invest 10% of my liquid assets into equities... only to regret the awful Mind Pollution and feelings of dispair that inevitably follow. Nick T.

$1,000 gold January 6, 2016

there's always a flow of dumb money to smart money. the stock market is just one of the many places this happens.

The Donald January 6, 2016

I cannot believe all the severe criticism of Larry and his associates. If you do not agree then don't read. Everything is a projection. Either follow his advice or not but analyze his comments and your own research, but that is totally disrespectful to say all the negative things Just, read, analyze and make your own decisions, but do not destroy Larry or his associates. Projections are just that, please make your comments respectful or do not comment.

richard January 6, 2016

only a fool thinks someone can predict the future, but it is interesting to get various opinions and ideas. We also are told to never forget the past. One must still think for themselves and not to blindly follow anyones advice. Just think if 500 people sign up for Larry's latest newsletter at $6000 per person that is $3 MILLON DOLLARS. Not bad as news letter writers have no legal responsibility for their advice.

Henry Joe January 6, 2016

Hey! The market[s] are fickle! If we could all be right all the time we wouldn't need guidance. Keep your ' stops ' tight and if you get 3 out of 10 right you'll wind up wealthy.

John S. January 6, 2016

If Larry was 93% correct in Nov. 15 it was only because he ignored any and all losing trades, lol.

Tera January 6, 2016

I like Larry but he follows Martin Armstrong. I follow Armstrong and who's on first is Armstrong. Larry elaborates a little more but again it still depends on current event. Armstrong will say something like " if" and why " if" important for current trend or could change. We all know there's " if's". Right now people are moving to the dollar the only game in town " for now" and gold will move when we reach uncertainty and confidence in Gov. We have moved in that direction for sometime and getting worse with the inmates in control of the asylum.

Bill Walters January 6, 2016

Roya and others expressing opposition, disdain and flat out anger over your insightful reporting need a lesson or two in reading comprehension. Stupid is as stupid does! Thank You Larry for your honesty and your deserving creditability. Keep your head up and keep on smiling. I like to see people your age with beautiful pearly whites.

Roya January 6, 2016

Bill Walters, You are so stupid that if Larry told you to jump off a cliff you would do it! No questions asked! Soon your hard earned savings will end up in Larry's pockets, and then we will see how much you love his pearly whites!

Nickolas Chupick January 7, 2016

I'm sad to hear anger and name calling - - over and over. I think we are each responsible for our decisions, blaming them on Larry who you hired - - you hired him - - you, and you alone are responsible. Maybe you couldn't make investment decision on your own, "you are responsible for choosing someone to help you, blaming others for your decision - - that didn't workout for you, I'm sorry that you lost money. Did you ever share what loss you suffered? Was it how much you paid for his service? - - Did you put "stop losses" and limit buys? I am truly sorry you are mad and angry, I don't know how long you were with Larry and suffered the hurt you suffered. I can tell you my story only, I have been with the Wiess Group for over seven years, I am a total amateur when I started. I use Larry, (both services), Dr Martin Wises and Jon Markman's Teck Trend Trader, currently. I say currently because I have used six other editors over the last seven years. All were over a thousand dollar plus but I used their "gurantee out" when in there 60 to 90 days didn't cover my costs. It worked out well for me. Last thing to share with you, I only lost money - - when I sold my position, most of the time I ride out position that are in the "red". My experiences have been favorably in most cases because I put a stop loss on strong market swings, but strong and healthy companies, mostly come back, at least that's been my experience. Again, I am sorry for your hurt and anger, don't stay there too long, you are an active investor - -you will succeed. Cheers!

UDO January 7, 2016

Roya - beautiful how you said this . Bill W. to Larry "......your deserving credibility " I think Bill W. has brown lips LOL

Roya January 13, 2016

I agree with you about his brown lips as well!

Alwie January 6, 2016

It just doesn't make sense betting USD to go higher yet commodity has bottomed. It defy logic and my years of experience. :D Either Larry is correct about USD, or He is correct about the commodity. But He can't be right on both.

Ruth D. Barker January 6, 2016

Hi Larry, Since gold, silver and energy are down now. When would be the best time to put a little money into those stocks???in other words, how low do you think they will go????Ruth Barker.

Raul January 6, 2016

Larry's Real Wealth Report, could have a name change to the Real Loss Report. He has wrongly predicted that the miners had bottomed and then later that the bottom was in for gold and silver. I lost thousands each time. I have learned to take whatever he says with a large grain of salt. If you want to know who calls the market and the precious metals better, find and listen to Doug Eberhardt.

Rubit January 7, 2016

Do you think Harry Dent's service/advise is superior? Larry seems to be ahead. Good and negative helps Larry and us. Remember how a diamond is created!

olcay January 8, 2016

What do you think the gold market for 2016 thanks sir...

Jack in the Box January 9, 2016

Does anyone one know the actual performance of Real wealth report recommendations on an annual basis ie: 2013, 2014, 2015 vs SPX and other market indexes, while all should know that past performance of this newsletter or any other service is not a guarantee of future returns it can help provide current and prospective subscribers with important facts to help them determine the value of this or any other newsletter service, I look forward to replies from current subscribers and or the publisher.

Richard January 9, 2016

This report seems to be extremely Bullish. Now, by contrast, a report from you, which I just received in the mail (January 8. 2016), states that "The Great Debt Collapse of 2016-2020" is imminent. In that report you specifically say that that "In October 2015 ... for the first time since 1929 ... Five massively powerful financial cycles united, forming a "Supercycle" with enormous destructive power." So ... what are you forcasting? A march toward a DOW of $31,000 or a deep, deep recession and perhaps a depression. Which is it? I'm very confused. RRD

Roya January 13, 2016

I'm with you Richard! Larry doesn't explain anything fully! He announces doom and gloom or a fantastic future for the Dow but does not respond to our questions and just hides away?!?!?!? I'm very confused by this man as well!

Henry January 9, 2016

Larry, Just letting you know that I have been a subscriber for about 10 years now. You have always steered me right. Thanks for doing all that you do.

Tormod January 10, 2016

What rubbish. The stock market is tanking because the Fed just increased rates, which the U.S. economy cannot withstand, not because of other events. The U.S. economy has been addicted to the monetary heroin of low interest rates and constant Q E since 2008. You lost credibility with that excuse--big time. Good reporting, otherwise.

Newbie January 10, 2016

Hi Larry, if I understood you correctly, you seem to have predicted that oil would bottom on 01/04/2016. When do you think oil will bottom now? Thanks

Clyde January 10, 2016

You come well recommended and I enjoy reading your paper. What is oil going from today?

Beverly January 10, 2016

Just keep on with the information and we can watch along for ourselves. Thanks for all the comments, I enjoy these! Beverly

lela karaulashvili January 13, 2016


Roya January 13, 2016

I wish Larry would talk a little more about the market and less about gold!!! What is going on and when is Dow 31,000 going to happen! In 2 years, 5 years, or 20!years! I think narrowing it down just a little would help us dear Larry!!!!!!

Bette ISRAEL January 13, 2016


cliff Schwenke January 14, 2016

I guess the predictions of Larry are good for some and not for others. Although I do think he is good, my RWR for the last 12 months and Teeka's report, I have lost a good amount of money. Late 2014 and 2015, my only reasonable success has been with EPV. I will not be renewing my subscriptions Thank you Cliff Schwenke